Treasurer Connie T. Javens / campaign photo

The Board of Commissioners says that Treasurer Connie Javens will be in charge of tax collections next year after all, as a result of the county’s law department finding a resolution from the 1850s granting her office the legal authority. Commissioners Dan Camp and Sandie Egley say next year will be the final year the Treasurer’s Office will be collecting taxes, with the Republican majority already laying the groundwork for a new county department of tax collections.

Commissioners took over the printing of tax bills this year after Treasurer Javens told the Board she would refuse to do so unless they allowed her to hire two employees. That work has been completed by the Board, which has now turned the reins back over to Javens for the mailing of bills and collection of tax payments — Egley and Camp had originally said the Commissioners would be in charge of tax collection next year.

Commissioners Camp and Egley said a resolution passed by the Board of Commissioners in 1851 that was just rediscovered by the county Solicitor grants the Treasurer’s Office legal authority over tax collections, something the Board will now be working to change for the 2018 tax season.

“There is simply not enough time now to responsibly write and adopt a new county resolution and develop a tax office to start collecting taxes in two weeks,” said Egley. “[Commissioner Dan Camp] and I are in agreement, we are going to be making major changes in the way the county does business after this and that includes removing the authority for tax collection away from the Treasurer.”

Commissioner Camp said that along with the discovery of the historic resolution, employees in Javens’ office filed a grievance through their union complaining that tax collection work was being taken away from them — another legality that will need to be worked through by the Board moving forward.

“We are fully committed to doing this in the most financially responsible way possible for the taxpayers of Beaver County,” said Camp.

Commissioner Egley said the public should not be confused into thinking that Treasurer Javens has in any way become more cooperative with the Board of Commissioners.

“Connie Javens went on WBVP radio today saying she has been working with the Commissioners when in fact she has not,” Commissioner Sandie Egley told the Beaver Countian. “We took her name off of the tax bills so they were no longer made payable to her, she added her name back on without authorization, we took her name back off and made sure she couldn’t change it again. The Board of Commissioners printed all of the tax bills. A machine in her office is being used to fold the bills and she will be in charge of tax collections for one final year because of this resolution that was found.”

Commissioner Dan Camp had reported Javens’ “tampering” with the tax bills to the District Attorney’s Office last week.

Commissioner Egley said although Treasurer Connie Javens’ name is no longer printed on the bills and checks will no longer be made payable to her, taxpayers will still be seeing her name on the envelopes that notices will be arriving in.

“The envelopes were already printed by her and she has her name all over them, and I mean all over the place,” said Egley. “It’s inappropriate and it’s nothing but political propaganda for her and that is not going to happen again next year either. But the Board of Commissioners decided we can not waste taxpayer’s money by throwing all of these envelopes away and having them reprinted, so this is the way it has to be this year even though none of us like it.”


    • Unbelievable is the fact that if Gonnie really gets pissed off and one of her enemies God forbid ends up in the Beaver County Med Center and the sheriffs and the so called Drs. get together and give them the special Med Center treatment well pain is infinite . People have no idea how corrupt no not corrupt PERVERTED.

  1. What the fuck really? When they going to announce they’ve unearthed stone tablets saying Connie is Jesus’ long lost sister?

  2. Y’know I agree that Connie Javens shouldn’t have the responsibility of tax collection, but the commissioners sound like they’re letting this get personal and should really try to be more professional.

    This sounds like s middle school squabble over who gets to clean the blackboard erasers.

  3. “employees in Javens’ office filed a grievance through their union complaining that tax collection work was being taken away from them — another legality that will need to be worked through by the Board moving forward.” THEN DO THE EFFING JOB YOU ARE BEING PAID TO DO!!!!

    • I’m sure the employees in Javens’ office were directed by her, to file that union grievance.
      And a question. Just because you are given the authority to do something, does that mean
      that you have to do it? I think the Commish should continue on the path as planned and make sure
      The Connie has no authority to do so next year.

