Commissioners Tony Amadio and Dan Camp / photo by John Paul

Commissioners Dan Camp and Tony Amadio are back to square one in their search for a new financial administrator, after their sole candidate for the position turned down the job when he was made an official offer last week.

The county has been without a financial administrator since March 8th, when Commissioners Amadio and Camp voted to fire Ricardo Luckow — a Certified Public Accountant who had exposed previously undisclosed budgetary deficits under the prior Amadio-led Board of Commissioners. Commissioner Sandie Egley voted against the termination of Luckow and has praised the work he did on behalf of the county.

Following Luckow’s termination, Egley sought to publicly advertise the open position of financial administrator, but she was overruled by Commissioners Camp and Amadio, who brought forward a single candidate for the job. The Beaver Countian revealed that Tim Boyde — a Rochester native who currently resides in New York — was the only person considered for the position in an article published on April 9th. It is unclear how Amadio and Camp came up with the name of Boyde, but after conducting one interview of the man, the two Commissioners instructed the county’s Human Resources Department to offer him the job.

Boyde then declined the offer, telling the county he changed his mind about wanting the position and had decided to stay in New York.

The County Commissioners held discussions during an executive session following their public worksession yesterday to decide how to proceed — the Beaver Countian had objected to the discussion being held in private, believing it to be a possible violation of the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act. Following the private meeting, it was announced that Commissioners will now advertise the open position of financial administrator and seek applications from the public.

Without a financial administrator, Commissioners are largely in the dark about the current state of the county’s finances, and have no one to run budgetary projections at a time when the county’s Law Department is negotiating union contracts that will be in effect for the next three years.

Although no longer employed by the county, Ricardo Luckow has continued to assist law enforcement personnel with their investigations into county government.

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The Minority Rules

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. “Without a Financial Administrator, the Commissioners are largely in the dark about the current state of the county’s finances…”

    What the fuck is the difference? They ignored the state of the county finances anyway. They might as well save the FA salary, go ahead and fly blind, give the unions whatever they want to pander to them, and claim ignorance when the shit falls apart. It’s the perfect scenario for these two dicks.

    • Better yet, if Tweedledum and Tweedledummer were smart enough to think of it, they should have appointed Commissioner Egley to be the acting FA so they can hang the whole fucking finance shit circus around her neck.

      • Disgruntled, stating ” if tweedledum and tweedledummer were smart enough” is an oxymoron if I have ever heard one !

      • Gringo, I see Amadio as being the smarter of the two. He was successful in splitting the majority party, essentially putting himself back in control. Camp is a fucking moron who can’t think 10 minutes in front of his face. It’s chess, not checkers. And Amadio got checkmate.

  2. If anyone out there owned a business of any kind. And there is no financial accountability. No one capable of KEEPING THE BOOKS. Oh I’m bad this is Beaver County.

  3. You two fuck wads are a disgrace to the people of this county. Have all your fun now cause come election day….YOU ARE OUT !!!

  4. They decided to advertise for the open position. They will make sure one or two of there family or friends with no eyes or ears applies for the position and they will suddenly be the most qualified. Result Beaver County bankrupt morally and financially.

    • Advertising is a big stinkin show wasting money and every ones time. Always has been a masquerade. They already have someone they want.

  5. Disgruntled: Spot on brother. Unless it is LaValle again they won’t listen to the truth anyway. And he’d only lie and cover the stench up until we file bankruptcy. They’ll be gone when the shit hits the fan and we go belly up. Baffled how we can be audited for financial security, an emergency plan is being created and fire the only guy in town who knew what the hell he was doing? You just can’t fix stupidity, ineptitude and corruption.

  6. Would you want to work with these two chuckleheads ? He probably looked into the financial situation this county was in and didnt want to getinvolved in this mess.

  7. I would like to believe that some of the digging into Tim Boyde’s background by the commentators here had some influence on his decision. Nice guy, but not a financially trained one. After that, it became more apparent that the job was likely to be a patronage position for a retiring friend. But, the effect of this upon the financial position itself and the financial activities of the local government? Devastating. This irresponsible action by the two Coms is bad, really bad. Crass incompetence. Combine this with their power play around Egley, and it shows just how damaging these two clowns are. Unbelievable.

  8. “Although no longer employed by the county, Ricardo Luckow has continued to assist law enforcement personnel with their investigations into county government.”

