Republican Commissioner Sandie Egley / submitted photo

Beaver County Commissioner Sandie Egley will not be seeking re-election when her term expires at the end of 2019, and is vowing to spend the remainder of her time in office fighting corruption in county government.

Republican Sandie Egley made her intentions publicly known during an exclusive interview with the Beaver Countian on New Year’s Day, a time that marks the midpoint of her 4-year term as County Commissioner.

“When I came into office people told me ‘you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into,'” said Egley. “I figured, I’m 50 years old, I’ve been in a professional career my entire adult life, how bad could it be?”

Commissioner Egley said she was stunned by the level of corruption she discovered in county government.

“It shocked me, so much so that after spending only 60 days in office I was already hightailing it up to the Pennsylvania State Police,” said Egley. “Every step of the way I am amazed at how far and deep the corruption goes.”

Sandie Egley originally ran for office on a platform of transparency and fiscal conservatism, but has since come to believe she can best serve the people of Beaver County by taking on the problem of corruption.

“I feel like I have not been able to accomplish what I need to, so I am taking politics out of the equation,” said Egley. To that end, Egley decided to announce that she will not be seeking re-election at the close of her term at the end of 2019.

“People will now know that I’m not acting based on anything political, I am acting based on the facts that I have and what I feel is the right thing to do, nothing more,” said Egley.

Commissioner Egley also revealed that she has already been assisting various law enforcement agencies as part of her efforts to take on what she describes as systemic corruption in local government. Egley told the Beaver Countian that she has filed multiple complaints against fellow officials — both current and former — with a variety of state agencies, has had multiple private meetings with investigators in the Pennsylvania State Police, and has provided documents and information to Special Agents of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

“It’s simple, you do the right thing, that’s all it is. You do what is right,” said Egley. “When you come across something that is not right, you give it to the people who can take care of it. I’m in office doing my job, this is what I was elected to do, this is just part of the job as I see it — I am passing the information to the right people. I want to make the situation for the county better, not for my one term, but for the next 10 or 20 years. I am trying to lay the groundwork and hope whoever takes the reins after me does a good job. I hope the public finds someone they can count on to do that.”

Commissioner Egley said she has no way of knowing what may come as a result of the information she has provided to authorities.

“Most of these agencies that I have been dealing with are agencies that take information in, so I don’t expect to receive any information provided back specifically to me,” said Egley. “What they do with the information is their business and I have confidence that if they prove there’s wrongdoing they will take things to the next level.”

Commissioner Egley said she encourages others in county government to step forward if they have information which may be useful to law enforcement.

“There are many, many, good people who work for the county,” said Egley. “I am hoping that me coming forward publicly gives power and ambition to all of the people who have been on the sidelines waiting for a better day. I hope they now report or turn in information about any wrongdoings they may be aware of, go to the authorities or come to me and I will help to guide them.”

Egley warns that coming forward may not be without risk, but she believes now is the time to take that chance.

“I have seen people in county government retaliated against for doing the right thing,” said Egley. “There are no reassurances that others won’t be retaliated against — there are no reassurances that I won’t be retaliated against — but I am stepping up to the plate and I am asking others to do the same. I am asking for others to do the right thing.”

Commissioners Amadio, Egley, and Camp / file photo by John Paul
John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • She’s quitting plain and simple. Good thing is the timing gives others a chance to get organized. Too bad because I thought she was good.

    • Christiana’s replacement has already been anointed. No one else has a snowball’s chance in hell to raise enough money to put up a viable alternative.

  1. I agree the battle she has taken on is not worth the time of pain in one’s life. In my opinion the d.a. which should be one term to alot of other departments are corrupt. Look at the old crusty in the dog tag department…….. How many more stories does JP. have to write with facts?*? The bottom line is we all have to answer some time they will meet there maker dieing of old age … what is sad we put them there.. They are John Gotti’s of a facade suit that protects them as a political figures & as law abiding citizens … They all are human beings that can break laws of corruption sad…..

  2. Wow – how scary is it – that Commissioner Egley has validated the high level of corruption that is going on in BC government. She has a front row seat (2 years) of all the shenanigans taking place and it even surprised her. So all the mention on this message board about how corrupt BC is – was spot on.

    When Commissioner Egley does pass on information of corruption (to the proper authorities) – will anyone be held accountable???? Just think how much taxpayer money has been wasted!!!!

  3. beaver county will have the us attorney here when the people rise up see whats going ball snakes to many well thats the way it is.bull?

