Commissioner Dan Camp (left), Commissioner Tony Amadio (right) / submitted file photos

Republican Commissioner Dan Camp has joined with Democratic Commissioner Tony Amadio in moving forward with a closed process of hiring a Financial Administrator to replace Ricardo Luckow after interviewing only one candidate for the position. Camp and Amadio are seeking to fill the position without accepting any applications from the general public, having overruled Commissioner Egley’s desire to advertise the job.

The Commissioners have conducted the one interview of their sole candidate, Tim Boyde, a Rochester native who currently resides in New York. Boyde presently works as Administrator of Allegany County, New York. Unlike the county’s prior Financial Administrator, Boyde is not a Certified Public Accountant, although he does have experience working as a budget officer. Commissioners Camp and Amadio have directed the County’s Human Resources Office to begin salary negotiations with Boyde, who is seeking in excess of $100,000.

Commissioner Amadio had been highly critical of the $120,000 salary paid to Ricardo Luckow when he served as Financial Administrator, and told the Beaver County Times that the county would seek to outsource the position to an outside firm, “hopefully have someone come in three days a week at a substantial reduction in cost.” The Commissioners abandoned that possibility after privately meeting with Harrisburg-based Susquehanna Accounting & Consulting Solution. The firm told the County they would want approximately $265 an hour to do the work. Along with Susquehanna, Commissioners also spoke with Cottrill Arbutina & Associates of Beaver, although sources say the firm expressed little interest in the work.

As with the position of Financial Administrator, Camp and Amadio had not issued a public Request For Proposal (RFP) for a financial consultant firm.

Although the Board is not mandated by law to advertise the position of Financial Administrator, Commissioner Camp and the entire Republican slate of candidates had pledged during the last election to put an end to the hiring of individuals and contracting of firms without publicly advertising the opportunities, a practice they had dubbed the “friends and family plan.”

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. These two lying, scheming rats are detestable. I certainly hope this is the last of their political lives. Vote, people, vote!! How either of them can show their faces in public is beyond me!

    • To quote from the last paragraph of this article, “Commissioner Camp and the entire Republican slate of candidates had pledged during the last election to put an end to the hiring of individuals and contracting of firms without publicly advertising the opportunities, a practice they had dubbed the “friends and family plan.”

      Yes, that is exactly what these candidates ran on, that is, until Amadio and his “deep state” cronies got to Camp (which I might add, was like shooting fish in a barrel).

  2. I bet he shows up for work, and tells the court house “I’m not a CPA, but I DID stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!”

  3. He’s not a CPA, he will probably get a generous reimbursement for moving expenses to come to Shithole, PA , but he is an avid golfer, a good Catholic and he played high school football on a CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM !!! at Rochester.


    That’s usually the “qualifications” here for positions in Be’er Cahnty.

  4. To be completely fair, they did look to do this via consultants on an hourly rate basis but at $265 an hour, this was going to be a lot more expensive. Then they checked with another local company but that company did not express much interest. It looks like both of these companies are smart enough to know that this is a can of worms. One wants paid to deal with it and the other has no interest. Might be the only smart people involved.

    Then they talked to one candidate for a direct position that is likely going to be in the same price range as the guy they let go. I guess they were so desperate to get rid of the guy peddling the truth that they didn’t have time to do this is a professional manner nor think it through.


  5. It is obvious that these two commissioners are not interested in the truth nor do things correctly. One job candidate. Come on, this is not the correct procedure for any government entity. What real qualification does this guy have? He knows math. Both these commissioners need recalled. This is why Beaver County gets into a real mess. Commissioners do not do their job correctly, the DA does not bring charges to local politicians, etc. The Treasurer signs Million Dollar Checks but is not authorized to do so. She would not have her employees process the hunting and fishing licenses for the area and lost the county thousands of dollars in income. The license process is going to be yanked from her and the county has a loss of income due to the Treasurer not getting the job done in her office. What ever happened to work ethic and get the job done no matter what.

