The Beaver County Board of Commissioners has notified the District Attorney’s Office that Treasurer Connie Javens made unauthorized changes to the county’s tax bills.

Commissioners told Treasurer Javens during a public meeting yesterday that they would be the ones mailing out the county’s tax bills this year — a change that came after Javens told the Board she would refuse to send out tax notices unless they approved two hires for her office. Along with telling Javens that they were taking over control the county’s tax notifications, they also informed the Treasurer that her name was removed from the bills.

“People would ask me all the time, why do I have to make my tax check payable to Connie Javens,” Commissioner Sandie Egley told the Beaver Countian. “The answer is you don’t. We simply changed the tax bills so citizens make their taxes payable to the County of Beaver. Removing her name from the bill takes away her ownership.”

Treasurer Javens berated the Board for removing her name from the bill, asking them during yesterday’s meeting to change it back. The Board refused, with all three Commissioners unanimously signing off on the new tax bill template. The county’s Financial Administrator and Chief Solicitor also signed off on the template.

According to County Commissioners, Treasurer Javens was not going to take no for an answer.

“One of our administrative assistants told us today that she saw the tax bills had been changed to re-add Javens’ name,” said Commissioner Egley. “The Board responded quickly to change the templates back. This is a serious document, this is the template for the county’s tax bills, you can’t mess with it like that.”

Commissioner Dan Camp said he was able to confirm that Treasurer Connie Javens was the one who had the tax template altered by calling an outside software vendor after yesterday morning’s public meeting.

“I contacted [the software vendor] and confirmed that Treasurer Connie Javens called sometime around 2 p.m. yesterday to have her name put back onto the tax bills so the checks would be made payable to her,” Commissioner Dan Camp told the Beaver Countian. “I notified the District Attorney’s Office that the county’s official tax bill template the Board signed off on had been tampered with by Connie Javens.”

Commissioner Egley said she and Commissioner Camp have had their hands full dealing with the Treasurer.

“Connie is lashing out,” said Egley. “She went against the Board of Commissioners and against everyone in Beaver County who voiced their opinion about not wanting to make checks payable to her.”

Commissioner Camp told the Beaver Countian that the outside software vendor has been directed to not accept any changes from the Treasurer’s Office. Camp and Egley say they are willing to take whatever legal actions necessary against Javens to ensure the integrity of the county’s tax collections.

Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens previously told the Beaver Countian to never contact her again seeking comment, which she dubbed β€œharassment.”


    • Seriously, we had a long shouting match yesterday and we’re changing form templates back and forth today, but there isn’t enough time to get the tax bills out because the available staff is farting around with this silliness.

    • There will alway be drama. But these two new commissioners are changing the way BC does business. Writing your county tax payment to Connie Javens for 25 Years!!
      Come’on…say thank you for god sake!

      Change is always messy at the beginning. I see you’re impatient and very quick to judge. Here’s an idea..Why don’t you and your little buddy run next time. Because complaining without offering a solution is called whining. You don’t want to be a whiner do you…

    • That’s why you make your check out to “Connie Javens, Beaver County Treasurer” with “2016 County Property Tax” in the memo and the parcel # across the top.

      That way , no “misunderstandings” that you were giving anyone a “campaign donation”. LOL

    • On my borough taxes in Monaca I have to make my check payable to the local tax collector. I also don’t like making my check out In a persons name. How can we change that?

    • I agree. It doesn’t make any sense why she would fight a change like that. Wouldn’t changing it actually “protect” her from being accused of something?

    • Well, You can certainly petition for her resignation But I do not believe she will pay any attention to it regardless how many signatures you get.
      Now it is up to Lozier. I would think tampering with official government tax documents is a very serious crime. I would personally love to be able to tamper with my tax bill and make it say whatever I want with impunity.
      Which message is Lozier going to send? It’s either OK for anybody or nobody.

      • How about this… We call the vendor and tell themto change the template so instead of reading “Make payable to Connie Javens” It says… Payable BY Connie Javens.

  1. Payments should never be made to an individual, it is just too easy to deposit them into their personal accounts. Too tempting for some people.

    And I can’t believe the arrogance of Javens. who does she think she is?

  2. Where is ” UNDER THE RADAR Commissioner Amadio? ” You are not elected to make friends when these matters arise. Be decisive and unify with Commissioners Camp, and Egley. We have an elected official who is now a liability to County Government.

  3. OK. So she goes off on a citizen just for asking why there isn’t more transparency in her office, and then she pulls this?? Even if I knew nothing about any earlier suspicious looking stuff, I would be suspicious of her just because of this alone.