  4. It is a shame she is leaving county government. She is the only one with any fiscal sense. The rest just want to raise taxes to support their agenda. Some where some how government needs to be downsized and be on a strict balanced budget. Way too much corruption in Beaver County politics and has been for more years than I can remember. Hope you do keep fighting Sandie

  5. Wow!

    Sorry to see such a good person go. Not surprising, though. But, she’s not a sacrificial lamb. She has two years left. This is likely only the beginning of some momentous happenings. At last.

    Some people will not sleep well tonight. (Or for the months to come.)

    • I wonder if she will take any of her time left TO DO HER FUCKING JOB!!!!! Last I checked, tackling county corruption is not her fucking job. Last I checked, being a political watchdog is not her fucking job. Why not take her last two years and do her fucking job? Apparently all of the county departments she and the other two dipshits are responsible for (housing, aging, mental heath and substance abuse, etc) are functioning so well that they don’t need any of her attention. And why would she raise a finger to do her job when she is untouchable and bitches like Raven are there to kiss her ass regardless of what she does?

      • I believe your your language and attitude speaks volumes about your lack knowledge on the topic. We need people to stand up rather than bitch cloaked in anonymity on a message board.

      • Sorry for the type O’s hard to do on the phone…………………

        I believe your language and attitude speaks volumes about your lack of knowledge on the topic. We need people to stand up rather than bitch cloaked in anonymity on a message board.

      • I agree EJ, she needs to do the job the voters elected her to do, NOT tackling corruption. It’s been chaos ever since she walked into that courthouse, I guess, she loves disruption and lack of order. Do corruption chasing on your own time, not the taxpayers!

  6. Although it going to be a sad day for the citizens of Beaver County if she doesn’t run again, I understand because I can’t imagine the hell Sandie has to endure on a daily basis. The sad part is that people don’t realize how much time she sacrifices from her family to help others and attend every function in the county. We’re all still behind you, Commissioner, and will continue to support you !

    • Oh poor Sandie!!! The HELL!!! THE HORROR!!!!!! HOW COULD SHE EVER ENDURE!?!?!?! (PS- try volunteering sometime/somewhere in Beaver County, then you will see how ridiculous it is to comment on “the hell Sandie has to endure on a daily basis”). Being paid well to do a job, then not doing it, is not “hell”. Running for a political office, winning, then complaining about politics is not “hell”. It is her job. Homelessness, sickness, addiction, poverty, etc. are all REAL hell people in your community have to endure “on a daily basis”, and frankly Egley and the other two dipshits are at least partially responsible for it. And by the way, ain’t nothing stopping her from resigning from the her job today if it is so hellish.

      • i dont think anyone is comparing being a commish and fighting an uphill battle is on the same level as being homeless and addicted or anything else.

        to say there are things that people are going through that are worse is ignorant. of course there are those with worse situations. but you know, that person that is homeless doesnt have it so bad as that person who is homeless and sick, nor does that homless and sick person have it as bad as the homeless and sick person who is also an addict and the homless person who is sick and an addict doesnt have it nearly as bad as the person who is homeless, sick, an addict and whiner etc..

    • Yeah right, I’d like a time study to see how much time these politicians like Egley actually spend in the office??? Monday- Friday? 830- 430? Anytime I was in the courthouse, she was either at lunch or at a meeting???? Never in her newly remodeled office!!!

    • Nope. Just one new commissioner. The dumb fucks in this county will AGAIN re-elect know nothing Amadio and that sockless wonder boy Camp.

  7. Just remember I told you people that back in 2001 the corruption in this county went all the way up to the AG’s office. So don’t expect anything to come out of Sandie going to the “proper” people. It has already been buried. Sandie, good luck, because you’re going to need it. Hope you find your “Eliot Ness”.

    • You are correct 1234567890. They start an investigation to placate everyone but nothing is ever done. The AG office is corrupt and the FBI really doesn’t want to do anything either. I think it is just easier for all these agencies to do nothing and collect a big salary to reassure the public that all is well.

      As long as everyone falls for the BS nothing will happen.

      I do not have an answer. We have to hope that one person will actually do his job one day at the agencies that are supposed to make sure the gov’t is not corrupt.

      In my personal experience, I did find a real AG guy, but they pulled him from the Pittsburgh office.

    • Agreed.

      What I see happening is that Ms. Egley has reported actions to the proper authorities and still nothing has really happened. I have to believe she faces daily hostility as a result of this. I guess she made it to the point that futility makes it not worth it anymore. This means that the bad actors are winning.

      At this point, I have to believe that her adversaries will now just try to wait her out. If reporting improprieties has resulted in nothing for 2 years, why should anyone expect anything for 2 more years?

