Beaver County Commissioner Dan Camp has issued the following public statement in response to irate hunters who were unable to secure hunting licenses because their applications were not processed in a timely manner by the Beaver County Treasurer’s Office. The letter is being published here in full as written by Commissioner Camp:

I’m reaching out to you as your County Commissioner in response to the 2F doe license, I learned of this travesty like many of you did for the first time yesterday. As one of your County Commissioners I am appalled by the fact that Beaver County resident’s license weren’t processed because of the poor excuse of lack of man power.

In a quest to resolve this matter, as your County Commissioner, I have personally responded to many people that have contacted the commissioners unit. As well as contacting neighboring counties to see how they deal with this issue.

I share the anger with residents of Beaver County that hunt as neighboring Lawrence County Treasurers office was able to process their resident’s entire 2F license applications with 3 staff members and no more than 6 at any given time.

My anger and frustration that I have is that Treasurer Javens is trying to make political fodder due to the lack of staffing; however, her office is staffed with 11 members 12 including her. At no time did Treasurer Javens approach the commissioners to request assistance or staffing in completing the task of these applications nor make any request for the additional overtime of 50 hours as allotted in her 2017 budget.

Clearly this is not a case of manpower, but more so a lack of management and bad political maneuvering. One final issue I would like to address is that not one, two, or three of the County Commissioner has any control over Treasurer Javens or any other elected county official on the way they manage their office. This political maneuvering hurts no one but those who enjoy hunting and that is very unfortunate.


Daniel C. Camp III
Beaver County Commissioner

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • Tell Mr. Daniel C. Camp III that I am available to help him with is grammatical issues.

      I’m reaching out to you as your County Commissioner (lower case without a name!) in response to the 2F doe license, (Need a period here!) I learned of this travesty like many of you did for the first time yesterday. As one of your County Commissioners (again, lower case without a name) I am appalled by the fact that Beaver County resident’s license (Uh, that should be residents’ licenses) weren’t processed because of the poor excuse of lack of man power (manpower, as we all know, is one word.)

      In a quest to resolve this matter, as your County Commissioner,(lower case without a name!) I have personally responded to many people that (people are a “who,” NOT a that) have contacted the commissioners (“commissioners’ with an apostrophe forms the possessive) unit. (a comma here and a lower case a makes this correct!) As well as contacting neighboring counties to see how they deal with this issue. (Because otherwise, this is a sentence fragment.)

      • While I do agree with his agitation over the job that Connie’s office is doing is doing, he certainly should be able to write better than this. Sadly, it takes away from the issue at hand when he cannot write a grammatically correct letter.

      • This is what you are going to complain about………Lib retard als! There, how’s;’.,/ ThaT?!., Freakin g MorOnS!?.,

      • Your. (You’re) genuine was if you’re (your) focus here is on grammar not the political issues at hand. To belittle is to be little.

      • I agree, what an embarrassment to our county. This is what we get for electing a low educated moron with a family name for a county office. He’s trying to act like he knows something! Did this moron finish high school? His grammar is no better than a fifth grader! Vote him out, enough of his stupidity!

      • you is a special kinda jerk this aint no spelling test im surprised you didnt say the russians colluded with the writer or maybe its trumps fault. please go get a freaking life preferably a life far far away i hope my grammer didnt keep you from gettin this here message

      • In the courthouse everything is relative (literally and figuratively, unfortunately). So, we have to look at Dan through the lens of comparing him to the other commissioners. Sandie is the most advanced and can do fancy cursive writing with an ink pen. Dan is able to print using all capital letters with a pencil while Tony is only capable of doodling with a crayon (when he’s not on vacation).

        While I agree that it’s important to be able to effectively communicate using the written word, he’s much more advanced than the one elected official who spends all day finger painting with the contents of her adult diaper.

        Just saying.

      • In your first sentence you put ‘is’ instead of ‘his’. Maybe you should follow your own advice. But since you are a pansy liberal, it is obvious you don’t care about a lack of work ethic by javens. Yes, I did not capitalize javens because she is not proper in any language! She is a dead beat, a useless worker that represents everything that is wrong with this local government.