  4. A desperation move.

    At the business meeting, it was almost pathetic, as she clung to her identity on the forms. She even stated at one point that she had the form “copyrighted.” Really?

    She’s in an existential crisis, having her identity stripped away, piece by piece.

    This whole matter is paralleling the Sheriff George David events. All it’s going to take is charges an/or an arrest and a trip to the stand under oath in a hearing. As in the hearing, she would fall apart in the same manner as she did under questioning in the business meeting.

    • Raven if she is successful somehow in her litigation against the “John Doe 6” there will be a videotaped deposition where she will be required to answer questions under oath with a court reporter present. There may be at least 1 attorney who will ask some very interesting questions that no one in law enforcement or government has either asked Treasurer Javens or may have asked but not been able to obtain answers. Subpoenas issued by attorneys in civil litigation are also capable of revealing information that has yet to be discovered or disclosed. Sometimes winning is actually losing and losing is actually winning in civil litigation. Next year may be very interesting for a lot of public individuals in Beaver County.

  5. This is what its going to be like these maniacs are going to try and do as much damage as possible to Beaver County on there way out. Like having an infected tooth its painfull as hell but it has to come out.

    • Actually that’s not true. The only way to remove her is via an election or for her to resign. The Commissioners have no ability to fire her.

  6. Connie Javens seems to have forgotten that the public is her boss not the other way around. She seems to think that she is the Queen and the Commissioners should listen to her. Maybe she should read what the Treasures job description is. The District Attorneys Office should be doing a forensic audit of the county’s books with an independent investigator. At any rate, this person needs to go. She should resign as it is obvious that she is not performing her duties in any professional manor. It appears that she is not concerned about the county but only concerned about herself and her power.

    • Because she is an elected official, the only way (as far as I know) is for the state legislature to impeach her. We had the same problems with former Sheriff David. Thing is, the state moves so slowly that it will be time for another election before they’d get around to it. As we saw with the sheriff. You’ve got to ask yourself why she still wants that job when she’s well past retirement age. I think she has too much stuff to cover up.

      • Allison, thanks for the tip. I didn’t know that was possible. Also, I’d like to know what profits the County can possibly make from the Dog Licences? According to Connie, it can take months to prepare our Tax Bill, so I assume close to the same for the Dog Licences. At a cost of $4-$6 each, is that enough to cover the expense of paying full time County Employees along with the packaging and postage? I’m guessing they may be taking a loss or breaking even at best. I’ve lived in other States and Licences weren’t even mandatory.

      • I just adopted my dog from the Humane Society in mid Oct. I bought my license there when I adopted her. They also have “Lifetime” (of the dog) licenses available. After buying the licence I called the treasurer’s office to see what the money was used for and I was told it just goes into the general fund.

  7. There are people citizens of Beaver County who have been harassed and abused to the point of great harm to there persons. And there loved ones. And the district attorney does nothing. By his inaction he condones this behavior. Connie Javens has 2 attorneys representing her. Da Lozier is one of them.

  8. Why would any tax bill be made payable to an independent individual and why would she get so upset about it for taking her name off seems to me an audit is in order of the county tax office

    • Her being so upset about that is the key. In my opinion, she will lose all that name recognition which over the years resulted in votes. The only other reason I can think of being upset is she can’t do whatever she wants with those checks if the are made out to The County Of Beaver.

  9. AFTER being informed HER name was being REMOVED from the tax bills, Connie Javens took it upon herself to call the vendor to have HER name REINSTATED on the form. IN MY OPINION this was an act of willful misconduct on Connie Javens’s behalf.

    It is also MY OPINION that Connie Javens could POSSIBLY be prosecuted under Pa General Assembly, Title 18, Chapter 41, Forgery and Fraudulent Practices, Section 4101-Forgery, and Section 4104, Tampering with Records or Identification.

    The Commissioners have notified the District Attorney that she has “tampered” with official tax forms, thefore IN MY OPINION they are NOT guilty of “misprision of a felony”. However, the ball is NOW in the District Attorney’s court. So, what are you going to do now, David?


    • Yes jaybird but I have serious doubts that Lozier will do anything about this. He seems to have turned out to be just like all the others in this corrupt, good ole boy courthouse. I am so sorry that I voted for him, he’s seriously let me down.

      • Lozier won’t do anything. In my opinion he’s a poor DA. Where’s the Friendship Ridge decision? Why did he drop the pay to play case with Egleys secretary Randi Bick? He says he’s trying to rid the county of drugs yet, as we speak, Beaver County’s overdoses are on the rise! Very poor job Dave Lozier!

