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Republican Beaver County Commissioners Dan Camp and Sandie Egley are speaking out against their own party’s chairman, after it was revealed he knew about racially charged posts made by a woman who resigned today as the party’s secretary.

In an interview with the Beaver Countian this week, Republican Party Chairman Chip Kohser said he was unaware of posts made by Secretary Carla Maloney on Facebook that referred to African American NFL athletes as “baboons,” suggested they should go back to Africa, and urged “white people” to “stop paying their salaries.”

Kohser said he took’s reporting “with a grain of salt.”

But then former Republican chairman Carla Yacoviello revealed to the Beaver Countian she had seen the posts by Maloney when they were made. Finding them deeply offensive, Yacoviello said she notified Chip Kohser. Yacoviello said she quit attending committee meetings after Maloney was allowed to stay actively involved and was promoted into a position of party leadership.

In subsequent reporting by the Beaver County Times, Kohser then admitted he had known about Maloney’s racially charged posts months ago. Kohser told the Times he “could not recall” whether he told other members of the Republican Executive Committee before they appointed her to secretary.

Republican Beaver County Commissioners Dan Camp and Sandie Egley, both members of the Executive Committee, tell tonight they were never informed about Maloney’s posts and are now asking for Kohser to go.

“I never knew about these posts before the Beaver Countian came to me about them,” said Camp. “With Republican Chairman Chip Kohser having knowledge of Carla Maloney using these slurs to describe NFL athletes, I do not believe he is someone who should be representing our party. I am calling for the support of our Beaver County Republican Committee in asking for his resignation.”

Egley echoed Camp’s sentiments tonight.

“It is now known that Chairman Kohser was made aware months ago of racially charged posts on Facebook made by the secretary of the Beaver County Republican Party Carla Maloney. I believe that the Chairman needs to resign immediately.”

Carla Maloney resigned earlier today in a statement that blamed her own family for her racially charged Facebook posts coming to light.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. In my opinion Kosher needs to go look on utube he shut route 30 in West Virginia with a illegal fireworks booth and set the whole road on fire. Sold moonshine on the side claimed it was anyways total garbage lol …

  2. Hey they can make him a Sheriffs deputy. And one day he can be chief of police for Ambridge, Beaver Falls, Or Aliquippa etc. etc.

  3. This has gone national, and it should. Carla Maloney takes Trump’s hateful lead and brings Trump’s hateful racist attacks against the NFL and free speech home to one of football’s most honored and historic regions. In doing so, she smears the Steelers, the Beaver County regional football tradition, hundreds of young local black players and their coaches. Is she just a maverick kook? Nope, she is a player in the politics of hate, and she has destroyed the image of the local Republican Party as well. They could have stopped it, but they let it go. NONE of the committee deserves to represent this County. Go ahead and try to MAGA, but do it with different people who have some real idea about human dignity and don’t shoot off and protect their racist mouths, then, blame others.

    • There could not be a better example of why the Republicans are fearing midterm elections. Gullible little rabid followers like this take Trump’s lead from hate mongering rallies — actually self-promoting lying bullshit rants — distill them into nuggets of hate and take them home to spew again on the locals.

      So, we get rid of Trump’s hateful madness by getting rid of them.

      Karma, delicious karma.

      • When are you blind, rabid followers going to wake up and realize that IT’S ALL ABOUT HIM. HIM, HIM HIM. He doesn’t give one flying f— about any of you, because he can’t. You are following a pathological, lying narcissist, a demagogue who CANNOT empathize with anyone else. You elected a false vision, a lie and a destructor of American traditions. AND IT HAS NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, TO DO WITH POLITICS.

      • Gotta call you on parts of your sentiment, Raven.

        I agree that our President is all about him, him, him. I also agree that he likely doesn’t care about me. But I am OK with both of these.

        I’d like you to try something – instead of naming-calling and vilifying those with a view different than yours, make an ATTEMPT to understand the following perspective –

        Yep, our President is an egomaniac. The things that he is doing is intended to feed his ego. Agreed. But also, the majority of things he is doing is also improving things for our economy and with some world situations. Is it because he cares about me? Nope. So what, his predecessor didn’t care about me either. But the problem with his predecessor was he did ridiculous things that harmed this country and those not paying attention just saw a nice guy that sold us down the river and lied about it. The media gave Obama a huge pass on grossly incompetent leadership and choices. Paris accord, fake talks with North Korea, race baiting, pathetically unbalanced trade agreements, the list goes on. Hell, Trump can’t even be President when the flags are re-raised after the death of a Senator according to the rules for flags at without taking a beating. Even when he is right he is wrong.

