Beaver County Commissioner Sandie Egley is speaking out following a joint written statement released on Friday by Republican Commissioner Dan Camp and Democratic Commissioner Tony Amadio. In an interview with the Beaver Countian, Egley had harsh words about her fellow Republican Commissioner, who she believes has been “betraying the people of Beaver County” by aligning himself with the very people that voters elected him to fight against.

In answering questions from the Beaver Countian during last week’s public work session, Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow revealed that proposed budgets submitted by department heads and elected row officials showed a potential deficit of $9 million in next year’s county budget. Commissioner Egley had also asked Luckow questions about the budget during the meeting.

The subsequent statement released by Commissioners Camp and Amadio said the two would not be raising taxes next year, and that they both “apologize for the scare tactic of others and the ensuing anxiety that many of our friends, neighbors, and family had felt after reading of a perceived budget deficit.”

Commissioner Sandie Egley said she has spent the past several days thinking about the statement sent out by her fellow Commissioners.

“They have drawn a line in the sand that they know I will not cross […] This letter has set the tone for the next two years of my life,” said Egley. “This is a turning point for me. I am not like them.”

Egley said that Commissioner Camp and Commissioner Amadio issued the statement without discussing the matter with her first, and called it “a bad joke” that Camp has aligned himself with Amadio on next year’s budget.

“Dan’s decision to partner with Tony Amadio is unforgivable for me,” said Egley. “Tony Amadio is part of the prior Board of Commissioners who got us to where we are right now and that’s on the edge of financial devastation. Tony passed a fraudulent budget — whether you use that term literally or figuratively — it was a budget where numbers were made up, it was a budget designed to lie to the public, and Dan knows that […] Dan getting behind Tony Amadio is a big ‘F-you’ to everyone who supported us during the election.”

Commissioner Egley said the joint statement has given the public an opportunity to peer behind the curtain.

“I have been watching Dan Camp do all sorts of things behind the scenes, but now it is crystal clear to everyone that Dan has already become part of the system he was elected to fight against,” said Egley. “Dan Camp and Tony Amadio have had a long courtship but now they’re officially married.”

Egley acknowledges that the other Republicans who got voted into office along with her — Sheriff Tony Guy, District Attorney David Lozier, and Coroner David Gabauer — have also separated themselves from her.

“They are already talking about finding someone to replace me during the next election,” said Egley. “They were finished with me when I took a stand last year against Tony Guy getting a bunch more money for the Sheriff’s Office — when Tony Guy was bringing his mom and his sister to public meetings with him to yell at me about not giving him more money to play with […] Well you can’t have it all, you can’t keep throwing money around everywhere and expect taxes not to go up. You have to make some decisions and that’s my job, to make those decisions […] They are good at forming cliques and playing the political game, which I am not a part of and am never going to be a part of. They are looking at this through very different eyes than I am. They have not been keeping their promises to the public, they’ve turned into the system and I don’t respect their positions.”

Commissioner Egley told the Beaver Countian that she has been working hard at bringing transparency to the courthouse, and although that has at times caused her political grief, she intends to redouble those efforts.

“I don’t put the budget numbers that we are working from out there to scare people, or to cause a media stir,” said Egley. “I put them out there because that’s what we’re facing. The public has a right to know what’s real. You have so much money you bring in, you have so much you’re spending, and if these two yahoos who are on the Board with me don’t make some real decisions these problems are going to continue […] If that ‘scares our friends, family, and neighbors,’ then I’m sorry but they elected me because they wanted to know the truth of what’s going on, and as long as I’m in office they’re going to get the truth. They’re adults, I think they can handle it.”

Egley is warning those who support her that she may have a difficult time executing her agenda moving forward.

“Dan Camp has given Tony Amadio all of the power, there is your voting block, those two,” said Egley. “I suspect they will be voting to remove me as Chair soon, and probably after this budget is done they will fire [Financial Administrator] Ricardo Luckow. He’s too honest for them, maybe they’ll bring Vince LaValle back to fix some more books […] County finances are not Dan and Tony’s forte that’s for damn sure. I don’t think either of them have the balls to do what needs to be done to really fix the budget, so Tony will get Dan to fudge it again. They say they will not raise taxes, well you can’t cut a budget without making decisions that will piss some people off, you just can’t […] Maybe Dan Camp’s afraid of Tony Guy’s mom, I don’t know.”