  6. This county is all about who you know. You cant get a job with any LE department or the jail unless you know someone and same goes for administration. Fuck your qualifications

    • You act like that’s different in any county in the state. Have you tried getting a job for Allegheny county? It is 100% who you know, not what you know. Speaking as an employee of Allegheny county.

      • You’re absolutely right. For the most part, when it comes to Allegheny County, you either come from the Wagner/Weinstein or Fizt/Peduto camp. This goes on everywhere.

  7. it,s about time 1000.s call u.s attorney generals come clean up pig pen and for voters watch polls send people to prison who think there bigger than people we the people pay there salaries time for corruption to stop or?

  8. What I still don’t understand, but hopefully will with the ongoing investigations, is why Camp went in the direction that he did. On one side you have Egley, his running partner at one point, who stands for anti-nepotism, transparency, openness, etc. Then you have Amadio on the other side who is the embodiment of dishonesty. Egley and Camp both won in the election saying they would be transparent, honest, etc. Why on earth would Camp turn to the Amadio way of doing things when you WON the election promising to make change? He could have been a hero to this county for decades to come, but he decided not to be. It was all right there for him. I really wish I understood, but I just can’t. He is just an incredible disappointment.

      • If that’s true, it’s a sad commentary on how much faith Camp has in himself. He must think that County Commissioner is the best he can ever hope to achieve or else he would have held on to his soul a little bit longer.

    • Disgruntled, it’s clear that he can’t do anything else, he can’t even do this job right. He’s a loser in my opinion and smiled and lied through his teeth all through his campaign. I voted for him because I wanted change and he promised that, only to do the same dirty, lying, stealing, covering up of corruption which he seems to be taking part in now. I am sick to think that his (step) mother-in-law was so proud and showing him off before the election. I have high regards for her and wonder how disappointed she is now. I’m embarrassed for them now.

    • Because he’s Danny CAMP. Face it, half the morons in Beaver County will vote straight Republican now because it is the CHANGE!!! they have wanted to see, others will vote for him because they see the name Camp and genuinely think that this is Charlie still in there or that they might get a discount on dry cleaning if they mention that they supported him.

    • Camp was a plant. His highandedness became apparent rather quickly. He’s a political hack who would lie on his grandmother’s grave. He’s like dog shit on the bottom of your shoe…annoying as hell and stinks to high heaven!

  9. In my opinion I’m sure part of his hiring was to not dig too deep. Everyone yelling to vote them out? It won’t happen because only those that read the Beaver Countian will know of this. The times will avoid this like they do of most the courthouse scams.

  10. You people are assholes and do absolutely nothing for beaver county. I’d be embarrassed if I were you two, what a complete joke

  11. Something amiss in Beaver County government? NO change there then! It was den of snakes for as long as I lived there.

    • This isn’t a dem or repub problem, this is a corrupt person problem. I don’t think either party can get away with calling the other criminal at this point and still be able to look in the mirror and believe it is only the other party. These two weasels, personally, are responsible for this problem as are every other politician and county official who allows this all to continue, happily making their friends and families happy while screwing the tax payers. I can’t even stand to look at these faces anymore. Smiling but the weasel is showing.

    • Tony has already admitted in an open meeting that he doesn’t read his email. So….what good does emailing him do?

  12. According to online sources, Tim Boyde, Rochester native, Class of 1973, now living in New York, holds a Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Lock Haven University, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. From 1984 through 2002, Mr. Boyde was employed by the Centre County, Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health, beginning his career as a Mental Health Caseworker and ending his tenure at that agency as its Administrator. In 2003 and 2004, Mr. Boyde was the Executive Director of a private, non-profit agency in Central Pennsylvania which was formed to deliver state governmental initiatives for behavioral health in five northeastern Pennsylvania counties. Between 2004 and 2010, Mr. Boyde served as the County Administrator for Centre County, Pennsylvania. He left this position in 2010 to serve as the County Administrator for Jefferson County, West Virginia; and in 2012, Mr. Boyde returned to Centre County, Pennsylvania, where he again served as its County Administrator until 2015. The Allegany County Board of Legislators, in New York, appointed the Pennsylvanian to lead the county’s day-to-day operations. The former Centre County, Pa., Administrator Timothy Boyde was hired as Allegany County’s third administrator. It appointed Boyde to a one-year post as administrator with a salary of $95,000. He began June 2016. He has remained there through January 2018. John Margeson who has been acting as Interim County Administrator worked with Mr. Boyde for a short time as he transitioned to Allegany County government. Mr. Margeson was County Administrator from 1992 until 2013. Following a change in the Centre County board’s makeup after the 2015 elections, Boyde took his retirement but soon chose to look for a new assignment — a Colorado newspaper announced he was a finalist for a county manager position there, for example. Sources: online public documents from Allegany County news and government sources.