    Who is placing bets on a retaliation lawsuit being filed shortly against the county and these two chuckle heads?
    Its apparent Amadio didn’t like his incompetent prior terms being repeatedly laid at his feet and as for Camp who knows what kind of ignorance he is hiding. His trip to DC to get funding for Monaca and a streetscape are indicative that he isn’t spending all his time on county matters.

  9. It blows my mind how inept and corrupt the people running this county are. I just don’t understand why We the People tolerate it so much. I read every article that JP posts on here, and while I always see a few recurring names (here’s looking at you Raven, John Q, and Disgruntled) I do definitely see a few random commentors. While there is the occasional supporter of the system as-is, the majority of the feedback is criticizing the way things are being run right now. There are things done in this county that I just really can’t comprehend how it’s legal, like Camp and Amadio being able to overturn the vote that we made to make Egley Chairman for example. I don’t care if those 2 idiots liked it or not, that decision was the one that WE made. Camp had every opportunity to be a strong voice in the county. He was new, young, and ran a decent campaign; but, for some reason, he decided to crawl under Amadio’s desk. I’m hoping that the next election opens the eyes of the residents of the county that have seemingly had their heads in the sand for FAR too long, and we vote in some change. If not, this downward spiral that we’re in is only going to get worse. I long for the day that it eventually becomes finacially viable for me to uproot my family from this county and the cesspool courthouse that runs it…

    • Some of those things are NOT legal. We have a DA that doesn’t want to find anything illegal and if he does he won’t charge and prosecute because he wants them to like him. When election day comes around remember to cast your vote for GERALD BENYO FOR DISTRICT ATTORNEY!

  10. Sandie is very capable of turning this county around but the good old boys and Family & Friends Inc are blocking her. Their only concern is power, money and political horse shit. They had to remove her because more and more people were attending the meetings and asking lots of questions and many got their eyes opened to the past ineptitude and corruption. She HAD to be removed to get back to the “way we’ve always done it here in Beevah”. Too much sunlight on their shenanigans exposes the two useful idiots for what they are. Inept, corrupt and morally bankrupt political hacks. Operation CLEAN SWEEP come election time. Fire every damn one of them. For you knowledgeable readers I’m sure you will agree with me, “GOD BLESS JP” for all he has done and continues to investigate. If we relied on the BC Times team we’d be just like the last 60 years of being kept in the dark or deliberately misinformed. Rube mushrooms.

    • Could you please tell me what Egley has dome to make you believe that? What has she done in her tenure? Has she done anything about the multitude of broken agencies THAT SHE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR (housing, aging, parks, etc), OR, did she simply run her uneducated mouth like a high schooler about things she has NO CONTROL OVER (sheriff, treasurer, other commissioners)? Yeah, those with cognitive thinking abilities and no bias know the answer. Unfortunatley, I know this will fall on deaf ears because if there is one thing Trump has shown us it’s that the cult of personality always beats facts and logic with a certain type of person.

      • She exposed the corrupt, misogynistic, inept scum permeating the court house. Do you not care about the botched Friendship Ridge deal? Hiring people with little or no qualifications for positions? Taxes being raised due to past malfeasance and book cooking? Coup d’état in court house by corrupt self serving politicians? She opened up the meetings to allow the public to ask questions and demand answers rather than buying the BC Times bullshit. If you like the ‘good old boy” network and Family & Friends then God bless you. Don’t assume that everyone that doesn’t agree with you is ignorant or a Trump supporter. Corrupt Hillary and the others assumed she was going to win too. How’d that work out? If you want to be a mushroom and ignorance of reality is bliss then I suggest you subscribe to the BC Times. Or Anderson’s Fairy Tales. No financial accountability at the court house. Here comes another tax increase.

    • I think Egley tried and is still trying. A true politician working for the good of the public will have no friends in the courthouse. The true representative of the people will be the only one left standing after election day. She slipped a few times but she is the best of the three.