  10. Thank you Commissioners Camp and Egley. It has always bothered me to write my check to Connie Javens. I feel much better with making it payable to The County of Beaver.

    You both listened and made the change. Thanks again! PS..stick together, it’s going good!

  11. IMHO, I think that now if the checks are going to be made payable to the “County of Beaver” instead of payable to “Connie T. Javens”, there is going to be a lot more money in the bank then there used to be, and that folks, is why she is having a melt down! THE GIG IS UP! But that is just MY OPINION! Time will tell – a very short time.

  12. This person is out of controll. She used a self-perceived lack of employees to extort the commissioners, refused to perform the duties of her office, and forgets she is a Public Servant and verbally assaults a citizen taxpayer. If this isn’t malfeasance, it’s damn close to it.

  13. In my opinion, this makes me wonder if Connie’s problems are NOT attributable to something we should feel sorry for her about, like Early Onset Alzheimer’s or Dementia that could explain irrational behavior at age 79. Instead, maybe it’s something more sinister and she is just simply a Narcissist who can’t let go of her title and clout. OR, I wonder if she’s one of those people who think that since they have seniority, they think they run the organization and answer to nobody? I wonder if she is depending on all of those tax bills to be made out in her name, not for posterity but instead for other reasons? Clearly her arrogance and overt non-compliance to her contractual duties qualifies her as a disgrace. She’s garbage that needs to be taken to the curb.

  14. This is absolutely getting ridiculous!!! Surely you people can work together somewhere along the line. I am wondering if I even want to send my check to the courthouse. The corruption is running rampant and there needs to be someone in charge that says this has to stop!!! And what Connie Javens did yesterday to Mr. Hughes is a total violation of human decency and she should take some lessons on human kindness and be more like Mr. Hughes. What a gentleman to be as kind as he was when literally ‘attacked’ by such a vicious woman. She is a disgrace to the county, to her office, and I, as a woman, am totally ashamed of her. GROW UP people!!!!

  15. Anybody who has written their dog license checks payable to Connie should check the cancelled check. It should be endorsed for deposit only into a county bank account. It would be rather interesting if someone had one that was endorsed some other way.

    Unfortunately, telling Lozier about this situation will be as effective as writing a letter to Santa. It’s beyond time to have the Fed’s involved in investigating her…. The FBI doesn’t get told by a county DA to step down the way that the state police were.

  16. I have a question. Since the tax checks were made out to Javens all these years, is it possible for her to deposit the tax check in her personal account and still mark the tax bill as PAID and go undetected or being any type of conflict in the system?

    • I would think it would be rather simple for her to do exactly that John Q. She has access to the computers, she is the one who records who paid and who did not. There has not been an audit in her office for how many years? She does not answer any questions and refuses to assist the auditors with the Friendship ridge fiasco. Hmmmm
      But hey, She has “done nothing wrong”, She “Does not want to fight”, and she is just an “Italian grandmother that can not intimidate anyone.” How could anyone not trust that?

  17. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. Lozier was contacted!!!!!????? Oh my, I bet she is shaking in her pants suit.

  18. Thank you Commissioner Camp for reporting Connie Javens to the District Attorney! It’s time the county has a Commissioner who doesn’t play games with nasty people who think they can do whatever they want!

    David Lozier do your job and don’t make me regret voting for you!

    • So now what? Now that Javens has been reported to Lozier, if he sits back and does NOTHING, is he guilty of β€œmisprision of a felony” ? This whole thing is making me think of the Watergate Cover up. She tampered with government records, that is a crime that can remove her from office.

  19. Just a thought—-
    If she was depositing tax checks into her personal account, it wouldn’t be all of the small personal checks. Too noticeable and the average person may catch it. If she was doing something nefarious it would be checks from tax collecting agencies for people who escrow taxes. 1 check – larger amount made out to her. When that company gets their cancelled check back or see the copy, they probably don’t even pay attention to who has endorsed it and wouldn’t recognize the bank coding. With online banking- they probably scan the checks in- office now. A brick and mortar bank is no longer needed.

    Her actions are a sign that she is in desperation mode. She cannot blame senility.
    2017 is going to be a very interesting year.