      Thank you for your efforts, Ms. Egley.

  8. We have an absolute corrupt form of government at the county, state and federal levels. Greed and money rule their agenda and lobbyist dictate policy which their money ensures the votes. Look at the Republican tax plan, majority of Americans were against it, yet our Republican Senator and Congressman (both had or have Wall St. connections) could not wait to cast their yes votes. Our Foundling Fathers would not recognize the form of government we currently have.

    • You clearly don’t know Who Sandie Egley is. Nobody “gets” too Sandie Egley. Nobody. She’s an open and honest woman doing the job she was elected to do. Any accusations as to otherwise are clearly inaccurate.

      • She needs to do her job, which is to govern, not fight corruption. Maybe she should leave now and go back to school for law enforcement!

      • Baloney!!! Her job was apparently too hard, and people were just too mean…. poor lady. So the housing authority is still shite, the parks department is still shite, the office on againg… shite… BC Behavioral Health…, shite…. budget is a mess… but she is doing her job? And when is it “her job” to be an investigator and prosecutor? She sounds like Tony Guy all of the sudden…. just doing what SHE wants, because she wants to.

    • I think the county Republican machine was choosing to put up someone else to run. Now, check your loyalty to that group at the door. It’s not about D’s and R’s, anymore. It’s about finding a few people with a shred of honesty and decency.

  9. How sad, but I am sure the two remaining commissioners joined the DA, Sheriff and Treasurer popping open a bottle of champagne and celebrating this news.

    • I think just the opposite. That group is looking at two years of being called out openly on their bullshit by someone they have zero control over. The popping sound you heard was more likely their sense of invulnerability bursting.

  10. Sandie is the person that I have always had faith in her doing the right thing and her personal value system. I am just so damn proud of you and what you are doing. You have been the ONLY county official who I have ever been in touch with that acknowledged that things were not right. Sandie, you are a leader that I admire and respect with the highest regard. I will do what I can, when I can and if I can for you at anytime.

    Thank you again.

    Happy New Year

    • She acknowledged things were “not right”, and did nothing about it. Oh, except publicly call out people she had no authority or control over, while remaining completely SILENT about the dysfunction and incompetence that runs through all the departments she IS responsible for. Why am I apparently the only BC resident with the ability to see this?

      • Ej -I am a Sandie supporter but I agree with you, so you are not alone. Keep in mind most of the comments are not coming from Sandie nor are they her opinions. She stated, “I feel like I have not been able to accomplish what I need to, so I am taking politics out of the equation,”
        My advice to Sandie, Do your job, follow the job description and guidelines, that is what I feel I am paying you to do. The job has proven to be over your head, and SO far over the heads of Dan and Whispering Tony, the damage is yet unseen. I feel you have great incite and empathy for (being one yourself) the taxpayers. Long hours without results, is proof one lacks the necessary skills. I have seen the three commissioners and together you are a mess.
        Announcing half way into your term that you will not run, and what your plans are as you finish your one term, reeks of sour grapes. I for one will stand with you however in ridding this county of those who are corrupt. That should have been at the top of your agenda after being elected to the office.

      • Hey Joejet, looks like we have another low life, low educated asshole with SEER’s comments, Beaver County is full if this type! That’s why we’re in so much trouble, these assholes think they are so smart, but, in reality, they are morons

    • Always fascinating to see elitist snobs profess their superiority over another person because of the amount of education (or is it student debt?) they themselves have gathered. Until Penn or Yale offer courses in how to be honest, your point is moot because this article is about honesty. True, there are no Master’s degrees handed out for knowing the difference between right and wrong, but that’s an attribute much harder to find and much more valuable than a piece of parchment with your name on it.

      • Egley was not qualified, not experienced and we are paying for it, now let’s elect the best because we have a lot of issues facing our county, all she wanted to do is raise our taxes and stick her nose in everyone else’s office! A real dictator who never bothered to learn her own job!!!

      • If you mean qualified as in having spent her entire career in politics learning how to make backdoor deals that benefit friends and family, I would have to agree, she was not qualified. And as far as the tax increase, that’s a desperate grasp at straws.

        The tax increase was voted unanimously by the board because there as no other way to make ends meet because none of the row offices would lift a finger to cut costs. Please don’t try to re-write history and sell it as fact. That’s just dumb.

      • Typical low life Beaver County response to higher education. Sure honestly is always a plus, but education holds the key to the future! We need educated, qualified leaders, not those that “think” they are every time they open mouth, I’m actually embarrassed by some of the statements Egley puts out in the news media!

