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Local entrepreneur Frank Catroppa of Aliquippa was among the top donors to Republican Commissioner Dan Camp’s campaign committee for 2017, a review of campaign finance reports by the Beaver Countian has shown.

Catroppa donated $1,000 to Camp’s committee on October 17th.

Frank Catroppa is the founder and CEO of Coast to Coast Companies, including Coast 2 Coast Media — a Robinson-based direct marketing firm. Catroppa is also involved in several other business ventures of an entrepreneurial nature.

“I had heard of Frank Catroppa,” Commissioner Camp told the Beaver Countian when asked about the donation. “I invited him to my fundraiser and he came and gave me the money.”

Frank Catroppa was dubbed “The Wolf of Aliquippa” in a profile interview published on back in 2015 by Marc Grandinetti (a local Young Democrats Committee member and Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School employee).

Along with his $1,000 donation to Commissioner Camp this year, finance reports filed with the state show Catroppa also made contributions of $600 to Deborah DeCostro’s campaign for Beaver County Common Pleas Judge and $200.00 to Deborah Kunselman’s campaign for PA Superior Court Judge.

Commissioner Camp does not face reelection until 2019 but said he plans to continue aggressively fundraising in anticipation of a contentious election cycle to come.

Other donations made to Commissioner Camp’s campaign committee from his October fundraiser included a $1,000 donation from Brian York of the York Insurance Agency, $1,000 from Chuck Volpe of Clarks Summit, PA (listed as “self employed”), and $875 from David Widmer of Widmer Engineering.

Dan Camp’s fellow Republican Commissioner Sandie Egley does not fundraise having shut down her campaign committee early last year.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Why is the shocker.What is suppose to happen is Politicians are suppose to listen to the people who voted them in and do what is best for them as well as the community or country. What really happens is politicians need campaign money. So groups,companies,organizations ect. Make contributions or have paid lobbyist that line the pockets of them to get what they want not necessarily what is good for the land or its people. Some would call it political corruption some call it business as normal.

  2. Looks like whoever these Catroppa people are, They are now on JP’s bad side for some reason. Never heard of these people in my life and wondering why we should care?

    • The old Quip is in transition as it ages. The new family replaces the old family, and it is time to groom new talent to do its bidding.

      • The new Quip gangstas aren’t nearly as smart or connected like the old boys. They partake of their own product too much and lots of new competition from folks muscling in on their turf. Bet you can draw a bee line from MPI/AIC to “usual” suspects. The new generation talks too much and flashes their cash That riles up competitors and increases snitching.

    • Wow, the crazy one comments here, You should know, your crazy son, and crack head son, he will relapse. They know all about the wolfe, he got to launder his money somewhere. Go back to teaching, and let your crazed one cost you another relationship.

  3. “I had heard of Frank Catroppa,” Commissioner Camp told the Beaver Countian when asked about the donation. “I invited him to my fundraiser and he came and gave me the money.”

    Now we got us a show!

  4. This is a funny dialogue.

    A novice do nothing 20 something commissioner received 1000 bucks from a Comcast third party sales contractor, but claims he really doesn’t know him. Something missing , we got a rod, hook and this bubbleguppie but what was the true bait.

    The Wolf of Aliquippa written by a another 20 something slap dick who loves standing on any sideline and being a deer in the head light in a locker room glaring at wieners. That will be the next top 10 story who has the biggest wieners that play running back, follow up QBs….

    Break out the masengil this kid sounds dirty and needs some cleansing.

    What was collected off the books would be the real trivial hot mess.

  5. Campaign finance reform has been a hot and cold topic at various levels of government for decades. The problem is trying to get people who benefit from campaign contributions to regulate themselves. Not so easy. This is one aspect of the law that does not apply to most people, therefore doesn’t get much attention. But it’s one of the most impactful issues in America, because money is actively (and legally) purchasing influence. Nothing new here, but it’s jarring to see this happening so close to home. It’s not just big tobacco, the NRA, or pharmaceutical companies. It’s the business down the street. And it’s organized, self-regulated corruption at every level. If the politician has a moral compass that always points south, then they will not be picky about who pays them and in turn, quid pro quo, what causes they support. Camp is the product of a bad system. It’s up to each politician to make a choice whether they rise above it or not. Based on the article, Camp chooses re-election. He will not be getting my money or my vote.

  6. Camp is washed up. All someone has to do is run against him. Nobody will vote him in again. He’s a one hit, I don’t know what. I was going to say “wonder” but I can think of better words.

  7. We elect these people, but actually it’s the moneyed lobbyist that dictate policy. Just look at Harrisburg where nothing gets done, duplicate that inaction with our idiots in Congress. We now know the partial reason why nothing gets done in Washington..their much too busy with sexually harassing their female staff.

  8. I dunno. $1,000 buys his heart and soul???? I’m not a Camp fan, but noise about nothing on this one.

    “The Wolf of Aliquippa” ??? Boy, the bar is rather low here in Be’er Cahnty. LOL

  9. Catroppa’s aunt is a Lancos. As is Deborah LANCOS DeCostro. As in judge elect for Beaver County. That’s his aunt’s sister in law. Should be an interesting family dinner at Christmas 😆

    • So, that makes perfect sense on why he would make a contribution. Now, the dinner table I would love to sit at, is the Deltondo/Jeter Christmas dinner. Those two mothers, Rachael and the two brothers she been caught with several times. What a nutty I mean naughty bunch. 😮😵🤫

      • Just to connect the dots for ya, Deltondo was the teacher, Jeter was the student/mayor’s nephew…..the real show starts when he figures out how much he can get in a civil/criminal suit🙈🙉🙊

      • What part of his aunt’s sister in law did you not understand? His aunt is married to a Lancos. He is Deb Lancos DeCostro’s brother. Try to keep up.

      • It said: “That’s his aunt’s sister in law.” It didn’t say “Decostro” was his aunt if that’s what you meant. But since “DeCostro” was mentioned, google her and the questionable adoption of the infant from Allegheny County. Now she will be a “Judge”

  10. What the f—-k does that girl Rachael have to do with his political contributions. Adam is the real moron

  11. “I had heard of Frank Catroppa,” … maybe from a Canine Crazy Sheriff ?
    Frankie likes doggies and those dogs have helped to get Frankie some great photo ops. He gets to look like a high roller, among his nitwit buddies.

  12. “Local entrepreneur?” Well, he could start a “Go Fund Me” donation fund and buy Danielo Campisi some socks for the parade.

  13. The Patron Saint likes doggies also. Money for Campisi socks should be covered under the Oompah Fund.

  14. what i read into this is dan camp is up for sale and if you want to have a piece of the action just throw him a few bucks

  15. Hey stop by the dry Cleaners, Mom-ma made Cannoli.
    Danielo Campisi, and “wisperin’ tony” Amadio. Word to da wize, yo commissioner who likes ta eat cake, I wouldn’t get in the car with deez two.

  16. It was $1000 donation from a muti millionaire, relax people. I’m sure Rachael stole more when his back was turned

  17. I ran into frankie yesterday he clipped me for a 1000 bucks by flipping a coin I thought the article was gonna read 50k or something what a joke jp



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