Republican Commissioner Dan Camp and Democratic Commissioner Tony Amadio joined together yesterday to adopt a proposed 2018 budget for public review. The move comes over the objection of Republican Commissioner Sandie Egley, who said the proposal fails to address financial problems that have led to Beaver County’s credit rating being downgraded twice over the past two years.

Under the proposed 2018 budget, Beaver County will continue to see deep structural imbalances with its ongoing expenses exceeding its ongoing revenues by millions.

While the 2017 budget saw a property tax increase of 17%, the proposed 2018 budget includes no tax increases. The budget will be balanced in part by skipping an estimated $1 million in contributions to the county’s pension fund and using approximately $2 million from this year’s refinancing of debt.

Next year will mark the third year in a row that the Republican majority Board of Commissioners rely on up-front proceeds from debt refinancing to balance the county’s books.

“Does [the budget] plant the seeds for future financial stability? No,” said Beaver County Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow. “I think it’s always wise to plan for future financial stability.”

Commissioners Camp and Amadio declined comment during a public work session held on Wednesday when asked by the Beaver Countian about the budget’s structural imbalances.

Final action on the proposed budget will be taken at a public meeting scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on December 14th in the public meeting room of the courthouse.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • This is nothing more than “good cop bad cop” routine….plus the lowered credit rating hasn’t changed…and how about voting on 2017 minutes of commissioner mtgs?!

  1. “Balanced” with “…deep structural imbalances with its ongoing expenses exceeding its ongoing revenues by millions.”

    Yeh, that’s “balanced.” As balanced as an elephant and a chicken on a seesaw.

    Must be the new math.

  2. Were the minutes from this meeting recorded? Are they going to be read, approved and filed for audit at the next meeting? This way, when The Tony and Dan show fails, there is an official record of who voted on this and how they voted.

  3. How do these two imbeciles plan to pay all the bills with all the shortfalls? Maybe Amadio will find the missing funds from the sale of Friendship Ridge! How about auditing all the personal accounts of all the people involved in the sale looking for unexplainable windfalls!

    • Jim Fredericks- It would not hurt to copy and paste your comment, and forward it to all three, or the commissioner/s of your choosing. I know they read the BC, however if there is any doubt, send it to them directly Ask for a response.
      May I suggest : Educate yourself on the Commissioners duties and responsibilities. More BC Citizens need to take a more proactive approach. Attend the meetings, and MAKE SURE your voice is being heard. tell them as a citizen/taxpayer you expect them to STICK TO THE COUNTY CODE, IT’S ALL WE CAN AFFORD. Thanks Jim

  4. Ps. It is time that someone, anyone goes knocking on Royal Dutch Shells door. As this plant grows in scale, this county should be booming, instead there are NO rewards for the citizens/taxpayers. Ask them(Shell) to be that ” Good Neighbor,” we are in need of tax relief !
    Already, I know of one former commissioner profiting from trade job recruitment. Trade job recruitment is a big plus ! With unseen benefits to those unsure of their future, however don’t let the same political profiteers have control. We have seen this with the PA. Turnpike Commission, the PA. State Stores, and the list goes on.

    • You notice that , too? Wait until the schools come knocking for more money to “prepare our children for the new economy”. This thing won’t benefit the overall county ONE BIT. All the wage money will be spent in Cranberry, Washington County, Allegheny County. We’ll get to dodge the trucks and watch the pipelines criss-cross our neighborhoods on our way to the dollar stores. How soon before we hear about pipeline catastrophe insurance for living in one of these zones? It will be YOUR responsibility!

  5. Why is it so difficult to just stand up and do the right thing? You absolutely know that this budget won’t work. You are casting the problem into the future where it will be so much more difficult to solve. Stop. Fix it now. We would have so much more respect for you….if you would just do the right thing…just once…or twice…it’s never too late. You could Begin to earn some respect instead of distain.

  6. Like a bad song on the radio back in the 70s. hearing it once is bad enough but over and over and over but at least you could turn the radio off this song and dance goes on forever. Like bandstand with three cuckoos running the show.