      • joejet HONESTLY ? Are You mortified, red-faced, blushing, abashed, shamed, ashamed, shamefaced, humiliated, chagrined, awkward, self-conscious, uncomfortable, sheepish over Commissioner Egley’s statements? She has such an effect or is it affect ?

      • Don’t play stupid. You know what we mean, “qualified” being trained to perform a particular job, she has no qualifications and was over placed as a commissioner. Lack of education doesn’t help either. We need the best candidates and the brightest as leaders. She was lacking in both! All she had was a big mouth wanting to take everybody down. Her “walking tall” mentality turns people off!

      • Being trained to perform a particular job? Like you can attend Commissioner university? Or take Government Kickbacks 101? Seriously, what are you even talking about? Decades of professional experience and brutal honesty sounds like exactly what the county needs.

        So where do you stand on Dan Camp as a commissioner? How about Tony Amadio? I’d love to hear more. How about perspective candidates for the 2019 run?

    • Nothing? Well, that’s what I’ve come to expect. So easy to be critical of people you don’t like, not so much when asked to be objective or to offer actual solutions.

      • Camp needs to go back to dispatching trucks where socks are not a necessity and he can play on his phone all day while the only job tony is qualified for anymore is a greeter at Wal-Mart. The problem with the latter being they wouldn’t let him sleep. None of our commissioners were cut out for the job they ran for and it shows, if you don’t see it then it’s either willful ignorance or blind proselytization. All three of them are undereducated and unqualified for the job.

        We must elect three new commissioners that have at least a bachelor’s in some type of business or finance with experience in high level management who can actually read and understand a budget so they can properly assess the disaster that is bankruptcy waiting for us around the corner and put together a legitimate plan to rectify the situation.

  11. Sadie is going to fight corruption is a joke. Wasn’t it Sadie’s secretary that got fired because of “pay to play”politics.
    Whatever became of that? It was reported in the Beaver Countian, why no followup?
    Transparency would have shown the secretary being jailed.

  12. The unfortunate reality is that in two years we’ll end up with a third commissioner chosen by the quip family instead of the taxpayers. Once that happens it will be like opening the doors of Orams to a bus load of fat kids.

    That gives the citizens two years to organize a write in campaign to reelect the commissioner who isn’t running. If the other elected officials are worried now, imagine how worried they will be if she is there for six more years instead of two (and if it came about because we the people put her there instead of their political machine/crime family).

  13. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. Sandie is to be commended for her actions however if she doesn’t run, that will just clear a path for Tony Guy to take her place. I know folks that read the Beaver Countian are aware Guy’s faults however the big paper in the county doesn’t report any of it. Most voters wont be aware of his shenanigans. Also, the FEDS have known for years the level of corruption in this
    Countian but haven’t done anything about it so what does that tell you? Jimmy Naim case anyone ??!!
    There are some very influential and powerful people involved so nothing will be done.

  14. I have to make some assumptions that seem like logical inferences:

    Something is ALREADY happening — hence the midterm announcement — otherwise, she would not blow the investigations cover.
    Talking to the PSP and FBI would only be done if she thought, or was guaranteed, that it would work.
    They have her back.
    The perps know it.
    The perps have been/will be questioned.
    It is something do-able in two years or less.
    She wouldn’t start something she couldn’t complete.
    It will take some people down.
    The shock will change a few things.
    She won’t have to worry about re-election.

    Just guesses. But this is historic, and it won’t go away without a resolution

  15. ‘I will fight corruption!!!!” Oh , these noble pronouncements…. Just say that you have enough of that shitfest and are getting out of there. NOBODY would see anything wrong with that.

    • Why should she hide from it that way? She’s not a coward. Let the people who have something to hide feel the fear every time they are in a room with her. They deserve it. Why should they get any relief from thinking she’s simply declining to run again because it’s too hard to fight against the establishment? The real reason she isn’t running again is to dedicate the next two years to ripping the establishment apart.

      Some enterprising person should start selling antacids and aspirin at the courthouse. It’s a growth market.

      • Sorry , but once you announce that you are going to be a lame duck commissioner like this for the next couple years, all the others have to do is wait her out. As I said, it sounds noble, but don’t expect some “Walking Tall” housecleaning, There will always be a crony in waiting if it is just one person to replace.

  16. It might be that some “investigations” or discussions into the “corruption” are not formal ones. Maybe some are directed at corruption of governmental procedures and are not technically illegal. It would help to fine tune some of her corruption comments and let the public know specifically what is under scrutiny. As with Trump’s “meddling” investigations, even a meeting with Mueller’s team is worthy of a news release. Maybe the same insight could be available here.