Commissioner Egley said that although she is not part of a voting block that will be able to get things passed, she intends to remain vocal about the problems the county is facing.

“With Dan and Tony together I can’t stop what they want to do, but I do have a voice for the next two years and they’re going to be hearing it,” said Egley. “They are going to have to sit there and listen to every question that I have for every resolution that we have. They can sit there together and sigh and look at their watches all they want, but if you want to be a good steward of the public’s money that’s how you do it. You question everything.”

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Sandie must be doing something right….She has Camp, Stonewall, Gabauer, and the Midget lined up against her!

  2. Kudos Sandie for speaking out for what is our right to know in BC! You are ‘spot on’ in your article, REAL men can’t handle the right decisions you are voicing for the people of BC who voted you into office !!

  3. Why does it have to be a fight. I for one, don’t want taxes raised. And isn’t there a reason there is three of them? They can’t always have the same opinions and we all know she’s made decisions without either Camp or Amado. Camp isn’t her pet and should not be expected to act like it.

  4. Bravo Sandie ! Anyone who can get to the commissioners meetings, will see first hand exactly what Commissioner Egley has referenced. Two Buffoons, and Beaver Countians are in for a world of hurt.

  5. This should be a turning point for all of you elected officials. Do us a favor and all of you resign then turn and walk out the door. You have all betrayed us.

      • Yes I mean all of the elected officials. They are all out for their own interests. I’m not falling for these razzle dazzle flim flam shows. I will vote against all of them next election.

  6. It’s about time the commissions see her for what she is not very bright. She should like a big cry baby that isn’t getting her way. I’m not a very good writer so I’ll just say it like this. Commissioner Egley had done nothing but stir the pot ever since she got office. Who date she make a remark about Sheirff Guy’s mom. She has more brain than she will ever have. This is all about not getting what she wants.

    • None of that bothered me or would bother most other adults in the least. Cover your delicate wittle eyes when the curse words are alluded to next time.

      • She wanted whats good for tax payers when she hired her “pay to play” secretary. Sadie fired her and was on shown crying in photos.
        Nothing every became of that, no prosecution, no additional news. Every time I tried to meet with Sadie, at that time, I was told by miss “pay to play” the computer system was down.
        IMHO I think Dan is distancing himself from Sadie.
        As with Bernstine, grow up, quit the drama. No other politician is acting so childish.

    • One truth…your not a very good writer! And how can you say she is not very bright? Have you tried to read your comment? I had to read it three times, still not sure it makes sense. My 2nd grader​ knows where to put a comma! You are 100% correct, you’re no writer, stop while you still can. If you comment again I will let my 8 year old comment back. Maybe you will be able to understand what’s be said that way.

  7. First, Sandie, we vote, not Conehead or the Sleeper or Tony’s matriarchy.
    Second, you are right. Never doubt that.
    Third, two years is a long time, but I am sure that if you want to have lunch watching the boats on River Road some time to get out of the office, you will have plenty of people to join you and get you a burger and fries and a shake.

    Keep up the excellent work!

    • So you would rather have someone “pad” the actual budget numbers then have your taxes increase? No one wants to pay more taxes, I can afford any more increases in taxes, or health insurance. If the pad the numbers this year to not increase taxes, that doesn’t change the fact that more is being spend then coming in. Wait, you are that person that wants Bernie Sanders single payer health care, cause you believe it’s FREE! I hope you realize on average it was cost every America family $24,000 a year, minimum! Unless you are one of the people that, just don’t work, and expect the working class to pay your share.

      • Apparently you misunderstand me. I am in NO WAY for more taxes. Just saying that there seems to be some people who do not have a problem with their taxes going up AGAIN according to some of the comments against Sandie. That’s all I’m trying to say.

  8. I myself do not like raising taxes when the county has ways to cut expenses or make things more efficient. However, when you ignore a problem and or decide to limit the solutions before you have even studied the problem, in this case it is purely political and not based on financial responsibility. Tony appears to me to not to have a clue and has been screwing up our county for years giving favors to his buddies or for votes. Dan Camp also sounds like the 3 monkeys of hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. By this I mean that neither one wants to spend the time it requires to really study the budget and just pass it like they have done in the past. You guys are on the counsel because the people said they trust you to run the county properly but it appears that you do not deserve that trust.