        If you are for open borders, fake climate accords that are solely created to put the US at a disadvantage, higher taxes, lower GDP growth and higher unemployment then you only have one choice but to hate our current President.

        If you are looking for someone to make fundamental changes to the decades old wrong course, then you have to put up with the warts. No lifetime politician can or will do this. But this approach comes with baggage.

        Don’t agree but acknowledge a different view. I promise I won’t start calling you names if you have a different view, even if you choose not to explain it as I have explain my view.

    • If you are looking for someone to make fundamental changes to the decades old wrong course, then you have to put up with the warts. @Beaver Newbie, You may feel this is apple and oranges, let us get local. Nick Trombetta ?…. Great for Midland, should he be allowed to reward himself? I do not like warts. I do not agree.

      • There is a difference. Trombetta was accused AND convicted of crimes. Our President is constantly accused of crimes but things like part-time employees involved in tax evasion 10 years ago is all that is actually proven.

        Two different things. If someone comes up with solid evidence of “Russian collusion to interfere with an election”, then I will jump on the bandwagon. Until then, I am only seeing partisan distractions by political opposites that have no message of their own.

  4. @Raven
    Some of what you said is true, not all but that’s ok. But a very very heartfelt retort……..At least we ain’t shackled with ole cankles Hillary. If that batshit lunatic would have won Mungo might have had to go back to drinking…lol…..Don’t worry we Trump supporters only get to have something like 6 more years to continue making America great again. Just go back on youtube and watch any compilation of the lunatic lefties going all night about how there is no way Mr Trump could win….the crying, name calling, and general dibelief…..ahh delicious karma indeed! There will be a repeat of this kind of snowflake triggering come November….

  5. Free speech is a right enjoyed by Americans. For those of you arguing the free-speech point… Is this the kind of free speech you want representing your beliefs? If so, YOU are part of the problem today!

  6. Free speech is a right enjoyed by Americans. For those of you arguing the free-speech point… Is this the kind of free speech you want representing your beliefs? If so, YOU are part of the problem today!

    • dont confuse this with freedom of speech

      she is allowed to say what she wants (except fire in a crowded building etc) but that does not mean freedom from repercussions

      it seems people often think the two are one in the same

    • I’ll reply to the “free speech” thing, sallyrea.

      If you think free speech is appropriate in every case then I have to also assume that you don’t think that Chairman Maloney should resign. She should be permitted to disrespect any thing and any group that she chooses because she enjoys free speech, right?

      …or are you only a believer of protecting free speech that you agree with? You know you can’t have it both ways?

      But wait, Chairman Maloney is Chairman of the Republican Party. Someone with that job shouldn’t be doing that, right? So her position disallows her from the right to express herself. She’s gone and that is correct, in my opinion.

      Now let’s look at the kneeling NFL players. The NFL players are at work when they are on the sidelines at a game. Just like the NFL players, I (and Chairman Maloney) am subject to the first amendment so at work I should be able to do and say whatever I choose, right? NOPE. I can say what I want at work (or even outside of work) but I could be FIRED for it.

      The point about these NFL players has two parts – first, many (myself included) don’t see how disrespecting the US Flag has anything to do with the topic of the mistreatment of certain people by police, etc. Disrespecting our flag is very insulting to many and these guys are insulting others while at work.

      However, unlike Chairman Maloney, they can be grossly insulting and continue their behavior while on the job because many believe that speech that they agree with is what determines how free it really should be.

      I am against human sex trafficking. In fact, I am so against it that maybe I should crapping on the front porch of kneeling NFL players. What does me crapping on their front porch have to do with human sex trafficking, you ask? Well nothing, but if you think I am wrong doing this then I will accuse you of being a trafficker yourself. See how that works?

      • “Many (myself included) don’t see how disrespecting the US Flag has anything to do with the topic of the mistreatment of certain people by police, etc. Disrespecting our flag is very insulting to many and these guys are insulting others while at work.” Let me explain it to you. The flag stands for something. It stands for the land of the free as well as the home of the brave. It has to be both. Young black men are not free to move about the country in the same way as young white men. The men and women who protect that right are not disrespected by calling attention to the facts that the words of the anthem and the flag as a symbol of freedom must apply to all citizens, whether or not they have defended the country. When the protection of freedom changes to apply to every citizen without prejudice, black and white people will stand for the flag and the anthem.

    • @Elaine Giarrusso, we can agree to disagree. I fully understand your view but I still think it is flawed. Desiring change is a good thing, but those desiring it aren’t exempt from appropriate behavior. Pissing off a significant proportion of the US population is not appropriate, regardless of motivation and regardless of whether you agree with their view or not.

