Commissioner Spanik's newly purchased condominium / photo via © Google Maps
Commissioner Spanik’s newly purchased condominium / photo via © Google Maps

Beaver County Commissioner Joe Spanik is moving to Hopewell Township, the Beaver Countian has learned.

Records maintained by the Beaver County Assessment Office show that Commissioner Spanik purchased a condominium in Hopewell with his longtime partner Linda Refice.

The property on Golfway Road is nestled adjacent to the club at Shadow lakes golf course. Records show that Spanik and Refice purchased the condo for $123,500. Its previous owner, Richard Depietress, originally bought the property back in 1996 for $93,000.

Commissioner Spanik had been living in a condominium at 3339 Brodhead Road in Center Township owned by local real estate tycoon CJ Betters.

Commissioner Spanik's newly purchased condominium / photo via © Google Maps
Commissioner Spanik’s newly purchased condominium / photo via © Google Maps


  1. I’m sure he’s super excited that you’re posting his personal information on a social networking site. I bet he’ll be so happy that he’ll probably even hold a special press conference thanking you for it!!! Dude…. U might even get a parade! Congrats man!!!!

    • J.P. only wrote this so-called news just because he’s pissed that his wife wouldn’t suck his dick this morning. 
      Note to J.P.: Maybe you should have sucked your wife’s dick too…………..

      • i dont know every time i’ve seen John Paul getting attacked like this its been because he was on to something

      • Lifeguard SILENCE!!!  Please keep comments like that to yourself.  It is what it is.  We know why you are so pissy and miserable.  It’s because you have no dick to suck for yourself!  Also, its not a matter of IF you masterbate Lifeguard, but we just wonder how many times a day you do it?? 

  2. Yes Jeff, slow news day. But maybe helpful for a future story? So when Spanik tells JP to “fuck off” or doesn’t comment JP reports that to his sheep and the conspiracies start. 

  3. Who gives a shit? JP, you just lost any credibility and professionalism you may have had. Slow news day ?

  4. The only reason I can think of for why he wrote about this, was to show some sort of connection between the commissioner and CJ Betters. At least, that’s all I got out of this….

  5. Sorry to see him move out of Center Twp – NOT. Will I miss seeing his vanity plated car – not really. But for those of you that care, all the info published is public knowledge, so get over it!

  6. I just wonder if the writer without accusation is trying to draw inference that something was fishy about Spanik owning a condo that had been owned by a real estate tycoon C.J. Betters.

    Since most politicians are crooked I wonder if the Tycoon received special favors for his free housing? That would be something to look into.

    Seems to me at least that if I am paying your rent. I own you.

    Semper Fi.

    • …..and that the Golf Course condo is just over the hill from the former Aliquippa Hospital property that is a hot topic in Aliquippa

  7. It’s not. But notice the speculation inserted into this article. And the blind conclusions formed because he has so many followers.

    “It’s better to write about things you feel then about things you actually know about” L.P. Hartley

  8. As innocuous as this story seems, this is more news about the local politicians than you get in a year from the BC Times.



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