"Not Guilty" sign hung in Sheriff's Office / photo submitted by confidential source
"Not Guilty" sign hung in Sheriff's Office / photo submitted by confidential source
“Not Guilty” sign hung in Sheriff’s Office / photo submitted by confidential source

The Beaver County Board of Commissioners is expected to block attempts by Sheriff George David to once again expand the authorities and powers of his office, senior Democratic Party Officials have begun preparing to stop David’s nomination in next year’s primary election, and new criminal charges may be headed his way.

Sheriff David told the Beaver County Times that he intends to meet with County Commissioners in hopes of restarting many shuttered practices of his office. David said the Commissioners “took a lot away” from him the past two years and he wants things to “go back the way this office was.”

David’s statements come on his first day returning to office after being placed under house arrest for violating conditions of his bond on three separate occasions. David was awaiting trial on charges stemming from an incident in which he pulled out his firearm and threatened to murder this reporter. He was acquitted of those charges last week after a judge ruled there was no proof his service revolver was actually loaded and a jury found reasonable doubt as to the remaining counts. During the course of the trial, Sheriff David admitted to saying he wanted to kill Beaver County Times Reporter JD Prose and Prothonotary Nancy Werme while he was on duty, although he claimed he didn’t really mean it.

Senior county officials tell the Beaver Countian that Commissioners are expected to refuse to increase Sheriff David’s budget, deny his request to promote clerk Karen Hopkins to full-time status, block his attempts to have Deputies perform private security services again, stop his office from becoming first responders to emergencies at county parks, and will take action against him if his office attempts to conduct criminal investigations.

Many of the activities Sheriff David announced he wants to resume have already been ruled illegal by the appellate courts.

Sheriff David made an announcement on Monday that he intends to run for re-election, but officials within the Beaver County Democratic Party say they will not support David’s nomination in next year’s primary. Party insiders say the two current front-runners to receive the Democratic endorsement for Sheriff are retired Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Wayne Kress of Center Township and retired Deputy Sergeant Donna Knopp of Brighton Township.

Law enforcement sources say Sheriff George David’s defense attorney Lee Rothman has been notified that his client may be facing new criminal charges related to his failure to collect state mandated fees for gun permits he issued to his friends and political cronies. County officials have already handed over documents requested by investigators from the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office related to his issuance of permits.

David is currently awaiting a non-jury trial later this fall on harassment charges stemming from an incident in which he is alleged to have threatened to dismember and cannibalize one of his campaign volunteers. A motion to have David held in contempt of court for allegedly violating a preliminary injunction issued against him by a judge related to private security services is also still pending before the courts. David likewise has multiple grievances pending against him with the county that were filed by employees of his office.

Deputy Lieutenant Thomas Ochs is currently awaiting a preliminary hearing on charges related to allegations that he lied to investigators in order to protect Sheriff David.

The Beaver County Sheriff’s Office is represented by attorney Myron Sainovich, who was hired by Sheriff David to be his solicitor after the Board of Commissioners fired him as County Solicitor when it was determined he had been billing the county for amounts above his yearly salary in violation of state law. Sainovich was ordered to repay taxpayers in excess of $60,000 by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania.

Donna Knopp (left / photo by John Paul) | Wayne Kress (right / photo via Facebook)
Donna Knopp (left / photo by John Paul) | Wayne Kress (right / photo via Facebook)


  1. If the sheriff and his deputies want to do work they are not supposed to be doing, why not just not approving payment for these activities? WTH is so hard about this? Let them volunteer. I want to see who has the balls over there to grab the reins and get the decision making process back where it belongs. That’s who will get my vote next fall!

  2. It’s good to know that, while this isn’t binding case law, it would help in my case if I were to ever decide to just start pointing my gun at people. Now, I can just use the defense that “hey! There’s no proof it was loaded.”
    Wonder how much Chuckie Betters paid for this outcome…?

  3. Vote them all out. It’s funny they want Georgie to walk the plank but in all reality they all need to jump off the boat except for Judy and Terri.

  4. Good luck Joe and Tony – Georgie has lined up opponents for you two clowns. And, memo to Nancy – you’re a goner.

  5. Who in the fuck cares who Georgie got running against the comissioners, if there using his shirt tales there not too smart he may have been found not guilty, BUT HE IS GUILTY, that,s why he got that big smile on his face, because he got away with this one with his make believe story and BOHO stuttering

    His quote…Every one knows me
    and yes that’s why we know you  did it.

    As far as voting I’ll be VOTING FOR NANCY WERME…She’s simply the best and Donna Knopp and Terri

  6. Good job J.P.! Keep on digging in the political cesspit and you will come up with more feces from both parties.  The way to handle all of the crap that you discover is to continue reporting it!