      …and that is at the heart of this.

  7. It seems like the only way we can get rid of these political stewards of Beaver County is if one of them figuratively shoots her or his selfe in the head.

  8. The real problem here is that it came to the public’s attention. How long ago were these posts and how many in the Grand Ol’ Party saw them, knew her status in the party and had no reaction at all? But now, the outrage is palpable and action was taken!

    And once again, how many times does someone have to get burned by posting monkey, ape, gorilla, baboon, etc. references about black people before they get the idea through their dumb asses that you cannot make monkey, ape, gorilla, baboon, etc. references about black people??? What do they think, that their eloquent and well thought out ugly slur will be the one that people will accept as valid?

    • Slander and libel area used by our courthouse friends against the citizens of Beaver County as often and easily as we breath. They are literally capable of anything.

  9. I’ve known Carla a long time and she is truly passionate about politics. Maybe even obsessed !! I’ve known her to be a bully on line many times. This is not an isolated incident. I’m a 100% her higher ups knew. They would have too, it was everywhere FB and Twitter she was even kicked off a few pages and sites. I think blaming her family is lame and I really think she can benefit from mental health support. She has a lot of pinned up anger. She posted that offensive post And then later posted a picture of her at a steeler game… in full Steeler Gear!! Honestly I think her posts were for shock factor!! But as they say be carful when playing with electricity You can be the one that gets shocked!!

  10. Well people, the Pittsburgh and major national news networks are referencing the Beaver Countian in their reporting about this affair. Speak up and be heard, for I am sure they and their readers/listeners don’t stop with only the article itself.

  11. Man uncle Wow Wow,
    Two articles in a row you have regurgitated roughly 11 derogatory names for black people, some quoted others not. Mungo is gonna pass on listing a line item illustration of said words. The reason you have posted all of these names is yours alone, but much like the main stream media that continues to regurgitate a steady flow of whatever, like it or not it sticks. Mungo’s point is the more you comment with these brutally racist slang names the more likely they are to pour out of others mouths, as a means to an end ….of sorts. Please don’t misunderstand Mungo in that this is more of an ideological critique to your inclusion of such shameful, hurtful names. The mechanism that is in play here is a very skilled, crafty subterfuge that Mungo only eels compelled to point out. Remember words can hurt, and some words are just better off left unsaid, or in your case left untyped. When the entire subject matter of this womans dastardly debacle of literary cataloging is already typed out for all to read why then do you have to keep typing them over and over?

    • Tell, you what, when you see me alluding to these in MY original opinions or holding a sign of MY creation in public with these ugly, hateful images and words, then you call me out for using these terms. When I use them, as I did here, to illustrate what someone else has said, then attribute it to them. Don’t blame your eyes and ears for what you see and hear.

      I thought we had hit a new low back with the Obama witchdoctor and Planet of the Apes memes, but that just seemed to empower some people to push it even more. There is this weird, new-found defiance and pride in being racist toward minorites, like it is somehowa legitimate stance.

      TOO many instances of ” That’s not what I said, ” I didn’t mean that ” or the ever popular , EVERYBODY says it, what about ______?”

      Just like what we are seeing with the Catholic scandal, sometimes I think you just have to beat some people over the head with just how wrong and indefensible these things are because they just will not see it.

  12. Obviously Camp’s statement was rhetoric to protect his own ass.I believe Egley’s was sincere.Camps a mindless chess piece waiting for someone to tell him when and where to move at any cost,particularly when it comes to ganging up on a fellow party member, and most likely graft.Its sad that Beaver County’s moral,ethical,and better educated citizens have given up the thought of getting more involved ie; running for office.Because of their outstanding merits they see the County spiraling down the drain to non existence along side of the tax base and as soon as possible they will leave just as their children have. Smart children,the next generation to build,carrying the torch committed to their county and home towns to give something back by staying and raising their children in a good solid,functional environment as they would want to do the same. Smart enough to go on to college,technical,schools,the military etc…Yes they are smart,smart enough to see the turmoil and decline of once proud communities.Communities that created absolutely nothing to build on leaving nothing for them to return to.

    • Online work background shows the following. I don’t know if it is recent or accurate. Maybe they are just online web sites. But, how could a workplace hire or pay someone with social baggage like this?

      Director Sales @ Shoe Sensation, Inc.
      National Accounts Business Development Manager @ McRae Industrial Footwear
      Major Account Sales Executive @ Orr Safety
      National Account Executive @ Lehigh Outfitters



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