      • Your right bobb…she told them to file a grievance. She and the union probably met behind closed doors in her office (after she called them). The union is as shady as her. They have the same qualities…nepotism. #🐍

  4. I heard her on the radio today. I almost threw up when i heard her say she is a team player. This entire county, including the state-level representation, is just so fucking bad. There are a few faint glimmers of hope (Camp, Egley), but the rest of the turds are going to smother them by the time the next election comes around. Beaver county, you deserve this for voting these people in again and again and again.

  5. Typical behavior of this “Can’t Understand Normal Think”. Disgusting. Those of you who continue to vote for this crook deserve this, the rest of us do not. You (those who continually vote for her) are the problem with politics today, more loyal to the party than the wellbeing of you own community. How sad. You should all be very proud to allow her more time steal from the hard working residents of BC

      • Not only did someone run against her in the last election, he was a well-qualified candidate for the position.

      • Don’t forget the perks! You can bully the banks into giving you Steeler, Pirate, and Penguin tickets with the threat of moving the accounts from their bank!

      • Does anyone have solid knowledge of her receiving special treatment or accepting any type gifts from any bank? It would be illegal.

    • Umm…that is his point. Javens has had Republican challengers, just no Democratic ones. The problem is, ppl in BC are so narrow minded they would rather keep the shady Democrat than take a chance and vote in a Republican. I’ve voted against her every damn election, but she still wins because God forbid someone go against the party just to get her out. Now they see what happens…
      Like they say, diapers and politicians need changed often for the same reasons. There should be term limits for more positions, but since there isn’t maybe more ppl should open their minds. Those who keep voting for her, really have no right to complain. Looking at real issues going on currently instead of shoving your nose up a particular party’s rear end may help BC be less of a corrupt hole. I am honestly impressed we even got new commissioners, but after having the last ones screwing up for so long, now we all get to pay more to dig out of the hole they dug.
      I could care less what party you are for, and I am not arguing for a particular party. What I am saying is maybe look more at the damn issues going on right now, and if the corrupt person doesn’t have a challenger at least take a chance!! Hell, we already got this going on, how much worse could it be voting for a Republican for One Term!

    • I think that people just think, oh well, she wants to keep doing the job so we’ll just keep voting her in, saves thinking about who to vote for. For one thing, the woman is 79 years old, time to retire. And I am also very much in favor of term limits.

    • She has gotten away with so much and she keeps getting votes. Who cares what party they are representing. Party’s don’t matter anymore. People matter. Having the right people to do an honest job to represent.

  6. How are we suppose to trust her? I do not want to send another dime to that corrupt shit hole until it is fixed

  7. OK, So let me get this straight, The Con tells the Commissioners that she needs more staff because they are over worked and will not be able to complete the tax bills in time.
    The Commissioners, (Who’s office is not even set up for preparing the bills), prepare the tax bills in less then two weeks and in plenty of time to send them out.
    The Con throws her little hissy fit at a public meeting and illegally tampers with Official Government Documents.I guess that is what she considers “working with the Commissioners”.
    The Treasurer’s staff then files a grievance saying they are now under worked.
    I can’t wait to hear The Con’s spin on this and her family and friends BS comments on here.

    • Yep, that seems to sum it up.

      The Treasurer’s Office claims to need 2 more employees to do work that is done by others in a matter of days.

      It is this mentality that causes fiscal problems for the county. Some are looking to fix the fiscal problems and others are looking to make them worse.

      This cannot be viewed any other way.

