The Beaver County Board of Commissioners today eliminated the positions of four department supervisors in what they called an effort “aimed at reducing costs and improving services.”

The “administrative reorganization” led to the immediate firing of Central Services Director Mary Anne Ruskin, Information Technology Director Frank Signore, along with part-time supervisors of the Micrographics Department Chuck Hilt and Barbara Barney. All four county employees were notified today they had been terminated effective immediately.

“Approximate operational savings generated by this reorganization are $105,000 for the balance of 2013 and $212,000 in 2014,” wrote the Commissioners in a press release.

Research conducted by the Beaver Countian shows that Mary Anne Ruskin had been an employee of the county since September 1998, and had a yearly salary of $48,131 at the time of her termination. Frank Signore had worked in the IT Department since June 1998, and had an ending salary of $92,668. Chuck Hilt and Barbara Barney (who are married) both retired in January of 2012, but came back as 1,000 hour employees earning $14,349 annually.

All three departments will now be supervised by Beaver County Financial Administrator Vince LaValle.

“I’ve talked about efficient and effective government since before taking office,” Commissioner Dennis Nichols told the Beaver Countian. “We weren’t targeting individual people. This is the beginning of an effort by Commissioners to reorganize county government, which will be an ongoing process that will evolve over time.”

The move came as a surprise to the employees involved, and even other county officials said they were unaware the Commissioners were planning to start eliminating positions. Some of those terminated today say they were told additional layoffs would be taking place in the near future.


  1. NA NA NA NA , NA NA NA NA, HEY HEY, GOODBYE! Now go after the Sherriff Dept. 36 cars? Want’s to hire three more POLITICAL hires?! Time to CLEAN HOUSE!!!


      COMMISSIONERS ARE BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      :stupid: :stupid: :stupid: :stupid: :stupid: :stupid:

      • Funny you should mention that. A Sherriff’s car has a car pulled over on 21st street in Alighetto right now! They asked for Alighetto police to come to the location because they are not law enorcement! Looks like more wasted court time at the magistrate office.

  2. It’s certainly no secret that the sheriff’s department has been the biggest drain on the county budget. The move to reorganize is like putting a bandaid on a gunshot wound….superficially it looks nice but ultimately it does nothing to stop the bleeding.

    Obviously we have some politicians already thinking about re-election and are beginning to lay claim to all that they’ve done to streamline county finances.

    To each of the commissioners I challenge you….grow a set and take care of the REAL problem in the county which is the person who has two first names.

    • Unfortunately, Raven I think you may well be correct. It looks to me after reading the law the Sheriff is under the District Attorney and the DA is supervised by the Attorney General. But, even after providing the AG with the law that provides their grant of jurisdiction and the information from a 9th grade government ext book regarding the chain of command for the judiciary they deny this and claim their jurisdiction comes from the Pennsylvania Attorneys Act. Which would be impossible as original jurisdiction can only be conferred from statute or the Constitution. And, an Act is not statute. See Blacks law Dictionary. Now an Act can confer supplemental jurisdiction once original jurisdiction has been established if it mirrors statute but the Attorneys Act is no such animal. Its hard for me to believe The AG or all her hot shot attorneys don’t know basic law better than this and it more likely they think we are all stupid and can’t read and comprehend at a 9th grade level. I had great hopes for this AG and hope its her staff and not her but I’m going to find out. Raven you are an attorney I can tell by the way you write as I speak legalese. What’s your take on this. Spike

    • As if there is any news in BC worth paying for LOL.
      If the BC Funeral Directors would go together and post all of their obituaries in one location online, there’d be no need for the times.
      May their circulation continue to plummet.

  3. Dennis Nichols I been saying all along speech give me a break. Professional private sector streamlined approach last 2 years got us what?

    2 department heads terminated ahhhh let me see ooh , friendship ridge might sell after millions gone from general fund to cover Last year and opps I read here millions again this year but now you learned, lol let’s see what else attrition in the sheriff department ? NOPE?

    Elimination of the bridge magazine? Nope got your picture in that. And you approved internet contact with Pittsburgh firm (not like none in beaver county) to update county website 100 grand a year hmmm where they st recent fundraiser? Let’s see what we do to save money ohh 250k for time clock system that will do? Same as the one 20 years ago didn’t just more modern to waste money but looks like a private sector tool, ok what else hmmmm cut back on that professional service no bid contracts with certain vendors yet? sorry to soon after fundraiser

    Ok Dennis put your spf40 on your head and go wonder around

  4. Well, JP, I like your site much better anyway… Time to expand…Re; the terminations, Isn’t Mary Ann Ruskin the woman who is the uniform lady that had the problem with G.D. I guess that’s a good way to keep her quiet. And the part-timers, what..$28,000 a year between the two. Maybe let go one…Then you have the budget of the Sheriff’s Dept., 36 cars, $100,000 allotted for gas, the high salaries, and I’m not at all talking about the clerical personnel, but the deputies. Wow. Now, part-timers don’t receive any benefits, you would think they would keep them…That courthouse is a really strange place. I don’t know what some of these folks would do in the REAL corporate world. Talk about stress.
    No one should work in that type of enviornment. I bet there are alot of really sad people working there, but need to stay so they can pay bills and eat. And people in power hold that over their heads. What a shame. I feel for the part-timers. :sad2:

  5. How many 1000 hr employees does the sherrifs office have time to cut these jobs out they are retired stay there.There are alot of money being spent to keep his freinds happy. Look at all the money spent and down the drain on his stupid court hearings time to cut his team down to size keep the hard workers and get rid of the wasted money spent on gas for the cars going home and to the gym and other extra activeities we use the cars for.