  9. Years ago I was told by a sheriff that BC was the most corrupt county in the tri state and I’ve always believed that thank you for trying Sandie Egley don’t put yourself and your family in jeopardy it’s not worth it. Unfortunately our country is filled with corruption. We just have to pray that God will take care of it.

    • If no one went after JP, his husband or family, hopefully Sadie will be safe. But if something happens to any of them, hopefully the FBI gets called in. Their like part of the Clinton Family, people will just vanish!

    • Unfortunately, we had no real choices in the last election. If we wanted to try to get rid of the “same old, same old”, we had to vote for those candidates given to us by the County Republican Party. Well, it was a roll of the dice and we lost. No surprise – I didn’t have much hope anyway.

      I just hope Sandie Egley keeps fighting against this pathetic duo.

  10. A real professional interview. Using words like “F-You”, “yahoos”, “piss people off”, “that’s for damn sure”, “have the balls”, “now they’re officially married”, “Maybe Dan Camp’s afraid of Tony Guy’s mom”. She is not talking tough. She is talking stupid. You were elected to represent Beaver County in a professional manner, not by talking and acting like you are still in high school. I especially like the quote, “They are good at forming cliques and playing the political game, which I am not a part of and am never going to be a part of.” BS…She has filled the courthouse and County boards with her friends and other political stooges since taking office. In my opinion, they all need to go. They are all a bunch of liars and out for their own personal gain.

    • You have no idea of what goes on in that building. It’s a sesspool. And for your information, Sandie has not placed one friend or relative in a job in the Court House. Shut up and sit down. Good grief. And low class language, she was really and finally pissed off so much, she blew her stack. Can you imagine the crap she is going to be dealing with for the next two years? Low class language my ass. Don’t poke the bear.

      • Apparently you haven’t checked the Board of Trustees at CCBC lately. Egley’s good ole Baker friends have been appointed to the Board since she’s taken office. Funny how these facts never reported on.

      • Bohoo what does Sandie appointing CCBC Board of Trustees have to do with nepotism in the Courthouse?? #YouCantFixStupid

  11. My first thought in reading their letter was the mushroom theory of management. The management style of the old regime in Beaver County politics. You keep them in the dark and covered with bullshit. We all know how well that had worked when Commissioner Egley, was handed an organization that was in the black with hidden deficits of about $8 million. Add to that the additional layer of bullshit regarding Friendship Ridge and the old county leadership was well on the way for a great new crop of mushroom residents.

  12. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. I have to say, well done Sandie. I have been critical of you in the past however if your financial numbers are correct, we are in a world of hurt. It’s not monopoly money that is going to pay the bills but our hard earned money. Amadio and the other former Commissioner bozos did lie to create past budgets and that is why the county is still trying to recover. I am awestruck at the number of extreme mental midgets that are in place and running the county. It really is frightening because most of them probably cant balance their own checkbook. I don’t know Dan Camp but I know people who have for his entire life and they say he is a real mental midget. Since he has publically aligned himself with Amadio, I’d have to agree with their assessment. In closing, Dan and Tony, just remember that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. If I were you, I would pay attention to weather bug on your I phone because Hurricane Sandie is coming!!

    • I was never too fond of your comments before, but you are to be admired for standing with Sandie. They are going to stonewall every decision she makes now. She will need our support all the more now.

  13. The audacity of commissioner Amadio and Camp to tell everyone that things aren’t that bad without offering any concrete data to support that contention is just outrageous and irresponsible. The numbers are what the numbers are. Today those numbers say there is a $9 million shortfall in next year’s budget. Easy solution for Camp and Amadio, keep them in the dark and covered with bullshit and they will never notice.
    It is refreshing that we have a senior level chairwoman of the commissioners like Sandie Egley who comes out and tells it like it is. These are the numbers, this is what they say today and we will continue to work on the budget process to keep you updated as things change if and when new information comes in. Truthful and supported by data. Isn’t that why we wanted fresh blood and new leadership in Beaver County Government ? Or do we still want to be treated like mushrooms and be told don’t worry everything is going to be alright? We just need to make up some new numbers to dazzle you with our brilliance and leave things hidden for our children and their children to deal with as we line our pockets with gold.

    • What else would we expect from Amadio? A man that has openly stated that politics come before family. That level of morality and ethics is nothing short of sadistic.