      • I understand THE door grammar but the issue here is Connie Javens lack of performance. I worked in the treasures office years ago and I can swear to the fact that she comes and goes as she wishes. Connie Javens believes she is entitled to work a few hours a week like they did back in the days when you would tend to your fields and work your farm. The problem is the law has NEVER been changed and she takes advantage of the people that voted her in. Connie would have her office door closed and have her staff tell everyone she was bussy while she relaxed at home. She would come into the office two days to sign checks for payroll and when she came into work during the week it would be 12:30 to 2:30 then she would close her door and walk past the commissions office. She is fake and I have witnessed her using tax payers money 💰 for her campaign, this included the use of county employees.

  1. Wow, I thought my application was misplaced or perhaps I did something wrong filling it out. This is the first time in 15 years of living in BC I’ve ever not gotten my 2F permit after driving it to the Beaver post office on Sunday afternoon (on the 9th). It wasn’t processed until the 18th! Is this lady’s job an elected position? If so, how is she still there, I’ve read complaints about her as long as I’ve lived in Beaver county!

    • Omg I just posted a comment and my spellchecker changed my words . Should be poor grammar . Should be busy.

    • Camp and Javens are assholes. Vote them out! I’m sick of all the finger pointing! They don’t even show up for a full day of work!

  2. Once again Connie has demonstrated her incompetence in managing this office and has only got away with this mismanagement and doing things illegally because of who the commissioners were. They were incompetent and not serving the taxpayers of this county either. Connie, you need to resign before you really get thrown out, etc…

  3. I had to pay a $25 extra fee for a three dollar late fee which shouldn’t even taken place but I sat in her office for two months which made it late and then I got a $25 extra late fee on top of the three dollars so I understand everybody’s frustration

  4. Question….Why do you needed to go through her office? Doesn’t sporting stores also give you this permit?

  5. I ran into her at two different events over past few years, she is oblivious to anything going on few years back after the one son shot up the house and daughter was fired at nursing home, She said you see the shit out there? I said tough press she started mother fucking the times and website and berated other office’s. Refused to own up. Seen her few months back after millions on one signature she bragged nothing was going to be fine and started bitching about an article over her writing a letter to a judge in west virginia also she was going to get commentator on a blog guessing names she thought.

    Deranged. I didn’t know what to say other than wow and shake my head.

    • Well I’m glad that she was pissed off about the article about the letter writing to the judge in West Virginia. It certainly pissed me off enough that I wrote a letter to her and the commissioners because I was aggravated how she’s using taxpayer resources.

  6. For everyone calling for her to be fired, get registered to vote and vote her out! She has deliberately screwed the tax payers in this county and now sticking it to the hunting community. She has always been unopposed in the elections but I don’t see that happening this time around.

      • Your right she did run opposed and won, not by much. Had Amadio not stopped the investigation on her with Friendship Ridge just before the election….SHE WOULD HAVE LOST.
        She is gone in 2 1\2 years or sooner. She won’t run again. She can’t win another election, and she is well
        aware of that. So AppleFan, she may of won the election but as a decent human being SHE IS A BIG TIME LOSER.

  7. Not only do we live in one of the most corrupt county in PA, we also have the most overdoses, and our state in general is not any better. Seen today that our toll roads is increasing another 6%! After letting go of toll workers and requiring a Ex-pass! And they need 100’s of 1000’s more in toll money. I can understand why so many people are leaving this area and our state. And our officials Pat themselves on the back because they brought in the Cracker Plant, and the only reason that happen is because no where else was stupid enough to think it was a good idea! Just wait until the people down wind start smelling rotten eggs and a continuous jet engine coming from that plant!

    • I love how they think the Cracker Plant will create jobs. Wait til they see how many people are brought in from other states to work there because companie hate to pay people while they’re being trained. Plus all the temps will probably be brought in from other places as well.