    • Is it too much to ask for Mrs Egley to walk and chew gum at the same time? Apparently, because as she is running her mouth (er, I mean exposing corruption), she is not doing the job she was elected to do. Can’t she run around pointing fingers AND do her job? I didn’t vote for a crusader, I voted for an administrator, and I didn’t vote for an investigator, I voted for a commissioner. Why can’t she expose corruption AND take care of the duties that are outlined in her job description? What has she done for the Housing Authority? Aging? Parks? Health? Nothing as far as I can tell. Instead of taking care of the multitude of documented problems in our county park system, what does Mrs Egley do this week? She runs her mouth (again) about the unruly and out of control fisherman. Well, you are responsible for that park moron!! Don’t like it? Shut yer damn mouth for once and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! But I know even this logic and reason and statement of FACT will not penetrate the thick skin of ignorance that envelopes you. SAD!

      • Ej, It takes two votes to move things along. Dan and Sandie ran as a team. Why did they win??? BEACAUSE THEIR ENTIRE CAMPAIGN PLATFORM WAS TO EXPOSE AND FIX THIS CORRUPTION! So far only one has stayed true to her word and stood her ground.

  11. Vince LaValle WILL be re-hired into this position. It’s a “Done Deal” already.
    Guaranteed. That check will not bounce.
    Sad thing is…….These two assholes will probably get re-elected.

  12. This is getting ridiculous.
    Just hire a township manager and let them work with the controller and tresurer’s office staff.

    • I know-we need honest business people in those political positions-Look how Washington County is prospering-it used to be a dump!

      • Diana Irey Vaughn, Washington County Commissioner for something like 20 years, is running for Lt. Governor with Paul Mango for Governor. THAT’s the kind of leadership we need. Turned the county around, get her working on the Commonwealth!

  13. Wonderful news, obvious he either read the Beaver Countian or some “helpful” family friends in Rochester alerted him to what a toxic environment he would be encountering if he accepted the position. I am sure he certainly has not read the Times where the only breaking news to report that aging rock stars will be appearing in Pittsburgh.

  14. How about the idiot hired to be second in command at the Queens’ office. As a DJ he can really sling some shit. Plus, being related to Judge Capo Mancini he has all qualifications necessary. How can we get any lower than the Queen, the Midget Guy, Stonewall Loser, Squirmy Werme, Slim Gabauer, Clueless Rossi and all the rest? Maybe t’s time to storm the Bastille and say off with their heads. They all run around in that shithouse with their heads up their asses anyway. We’ll just mistake them for headless chickens.

  15. The only hope, the only recourse, is to have a recall legislation bill entered into legislation , again, and passed by the state government. Then, recall petitions can be circulated and passed to get these fuckers out of office. Their supporters are as malignant as they are, so elections are meaningless. There is virtually no way to get incompetent elected officials out once they are in. These two assholes are a kakistocracy incarnate. If the worst of the worst had been a category on the ballot, these two fools would have won by a landslide.

    • Where to start? With the new candidates for state representative and state senator. Make them adopt recall as part of their stump speeches and advertising. They don’t have balls? To police their own? Vote for someone else.

      • For example — Alex Andres ruled out pursuing a primary write-in campaign for the 15th Legislative District Democratic nomination, so local attorney Terri Mitko has agreed to run for the seat, and has a write-in campaign. Josh Kail, smothering the landscape with signs, wants the same seat. When they want your vote or signature, ask one question. Will you enter a recall bill into the House? If either one hedges, the answer is “No way, Jose” do I support you. Easy.

  16. Raven you keep mentioning Recall Legislation. IT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE NEAR FUTURE!!!
    Enacting legislation like this means that these elected officials have to voluntarily increase their own level of accountability. Do you really see that taking shape. It’s almost like asking the Senate to vote in favor of term limits.
    There have been dozens of bills introduced since the 80’s, most recently by Rep. Gibbons. It gets referred to the Pa Government Committee and dies. In my opinion, your beating a dead horse. Unless you load the H.O.R. with likes of Jerrod Gibbons and Trey Goudy minded people, I feel your hope of recall is a dream. My humble opinion…..

      • The triple whammy by Conehead and Sleeper — undermining Egley, firing Luckow and using patronage for a friend — show how brazenly corrupt these two fools are. Next, nepotism will likely fill the position. Rats usually scurry away when light is shone on them. Not these. They turn around and moon you. Great fun.