  14. If we had a STATE government that functioned any better than the county government, some intelligent adult would have stepped in long ago and got rid of ALL these hacks in Beaver and put the county into a receivership type situation. You know like they do with the senile, the mental patients and the retards that can’t wipe their butts, don’t pay their bills or taxes or just put their garbage into the living room.

    • I would have “liked” your comment. But to put a mentally challenged individual into this category is just showing your stupidity! I know plenty of mentally challenged individuals that manages their money and a checkbook better then Beaver County!







  16. “…not by talking and acting like you are still in high school.”

    Surprise! There is nothing higher education about Beaver County government. She could have toned it down, but locker room talk drives the point home better, an emotive kicker from a person who is able to switch word gears for the subject. That’s flexibility that many people are incapable of. Check out Conehead’s writing. He is still learning English.

    • @Raven
      Very nice to see that you understand the need for locker room talk and how important it can be! One could be excused for giving our wonderful President a hard time regarding his use of locker room talk as well! Both are elected officials and yet somehow I bet you will still say President Trump’s use of such language is somehow entirely different that Ms. Egley’s.
      But as opinions go……….
      Like a fat kid in dodgeball……Mungo’s out!

      • Sorry, Mungo, but Trump bragging about grabbing pussies and groping beauty contest contestants with impunity doesn’t fit my comparison to Sandie’s display. Trumps a lying slime ball, who doesn’t give a shit about morality. At least when Sandy uses a term, she isn’t feferring to an actual habit.

      • @Raven
        Haha touche’
        Call it childish but I had wagered whether or not you would actually use the……P……..word or not in your rebuttal……..’
        I lost >_<!

    • I believe she used the BeaverCountian as her forum to speak to the public like she did. She knows when & where to apply her freedom of speech and used it to her advantage. Is it better than someone going to church then flipping people off trying to get out of the parking lot? Please… Go Sandie Egley

  17. I know some people are going to take exception with her use of profanity, but the truth is, they say MUCH, MUCH worse about her behind her back among their cliques. Sometimes within earshot of others in the court house. That is a metaphor for this entire situation. She says they have no balls in public. They call her a bitch and a c— behind her back.

    Which, for them, is the safest way to do it.

    • Oh, she knows what they say about her. She was just ignoring them, until now. Sandie has finally hit her tolerance level. Everything she said was true and justified.

  18. Give em hell, Sandie! You seem to be the only one who has any balls to speak the truth. This county MUST figure out a way to pay its bills with the revenues that it has. And not cook the books to hide deficits like the last board did. I’m glad JP gave you this forum to update everyone on what’s going on since, Lord knows, the BCT doesn’t.

    • Yes the county can’t wait til she’s gone. She’s the probkem at the courthouse! She should resign! If not, we’ll get rid of her at the polls

    • Really? That’s the best you can do? No argument with what she said, just a hope and a prayer that your little world will go back to the way it was? People are finally getting a glimpse of how it should be. I’m not sure you can put the toothpaste back in the tube.

    • According to the comments that gets a “LIKE” You are extremely out numbered! By the way, how are you benefiting from BC being corrupt? Did you get a big contract with them?

  19. Oh no! She’s a victum again!!! Just once try telling tbe flipping truth!! You’re the Democrat! You’ve spread lies publicly about you Republican team since before the 2015 election while they did nothing but support you and believe in you! You are being used to destroy the people that worked so hard to get you in office!
    Everyone has backed away from you because your poison! Dan Camp is smart to back away from you! All you have done is publicly tried to destroy anyone that doesn’t agree with you or you can controll!! Shame on you dragging Tony Guy’s mother into this! You’re completely immoral talking about
    someones elderly mother!

    You’re just like Mr. Vranesevich he doesn’t care about the truth either he only cares about control, power, and clicks on this site. Mr Vranesevich hates Guy, Lozier, and Gabauer because he can’t scare them, he can’t control them. You hate them simply because they’re smarter than you and you can’t control them either.

    Dan Camp goes to every Republican meeting, every event,and donates his time and money. You haven’t done anything to support tbe committee including attend monthly meetings . Dan Camp is a Republican and is still working with his team to make Beaver County a better place to live!


    • Why don’t you go ahead and re-post this to your fake FB page? Oh, that’s right, it was deleted for being a big, fat lie.