  8. Everyone in NC needs to show up at the Treasures office to pay their bills in person to receive a receipt. If it is paid by your mortgage company, call and verify that it was paid, then go to the Treasures Office to verify and ask for a receipt. Since they filed a grievance that they don’t have enough work, then we will give them more to do. Plus I had “0” trust in Javens, now I have “0” trust in her employees. Her employees knew that she was refusing to do the taxes and mail them out, then they turn around and file a grievance with the Union, next we will hear that Connie sent her employees home because there was not enough work and we as taxpayers will have to pay them their full 40 hours a week, because that’s how a union works. I say eliminate that office. I am sure that there are some in that court house that appreciates their jobs, excellent benefit package and more days off then most taxpayers that is providing them with all this, that would be more then happy to give out dog license! I might run for that job, just for the benefits that my husband pays $1000.00 a month for!

  9. An 1850’s stone tablet decreeing the tax collection duties. Good, Lord.

    Is this the shit that this half-assed county works on all day over there? How much time was spent on the time travel to find this? And a better question for one and all, if they can find this old document regarding a two week old pissing contest over who’s got hand in some dopey dispute, how come it’s taken well over half a year now to yet figure out what was going on with those FR withdrawals, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

    Once again, until you all get it, is this what they work on all day over there? Guess so.

  10. The six Treasurers of the 1850’s served for two years, then had to be reappointed by the Governor for more than two years. Maybe we have lost some wisdom along the way. Also, they were all honorable local landed men — “taxables” — before and after the 1850’s. I won’t go there, though. But, they also had to travel by horse and buggy, not by luxury suv’s. So, bringing back a pig for partial payment in lieu of money was pretty hard to hide.

  11. This is my question: Is it not a fraudulent practice asking to expand the Treasures office budget by unnecessary hiring. Is it not fraudulent to do this through force or threats.
    Treasure Javens, with over 25years as an elected official, should be proficient and knowledgeable in her elected duties. Now it is proven “All of this bullshit, and finger waving was completely unnecessary.” The Commissioners were able to complete duties in short order with out any additional hiring. Treasure Javens said it could not be done unless SHE was able to increase the county payroll. In turn, a larger increase to taxpayers. Treasure Javens became recalcitrant and decided she will tamper with Official Government Documents. As a citizen and a taxpayer in Beaver County, I ask for Connie Javens to remove herself from county government.

    • I would agree, fraudulent YES. My question to our DA, is it ILLEGAL to INTENTIONALLY tamper with an official government document?
      IMHO it is the DA’s position to find any reason to let her coast and finish out her term without prosecution.
      Commissioners, since Lozier squashed the state police from investigating the crimes you reported, go higher in the chain of command.
      Btw keep strong Egley & Camp. You have more support than you realize.

  12. I should like to see the 1851 tax law, or even a valid reference to it in a book, or the title of the book that contains it. Taxing then was much different than today, in assessment and collection and by the person who did it. The county law department was to look into the legality of the new tax collection, but with everything else screwed up here, who can say that the interpretation is correct, or even applicable? Yes, it is archaic, and perhaps even “on the books”, but is it applicable? Is it enforceable? Andrea Cantelmi? What say you?

  13. My personal fantasy is to drive Javen’s Range Rover in the Big Knob fair demolition derby. I want to buy it from the inventory of police seized property. The DA needs to get his ass in gear so I can get that done before the fair in August.

    • Hell’s yeah! I’ll pay 6 bucks for that show. Strip that baby down to bare bones, throw an American flag on the back….and shift that Rover in reverse!

  14. wow this whole thing sounds like bullshit to me
    and you know what they say if it looks like bullshit smells like bullshit
    then its probably bullshit
    i dont think i believe it at all
    i would like to see this law laid out on official document before i buy into it

  15. “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill — the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill — you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”


  16. I am sure if one would look at that 1850’s Resolution, they will see the signature of none other than Connie Javens.

  17. Camp and Egley earlier said tax collections would be taken from Javens, but now they’ve reneged because an “1850 resolution” grants that tax collections belong to the Treasurer. I can hear Connie cackling in her chambers now. “Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble”. The Law department has spoken. So be it.