  8. Hey life is what it is I have no hard feelings with anybody all why one is beaver County to be a place that everyone that lives here is proud to say I’m from beaver County there is so much drama at the courthouse that’s what makes me sick when you read every day about bullshit it’s enough to make everyone stomach turn you get the Young people that gets voted into office that is trying to make the best for us and they’re stuck cleaning up a mess that our generation left it is so sad I love beaver County I want my child my grandchildren and everybody else raised in beaver County I want them to be proud to say there from here but with all this drama it is sad

    • I love beaver County it’s a beautiful place everybody knows everybody but I just cannot believe what is going on the taxes are going up the monies been eaten and find it is just disgraceful I’m not a politician exactly I’m pretty dumb and known by politics and I’m not claiming to know anythingI just want a place that we can all be proud of without all the drama and all the bullshit I want our taxes to be normal that people can afford to live here anymore are you get are people not a pot to piss in beaver County is becoming a land the lowlifes

  9. Believe me when I tell you that this doesn’t just go on in Beaver County, it happens in other County’s also. You don’t even want to get into what goes on at the state and federal levels.

  10. Yeah, but two staff members in her department died in the past year.
    Whatever. ONLY 12 or 13 left.
    Is that office like the other courthouse offices?
    My mom went down to Beaver to sign some papers a while back and she asked me if the courthouse was a professional office or child’s bedroom? Pictures, stuffed animals, Steeler & Penguin shit all over the desks.. She asked when they got their work done with all that crap laying on their workspace.
    I guess it was a trick question because they DON’T get their work done.

      THE CON. #karmawillgether

  11. The con should take her lazy ass out of her office and Help her clerks. She should have some free time Since Vince LaValle Isn’t In Her Office Everyday for hours. She can read the Beaver Countian and shop online on her 15 min. break.

  12. Dog licenses were months behind also. Called and they said the envelope was sitting on someone’s desk and that they might get to it soon. I got a sob story about being short-staffed, but I just think they wanted me to complain to someone so that they would get another worker. If you can’t get the work done with over a dozen people in the same office, maybe they should clean house and get someone that is willing to work like you have a job to get done. I wanted to know who was going to pay the fine if my dog got caught without his license, cause it wasn’t going to be me!!!

  13. No wonder this county is so fucked up! If you commenters put as much thought into voting as you do in writing these letters without proof reading them or having some literate person do it for you, then you deserve it.
    Use punctuation!
    Only use capitals where they belong!
    Check spelling!
    Tenses should agree!
    They’re, not there or their!
    Etc, etc, etc.
    Dead grammar teachers are spinning in their graves!!

    • Between the bad grammar, punctuation and spelling, it’s not worth even trying to decipher meaning in too many of the comments.

  14. This sorry excuse for a County government is appalling. I realize the row officers are elected positions and therefore they can’t be fired. They run their offices like personal kingdoms, oblivious to all others. Over the past few years articles have been written about the Sheriff’s Office, the District Attorney’s Office and several other fiefdoms.

    However, NONE has received the amount of attention that hangs over the Beaver County Treasurer. She has haunted the Halls of Justice like a demented ogre for years; like a bad smell. She can’t be fired; she was elected. SURPRISE PEOPLE!! SHE CAN BE VOTED OUT!! NEXT ELECTION VOTE FOR “ANYBODY BUT” JAVENS FOR BEAVER COUNTY TREASURER!! DO IT!!

    NOW, for the triumvirate that SUPPOSEDLY oversees those elected positions.

    First, we have the Honorable Tony Amadio, a left-over from the last Bunch of Clowns. I seldom read of his actions, as he stoically rides the path of least resistance with a “What? Me Worry?” expression on his face. VOTE NO FOR AMADIO.

    Second, we have the “New Kid on the Block” – Danny Camp. Nice try Danny. Next time you try your big-boy pants on for size, would you PLEASE go after something bigger than Hunting Licenses? I have nothing against hunting and feel those people got screwed, BUT WHAT ABOUT THE RIDGE? WE ALL GOT SCREWED OUT OF SEVERAL MILLION DOLLARS? WHY DON’T YOU WRITE A LETTER TO JAVENS ABOUT THAT?

    Finally we have, IN MY OPINION, someone with BIGGER BALLS than the first two, and she’s a GIRL. Sandie Egley came out of nowhere and is trying to better the County. Sandie, remember what you said in reference to the ALLEGED Torrance Conflicts of Interest? – “…Now that I’m here I’m not going to ignore it, I’m going to face it. I’m going to deal with it…” Keep that attitude in the Ridge affair. Don’t let us tax-payers down.