    • Well Well Well looks like Sandy Ugly opps I mean Egly is following in Hillary Clintons footsteps. Blame everyone else but herself. Sandy you put your self in this position. You are a democRAT in republican clothing. Do yourself and all of us in Beaver County RESIGN. We will all be better off without you.

      • Oh my goodness… You sound so intelligent here. Don’t bother posting if you can’t at least sound like you’re out of junior high school.

      • Sandy Ugly? Really? THAT’S what you bring to the table? Seriously, I’m embarrassed for you.

      • I always thought your comments was intelligent, I don’t always agree. But using the word “retard”, now you don’t even sound intelligent.

      • It proves the point that Egley herself is no Republican and that she publicly supported Democrats. She accuses Camp of doing something that she has openly done sine September of 2015.

        It also proves whose advice and agenda she’s been pushing for since taking office. She talks about lack of communication and loyalty but it starts with her; she needs to look in the mirror. Not that any of you will understand that because you’re all into the gossip, lies, and drama that destroys peoples lives with your hatred for whatever reason. You’ll never support or believe anything other than what you want.

        Believe me I’m completely aware that my comments won’t effect any other commenter.

    • So “Boohoo” Sandie is to be committed/loyal to her party over the people of Beaver County!! You’re a fatass idiot aka Sylvia Guy !!

      • Oh and this one is for you BooHoo / FATASS Sylvia Guy your daughter is on Sandie’s FB ‘friends’ list and you and your husband hate her.. Since you are so observant as to what ‘friendsofsandie’ FB pages are favored !!! #idiot

  20. “Fire Ricardo Luckow and bring back Vince LaValle” such jubilation in the Treasurer’s office, champagne flowing.

  21. Wow! This woman has gone over the freaking edge!! Maybe all of your Republican running mates that abandoned your ship should tell you something about your mental stability. Are you in office to “fuck the democrats” or to make Beaver County a better place to live?
    The preliminary budget figures that you publicized are just that! PRELIMINARY! It’s like when your kids give you their Christmas list with 50 items on it and you get them 3 gifts.
    I personally think it was a scare tactic, for what reason, I don’t know. Bad judgement on your part. This cat fighting is beyond repair. Very unprofessional and it makes you look incompetent.
    For goodness sake, get a grip!! Or see a therapist. No one is out to get you!

    • That’s funny because the local RINO party is actively working on replacing her. So yeah, they are out to get her.

    • Glad I’m not your kid at Christmas! And I might be happier with the commissioners if they would have just cut THREE things they promised to cut! Talking to the two bozos, not Sadie. We need more woman in there with a financial business background!

    • Really – that is the best you can say? So we have preliminary figures – when do we do a deeper dive? After the money is spent and we are in more debt? Apparently you have never budgeted anything for yourself. Comparing our county budget to a kid’s Christmas list? Comments like this make me realize why we have had the same politicians in office for years.

  22. Beaver County Government is the MOST corrupt of all! Once a shady politician gets into office, they are there to stay. The only way they leave is to die! I’m ashamed to read how corrupt our government is! Get rid of these crooks!

    • we the tax payers paid for that ugly office and she never did make public the total bill including labor and all materials, she said she wanted to drop it.

      Just like I’m sure she doesn’t want to remind the Republican’s how she and Tony Amadio fired Repbulican Chief of Staff Joe Wiedner without Camp’s input. Oh yes she didn’t have a problem siding with Amadio and going against not only Camp but her entire party on that uncalled for termination. Oh wait that was in the name of cost savings wasn’t it? Oh but then she did then she ended up back filling the two clerical staff openings at higher than market wages so no savings there….

      • Yeah but Joe did absolutely nothing at Vogels office. That continued when he went to the courthouse. But it paid off for him he now works for the human version of Millhouse.

        PS Hey boohoo you think Jimmy gets huffy over the RNC making Millhouse still run when he said he didn’t want to anymore? That was supposed to be his shot, not senate.


    • I paid $1200 for paint and floor to the old cigar smelling office I was left. And by the way, the Chairman/woman traditionally has the corner office, which I gratuitously let Tony keep.

      • Let’s see, it was Dennis Nichols, who doesn’t smoke, and Charlie Camp, who doesn’t smoke, who had Egleys office before her. There’s been a non smoking ban in the courthouse for many many years! So where’s the cigar from? See people, another lie from her mouth! I bet her friend jp won’t post this one!