    However, since when does the Law pertain to anything some of those un-indicted co-conspirators do in the courthouse? Is Javens going to INSIST she NOW be allowed to hire NOT one,BUT TWO, NEW employees she demanded before, or will she refuse to do her job as she earlier threatened? Didn’t you say she was guilty of EXTORTION? Isn’t EXTORTION against the Law? Didn’t she call a vendor to have her name RE-INSTATED on a form AFTER you changed it? Isn’t WILLFUL MISCONDUCT, FORGERY and TAMPERING WITH GOVERNMENT FORMS against the Law? Need I go on, and on, and on…..

    Sandie, I’m beginning to lose faith in you. You offer (bribe?) Larrick 5000 bucks to drop his lawsuit against Guy (Don’t get me started on THAT department) and now THIS. Meanwhile, would someone wake up Loser Lozier and TELL HIM TO DO HIS F*CKING JOB!!


  18. JP, I like the other picture of Connie much better. Please use that one and throw away this airbrushed fake old one. The one in the red suit is a much better representation.
    Kathleen, I had to take the license off my dog and put it in a drawer. I couldn’t stand the thought of my dog advertising for Connie. Custom made tags are cheap enough and available at petsmart if my dog gets lost.It has my name and # on it. Not Connie.

  19. What does it MATTER??
    If it takes 6 county employees 4 months to complete the whole task they are still county employees!
    Will changing the ownership make ANY county citizen’s life better?? Isn’t that what the county commissioner position should be about? Are you all making any thing improved or just throwing salt on the wound?

  20. Once again — may we see the source of the 1851 tax resolution? If complete texts of court filings can be made available, why not something that can be copied from a law or history book?

    Or, is it just bullshit from the law department to put people off the scent? Or, worse, was it concocted by one of Connie’s lawyers? I’ll even have my agent go to the Courthouse and look it up himself.

    • Raven. All resolutions are recorded in the county archives. This is real and no bullshit. A true legal document. Most all of those records before 1900 are stored in the Wampum Mines. You can do a request for information to get a copy. My hat is off to Cantelemi for taking the time to do the research. You that vindictive bitch Connie would have filed suit against the county once her attorney discovered it. That of course would have cost that taxpayers even more money.

  21. Windchasing: Carmen Dell’Orefice, 78.

    In my OPINION —

    Since people are questioning the pictures —

    Carmen is generally accepted as one of the most beautiful elderly women in the world. Why? Sure, she’s attractive. But she also does her makeup and dressing appropriately right. When women dress and make up to imitate a women 50 or 30 years their junior, it doesn’t work. It CAN’T work. Use a blonde wig or blonde hair coloring, layered makeup, fake eyelashes, eye liner, eye shadow, contacts, dark lipstick, and exaggerated youthful clothing, or some other camouflage, and you just add insult to injury by trying to hide age and imitate youth. The answer, celebrate age by dressing appropriately, and people will admire you for what you are, not for what you are trying to be. They KNOW your age, and they KNOW what people that age look like. OR, they can fake THEIR reactions and live with a mutual cognitive dissonance, mutually celebrating the fakery, to the benefit of no one.

    • @Raven…..and that my friend is the difference between class and trash. Someone please take out the trash!!!

  22. There are those that read The BeaverCountian online who know the raw truth about what is going on in county government. Then there are people behind the times, mostly elderly, that are still reading the soft cleaned up stories published in the Beaver County Times and the only people that listen WBVP. Javens knows exactly how to get to these elderly people that don’t even know how to use a computer. Her name on tax bills and dog license and whatever else she can get her name on is free advertising for her. These elderly people vote for her only because of name recognition. This old broad is not stupid, she is running and promoting her own enterprise. Something like the name brand Trump.

    • John Q.:

      In my opinion:

      Trump’s a buullshit artist, an ignorant, vulnerable demogogue, who is now turning against the rubes he conned into voting for him, by contradicting his “promises” one by one and trying to bullshit his way through international relations he does not understand. WW III?