    • We have “recall” elections every couple of years. These people aren’t on 12 year terms. But , the populace has to get off their ass and pay attention to something aside from Stiller foo-ball and whether Lincoln Park has an unfair advantage as a Charter school and get involved with at least learning about the candidates in an election. All this shit was ongoing for quite awhile and Connie was re-elected, Amadio was re-elected and tell me that a fair percentage that voted for Danny Camp probably thought it was still Charlie Camp or even old man Gordon Camp running for re-election and frankly, wouldn’t give a shit once they were correctly informed. This area likes to bitch a lot , but they won’t put the work in to make the changes.

  17. Friendship Ridge fiasco is the local version of the Clinton Whitewater Scandal. Personal gains aside, the taxpayers deserve to know how much money we are losing and for how long due to tax abatements gifted to CHC and Shell. All the while we are burdened with the increased tax distress.

  18. While we are voting ignorant, corrupt assholes out of office don’t forget Big Jim Marshall who is trying to turn our Beaver County Midget Office into real LEO’s. Are you f-king kidding me? We can’t police the malignant officers we have now and you want to add boot licking wannabes’ to the mix? It’s the worst thing that could happen next to the coup d’état orchestrated by Sleeper and Conehead. These politicians have lost all connection to their constituents. They live in a dream world of their own creation. Delusional I believe is the diagnosis.

      • Sponsoring bill to permit wannabe Deputy Sheriffs become REAL LEO’s. What a joke. Just what the county needs, political hacks with loaded guns and a vendetta to save their jobs only. Bet only 10% could pass honest exams and psyche evaluations.

    • If the Sheriffs dept. is given the same powers as our local police the damage will be irreparable. Look at the mess the Sheriffs dept. has gotten Beaver County in with there pernicious corrupting influence it already has on our local police. There really are a lot of decent local officers who have to go along with the Sheriffs dept. insanity to stay safe and keep there jobs. Beaver County does not need the Sheriffs dept. to keep its citizens safe. The citizens of Beaver County need to be protected from the Sheriffs dept.

  19. From the BCT:

    “On Thursday, all three commissioners agreed to advertise the position, which has been reworked to include some of the duties performed by former Commissioners Chief of Staff Joe Weidner, who was fired in 2016 in a cost-cutting move.

    Luckow’s salary was $120,000 per year, and Weidner’s was $80,000. A salary for the revised position hasn’t been set and would depend on the candidate.”

    So in other words, the next person is going to make somewhere between $120K and $199K… Dan and Tony will call that a savings because it was $200K for both positions once upon a time. That’s new math and political speak all in the same ‘fuck you’ to the taxpayers.

  20. All the while the voters of B.C. Let tight pants Christiana get away with doing nothing for years….no one says much about the legislation. We have one legislator (Matzie) that’s on the nuclear committee and is not doing a thing about losing over 1000 jobs in the county at First Energy.

    • And just what is it you want him to do exactly?!
      Here’s a idea. Why don’t YOU buy the nuke plant and give everybody a 10 dollar raise and 2 extra weeks of paid vacation. AND, give the customers a rate DECREASE. There, problem solved.

      • Someone tell us 1 thing that Matzie has done, that’s the question. Besides announcing high school basketball games. He’s just collecting a pay check. All of our current representatives are hanging their hat onto everything they did to get Shell. Only thing they do is get into the pictures of ribbon cuttings.

    • Invisible Matzie and Lil Jimmy Christiana are backing the bill with Marshall for the Sheriffs to become LEO’s. Let these assholes know that is not in the public best interest but goof for Family & Friends Inc.

  21. I am sure one of the judges or the Treasurer has a relative that possesses the qualifications for this job, they could demonstrate these qualifications by adding 1+1 and come up with the sum total of 3.

  22. Honest “DICK” Mancini will make the call. Impeccable credentials and above hiring Friends and Family, Inc. Yeah right. He’s a f-cking disgrace. He should be the DA’s boy or a kingpin. Obviously, ethics, morality and justice for all were absent when he made his communion. Omerta, the code of silence. Good coumada. Always protect “La Famigilia”. Hope you burn in hell you corrupt, nepotistic SOB. You can buy your way to heaven in your church but God knows the truth. How many more of your loser family need jobs? What a piece of shit you are. Remember gumba, karma is a bitch.

  23. Camp is saying to himself…….. Am I holding my pen the way Amadio taught me? I’m trying my best to be just like him!

  24. I find it kind of convenient that this position is now vacant, with no candidate to be hired in sight, just as county workers contracts are about to be negotiated.