  13. So this guys an administrator, where is the hand on financial experience, they must plan on hiring someone to delegate duties to or subcontract out.

    Either way the county seems they don’t need a manager, they did that with the political vogel hire few years back at 80k and then got the foreign guy to do the finances for the commissioners.

    Sounds like a train wreck brewing in beaver again.

    Take a teacher with no business experience add a 25 year old with no business or government education and you get this.

  14. I am sure during the orientation process, Mr. Boyde will be informed “this is the way things are done here in the courthouse,” and probably will be asked if he has any family members looking for a position, and the Treasurer will gladly assist him with any banking needs, and lastly, stay away from reading the Beaver Countian.

      • Wait wait wait…stay with me here. There was an accusation made by a political plant in the DA’s office that the DA forged a document which turned out to be 100% false according to a Grand Jury, yet the Board of Centre County Commissioners initiated its own investigation and allowed a Right to Know request to go through concerning judicial and law enforcement personnel that the DA is supposed to review. Specifically, it went to this Tim Boyde guy to ramrod the request through without the DA’s review. That information was subsequently ‘leaked’ which gave the general public the impression that the DA’s office and judges were conspiring. When in fact, DA’s offices and judges communicate all the time. In fact, they didn’t even bother to look at the CONTENT of the communication, they just ‘leaked’ that communication occurred. And that was enough to call the DA’s ethics into question in the public’s mind. Yet, SHE is political. So…that makes it ok to conspire against her and discredit her based on nothing more that the public’s ignorance of the law?

        Yeah, this a-hole is going to fit right in. You’re going to see this tool and Tony Guy together A LOT.

      • P.S. It’s amazing what you can find in local newspapers, at least when none of those newspaper are the Beaver County Times.

  15. How did the county get his name?
    Is there no one local who qualifies?
    Whose nephew, cousin, son-in-law, etc is he?
    And wouldn’t you love to know who the few assholes are who voted thumbs down on all these posts?

  16. he must have the one very important qualification to work with Amadio and Camp–collect a big paycheck and lie your ass off

  17. Surprise, surprise! these 2 have been a disappointment over and over again. Constantly failing the county. I hope we all remember this when they run for re election.

  18. Not even a certified public accountant but salary will be $100,000 plus a year. Outrageous.

  19. The whole courthouse needs revamped, get rid of all of them, Camp looks like a little Tony could be Tony’s son. I think the one assistant court administrator should get the job, since she doesn’t know what to do with her position, or better yet, hire Curt Larrick back for the position, so he can screw the sheriffs office in their budget.

  20. Egly is getting rid of herself, thanks Republican party for sending that one time gift.

    But whewwww you out did yourself, with the special needs kid, who barely got in office, he’s beyond terming himself out. It’s sad what we have ejected ourselves with electing scum.

    Tony was the NOT JOE SPANIK CHOICE, now look at ourselves in the mirror, i think i would of gladly had a geriatric wearing spandex serving, i will take true and working over phony no backbone.

    Please i hope a no nonsense candidate or candidates rise up.