    Sorry this rant is so long, but as a taxpayer I am thoroughly pissed off about the mis-handling of OUR tax money that has gone on for far too long.

    • Vote them ALL out! Clean slate! Egley isn’t a team player. She dictates, she’s bad for county government! She thinks she knows everything and knows nothing, another low educated, low qualified know nothing that never should be in a county position.

      • Hiya Digger.

        Please allow me to defend MY OPINION, which you apparently disagree with. I agree with your first words about Sandie Egley, but from a different slant. She ISN’T a team-player, BUT that’s because in THIS case it’s a CROOKED team. Hopefully, she is above “playing” team politics as it exists in Beaver County today. “Team-playing” is why we are in this mess.

        Considering the flack she has taken, BECAUSE SHE IS NOT A “TEAM PLAYER”, she has accomplished more in her first year than the decades of those previous pretend commissioners. And YES, she DOES dictate – she is a Commissioner, that’s her JOB.

        Sorry, but your last sophomoric statement doesn’t deserve a reply.

  15. Just call Janet “Cardboard Box” Caldarelli and Gerald “Iron Head Duke” McCoy and ask them why they supported Connie “The Con” Javens and voted for her in the last election. It is people like them is why we are in this situation today.

  16. Let me get this straight. She cannot get all of the work done in a timely manner due to short staffing? Two of her employees DIED in the past year? Maybe that office needs revamped with fresh, new, YOUNG blood to accomplish these tasks amongst the clutter. Sounds like it is Grandmas house not the treasurers office. Do you get a cookie if you filled your forms out correctly? How about a hair tousle for saying please and thank you? How many good hard working Beaver County citizens could fill these positions, do the work and have time leftover to straighten up said clutter? Pick me!

  17. Did anyone notice the Times coverage, photo of the poor Treasurer at her desk. The desk was completely covered with applications which she was giving the appearance of actually working. To me it looked like she was just opening the correspondence to hand over to one of her staff. I would have loved to have seen a photo of her completing a bank withdrawal form. The photo and article actually belonged in the comics section.

  18. JP, this is killing me. Did you print Dans press release as -is?
    My point his…who dropped out of 6th grade grammar class? You or Dan?
    What DOES THIS MEAN? I don’t understand!
    “I share the anger with residents of Beaver County that hunt as neighboring Lawrence County Treasurers office was able to process their resident’s entire 2F license applications with 3 staff members and no more than 6 at any given time.” Good Lord…that’s painful to read.

  19. Here’s what I get from all of this frothing, issues with voice texting and continuing to call for Connie’s head. She is obviously is on the lower side of the median IQ which is 98 here in ‘Murica. Camp is typical of most men. They lack writing skills and often have trouble with proper English but have no trouble grandstanding. JP’s hatred for CTJ is an ongoing saga but hey, he woke you up long enough for y’all to vent and that’s a gift that he keeps on giving. While CTJ may be a poor manager, it hardly makes her a criminal. I imagine that there could be many Connie clones in the courthouse, past and present, based on the fact that JP never seems to run out of revelations, old and new. Hunting licenses should be available on-line. All licenses like small games of chance and dog licenses should be on-line except for driver’s licenses or IDs but then she isn’t in charge of those, is she? Then Connie’s staff could be reduced, the taxpayers would save money on jobs handed out by nepotism and gee whiz, maybe other county offices could do the same and come into the 21st century.

    • Welfare Queen, get a job already! You don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about. Uninformed Plan 12 Main St. Welfare Queen. Do you even know where your kids are right now? No? Didn’t think so.

      • Alighetto Queen – stick to matter at hand. Attacking me is pretty absurd but then, your post is so off-base that I wonder if you don’t have a substance abuse problem. Get help for that, would you?

  20. When the second and third round of antlerless license applications are due, just send them to any of the four surrounding counties that border Beaver County. That would send a message to Javens that you are not going to play her game. And, she loses 90 cents on every application she does not process. That is a message she will definitely hear. This game of hers’ has gone on long enough.
    And remember, when you pay your taxes, make the check payable to: Beaver County Treasurer Office, NOT Connie T. Javens.