      And in my opinion —

      But Connie? It’s all about APPEARANCES. From suing for bad public relations comments in the BC, to the obsession with her name on the tax forms, to childish “like me” comments about “just wanting to get along”, to sticking her fingers in a guy’s face and yelling at him — it’s about APPEARANCES, not substance. I don’t see her as manipulating the elderly. I see it as a face-saving attempt to preserve her image. She must be ACCEPTED to preserve the self image she has nurtured for more than 25 years. That way, she can be RIGHT, and the public be damned.

      • Perhaps a show of power and authority ie: I’m on a higher scale and I’m better than you peasants. That is a poor tasteless show to project at a military man and taxpayer. It is outright disrespectful. It is an outrage for her to do what she did to Mr. Hughes.

    • JohnQ I agree. Beaver County Times- “Our mission is to provide news, information and services in order to enable our communities to prosper. We are very proud of our long history of providing the area with excellent, award-winning journalism.” WMBA/WBVP- Listeners hope to recognize someone they know or maybe win a free soft drink with their meal at Texas Roadhouse.
      In my opinion, if tony guy were to run for an elected office today, be that sheriff or county commissioner, I think he would win. If javens were to run for reelection today, I believe she would win. WE have to change this county. Sad that javens can go on the radio and say, all I want to do is get along. She needs to do a sit down with John Paul on the talk show panel or make herself available and have a real discussion. That would be great for ratings and GREAT FOR BEAVER COUNTY…John Paul, you may want to invest in a plexiglass barrier.

  23. Loved the article by that idiot boot licker Tom Davidson of the BC toilet paper. I bet he must be part of her circle of family & what few friends she may still have. His grasp of journalism is about as good as Connie’s grasp of accounting. NONE! We should start a movement to drop all Times subscriptions until such time that they do their damn jobs and stop covering for the counties thieves who plunder the taxpayers’ at every turn. Why did the times not ask how all of a sudden the Queen and her little toadies could get the job done? Obviously she lied at the meeting with the commissioners. Add pathological liar to her resume along with the rest of her “qualities”. I think her family should have her evaluated but then they would have to get off their asses and find real jobs, not fake contracts, etc. Sandie and Dan, you cannot ever depend on Tony Amadio to do the right thing for the taxpayers. Press on and rid her of as many useless make work jobs to support her cast of losers. Tony is terrified of her and her people. bet he was a real pussy of a teacher too. Disgrace to call him a public servant. He serves only himself. JP, please make sure these trials & hearings are posted for those of us who love the courtroom drama. Maybe Georgie will pop up and take the rap for Tony G, just like an episode on Perry Mason. As I stated before this whole court house should be on a TV reality show. No one would believe that this kind of corruption could go on in 2017. Sell the rights so we can get Connie her own palace with her 12 little dwarves to fawn over her. I can’t imagine needing a job so bad that you would eat shit day in and day out and humiliate yourselves and your families. What a pitiful existence they must have and surely no pride or scruples. The big wheel is slowly coming around to grind all you court house pieces of shit to dust.

    • Davidson’s article, by omitting the reason for the tax bill-sending reversal, and just mentioning a law department email to Javens, leaves the reader with the impression that this is some kind of reversal of fortune for her. That, by omission, presents a lie. I have yet to read one of his articles that does not slant the content by omission or half truth. Intentional? Damn right. Someday, Davidson, I hope you fall flat on your face as you are tiptoeing through the tulips.

  24. I wonder what the legal department will unearth next…probably a statue stating the Treasurer’s office cannot be relocated to the basement, or be reduced in size. I believe the relocation was also on the Commissioner’s checklist.

  25. I wonder if miraculously Connie will find the time to re-do the tax bills with her name on them now. She probably already has a rubber stamp that says ” Make Payable to Connie Javens”.