  7. Keep up the fight, JP! This county deserves better than this pos. while I’m not a fan of the commissioners, Im glad that they’re sticking to their guns (no pun intended).

  8. 1st of all , what an ass to allow a clerk hang up poster all over, if someone got off for murder would she do it for them. Next I bet she did it on county time and tax dollars paid for her to do it, so JP lets check her time card. Sorry Karen is hanging post in your new job description to get full time. Sheriff David you have no class to allow this to go on. Time to vote for someone new!

  9. This just proves “Beyond all reasonable doubt” that you just cannot fix stupid and/or arrogance. This is a prime example of someone who has a Napoleon complex.

  10. Bingo! Beaver Countians !!! I am the great and powerful Beaver County Oz.

    It’s been 77.5 hours since the sheriff has been vindicated of misdemeanor charges of simple assault, making terroristic threats and two counts of intimidation of a witness.

    The great Oz was informed of details of the celebration for the Sheriff’s return to his office on Monday. One described the celebration as a Mahatma Gandhi peace festival. They reported, as the Sheriff walked the hall towards his office, the music,”Oh Happy Days” was playing. He waived to the crowd, shook hands, and handed out Sheriff David Pilgrim of Peace Oval Decal Stickers. Many described the sheriff as emotional as he approached his office door, signs posted that read ” Your Back” and “Gun not loaded” were everywhere.

    As he entered into his department, there stood his deputies to greet him with a olive tree and smiley balloons.

    Tuesday the Sheriff’s Temple of Zen game changer came after the Sheriff heard Beaver County Democratic Party Officials have begun preparing to stop his nomination in next year’s primary election. A confidential source told the Beaver County Oz that at one point the Sheriff was found in the left corner of his office on knees nodding back and forth and mumbling something that sounded like ‘Metta World Peace’.

    The Sheriff became frenzied and almost BERSERK when rumors began to surface that John Paul Vranesevich was receiving a outpour of support by his Beaver Countian readers to run for the office of Beaver County Sheriff. An eyewitness that has asked to remain anonymous, said, “I stood in terror as I watched the Sheriff scrape his teeth across the smiley celebration balloons.”

    Two Days ago Democratic polling data suggests the Sheriff is widely unpopular among Beaver Countians. Election Projection Data: Vranesevich by 81.7%

    The Beaver County Oz was told by confidential sources that bill boards will soon be appearing around the merry, merry, land of Beaver County that will read:

    Say “NO” to Sheriff George David aka Barney Fife And “Yes” To J P Vranesevich aka Brad Davis’s Wife

    Carry on Beaver Countians, stay well, balanced, and happy. – The Beaver County Oz

    • EVEN IF the Beaver Countian and it’s corresponding Facebook page WERE an Anti-George David page, that’s no grounds for “removing” it. It’s called free speech, one of those things in the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. It isn’t in any way at all threatening the life or safety of George David. He is an elected official who is in the public eye. With that comes an added scrutiny to his actions that are left to the interpretation of the public at large. Whether or not you like/agree with what JP reports is irrelevant. There is no knife held to your neck saying that you MUST read his articles.

    • I’d love to know your reasons why you think it should be taken down? We are allowed to dislike, or even hate someone online. There’s no threats, so what is your reasoning?

    • JP mostly reports on the Sheriff. It is a story JP created. All the sheriff stories amount to harassment ( a huge pile that was presented by the sheriff’s attorney) and are the reason JP lost, To the rest of the sane world, it is motive for the charges against the sheriff- JP was gonna take him down. And it continues…… JP has a handful of haters and he just keeps going.

  11. According to http://www.beavercountypa.gov there are 23 full-time and 26 part-time deputies in the Sheriff’s office.

    Note the picture at the top of this article. There are ZERO signatures welcoming him back. Another poster shown in the BCT has what looks like no more than a dozen signatures.

  12. Really, I never see any other news here except one-sided stories about Mr. David filled with propaganda. You are 100% right! We live in a “freedom of speech country” as you put it, and I’m invoking MY right !

    • Yeah, I’ve never read ANY other stories on this site except ones about George David. You truly are a special kind of stupid.

    • I guess you have selective reading skill, Ms. Basile. The Beaver Countian publishes many other news items. J.P. does investigative reporting about many people, not just George David. Truth be told, Georgie makes the news so much because of the “exciting” life he lives. Give the man a gun and a belt and he can capture anyone. Georgie is a hero in his own mind.

    • Wow, you really are an asshole. First, you insult the person running this site, then you insult the readers on this site. If this site bothers you so very much, why are you still here???

      • She has the right to keep coming to this site (even if it bothers her) like you have the right to add your two cents to EVERY story published here.