  20. Something to ponder. If the tax bills take up so much time how about getting into the 21st century and automation. 1 person could program that one f-cking page probably in a day or two. She ranted about saving the taxpayers millions. How about automating the bills, cut the staff to about 3 people. She fails to realize there is no savings because of her bloated staff we get screwed by raising TAXES against all of Beaver County citizens so she can keep her little fiefdom and boot lickers employed. Where does she think the salaries, benefits and retirement come from, the cloud. No your and my pockets. Do the math about 7 employees above and beyond what is necessary for all the pay, benefits and retirement packages. She is saving the county NOTHING! She talks shit but shows no factual data or responds to the taxpayers. “Stonewall Lozier” the ball is in your court now. Still going to drag your feet? You are as bad as her for your ineptitude and failure to protect the taxpayers who elected you. Fraud. Where the hell did you get a law degree from, WALMART? Do your damn job and get cracking. I’d like to see a subpoena in Connie’s hands for Christmas and a nice set of cuffs to match her ravishing outfits.

  21. Kudos to Dan Camp for growing a set of balls. How about you Tony Amadio? (Just riding out the storm and fattening up your pension.) Time to join the team and clean out the shithouse. Sandie is taking charge and doing what WE the taxpayers want, not what’s good for friends and families of courthouse slugs. Even if she goes one and done she and JP have done more for this county than most of us will never see again. Change is tough but the citizens and taxpayers deserve better than the Javens, Guys, Loziers and Squerme Weme have offered. More of business as usual. Over and over again the tax situation came about due to ineptitude in the past, a defiant attitude against making the right choices and downsizing a bloated trough off which the courthouse slugs feed. BTW having her name on the checks could be for a number of reasons, (you speculate) but one big use is free publicity for her reelection by the nitwits in this county who can’t read or write.

  22. SO WHAT WILL THE DA DO ABOUT IT ????????????? ANSWER : NOTHING !!!!!!!! THIS GUY IS JUST COLLECTING A PAYCHECK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. In my opinion:

    All of this was predictable, inevitable. The “Old People-Staying-Too-Long-In-A-Job-Syndrome.”

    Like guests who won’t leave a party, and end up sleeping on the couch, worrying that someone will talk about them, she stayed in the job too long. It caught up to her. She’s stuck. She can’t continue without public trust. She can’t quit and allow the public access to scrutinize what she has done. She can’t go back and redo it.

    She’s in limbo.

    As with many others who stay in jobs too long, no one wins. Employers, friends and family are too “kind” to tell them it’s time to quit, for fear of anger, rejection or hurting their feelings. Their presence slows progress. There is no growth. The person has become the job. The job is the person. Inseparable. Unnatural. Counterproductive. And everyone knows it. Friends, family, workmates, the public. So, it continues stagnating without a future. The system enters a period of extreme stress that no one wants to or can’t admit. Things stop or go downhill.

    It continues until some unfortunate event shakes the solution, and it all precipitates out. Things get ugly. Everyone blames everyone else.

    Organizational psychology addresses the problem, since it is so common. But the answer is quite simple. Quit while you are ahead. Do something else. Retire. You are not the job. The job is not you. And if you don’t believe that, get help.

    As mentioned above, perhaps this is not even realized by her. Or knowing so, she just cannot change it. So, help her out. Give her an “honorable” way to exit. Move on, elect someone else.

    As with George David, who also “was” the job, and the job “was” he, it took some pretty ugly stuff to happen to end it all. Why does that have to happen all over again?

    Be smart. Resign. Retire. Get on with life as it should be lived. Don’t leave an unfortunate legacy that no one will forget. Believe me, this ain’t worth it.

    • Raven, I think she is trying to stay on the job until death. The reason for that in my opinion is after all these years, she has mastered every facet of deceit and has so much to cover up that she’s made it that she can’t leave. If she does leave, it will be all discovered going back 25 years. The best way to find out any malfeasance while she is still on the job is to investigate records from when she was away from the office on vacation and see if there are anything abnormal in the records or the accounting. Check to see if there was an increase in deposits while she was away etc. Just my opinion you understand.

      • John Q. : In my opinion, yes, good points. Similarly, I have to think that the problems will not be found in any obvious cash transactions, but rather in questionable procedures in money handling. I am reminded of the one-signature withdrawals, the “loan” to Friendship Ridge (not by her), not collecting $500,000 in taxes from Unis, the alignment with Betters and the details of the jobs acquired by her family members, the faulty thinking of there not being a deficit with money in the bank — stuff like that in an atmosphere of permissiveness, as I am guessing. And, as you say, it goes back 25 years. I have to guess that “deals” or transactions have involved a great many people, perhaps influential inside people, which would explain why investigations do not go forward. As Mr. Benyo alluded in a comment above, 2017 could well be a “shakeout” (my term) year, with many public figures being called out as things are discovered. If she is ever interviewed under oath, that could be the beginning of it all. It could be an under oath deposition if the defamation suits go forward, as Mr. Benyo writes, something that would be a supreme shooting of herself in the foot.