  26. I want to congratulate Tom Davidson for pulling off the greatest schmoozefest of his 2016 reporting and his imaginative, creative use of the word “contradicts.” The Javens tax story was a classic of ingenuity. But the taped Javens interview — over-the-top schmoozing — that is something that I can download and view anytime I have difficulty moving my bowels.

  27. Raven’s Spawn: Perhaps that is true. But in situations like this where the truth is sketchy at best, I’ll remain a skeptic turned cynic until I read it myself. I don’t see what the big deal is, unless the interpretation of it would not stand up and a reversal would be in order. We are provided with many legal documents as support on this site. Why not this? Is Andrea Cantelmi hiding something? Or worse, is she placating Connie to shut her up? You see, sometimes being paranoid is a real help.

    • I’m pretty sure the grievance, which they should have seen coming, scared the commissioners more than this “law” that some judge dug up. I’m sure there’s over riding precedent at the county or state level in 170 years, but they didn’t have the balls to ride it out. The commissioners blinked. Round 2 to Connie and the judge(s).

  28. Raven and Raven Spawn: You both bring up great points. I also would like to see the resolution being referenced. Not that I don’t believe there is one but what is the wording. Does it say the Treasure just collects the tax money or does it say the treasurer is in charge of every aspect from preparation, collection, and deposit?
    The real shame is that this issue has never been an issue since 1851. BUT IT IS NOW.
    I’m not keen on the idea of someone that has been appointed (not elected) in charge of the tax money for the county. Even if it is a new office of tax collector created by the commissioners who would be in charge of it and how did they get that position? There would be even less accountability then we have now. Unfortunately, there is NO (None, Zero,Nadda) confidence or trust in the person that was elected. At least if Lozier would get off his but and do HIS job, then maybe we could have someone we have more confidence and trust in with accountability to the public and we wouldn’t need to was time digging threw the Wampum mines..

  29. Let’s say there isn’t a rule that goes back to 1850’s and the commissioners could collect the taxes…they need employees to collect and enter into the system. People who know finances, checks and balances. Someone to balance and deposit daily. I would think there is a system (program) in place that connects with Assessment too.. they need to get the law straight, make a plan and pass the resolutions. Do we really think this can be done in the next two weeks?
    This take a little more thought…and it is a piece of the puzzle that connects to Home Rule.

  30. ………………………………………..Beaver County NEW YEARS EVE GAME …
    …………………………………………………….write down your answers!
    ……………………………………….answers will post on JANUARY 1st, 2017.


  31. 1. Cuz Cuz
    2. Danny Boy
    3. Turkey Neck
    4. The Worm
    7. Slamming Sandy
    8.Weasel Wes
    9.The Bowtie
    10. The Sky is Falling Raven
    11.The Big Bad Wolf Cop Reamer-Jism
    12. Genitals Gentile
    13. Mini Me Cuz Cuz
    14. Loser Lozier
    16. Connie’s Bank for her Family
    18. Lucky Luckow
    20. Tiny Tony
    21.Nuckle Head Nichols
    22. Greedy Useless Lazy Union Employees
    24. Sam Pickles

    Just my guesses. Some, I have no clue.

    • Nobama –
      How could you miss #5? Its your buddy Barack. lol.

      Here’s a couple more:
      6 Carmen Dell’Orefice (see the woman above – check the necklace)
      15 Joe Spanik??
      17 James Edward Cicco (Jeff’s K-9″s victim)
      19 Joe Weidner
      23 Joe Spanik??

      I missed 5 and 12 (Good cll on that one)

  32. Amazing that some of the most cogent messages/observations always receive at least one Thumbs Down which leads one to believe it must be a 1) relative, 2) courthouse family or 3) yes, the daughter.

  33. What is really amazing is that she actually thinks her thumbs down to everything is making some kind of difference to anybody.

  34. If this resolution has been in existence since 1850, how then did this treasurer save Beaver County millions of dollars years ago, as she stated, when she implemented that her office handle the taxes?
    By the way this is January 1 and I do not have my dog license yet!

