Beaver County Commissioner Sandie Egley has formally requested an investigation be opened into former Chief County Solicitor Joseph Askar by the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

“I have personally requested that an investigation be conducted as to whether Joe A. Askar violated the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Responsibility in his capacity as Chief County Solicitor,” wrote Egley in a statement sent to the Beaver Countian. “I believe this is a matter of great importance to the citizens of Beaver County and has the appearance of having potentially caused a loss of a substantial amount of money to Beaver County. I will cooperate fully with this investigation and I’m sure that others will also. Until a determination is reached, I will be making no other statements.”

Commissioner Egley’s press release did not provide specifics about her complaint to the Disciplinary Board.

“She has the right to do what she wants to do but I’m not worried about it,” Joe Askar told the Beaver Countian. “I guess it’s my turn in the box. She bashed every single politician there is yesterday, today is my turn. I’ll deal with her outlandish actions in the appropriate manner.”

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Board enforces Rules of Professional Conduct that must be followed by attorneys practicing law in the state. The rules mandate minimum ethical standards which all lawyers must follow. An attorney who violates any of the rules faces discipline with penalties ranging from a private reprimand all the way up to being prohibited from practicing law. The Disciplinary Board is comprised of 13 members — including eleven attorneys and two non-attorneys — from across Pennsylvania.

The Beaver Countian published an investigative report in June first revealing that Chief Solicitor Joe Askar, who oversaw a sale of the county-run Friendship Ridge nursing home, then began representing the facility’s new corporate owners after the sale was finalized but while still serving as an attorney for the county. Askar attempted to collect well over $1 million in payments from Medicaid on behalf of Comprehensive Healthcare following the sale of Friendship Ridge — money for services provided to patients while the facility was still owned by Beaver County which were not billed for at the time.

As part of its report, Commissioner Tony Amadio told the Beaver Countian that he had been unaware of the unbilled Medicaid monies at the time of the sale, and had not known that Joe Askar went on to represent Comprehensive after the transaction was finalized. Attorney Askar insisted to the Beaver Countian that his relationship with Comprehensive Healthcare Management Services was in no way improper. Askar hosted a fundraiser at Friendship Ridge for Governor Tom Wolf in May of this year along with his father-in-law Pascal Nardelli (of Castlebrook Development) and former Congressman-turned-lobbyist Ron Klink.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • It’s just a shame that there are so-o-o many of them – so many that have escaped judgement for so long. So maybe the chickens have finally come home to roost???? The people who value honesty in our local government can only hope!

  1. In my opinion, this action could not have been made without extensive experience, research and documentation. This was no snap judgement. Former BC articles about the sale were in-depth and exhaustive. And damning. Methinks that some of the current Lady Commissioner’s actions are continuing fallout from what was gained in that research and findings and from her own experiences. Or, maybe she is just one smart cookie, as well as “tired as hell and not going to take it any more.”

    That being said…goodbye Joe. Time to circle the wagons and start looking for scapegoats.

    • I agree, raven; she is paying attention. What Askar did was a glaring conflict of interest on many levels. Just a dive for some quick cash; screw the county, again. She and JP seem quite a formidable team to me!

  2. Hey Sandy Egley, why don’t you add Al Torrence, controller Rossi’s attorney, to your list? Didn’t you approve the county paying over 500,000 for his big fiasco ? Why don’t you get the money back from Torrence? That would help our budget defecit, right?????

    • The Sleeper, Conehead, Stonewall, the Midget, the Queen, unnamed others, and now Mr. Creosote…patience, these things take time.

      • Okay, Raven. I’ll try to be patient, but I really want Asshat to turn on his buddies. I said not to poke the bear.

  3. Next report is David Lozier steps in and puts a halt to it and say’s ” This is in our wheel house and we will take it from here”. Just like he did when Egley asked the State Police to investigate.

    • You are right, John Q. This has Stonewall written all over it. We are learning about the major players now, and the heat is on.

      • he may say something but he might as well piss into the wind. he won’t stop a thing anymore

    • Fortunately I don’t think in this case he’s going to be able to do anything. Askar isn’t being accused of committing a crime; he’s being accused of possibly violating the professional ethics code of conduct. Stonewall can just sit on the sidelines and offer Joe some moral support which if you added a nickel to would still only be worth five cents.