      • Raven, the incidents that you bring up are the most fucking unbelievable issues. These are all issues that are already known and out in the open and Lozier sits back and DOES NOTHING FOR THE PEOPLE! One signature withdrawals, loaning public funds to a private business and using a political office to provide lucrative contracts and employment for family.

    • Raven, if she leaves voluntarily, that is when the real problems/alleged crimes will come to light. . She will never leave on her own.

  24. That was a really strange thing for her to do. Whoever is giving her advice or agreeing with her ideas is not doing her any favors.

  25. Commissioner Amadio, As a concerned citizen of Beaver County it is my hope that the three commissioners open dialog and communication with one another. All three commissioners agreed, communication is severely lacking. The lack of communication is costing county residents, who just can not afford, bad behavior, and lack of accountability in duties. In my opinion the tax situation is due to the PAST commissioners taking the lane of least resistance by not downsizing county government. This was a time when you held elected office, and could have been a voice for those who believed in and elected you. We need to rid this county of Old Politics, change is difficult. We need three commissioners in agreement.
    I ask Beaver County’s Three Commissioners to please do the right thing. At the present time we have an elected official who is RESISTING, disruptive, disrespectful, and throwing tenure around as a reason that, somehow,… it makes her more important than then a citizen/citizens she serves.

  26. A few people have expressed their opinion that Connie might be suffering from Dementia. Here are the symptoms from the Mayo Clinic website. Hmmmmm.

    Personality changes
    Inappropriate behavior

  27. Jus a thought, wat if we waz ta put her name on a plaque, bronze… you know, real nice like. Or renaming Monaca HEIGHTS, after her like Javensville. This is a dimwit needin’ the spotlight. SUMBUDDY PLEASE WRITE TA DR. PHIL !

  28. Ms.Ophelia looks like some kid trying to talk ghetto and failing miserably instead sounding like a 5 year old with a recent head injury

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  30. Hear ye hear ye read all about it javens found unfit to stand trial will serve the rest of her term out at friendship ridge about the money she took she would like to thank the taxpayers of beaver county for their generosity and at this time wish everyone merrychristmas

  31. There is a difference between notifying the DA of the change to the official county tax forms and filing a complaint with the BC detectives because you want to press charges for tampering with official government documents; particularly when she was formally told that her name should not appear. Telling the DA rather than filling a complaint makes it look like you did something but you aren’t really taking a stand and seeing it through. Time to get off of the fence, Dan….. Which are you going to do?

  32. Connie in need of a visit from the Ghosts of Christmas Past,Present,& Future. Oh & a cop on her doorstep with a warrant for her arrest.

  33. Corruption at the political level!! The Russians must have hacked Beaver County. No way could our American local system ever succumb to the Clinton level without Russian help.

  34. Jeff Becze: As a police chief, you might be justified in minimizing this matter as less important than arresting bad guys. Maybe it is.

    But consider that this behavior is not new, nor is it isolated, nor is it trivial. It is part of decades of corruption at a place of government that affects more than 170,000 lives.

    Take 4 ones out of your pocket and burn them. Then take out 4 more for each member of your family. Burn them. Do that for each member of the public in Beaver County. That represents about 1/4 of the money mishandled in the Friendship Ridge deal. Money lost, money “burned.” And, it is not much more than is owed in uncollected tax money from one favored family. I don’t have money to burn. I am happy if you do.

    Maybe your cases will be given a special place in the front of the DA’s court lineup, but there is room in that line for corrupt politicians as well.

    In some parts of the world, corrupt politicians kill thousands of people (Ukraine, Aleppo) with impunity. This is not on that scale, but stopping them has to begin somewhere. Do your kids a favor, teach them that bad guys are not always drug dealers and drunks in the gutter. They can also ride in expensive cars and wear nice suits in plain view of everyone.

    And, cops arrest them, too, even put them in jail, if the DA is willing to find a place in his long line for them.

  35. My mother had a great fundraising idea for BC. The comissioners should video the public sessions and sell the DVDs. They could make a mint on the Connie Havens episode and wouldn’t have to raise taxes.

  36. It should set off big red flags to everyone,, that Connie Javens got so upset about who people make the checks out to. It shouldn’t matter at all to her. In fact, if they aren’t just in her name, it would protect her from being accused of wrong doing. It should be investigated. It is the only responsible thing to do. Something just isn’t “right” with her actions. Regardless of whether she did it because of inflated ego, being unwell, resistance to change, or downright criminal actions, or embezelment, it needs to be investigated, because she has to be accoutable for the office she holds.



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