    • bcTimes?… What is it? Front page news, crime report, high school sports, obituaries. Most leaf through these sections looking for a familiar name, a friend of a friend, a relative or maybe alittle dirt to share at a get together. Then there are the funnies, and the crossword, done.
      What little reporting there is, you never find an interview with any hard hitting questions.This bias is an obstruction to good government. JOHN PAUL never give up, even if you get an arm feed to you, or a gun racked, or denied access to the vaults within the courthouse.. Thank You and wishing you the very BEST NEW YEAR !

  35. Tom Davidson – I KNOW you read the BeaverCountian, and I don’t like to bad-mouth a man’s livelihood, but REALLY? Today’s BC Times article (01/01/17 – “In the rearview at last WHAT.A.YEAR.”) is the best you could do for the year wrap-up?

    Making Connie Javens out to a be HERO for tax collections, but NO MENTION of the biggest highway robbery and mugging of Beaver County taxpayers by an elected official? Which one you ask? Do your homework! By reading your article content, either you can’t get it past the BC Times Board of Censorship, or you’re in as deep as they are. You ought to be ashamed to call yourself an “investigative journalist”.

    Beaver County Commissioners – WHY do you stand for this bullshit paper when they make YOU out to be the fools? It’s a new year. PUBLICLY call them out. It’s time for an unbiased p

  36. Jaybird: I really don’t think he cares. LIterally. Watch him in a meeting sometime. (He’s the scruffy-looking, disheveled, homeless-looking-guy tuning it all out and continually playing on his phone.) He is just not there.

    Then, read the article he produces. One sentence, disconnected, common knowledge snippets that don’t offend anyone. Set-up interviews, devoid of questions, accepting any old bullshit the person wants to say. Pap that will feed the beast for another day.

    Then watch John Paul. Alert, following every word, recording the proceedings, contributing to the discussion if it is needed. Right on top of things.

    It is little wonder why Tom “reports” the way he does. His heart is not in it.

    Couple that with being tied to the apron strings of Lisa Micco, and you have a recipe for news that has the consistency of Plaster of Paris.

  37. Do you know your way around Friendship Ridge ? Do not forget, once there, you have to buzz-in.
    I know, I know, I have gone overboard with the attachments, humor me, this will be the last ……… today.


  38. Does anyone know how this “discovery” was well for a better word, discovered? Who initiated the search by the legal department. Was it the commissioners, the Treasurer, the Comptroller, or persons unknown.

  39. Wise Owl: In the meeting with the Treasurer and Commissioners, Sandie Egley and Dan Camp said to Andrea Cantelmi that the legality of the tax mailing switch to them would have to be checked out and cleared. Cantelmi agreed. It seemed that Cantelmi and/or her law department was going to do the checking.

  40. Food for thought——take a look see into ALL of the counties in the state. How many of those counties collect the county taxes at the county level? Almost all are collecting county taxes at the township/ borough level. Why cant Beaver County do that?

  41. Dam people I was never politically active but in plain language Beaver County is off the hook. This kind of filth has been going on since sheriff Hinemans days . how many lives did jack baer destroy along with great deputy George Yasitch. You people who grew up here in Beaver county know of the people and families destroyed by these so called men in the. Sheriffs dept. Weak goons with guns and badges. honest officers of the law are respected by all .even the bad guys.. Clean out the sheriffs Dept. and the rest will seem easy. a lot of u people in your 50s and 60s know what they did to u and ur families. If you say you don’t your suffering from willfull amnesia.

  42. The TRUTH the people in the USA have a right its not a privlge to speak there mind. last I heard Beaver County was part of the USA.

  43. One of them showed him a Roman coin, and he asked them whose head and inscription were on it. They answered, “Connie’s,” and he responded: “Render therefore unto Connie the things which are Connie’s; and unto God the things that are God’s”.
    “We”ll remember in November”



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