  25. We are approaching critical mass with Conehead and Sleeper. The incompetence, subversion and double dealing are becoming more obvious with each new screwup. It’s a little like the evolution of Sheriff David’s problems. Each day, something else happens, until something occurs that even the supporters can’t deny. These two guys just don’t have what it takes to be good Coms, and the incompetence might be the equivalent of George David pulling his gun out or threatening to eat someone’s hands.

    • Now that they know there is absolutely no possibility of re-election they are intentionally spitting in the face of the public, the public that didn’t vote for them, as well as their own supporters.

  26. Two arrogant self serving pricks that way over-estimate their importance. They think they have friends in the pizza joint. In reality they are customers that jokes are made from. Camps always were too stupid to know the difference between their friends and their enemies. However, the certainly are a joke to both.

  27. He knows it would be a career killing position and may end up behind bars with the rest of the corrupt beaver county politicians … smart move to decline

  28. what every one better worry about is next year when they have run everyone better hope that fat fuck of mayor from alq. dosnt win this county will really be in trouble .

    • This coming election VOTE. VOTE all of the psychopaths out of that courthouse. That is all the ones that aren’t in prison.

  29. Hold up a minute Sir. We are sworn County Commissioners and we know ya’ll are upset about wasteful spending and high taxes and we brought the County Treasurer with us. Thought we might go seek out some vittles and sit down and converse about this damnation.

  30. Let’s go back to the discussion about House Bill 466. This bill introduced by Jim Marshall to give the county sheriff and deputies full arresting AND investigative powers. Do you understand what that means? Think about how many ways this can go wrong.
    Then ask yourself why..WHY WOULD JIM MARSHALL DO THIS? Does Jim Marshall have a relative in the County Sheriff Dept? Does co-sponsor Rob Matzie have a relative in the County Sheriff office? THE ANSWER IS YES!! If this long do you honesty think it would take for them to open up an “investigation” on John Paul? A corrupt sheriffs office with these new powers to investigate and arrest will do more damage to this county than you could ever imagine.

    • YA Beaver County Sheriffs Dept. with full police powers. Some people may laugh at what I’m going to say but have the people of Beaver County learned nothing from history, Germany 1930s that is how the gestapo came into being. And the rest is history although ignored it seems.

  31. We The People: “…open up an “investigation” on John Paul?” A fuitless endeavor, and highly unlikely, even if they just wanted to be bothersome pricks. JP is already so far ahead of their games that it would be laughable and “suicidal.” I have a feeling that very little of what JP knows makes it to print here, unless it has reportable quality. Even little kids know not to poke a hornets’ nest.

    • Raven: I was not insinuating that JP has done something that needs investigated. It’s my prediction that the sheriff would make life miserable for JP and others who go against him if he garners these additional powers. The amount of overtime alone would skyrocket if they are permitted to “investigate” crimes.

  32. Beaver County politicians are useless back benchers taking orders from caucus leaders. Not an original thought amongst them to improve the taxpayers plight. Stay below the radar, grab your pension and turn the office over to another Friend & Family, Inc member. Self serving phonies pumped up by their delusion of importance. BOTH parties are useless. Why is the legislature still the biggest, most expensive in the state? BECAUSE they only serve themselves. We could gut that cesspool too by 2/3. In 2018 they are still doing business like it’s the horse and buggy days. No checks on spending, per diems, office landlords, etc. 30 senators and 60 representatives is all we need. Everything done in this state begins and ends with Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg & crumbs for the rest. Vote them ALL Out. You know the story about politicians and diapers? Both full of shit and require changing often to eliminate the stench of corruption. What meaningful legislation has our PA government given us that is worth noting? NOTHING! Can’t even craft a budget.

  33. Actually, we are safe for now from the bump up to real cops for Courthouse Deputies. Few have real cop papers, and experience, and some can’t even pass the training. Those that get them seem to end up on the local Gypsy Cop squads. You can’t start with nothing and get something just by passing new laws.

    • This fucking county government has a trend of starting with something and leaving less and less, which will eventually be nothing.

  34. Offer the Financial Administrator position to Tom Leydig. He can show you how to keep good books, or maybe they don’t want to live with the fear that he will find a lot more discrepancies then Luklow did. I used the word “discrepancies” in an effort to be kind.

  35. Heads up Kodachrome. National watermelon day is coming up. Somebody might try to pin a blue ribbon on you.



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