    • Personally, I appreciate that the statements are vague. It implies a continuing effort, not necessarily a ‘one and done’ approach to making things right. There may or may not be big headlines coming soon, we don’t know. But it almost doesn’t matter because she’s declared herself to be the conscience of the courthouse. Specifics at this point would only make those not named feel like maybe they’re in the clear. But in fact, if my theory is right, not so much.

  17. This is a sad day in this county. A very good, honest woman with integrity being crushed by the corrupt political machine in this county. I personally know of a few people who also went to the feds, KDKA,WPIX,WTAE and no one seems interested in this sewer we live in. Until the back of the two local mafia’s are broken nothing will change. Look for an all Quip crew running the county next election. They’ve done a helluva job in solving their own problems. Just imagine Dwan “No job”, the Midget and Know Nothing Tony at a meeting. Dumb, dumber and fucking ridiculous. The people must organize and get write ins to tip this shitwagon over. No more Friends and Family Inc.

      • Maggot, you are right! No one cares. I must have hit a nerve on the Quip mob. See they got the word that someone was stating the obvious about Aliquippa, Hopewell & Monaca. Other than the cracker barrel plant you won’t see anything worthy coming to this snake infested county. Mushrooms love the dark and being fed shit so they are happy to go back to “business as usual” in da hood.

  18. I’m embarrassed of the people hitting thumbs down and their desire to keep the same old shit going. Is this county that really apathetic? No wonder everyone’s leaving for jobs elsewhere. They’re much smarter than their bottom feeding, scum sucking, corrupt and pathetic parents. Their generation stole and plundered this county just like they did J&L & USAIR.

  19. It is unfortunate that she is not running for re-election. I think Ms. Egley is an intelligent and honest woman who tried to do a good job. But, one day she looked around and noticed that all of the nuts and conspiracy theorists were supporting her and realized that to continue would just not be very intelligent.

    • Jimmy D – Conspiracy theory nuts eh? You plundered what you could so you can take off the holier than thou blinders and face the truth. You are going straight to hell for your crimes against your fellow taxpayers. You arrogance is only exceeded by your self righteous bullshit “know it all attitude”. You are pathetic and a prime example of the shit that flows from Alighetto.

    • Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy………You where/are a BIG part of the corruption in Alighetto. You need to sweep your own porch before you can talk shit on ANYBODY else….PERIIOD! Asshat.

    • Unlike you Jimmy we aren’t protected by a crime family. We will see what the coming months bring and we will see how far back they want to go!!

  20. Sleeper—Conehead—Midget, with Stonewall in the wings on guard. That will make the previous four years look like a church picnic.

    • Don’t forget Frank the snake Martocci. They got him in mind to be the next DA. Cause Lozier don’t stand a chance. Franks campaign slogan.– Ill stab everyone in the back.

  21. equalizer13: Wasn’t that a sixties song ? “They call me the Plunderer ” ? Oh ! No. That was “Wanderer”.

  22. equalizer13 : And, I guess you can prove this alleged plundering ? If not, it goes into the junkpile with your other conspiracies.

      • ricimer: Did you know Officer Naim ? I knew him very well. What happened to him was a tragedy. Honest Aliquippa Patrolman are not a rarity. I worked there, did you ? It’s easy to point a finger and say that all cops and judges are crooks, because some are. But, more are not. Officer Naim was honest, and he was killed because he was walking a beat in a dangerous area alone. I don’t know why he was alone, and neither do you. He should not have been alone. I’ve heard the rumors too, but no facts. You and other posters make comments on here like you know something about what you are posting, but, you usually don’t. Don’t post conjecture. Post facts, they are easier to prove.

      • Ricimer, you are so right. That travesty was the nail in the coffin, so to speak, of any shred of integrity and decency left in beaver county officials.

      • Officer Naim was not killed because he was walking a beat alone in a dangerous area. You know different. The initials of a nick name ring a bell T. S. And who was T.S. and the other lin mar slaves doing that dirty work for jimmy. How do you people live with yourselves.

    • Maybe someone could start a gofundme campaign to send you and your window licking cronies on a trip to the Bronx or Chicago so you can try to talk smack with some real families. As soon as they realize where you’re from you’ll be the laughing stock all the way back to Italy. Bossing a complete and tital shithole makes you a wanna be not a king maker. But just keep telling yourself in the words of Stuart Smalley “you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it people respect me.” The rest of us will be laughing as one window licker after another goes to prison….look on the bright side though, you’ll have 15 to 20 years to try to become shotcallers in the pokey.