  7. Prediction: Conehead and Sleeper make the one-year “Balanced Budget” the corner success of their stump speeches for the next election. They show reprints of the BCTimes “Balanced Budget” articles to prove they saved the day. Sandie is left holding the bag for not wanting a “balanced budget.” The County finances go down the toilet, as predicted, and Sandie is blamed for obstructionism. Conehead and Sleeper continue to worship at the feet of Ricardo Luckow, even though they don’t know what the hell he is talking about. The public buys the stories. Guy and Stonewall get all they want, plus a new military personnel carrier, a landing craft for the Ohio, 50 AR-15’s, medieval coats of armor, fired cops from local towns, and a little dog too.


  8. John Q.: This declaration of a “balanced budget” firmly plants that fiction in many minds, and the two “yes” Coms are going to get miledge out of that for the foreseeable future. They disregard or shuffle funds around to create smoke and mirrors, but in the end, the money just ain’t there.

  9. Sell the jail if you want to find money.
    You couldn’t give the pool away and the ice arena would be gone in a couple weeks.

  10. I haven’t lived in this area as long as most of you, but it just blows my mind with every article I read on here about what goes on at the courthouse, I just think, this can’t be true, but apparently it is. I was led to believe that Beaver was like Mayberry, but it seems like the only characters left are Barney, Floyd, Gomer, Goober and the rest of the kinfolk. I know this is trivial in comparison to all of the other issues going on, but what does my dog need a license for? I’ve lived in multiple states, always had a dog and never needed one until I moved here. Is this a state law, or did some genius think this was a money maker? My bet is that it loses money. If I look at the cost of the paper, envelopes, the badge, (2x) postage. one to mail the statement and one to mail the badge, salary and benefits of the employee data entry and stuffing the envelopes, I’m guessing it’s a lot more than the $5 for the license. Hell, the last meeting I went to Connie needed more help to send out my Tax Statement, and was pissed because I don’t have to make the check out to her anymore, after all, she invented that statement. I know I just gave them an excuse to raise the cost.

    • Beaver County has been corrupt for 100 years. We just didn’t know most of it until JP started investigating it and reporting it.

  11. A couple years ago the right-thinking people of Beaver County elected Egley and Camp to clean up the court house dung heap. Now Camp has turned his back on those voters who supported him, and has thrown in his lot with political hack Amadio. This is not a balanced budget! It is a short sighted expedient budget that simply robs Peter to pay Paul. Given the recent budget report that appeared in this publication, this vote is absurd. I hope the voters will remember this next election.

  12. Another courthouse drama but the mystery still remains..who changed the minutes of the meeting or is that “old news” and let’s move on. What assurances do we have that there will not be a repeat.

    • Because they are small-minded, small-acting people. A move like selling the ice arena to make it possible to have it developed into a true destination facility is way outside of the comfort zone. Egley is the only one that recognizes that you have to be bold and decisive if you want to make big changes.

  13. Camp and Amadio will win before Egley. Save this quote in 2 years and come back to it. She’s not the typical politician which doesn’t get you re-elected.

  14. Sleeper and Conehead “balanced” the budget by placing the county into debt in the amount of one million dollars. The pension contribution that they are skipping doesn’t just go away; it still has to be made. So when they boast about how they balanced it, the responsibility to remind everybody that you know that “debt doesn’t balance” belongs to EVERY reader here. I think I might just be willing to buy 5000 campaign signs with the hashtags #DebtDoesntBalanceBudgets #2Commissioners1MillionEXTRADebt #OutWithAmadioAndCamp

    Be sure to include the tags in your tweets, facebook, snap, etc. They created this but YOU own it and you own making sure these two pack up their offices and hand in their keys after the next election.

  15. I hope I don’t have this wrong. The last budget the commissioners cut funding to the libraries yet fund a swimming pool. Who decides priorities?
    Get rid of them ALL, stick to the county code.

    • Spot on! This team of commissioner’s has one person trying to prioritize what is needed, what we can afford and items looming in the future that will crush the taxpayers. The other two are more interested in re-election and covering their asses. Politics is for tough people to make tough decisions. If you lack the will or stomach to make the RIGHT choices then you need to resign. Kicking the deficit down the road is not an option. Like the state budget crisis, we will soon have to face the truth. Today is the Better’s hearing for reassessment is coming very soon. The people that are uninformed by the rag BC Times will probably not notice. They’ll be lulled into a false sense of security by the puff pieces and sob stories instead. Then the reassessment will whack them right between the eyes and the Times will act like “How did this happen?” Ignorance is bliss, especially in this county.

  16. Looks like Sandie is the only one who has any balls, we need more women like her in the county government, i think Camp has other ideas for his career



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