  21. Just a guess: After his Centre County stint, Boyde was thinking retirement. Instead, he goes to New York and works a two-year job. Now, in his sixties, he thinks retirement again, and decides to come home to roost. Fellow history buff and friend Amadio and fellow Rochester alum Camp seem like good choices to finish out his career for a couple of years to create a pension and finally retire on the Beaver County dime. They follow Guy’s lead and hire a retired old friend. Just guessing.

    But Boyde seems to have done well, on the surface, in former jobs. Well-liked, clean record. Why would he want to go back to a train wreck situation and ruin a career as his swan song? Think about it again, Tim. This new job is an accident waiting to happen. Even you can’t fix that.

    • Tim still has family in Beaver County. I can certainly understand a man who has spent his life pursuing a career that took him far from family wanting to spend the remainder of his time back where his sister and brothers are. And, as far as Tim considering retirement and then seeking alternate employment instead, this just speaks volumes about a man who finds it hard to sit idle when he can be doing something meaningful and making a difference. That is who Tim Boyde is. Please, we just need to give him a chance.

      • I’ll try to stay open minded about him but the mere fact that these two weasels pulled this stunt leaves me very little effort to trust him.

  22. Although I strongly believe there should never only be one candidate considered for a position of employment, let alone a position that affects our county as a whole, I must say that Tim Boyde would be a breath of fresh air in our courthouse. I have personally known this man and his family for more than 50 years and I can assure you, without a doubt, that you will not find a more honest and respectable man. He just may be the beginning of turning things around for the better in our courthouse!

  23. Nothing surprising here people. Local fellow with connections to someone is getting a free pass for another retirement. On the taxpayers dime. This guys forte is not financial but political strongman to keep the sheep at the courthouse in line with the new regime. This is a manufactured position for someone special. What the county needs is a good CPA that is not burdened by political bullshit. The truth is that there is plenty to be covered up in this county’s finances. We need integrity and character, instead the two stooges give us a cleanup sweeper/janitor guy. A fixer for dumb and dumber. Remember these two useful idiots next time around.

  24. Good luck with that, Watcher. Ricardo Luckow was apolitical, honest, low key, competent. He just didn’t play the right music for these pipers, and the other members of their backup. One person could never turn the Courthouse dysfunction around. Tim Boyde would be a target from Day 1. With no vote, his potential collusion with the Two Stooges would be occupational suicide. Give him a token job in the Law Library, but don’t think that another “Snow on the Roof” retiree will have any more success than the Sheriff’s favorite skirt chaser. Camp and Amadio have screwed up, with their breakaway, and recruiting new talent won’t fix that anytime soon.

  25. Well let’s get involved and make a change. Vote them out. Can we do that? I’m just getting involved after a long absence.

  26. Speaks volumes that no one else applied for job. Tells you what a real competent CPA thinks of our dear leaders. it wouldn’t be so damn sad if the two stooges didn’t think they were smarter than everyone else. Can’t wait for the feds to clean our sewer for us. My court house sources gave me a heads up. By eliminating Sandie they can do away with anyone asking too many questions at meetings, just like the good old days. SO MUCH FOR TRANSPARENCY AND ETHICS. Just pay your damn taxes and shut up. We got this under control.

  27. he must be a friend or a family member of someone in BC who wants to come back to BC but needs a good job! Nepotism at its finest in BC!

  28. $100k is about salary for that level of position (yes, even in Beaver County)

    But to NOT advertise a position, generally means that you are recruiting from “within” … “within” being defined as the current staff within the organization… (not within your good old boy circle) …. how the hell did this random guy just happen to fall into the laps of these people?

    bad decision making on part of this county.

  29. I don’t care if this guy is the nicest, most honest man on the planet. The simple fact that he was the only person these two crooked assholes interviewed in a closed process makes his hiring questionable. Ethically, it is right along the lines of Camp and Amadio, two men who have ZERO ethics when it comes to the taxpayers of our county.

    Sandie Egley was the most honorable, ethical commissioner I’ve seen in my lifetime. I’m saddened that these two jackals pushed her into the abyss to ensure their own survival. They should be ashamed. The name Camp used to stand for “clean” in Beaver County, now it stands for “just another crooked politician”.



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