      • Five-o: I’ve been around for a long time. I don’t make stories up, but, I’ve listened to a lot of them. I’m neither A or B in your questionaire, and when you use the word “Alighetto” it tells me all I need to know about you.

      • Yep. And we know all we need to know about you too!
        Remember Jimmy, “The truth will set you free!” Try that sometime……

    • The public gets to judge YOU now Jimmy. Keep on praying at St Titus and you’ll be forgiven your crimes against your fellow taxpayers and citizens. The only respect you got was because you hid behind a robe. Other than that you are just another wannabe from Quiptown. You are so fucking arrogant that you think you can just dismiss people with a wave of your wand. You are not a judge anymore and were another fraud perpetrated on the decent citizens of Aliquippa by you and your “boys”. Everything to you THAT YOU DON’T LIKE IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY RIGHT? How the fuck did Egley end up with more votes than the rats you democrats foisted on us? Your gang of “D”‘s plundered this county for over 30 years after they took everything but the kitchen sink from the citizens of Aliquippa. Ya’ll left nothing for Dwan but crumbs. You proud of that? BTW I am a democrat but ashamed of Beaver County old boy politicians. Once you good old boys die off we can finally try to resurrect a honest group of politicians who put taxpayers ahead of Friends and Family. Remember Jimmy, karma is a bitch. It came for you once and it will again. You will get everything that you deserve. A slow miserable death. Why are you guys so afraid of a women with balls? Can’t control em eh?

  23. Ricimer: Your the one saying you know why he was killed. I don’t know why he was killed other than the FACT that he was alone in a dangerous area. If you know different take it to the State Police.

    • And that’s a dangerous area because your city leaders did NOTHING for YEARS to tame the animals that ruined that area. Just like Main Street, Plan 12. 5th Ave, plan 11. Superior Ave, Valley Terrace. Baker Street, Logstown. Highland Ave. Franklin Ave. Etc., Etc., Etc……..

      • Aliquippa is a bad area because people have torn it up for years, and they act like they are owed something. If you did not like how a police officer handles your call, you go complain to the Chief, and boom it disappears. Mr. Short driving around with suspended plates and no insurance and the tickets never make it to 550 Franklin Ave. You shear off a phone pole on Chapel Dr while you are drunk, and you order the officer to file careless driving charges. Stolen quads taken home by the fat rat in white. And as far as Jimmy, I think of you every day. Well the sergeant that night suddenly quits and leaves the area, and no wait, the other suspicious one, is now the fat rat in white. Don’t worry you and Mama June can go buy more bikes for Christmas, but I know how you really hate Aliquippa. Only thing to say is RICO, hope you get what’s coming to you. Yep William Alston is rolling in his grave.

  24. @James F. DiBenedetto “It’s easy to point a finger and say that all cops and judges are crooks, because some are.” You are 100%, but where would you put yourself as you built you pension, good cop/ bad cop? …I have read through your threads and I see a pattern here. Taunt to get a rise and an excuse to rough somebody up. Bad Cops never change, my opinion.

  25. In the end, Sandie, your efforts to fight “corruption” will only be effective if you make them public. It’s unlikely that a Department of Corrections bus will pull up outside the Courthouse and take them all away. Likely, few, if any, will do hard time. The BCT is worthless, and that leaves the BC. We can bad mouth and shame them here, but publicity might help undermine their efforts — some even before they start.

  26. Hey Jimmy now that ur retired you and Georgie David can get together and have lunch once a week. Hand sandwiches. I’m sure Georgie gets them real fresh.

  27. Unbelievable the garbage spewed from ppl here…what the hell ever happened to being PROUD of where you lived and SUPPORTIVE of your neighbors and RESPECTFUL of the law and beingBLESSED with what you have rather than feeling ENTITLED to just take?
    No words for my level of disgust and embarrassment living within this mess.
    This is NOT the Beaver County I grew up in and quite frankly if I was not tied to a job in this area and remaining family…it surely is not a place where I would want to live or raise a family.
    Godspeed to those who take a stand to try and make things better. Many of you may not think that is part of the job—to try and right the wrongs, but that is EVERYONE’s moral responsibility…and if you don’t understand that, YOU are part of the problem!
    And yes I post under my own name.