      • How about manpower hours, you know what did the tax payers schell out in labor costs? The tax payers paid people to do thar work for you at a tine when you were screaming that the county was 17 million in tbe red and everyone had to stop spendinf frivolously. I guess that meant eveeyine but you right Sandie? So you paid for the paint and flooring but can you produce a dated reciept for wben you actually repaid those funds or are the tax payers just suppose to take your word for it?

      • You have not acted like a chair from day one.
        You sided with Tony in betrayal style.
        How will you fight for election with no funds.
        Sorry but I don’t think you get it.
        Handling power that is.
        Too bad cause you had good intentions.
        It’s not for everyone.

    • She paid for it out of her pocket. JP reported on it. Look at his back articles. So do your research before you try to slam someone! Must be a leftie!

  23. Sandie Egley I suoport you 100% and know you are trying to do what is right and that is not always easy. Thanks for not compromising your principles.

    If they remove you as chairwoman then they own the impact of their decisions.

    Praying good judgment wins out!

  24. Hey Sylvia out down that laptop and do some sit ups.

    Dan put the phone away and hand back into the paste tub.

    Pam take your fingers off the keyboard and put them back down your throat.

    Go sandy Go

    To hell with the midget and little kid.

  25. I have lived in Beaver County my entire life. I have watched and watched all the corruption take place for years. The same people with agendas to serve themselves and their cronies (you wash my back and I line your pockets), nepotism and lies, lies, lies. We finally have an intelligent person who ran for this office without higher ambitions but purely to serve the people in this County. She saw the problems and issues and stepped up to make this County a better place. Why do we all feel that we know better? It is always easier to find fault and throw stones than it is to make a difference. Sandie – keep up the good work. Thanks for making a difference and standing up for what you feel is right.

    For all of you that feel the need to post negative comments, grow up, stop the name calling, and do something positive. Instead of finding fault with someone who is trying to better this county – you may want to step up yourself – I think you may find that the job she has is much harder when standing in her office then when staying on the sidelines and throwing around insults.

    Thanks Sandie!

  26. I’ve been following county government since George David’s Kangaroo trial. The GUY who took his place promised a BIG change, but we’ve received the same old BS with NO change. Lozier, who rightfully earned the nickname of Looser, became DA. Other offices changed with ditto clones. And then there’s Connie the Con. On and on, ad nauseum.

    Ms. Egley, you’ve got your hands full working with that bunch, but take heart. As evidenced by the comments, the majority of the electorate agree with you, even if the Party doesn’t. It’s going to be a rough two years going against the grain, but if you’re still interested, there is always the write-in ballot. So, if you don’t mind I’ll add you to my recommended list of preferred candidates:


  27. Yes, I have a disdain for Trump that is nothing political, but humanitarian based, so you can stop the liberal/conservative hate mongering diatribe. And JP does not protect me in the comments. I am quite capable of doing that myself. DJT is likely the worst person to enter government since Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. He is a flawed human being who played the piper’s flute, and unwary followers jumped right into the sea. Almost nothing said will equal the damage he is doing to the American government or image at home or on the world stage. So, wear your MAGA hats or burn them, we are in very serious trouble as this idiot tears things down.

    People like Egley are fighting similar BS at home, and I shall support her as long as she does it.

    • Reread the article and try to find a political slant to it for her reasons for standing her ground. Tough, isn’t it? No, she’s not anti-political parties, she is anti-subversion, anti-lying, anti-scheming, anti-incompetence. The piece is about her disgust and intolerance for the Conehead and Sleeper influence on policies. They have screwed things up, and she is finally fed up with it. Good for her.

  28. Raven, you make some excellent points. I did go back and re-read the article and you are right, I can’t find any explicit political slant or agenda. But I do see something bigger, which is a glimmer of hope.

    For example, Amazon recently announced it would be looking for a location to place it’s east coast distribution center which will employ something like 8,000 people. This will be a bigger win than Shell for the location that lands the deal. Had Beaver county been financially stable, it could have invested $500K with a marketing firm that could have sold Beaver county to Amazon. We have everything they could want, easy access to the airport, major highways, affordable and plentiful land, etc., etc. But since the county doesn’t have two spare dimes to rub together to market ourselves, all we can hope for is that we get some table scraps from whoever does get the site.