  6. Funny Commisioner Nichols failed to mention the position he created for relative Holly Nicely… Hmmmmm how about they get rid of the useless deputies?


  8. If the funeral directors take their obituaries elsewhere, The TImes will be broke. Do you have any idea how much it cost to post a obituary to The TImes? With a photo, the average is about $300/day. A full column costs about $600/day.

  9. At least it’s a start. But, we all know something MUST be done with the sheriff’s office. I’m sure that the commisioners can regulate the budget. Cut the bullshit spending office and we’ll see a big diffrence. Multi million dollars to patrol 3 parks that arent open but 6 months a year? The math isn’t that hard !

  10. The sheriff’s office is blotted with part time deputies falling all over each other. The hiring practices of the our county government is all about who you know and we aren’t drawing qualified people from other states and area because of the continued backwoods nepotism that every elected official has taken part in for years. If you have ever played 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon, I suspect that if you took the name of each of the elected county official and played that with past and present elected officials you wouldn’t get past two degrees before you make the connection back to one of them assisting someone in getting a job. And my last note is that the county has the power to set each county officials budget and by doing so make that official make cuts to their department to meet their allocated budget for the year.

  11. I have an idea….lets give the useless commissioners secretaries another raise they sure as hell dont deserve!!!

  12. Another place to look for dead wood is the jail. There is a politically appointed captain who went from being a c.o. To a captain without any testing (like the sergeants and the lieutenants) and he got a nice big raise. Also a leiutenant who did not test but was given a promotion and raise vwithout testing.

  13. Wow…this is getting deep. How come the Sheriff’s Dept. hasn’t been cut. Are they on sacred grounds or what. The Parks Director just got terminated, now who is going to run that? Yet, the Sheriff’s Dept. keeps pn truckin. Oh yes, the Sheriff rules. And the secretaries, well, I know you need them, but to be paid over $50,000 a year. Wow. Maybe they should take a cut in pay. I wonder if the judges secretaries make that kind of money. I’d be shocked if they did. Something definitely wrong with this picture. Believe me, I’m for folks making a good salary, but some of these people come very high priced. I worked for a company for a long time and it took a long time to make over $50,000. I’m not certain, but I would guess that the employees of the county get paid thru tax payer dollars. Correct me if I’m wrong. :sad2:

  14. @AreYouKiddingMe…The salaries of most of the employees at the Courthouse are where they are because they have been there for many, many years and they worked hard to get their salary. Some didn’t start out at $50,000.00 per year. Some of the offices, like the Court Administrators Office, Adult Probation, Domestic Relations, Clerk of Courts, and yes, even the Sheriffs Office are overwhelmed, especially during Criminal Trial Term. The volume of work that is involved getting prepared is, well, overwhelming! Where these offices that I have mentioned are justified, as far as the need for staff, there are other offices, like Bureau of Elections, Treasurers Office, Recorder of Deeds, just to name a few, do not have the need for a large staff. Once you become an employee of the Beaver County Courthouse, the majority stay until retirement, and even tho it’s not a fun place to be right now, just keep in mind that everyone still has bills to pay and food to put on the table!

    • Well SimonSez: You must obviously work there to have the information you just gave. I believe that these offices require the personnel that are employed. I am not disputing that. And yes, I don’t believe that you walk into a place and receive $50,000. I know it takes years. It just seems that these part-timers are released that make a mere $14,000 a year and the Sheriffs office thrieves. And you say some employees stay until retirement. I do know folks that some have retired from other ompanies and are working there part-time. Thanks for replying.

  15. Can anyone tell on here tell me what the two mental midgets and nichols make as commissioners make and what their office budget is?

  16. So, as the controversy over the Sheriff and his office is more and more in the spotlight, the commissioners whose budget has been feeding that monster, decide now is the time to say to the voters “Look, something shiny over here (not at the Sheriff’s office) for you to look at. Look how much we are doing for the county.”

    Sorry guys, it’s not really working. You’ve cut a couple of positions that have resulted in trivial savings to the taxpayers. That’s not to say that it shouldn’t be done. It is long overdue along with many more similar cuts.

    However, Commissioners, I’ll reserve celebrating your fiscal responsibility to the county until you cut about 2 million from the Sheriff’s Department. I don’t mean a little at a time. I mean take an axe right to the middle of the damn thing. Then you can gradually trim it down from there. You have been feeding that beast until it grew into the total nightmare that it is today. Now instead of dealing with it swiftly as it should be, you’d rather start trimming a couple hundred thousand here and there throughout the other county offices? Really?

    This type of behavior is only going to ensure that many folks like myself are going to make it their personal mission to see to it that you are not re-elected. We don’t need diversions to the big issues and massive waste in this County. We need results! Commissioners: GROW A PAIR, or GET OUT! You can play campaign games on you’re own time after you get finished taking care of the business we pay your pathetic asses for.

  17. Maybe it would be a big help if they got rid of allthe jobs they created for family and political friends. They could start with Vince Lavalle who shouldn’t even be there as he should have been out the door with Towcimak when Rossie won. But since he is still there and pretty much running the commissioners and making more than any one commissioner,why not eliminate the commissioners & their secretaries. Food for thought Vince. Then you could really strutt your stuff!



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