      • Marcy, I don’t add my “two cents” to every story, just the ones that I have an opinion on. And I stand by what I said. First she insults the owner/operator of the site, then she insults the readers. She obviously dislikes this page so much that she seems to be foaming at the mouth about it, so, why come back? Seriously, it’s a valid question.

    • Oh sorry.  9 out of 10 stories.  And the one left over you just state your opinion on someone else’s comment as to why they are uneducated, should keep quiet, etcetera.  By doing that, it makes you look like the uneducated one.  It may be a valid question but you calling the poster an “a**hole” really doesn’t make you any better does it?  I’m not looking to start an argument because ladies don’t e-thug nor use vulgarity; just stating my opinion because it’s my right.  Have some class once in a while and maybe people would take your “opinions” more seriously.  And this last sentence goes not only to you Nikki, but to everyone.  Good day.  

      • Thankfully, not one tiny, itty bitty part of my day is spent worrying what people like you think about me. I also stand by what I said when I called that idiot above an asshole. I’m not here to make friends, and I couldn’t care less what you think of me. I’m not trying to be better than anyone else, because I already know where I stand. And your comment about “ladies not using vulgarity” is hilarious. Thank you for your “tips” on how I should act, but you can take them, fold them up, and shove them up your ass. Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

  13. What kind of “law enforcer officer” Just fucking with you, has an unloaded gun? This trial was total bullshit. I also was in law enforcement and would never dream of having any of my service guns unloaded. This crack-pot got away with this but we all knew it would happen at his preliminary hearing. But, it busts his balls becaused it cost him money and now the democratic party (says) they won’t support him next election. His legacy is just like the democratic president it SUCKS. A.M.F. !!!!!!!!!

    • @sd: As I posted in another column, the gun, loaded or not. and slapjack, can be lethal weapons if used as clubs for pistol whipping and head hitting, Every year people are seriously injured or killed by pistol whipping and head trauma by cops.

  14. Once again, What the hell is going on with Fratangeli? we all saw him with his nose up David’s ass at the courthouse. Well Mr. D.A. it’s time you get off your ass. Lt. Ochs went the wrong direction and the REAL POLICE< The Pa. State Police are taking action for falce reports. Now if he gets convicted, what the hell are you going to do with your little cronie ?

    • @sd:; The Sheriff’s little toady lies on the stand to get him off charges and follows him around like a puppy dog, pretending to be a friend, waiting to do his bidding, and he gets a job in return. I think that eventually he will completely self-destruct and will get his due. He has no standing in the law enforcement community and is a buffoon to others.This Sheriff could  not exist without those willing to take a dive for him, but one-by-one they are losing to the law. Loyalty is one thing, but these people have absolutely no pride or common sense. Tibolet tried to make a comeback on the stand and “tell the truth”, but it was too late, and even then, his testimony was filled with guarded half-truths. He’s hugely embarrassed professionally, and he has totally discredited himself, but what price do these “loyal” followers have to pay to make things work in that office? Stupid, absolutely stupid, and they deserve what they get.

      • @Raven…Honest question if you know. Do any or all Sheriff Deputies have the ability/right to take their Sheriff vehicles home with them daily, not just running home once in a while with it, but literally to and from work with it everyday parked overnight, everynight! Just wondering because that pretty much is the case with the abovementioned.

      • @Mungo Jerry: Nope, I don’t know. Only what I’ve read here before about the cars in the articles and comments. The Toady can obviously do as he pleases, so what you say is not surprising. It would be helpful to have people who witness it take pictures and post them here with date/time signatures. I don’t know if that is a topic for John Paul or not, but if it is true we as taxpayers are getting ripped off. 

  15. Its not the Beaver Countian ‘s fault that the SHERIFF is making news EVERYWHERE !!! I completely disagree with you Vicki Basile . We need more of these news outlets to let us know whats really going on in our communities. The Beaver County Times and The local News stations are pathetic and never report stories that may hurt their “FRIENDS” feelings or images !!! THANKS BEAVER COUNTIAN !!! KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT !!! God bless America and God bless our Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press!!!

  16. Hey Vicki Basile, why don’t you do us all a favor and quit Facebook Censoring. Just because YOU don’t agree with this page doesn’t mean you have the right to REMOVE it. Why don’t you do us all a favor and REMOVE yourself from this group ???

  17. To all, If we are playing cards, I reach down in my pocket pull out a gun loaded or unloaded and place it on the table and say nothing this is a vicarious terroristic threat actionable as a matter of law. A terroristic threat can be achieved with a knife, a fist or your voice no rounds needed. The judge knows this and this can and should be appealed, JP is simply another victim of a court system out of control filled with dishonest people that won’t honor their oath. Spike



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