  4. Sandie has thrown down her gauntlet and Askar says “I’ll deal with her outlandish actions in the appropriate manner”. The ONLY outlandish actions we taxpayers see is the immoral and improper “modus operandi” of Attorney Askar. Talk about unethical behavior. Sounds like Michael Cohen.

    The Courthouse is definitely one applecart that needs upset and it appears Ms. Egley is the woman to do it. Let’s see how many more rotten apples she uncovers in the process.

    Good luck to you Sandie. There are more of us behind you than you realize. I know I’ll begin to attend the Commissioner’s public meetings to show my support and I hope many others will. I believe these meetings are the second and fourth Thursday of every month at 10:00 AM in the Commissioner’s Conference Room. See you there.

  5. Why is she filing this herself?
    Oh, that’s right, she told us yesterday….the other two don’t have balls!

    Advice to the general public, don’t just “like this”..TELL her she’s not in this alone. It takes a lot of guts to go after these people!

    • The BCT reported that Tony stated this Askar stuff was never discussed with him and that he’s not going to be a part of it.once again…tony knows nothing.

      Tony, is it true? Did Sandie ask you and Dan to join her in filing this BUT YOU SAID NO.. you couldn’t separate friends with Benifits from sound business decisions?
      No wonder Sandie can’t move things forward, these two other commissioners are stopping progress.

  6. Every person involved with the sale of Friendship Ridge needs to be investigated by an agency that will actually investigate and prosecute. They have all caused a loss of a substantial amount of money to Beaver County.

  7. Joe Askar is innocent, one of the nicest guys I have ever met. What a waste of government money, he is part of the Center Twp click, so nothing will happen to him. Tony reminds me of Sgt Schultz from the old Hogans Heroes tv show, I know nothing, Al Torrence is a saint, he is also one of the nicest guys at the courthouse, people who like to dig crap on people should go work at the sewage plants we have enough of those around

    • Well your saint Al Torrence cost the taxpayers over $500,000. Looks like the Feds disagree with you! I think your saint Al should pay us back!

  8. “The Disciplinary Board is comprised of 13 members — including eleven attorneys and two non-attorneys — from across Pennsylvania.” –

    Ambulance chasers looking out for the interests of other scumbag ambulance chasers since 1972.

    • The Disciplinary Board is a joke, just as corrupt as any other agency that oversees corruption.
      They look for any reason to dismiss complaints, not discipline attorneys

  9. Yes Sandie, THANK YOU!! I admire what you do in the midst of what most probably is a horrible work environment. I’m so happy I voted for you and you’re keeping your promises. On the other hand I am furious that I fell for Dan’s LIES. Shame on you Dan! No respect for you at all and I had high hopes. Tony is just a ridiculously huge disappointment. I’m actually embarrassed for him.

  10. For those not paying for the BCTimes news, you are missing a treat. In the online edition, she says, “…she wouldn’t comment to The Times because of “slanted” reporting.”

  11. I don’t believe for one moment that Joe only became aware of the unbilled medicare money after the sale was completed. There are a few questions that really need to be explored. 1) Why did Askar, as solicitor overseeing the sale, approve a contract that permitted Comprehensive to keep any unbilled monies that the county was due if they were able to recoup it? 2) Why didn’t he tell the County about the total monies in arrears prior to the sale? 3) How was Askar to be compensated by Comprehensive for unbilled county monies recouped by Comprehensive? Was he paid a “commission?” This might explain why he chose not to enlighten the County prior to the sale.

    I believe the judicial review board tends to take their responsibilities seriously. I’m at least hopeful that there will be consequences once they ask all of the right questions and the answers come to light. I also hope that IF the judicial review board finds that Askar violated the professional ethics standards by his conduct before, during and after the Friendship Ridge sale, the county is prepared to file a civil suit against him to recoup the large sum of money unless the conduct board orders him to pay restitution.

  12. Where are all the haters tonight you know like Boohoo, TonieZ, Honey Rider, Iknowbetter, Truth, Courthouse mouse knows, Valdamir, Crooked Sandy Ugly.. WHERE YA AT??? You guys had all the answers!! Yep that’s what I thought too embarrassed to talk tonight!! The best has yet to come, I admire your stength to succeed Sandie among all the *#!?¥# in that Courthouse.. The people of BC are behind you keep up the good honest work !!