      • So I guess you and everyone is now ok with Tony Girl… err Guy… doing what he wants too? Setting up task forces, drug dogs, police work… all the stuff everyone was bitching about, saying it wasn’t his job and that if he wanted to be a police officer he shoulodn’t have become a sheriff etc etc etc. So it’s not cool for Guy to do what he thinks is “morally right” because it is outside his job description and mandated duties, but it’s ok for Egley to do the very same thing? The only thing you should be disgusted and embarrassed about it the disgusting levels of HYPOCRISY that people are too dumb to see. How about taking a look at the “Duties and Responsibilities” page on the commissioners website and tell me where it says they are supposed to be watchdogs and investigators?

      • Yeah, so I’m just a dumb BC resident/taxpayer who apparently can’t read good and don’t understand stuff… so maybe one of you smart BCCC grads can read this and mansplain it to me-

        It must say somewhere in there that my taxes are supposed to pay for the commissioners to be watchdogs and tackle things they see as “corrupt”. It must say that the commissioners are supposed to ignore the dysfunction in the departments they are responsible for (public works, parks, mental health, substance abuse, housing, aging) while instead publicly commenting on elected officials who they have no authority over, ruining the counties finances, and now apparently being the BC version of Ralph Nader. Again, I am not able to comprehend the complicated legalize in the document so maybe someone could explain it to me, cause it looks to me that finance and personnel issues are pretty much the scope of the commissioners duties.

  28. Sandie you are doing it all flawlessly and many of us would love nothing more than for Amadio, Camp, Guy and previous commissioners go straight to jail. I could not imagine having to work with such corrupt, petty, vindictive, arrogant, uneducated, creepy “men,” plus Javens on a daily basis. The sheer hate and utter disrespect you must get daily because you will not play along with the mob has to be burdensome. Know that many of us stand with you and you are doing your job despite what some “knuckle-draggers” on here spew. I encourage everyone in the county to turn over complaints, information, damning evidence, and any knowledge that may help bring some of these people to their knees to the appropriate agencies. Send mass letters and make phone calls. The sad thing is if you do not, it will get even worse if that’s possible. The last election had many discrepancies, incorrect counts, and voter intimidation problems that happened to only benefit the good ole boys. The next will be rigged as well. And for once vote based on intergrity, honesty, and fiscal sense rather than your “familia” or straight ticket! Tony 1 and 2 are perfect examples of what NOT to do.

  29. No jimmy I’m not god I’m a cardinal. Ops I cant be a cardinal. Only the pope and tony guy can make cardinals.

  30. I have just a personal appeal to the people who could turn this around — Tom Leydig, Gerald Benyo, Wayne Kress, and a recommitted Sandie Egley. Also, viable candidates to replace Sleeper and Conehead.

    I can’t even imagine having Sleeper, Conehead and Midget in there, with Sylvia as cheerleader, and the likely return of Frat and George David, all answering to Jimmy Boy and giving Aliquippa a strong, lasting foothold in County government. That, my friends, would be a disaster.

    O.K., Sylvia, you can hit the Dislike Button now.

    • As scary as that thought is, Raven, word is that the Queen is finally going to hang it up at the end of her term. Since it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to process dog licenses, I’m more worried that old Syl’ is planning to replace her given that a group of commissioners made up of the three stooges will simply rubber stamp approvals for all of the additional staff requested to free Sylvia up to concentrate on her real reasons for being there.

  31. Sandie can go on a campaign as a Caped Crusader and reveal certain individuals who are corrupting things. Turn them over to authorities. That is good. Very good. But the final answer to it all lies in removing what is now the obvious — the modern day Aliquippa Cosa Nostra from county government. The usual names, plus some we don’t know about, have to be turned out. They are EVERYWHERE, and I am not paranoid. By whatever means. For illegal political acts, money laundering, income tax fraud, tax evasion, after hours booze, running numbers, perjury, false reports, drugs — it doesn’t matter. Just get them out.

  32. Hey Rip Van Raven, running numbers ? ….it’s 2018. I got ya, just found that one funny. I’d cross that out and maybe replace it with ” Sports Betting. ” You know, not so 1930’s.

    • In 1990, numbers were alive and well, among counties and into neighboring states. Until RICO shut them down in the 90s. But yeah, they are more sophisticated now.

      • It was meant to be a joke, nothing more. Thanks for the research and clarification. I may not be the best at math but the 90’s, wasn’t that like 25 to 30 years ago. Smile you simple shit.

  33. If you think that I’m being too hard on these poor souls, consider that we have already seen false police reports, false eyewitness reporting, lying on the stand to protect one another, outright perjury, giving permits away to friends, threatening people’s lives, coverups, stonewalling, political subversion of opponents, attacking the public in traffic stops, assault in homes, withholding of evidence, phony fund raisers, drug busts and…you name it. Go into an Aliquippa club, and you could hear smartassed wiseguys bragging about being gangstahs. They don’t deserve your respect, pity or time and certainly not your vote.

