The Republican majority Board of Commissioners voted today to abolish the elected office of Jury Commission.

As required by law, Commissioners Dan Camp and Sandie Egley’s vote to disband the office will take effect at the end of the current term for elected Jury Commissioners Shelley Blythe and Tamara Golletti, which expires at the beginning of 2018. Democratic Commissioner Tony Amadio voted against abolishing the office.

Created in 1867, the jury commission has a duty to oversee the process by which jurors are selected. The commission creates and maintains pools of potential jurors, and chooses people from those pools to serve. Along with the President Judge there are two elected Jury Commissioners, one from each of the two major political parties, who serve four year terms.

Critics say most of the tasks once performed manually by Jury Commissioners are now entirely automated by software. Legislation allowing County Commissioners the option to abolish the elected position was signed into law in 2011.

The prior Board of Commissioners, including Tony Amadio, had originally expressed their support for disbanding the office, but ultimately caved under political pressure by Democratic Jury Commissioner Shelley Blythe and allowed the office to stand.

Beaver County Court Administrator Rich DeFilippi previously told the Beaver Countian his office can easily assume the duties. “Yes, the Court Administrator’s Office can fulfill the responsibilities currently being handled by the jury commission,” DeFilippi told the Beaver Countian. “We purchased software some 10 years ago which does a really good job handling all of those tasks […] We already pay an annual maintenance fee to our vendor, who dumps all of the voter rolls [that jurors are selected from] into the software for us.”

The Office of Jury Commission is budgeted approximately $160,000 for 2017.


  1. I’m thinking we are going to be voting for a lot fewer elected officials next time around well beyond these two.

  2. Home rule baby! That’s the fastest and easiest way to drain the swamp. get of the heads of the snakes. Then the rest will die if left to fend for themselves. They need someone to cover up their ineptitude and lack of applicable skills. See Deputy Treasurer as prime example. Only qualification being related to a judge. We need HOME RULE and we need it NOW! Why was this total waste of taxpayer dollars and jury commissioner fraud allowed to continue after 2011? Cue the crickets. $170K would help a lot of seniors and taxpayers going to an officer that has been automated long ago. Someone, again needs to ask who the F-ck was in charge that let it happen. Oh that’s right the we Amadio, Spanik and Nichols. AKA Moe, Larry and Curly. They should have to reimburse the taxpayers for this total lack of oversight and failure to safeguard the taxpaying publics interest’s! I’m sure they’ll find Shelly a position. Won’t be able to mooch anywhere else while doing little to nothing. Courthouse is perfect, maybe Treasurer in a coup d’état. Bring silver bullets and a stake to drive their the Dark Queen’s heart. PS, bring microscope so you be sure to find it. it is bigger than her brain though.

    • Blythe and Gilletti get full benefits from our county and only work 2 days a week? How did they do that?? What a waste of money. Cut those jobs now!

  3. This week there was a question of who’s keeping tabs on the hotel tax collections and the Friendship Ridge check investigation is going on and on and on with the hired “forensic auditors”. Do we still need a county auditor? Don’t want to lose that vigilance. HAHAHA

  4. TONY AMADIO, please voice your opinion. I believe you owe Beaver County taxpayers your reasoning on this matter. Are you once again caving to political pressure? Do you feel you are doing what is best for the taxpayers ?
    Tony it is time for transparency and unity.

    • The only thing I want to hear from Tony is when he is going to resign. Anything else and he can keep his lying piehole shut.

  5. It is time to turn up the heat on Mr.Amadio, this idea of taking the lane of least resistance, is not good for the (overtaxed) taxpayers of Beaver County

    • If we abolish the treasurer office, the county won’t function. The commissioners just gave her back the tax bills. The commissioners bit off more than they can chew.

  6. Enough is fucking enough. I am going to start protesting these mother fuckers. One question- where can I get signs made, locally, for a reasonable price (I am poor as hell, especially after Christmas)? As soon as I can get a sign made, I will be there outside the courthouse. Maybe as soon as tomorrow.

  7. One should not slash and burn the entire structure of a Court System, like Sherman did to Atlanta, but kudos to Camp and Egley for eliminating THIS waste of tax dollars. EVERY penny saved in the County Budget is GREATLY appreciated by the common taxpayers. Thank you! Just don’t let Tony change your minds!

    What kind of “political pressure” did Shelley Blythe exert? Methinks not much. I saw her schmoozing George David in the jury waiting room while I was on jury duty, so I guess THAT explains the pressure. Sorry Shelley. Georgie’s gone, now it’s your turn.

  8. I was called in for jury duty last year, and I wondered why they even had the jury commission then. They explained to us that our names were picked by random on a computer to show up. Then case by case, they put the names of the jury pool in and they were randomly pulled on the computer again to send us to a courtroom to be chosen from. They had one man who explained the process, the rest of the time there was regular staff who told us this and that. The jury commission, we saw maybe once. They didn’t really even do anything!

  9. Egley and Camp strike again… we might have us a team of commissioners who are showing us the beginning signs of Home Rule.

    Amadio, just keep your head in the sand.

    • Let’s hope so, as long as Dan Camp can decide whether he is a Democrat or Republican. Bi-partisan is healthy, but going back any forth is imature and shows lack of decision making.

  10. glad to see someone trying to save money, its so immoral that these past & some current county officals basically steal from one of the poorest countys on Pa. Thanks commisioners! its a good start

  11. Great move commissioners, we should get rid of them now since we are trimming all departments . We should have abolished these 2 jury commissioners a long time ago. Blythe, Georgie Davids buddy, did nothing but prance around during jury duty. Useless! Abolish them now!



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