    • Raven, crybaby asked where all the Sandie haters were, non of them are commenting …I said, they were all at the R meeting.

    • Sandy talks real tough when it’s not her responsibility to hold someone accountable. Sure, she can scream and yell about Guy and Lozier and the rest of them all she wants, but she basically has no control, power, or authority to do anything about them. She can’t fire them, discipline them, and apparently she can’t control their budgets either. Yet, all the other county departments that are in complete dysfunction (from Housing, to Aging, from Parks, to Public Works), and which the commissioners have complete control over…. silence. Mum. Nothing. THIS IS THE ACT OF A COWARDLY POLITICIAN, and you suckers fell for it. Why isn’t she taking on the people who she can actually hold accountable? Are we supposed to believe that all of the dysfunction in the county is limited to the courthouse, and no other county departments need reform? Bullshit. Sandy- taking care of Guy and Lozier and Javens is OUR JOB. We will vote them out. Period. Taking care of the other departments with unelected officials is YOUR job. How about doing it for once?

  13. I agree with John Q and Raven concerning Stonewall’s stonewalling, but the horse is NOW out of the barn. The question is how corrupt, or not, is the Supreme Court Disciplinary Board? There may be TOO many political obstacles to overcome.

    However, kudos to Sandie for her efforts. It’s MY OPINION she’s become a political maverick, no longer kissing the asses of her surrounding Political Bosses, R or D, instead thinking of the public taxpayers. How unique! It’s early, we’ll see, but until she proves otherwise, she’s got my thumbs-up.

    This COULD be a turning point in county politics, but it’ll be an uphill fight she can’t do alone. She will need public support at the public meetings. Instead of bitching on this site everyday and then just going on our way hoping for a change will no longer work. IF a change is to happen, we the people, are going to have to do our part, or it’s going to be the same old story, year after year after year. Put a STOP to it NOW.

  14. All you people on here need to get your heads out of your a__-_, Joe Askar is part of the machine from Center Twp, nothing will happen to him that is why I said he is innocent. Al Torrence is a really nice guy who knows how to play the system, you are all talking about the judicial board, what happened to Hladio in Ambridge, a BIG NOTHING. if you go into the offices in the courthouse and see the workers (butt kissers) and ask where they are from, i would bet at least one in each office is from Center. I could name quite a few. I bet a few others on here could too. Everyone is related to each other.

    • There are two different boards. The Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Board investigates complaints against lawyers. The Judicial Conduct Board investigates complaints against Judges and MDJs. If charges are filed by the Judicial Conduct Board, then the case proceeds before the Court of Judicial Discipline.

  15. Sandie is a very smart lady. Public records say this is but a part of a much bigger picture. We’ll see who has the last laugh. Who will still be standing when it’s over and it’s not over till it is over. Friendship ridge is by no means over cause lozier says so. Askar represents both sides in the sale of friendship ridge. Not a local DA decision. Pleads the 5th and requests immunity in the Trombetta case in which he was identified as “The Target Subject” of legal wiretaps. Documents sealed in the case with Trombetta guilty plea and to date has not been sentenced. The wiretap application identified Askar as a TARGET SUBJECT. Not a local DA decision…….Pfeiffer pleads guilty to conspiracy to defraud the federal govt in medication scheme that was the supplier for friendship ridge. Co-Conspirators unidentified, documents sealed with fed motion that they are “replete with sensitive information” and she has not been sentenced. Not a local DA decision.

    • Askar can’t plead the 5th or be granted immunity on this one.

      Have YOU EVER pleaded the 5th? That tells me who Joe Askar is, right there..

  16. If he has nothing to worry about, why is he worried. Seems to me he was playing both sides of the coin trying to make as much money for himself as possible and not working to the county morally and responsibly.

  17. Find the person that has the most to lose and offer them immunity, that person will sing like a canary and give up everyone. Case closed. Bring the transport bus in.

  18. That courthouse is full of thieves and a lot worse than thieves. They prey on the unfortunate and invent there criminals and so called bad guys. The monsters` that were and are involved with friendship ridge are preying on Beaver Counties most helpless the elderly and the totally incapacitated low life filth……….



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