    They are criminals. Fucking criminals. That’s all. No less. And they are fucking up County government.

    • Criminals sure, perjurers absolutely.
      Do I feel you’re being too hard on these poor souls? Not at all, but it’s not always da ones in pinstripe suits and dames on their arms headed into the speakeasy, where da booze flows freely. How about those with the access cards and cons living in section 8 housing, with two or three or more kids on public assistance. Most of which are second or third generation scammers …. but Dear Raven, everything is not Coppola/Puzo’s best-seller.

      • A full 75% if not more of the slaves in public housing are there courtesy of the sheriffs dept. Informants crack dealers the very roof over there heads provided by the Beaver County Machine. And when some dirty work needs to be done they use them there throw aways. Strong black people of Aliquippa. Men don’t serve up there own children. Black people should hang there heads in shame. Tony Guy- George Yaccich- The Davids just say yes massa and bow your heads.

    • Excuse me apologizes to the word police I mean damn. I wouldn’t want one of the cuz cuz in Aliquippa accusing me of being a beaver.

  34. A sign of the times — new gangstas versus the old gangstas: They post their activities all over social media. C’mon, guys, Don Corleone is turning over in his grave. Isn’t Omerta sacred? Do you think that the Don would have had a Facebook page and have spent all his time Tweeting? You really are making this too easy.

  35. IMHO Sandie would not announce mid term if she wasn’t confident that the bad guys will get what is due. My’s going to get a little bumpy and she knows it.. I hope it’s soon, this county needs cleaned up. It’s about time we get a person who is not playing politics for personal gain. Thank you!

  36. As I have said before, prove me wrong, and I’ll offer a complete retraction and a full apology. To anyone. Show me someone else with the same insights, and you’ll never hear from this bird again. I have been reading about this corruption stuff for more than five years now. Anybody with half a brain could come to the same concludions. Do your homework and pay attention, and you could be that dreaded “smart” too. Ignorance and lies have taken over the nation’s politics. Why clam up and do that here too? Amazing…it’s fucking amazing that people choose ignorance over being informed. But, that succeeded in electing an ignorant, mentally ill man, didn’t it?

    • Let me say it — you are criticizing the few people who seem to be able to figure this stuff out and comment in an informed way about it, the few people who care enough to do so and just not bitch. And, since you have pissed me off, I’ll say one more thing. You are a stupid fuck, and you have no business spreading your fear of intelligent conversation here. Read the Beaver County Times instead. If you are able.

    • Prior to the insertion of his feelings and name calling and a couple F bombs here’s RAVEN’S GRANDILOQUENT(my opinion) QUOTE : “TO ANYONE. Show me someone else with the same insights, and you’ll never hear from this bird again.”
      Well Raven I guess you are just a bird of a different feather?

    • Ok, mansplain this almighty Raven- why is it such a travesty for Tony Guy to do things that are not part of his duties/job description, but it is apparently a-ok for Egley to do the same (deciding to be some sort of caped crusader, while at the same time ignoring the duties that we pay her to do)? Double standard much? And you have the balls to call other people “a stupid fuck”, when you don’t have the cognitive thinking ability to see the hypocrisy and double standards you spew. There is not a single department that the commissioners are responsible for that is functioning properly, yet what do we hear from Queen Sandie about it? Jack shit. This is politics at play while real people are suffering, and people like you Raven, with your clear hypocrisy and agenda, are just as bad as the people who you are so quick to show disdain for and just as bad as these slimy politicians playing games.

  37. Raven, Constructive Criticism : You seem to bruise easily. I have not seen any criticisms, where someone has called you out on the reality of corruption in the county.
    However as someone who, when possible, involves himself by attending the Commissioners meetings, I feel you are off base when you say, ” you are criticizing the few people who seem to be able to figure this stuff out and comment in an informed way about it, the few people who care enough to do so and just not bitch.” I don’t just bitch. Do you honestly feel there are ONLY a FEW people have opinions that matter?
    I like your opinions and I am glad we have this fantastic outlet to share opinion. I am not sure who was the intended target when you fired off this childish condemnation. I read through prior comments and looked at the photo flips, I don’t get it. I could have thrown in a couple fucks here and there, but it’s not necessary.

  38. Rock on Raven! Sometimes you break a few eggs to make an omelet. I look forward to your posts though we DO have differences. Intelligent & witty.



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