  29. I have not lived in Beaver county all of my life, so I have seen how it works in other places. Beaver county has condemned itself to being the perpetual loser because there is not enough vision or planning, and there is not enough appreciation for vision and planning when that spark does occur. Dan Camp, Tony Amadio, Joe Spanik, Connie Javens, Tony Guy…these people are the personification of Beaver county. Small thinking, small acting, doomed to mediocrity, and happy to be so. R or D, doesn’t matter. Even with Commissioner Egley and Luckow laying out the roadmap for a better future in the coming decades, all these people see is a threat to their safe and tender little lives today. Lie, pander, maintain the status quo. Better for them to be the turd and the top of the pile rather than one of the turds at the bottom. But in the end, they are still just turds and that is all they will ever be.

  30. Look at all this. What did Uncle tell you from WAAAAAAY back now? Republican… Democrat…. same shit from different asses. Stay in lock step with the party everyone! Ignore what WE do, tear the other bunch apart. THAT is why this county is an ongoing disaster. We get one corrupt, soul sucking, entrenched bunch out and the other comes in to fill the vacuum. So now Egley is the bad girl, she’s a DemocRAT!!! because she won’t put up with the crap that the New Generation Republicans are doing in Beaver. Who’s going to be the “new Connie” in a couple years? You know the GOP has someone lined up. HAHAHAHA

  31. @disgruntled

    I too was not born or raised here, and after moving here and getting settled one of Mungo’s 1st observations was the stick in the mud mentality. You say spark and I say impossible to get a spark to light a wet, thick headed stuck in the mud stick!
    To tell a family secret it is fun to sit back and pontificate to all those who don’t care and don’t care to hear anything that goes against what their Pap told their Pap that ltold them just how things are in life!
    How does a person get stuck in this mindset/lifeslifestyle? Let alone an seemingly entire geographical area! I think it really sunk in to Mungo’s mind when I saw all of the 30 to 60 year old guys in the workplace that only cared to look at the obituaries in the the shit rag Beaver County Times!
    Many of the pathetic comments from the midgets Mom and protective Sister to the bright and shiny mensa member ….the late Mr Dennis M….reflect this mentality of which Mungo speaks. Anywho the Steelers won and a new chicken wing shop opened in Hopewell next to Fatima so all is well right?
    Footnote…….stick in the mud or progressive?…….Hopewell……..Burger King…..Taco Bell….Kentucky Fried Chicken all closed restaurants there……..but as long as you sell frickin pizza the area can and will sustain 23 restaurants….having booze and televisions anywhere on the premises is a bonus to success! But only if Steelers are on the boobtube!

  32. Just to add, I support Sandie-keep up the good work. Trim departmental budgets to match projected revenues, go to zero based budgeting as soon as practical. No more tax increases, always tell the truth, you won’t have trouble remembering what you said! Go Sandie!

    • Sandie..Spend time with the offices that are over budget. Don’t go over the revenue. Plus, put some aside for emergency. Roof, litigation & Hvac..stuff like that.
      Sandie…You’re doing an amazing job under so much pressure. Our family has Sunday dinner together and you are always the topic of conversation! Pass the mash potatoes!
      Go Sandie Go!

  33. Welcome to reality! What exactly did you expect would happen when you decided to run for a political office? Did you really, honestly and truly, believe that if you were elected, that you would just walk through the courthouse like a Disney princess, exclaim “I’m Commissioner Sandie Egly!”, give a whistle, wave a magic wand and the world would change? Did you honestly believe if/when elected that you would open the courthouse doors, start singing the tune “I’d like to teach the world a song” and everyone would just drop what they were doing, join hands and form a choir behind you? Your naivety about being a commissioner and being in the world of politics so far has been astounding, and after reading the above article, its turning into paranoia. Instead of watching Disney princess movies, maybe watch the 1980’s movie called “Brubaker” and get an idea of what politics are really like.

      • If I actually thought you would understand the reference I was trying to make, I would further debate your comment, but you missed my point, and decided to be a keyboard tough guy and spout off without a clue.

  34. ‘If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing.’ – Margaret Thatcher


    • Exactly the way Beaver County government has been run for the last 60 years. Margaret Thatcher was a hero, and never spoke more truer words!

  35. Here’s where it is:
    Danny was never a Republican, only used it to gain votes.

    The BC Republican Party is populated by Democrats.

    The same for GUy, etc. we got played big time.



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