  21. Thanks for publishing the letter JP it explains a lot. Commissioner Camp appears to be borderline illiterate.

    • Not only was it 2F, it was local doe tags to. I just received a phone call today telling me that I can’t get mine until August because they didn’t have enough people to process the number of applications that were mailed in by local residents. So now I have to wait until out of state residents receive theirs. Total bs.

    • No aspects of any government , local or higher up is worth a shit.lazy over paid Theiving Fuktards,all of em.first of all,those animals and fish belong to GOD.He put them here for food.They have NO right opening there pie holes.kiss my ass

  22. I’m beginning to believe that the Queen cannot stand being out of the limelight. She craves attention in any form. That BC Times article was hilarious. Is Davidson that dumb to carry her water for her and publish an obvious fraud against the taxpayers? She no more was opening envelopes than I am preparing to be an astronaut. She does whatever she wants all day without any supervision or control. Only the taxpayers can eliminate the worthless old bag. As always, do not let this hunting license put a smoke screen on the real story. Comprehensive an Friendship Ridge. Stonewall Looser do your job. Get off your ass and try and win ONE case of major importance in this county. You are more worthless than the Queen because you cover her big ass.

  23. Just a call-out to Tom Davidson of the BCT, who wrote about this story in the paper. At least you are consistent in granting “pardons” to anyone in government who has your ear. The Con loves you, man. And you love her. A real schmoozefest of mutual admiration, isn’t it? I guess half a story is better than none for boss lady Lisa Micco. The problem is that not identifying the real problem here — passive aggression and stonewalling to get her way — kicks the can down the road to next year. Happy hunting y’all.

    And Kirstin Kennedy writes a word salad of half-truths and inaccuracies about James Cicco and his federal case against Psycho Cop and company. She really bought the phony police report, as she did for her first article, didn’t she?

    It’s not just bad reporting. It borders on being lies — of omission, misinterpretation and improvised inclusion.

    In short, the reporting sucks. But you people will send articles in again this year to win the noncompetitive “Best” prize, won’t you?

    • I did get a certain degree of perverse pleasure from the picture that went with Tom Davidson’s article in the Times; Connie at her desk surrounded by an overwhelming amount of unprocessed applications and that smug, shit-eating grin on her face. You can almost hear her thoughts. “Fuck you, Sandie and Dan”. Like that woman has EVER processed a single piece of work, with the exception of withdrawing money from county accounts to hand over to Comprehensive. And the Times…man…you folks…you just plain suck. Not one phone call to any other county, to the PA Game Commission…nothing? I would tell you (again) that you should be ashamed, but you obviously aren’t equipped for that.

  24. A few quick comments on commenters: By reading a lot of these letters today I think the Queen had the staff working overtime to write letters to the Countian. There are a lot more illiterate people in this county than I thought. Hence, Queen Connie is still screwing things up.
    Steve Cable: They’re doing a great job. Then why is she constantly in the news attempting to bully the commissioners into increasing her empire. The reality is that most of the people are likely friends and family who lack the organizational skills to prioritize and ensure a smooth work flow. There obviously is not a lick of managerial skills in the Queens bag of tricks. Nothing but a political animal. Constantly prowling about looking to stir the pot and throw her considerable weight around.
    Roberta Campbell: While you may like her family they are well known for their arrogance and conniving. Maybe you might want to hone your skills in the area of personal judgement. Queen Connie is a liar, manipulator and is totally incompetent when handling taxpayers dollars. NO financial capabilities whatsoever.
    Bricker: I agree that the Queen has a filthy mouth and speaks like a drunken sailor. Disgrace to the office. Remember when she attacked that veteran when he asked her a legitimate questions about the Ridge deal? She almost assaulted him in front of the whole commissioners staff.
    Quality Queen: Queen Connie is the problem. JP just writes the truth about her. If she was smart she would at least attempt to run her office in a pro0fessionalo, organized manner. She is not capable. You can count on her to shoot off her mouth or shoot herself in the foot at least once a month or so.

  25. Can a special election be held if we can get enough signatures on a recall petition? Or at least cause sanctions to be levied against her? Looking for a sharp legal mind. Do we have any recourse but to wait 2.5 more years?

    • No, equalizer13. Recall legislation has effectively died in committee (Jaret Gibbons’ bill). And, since she hasn’t been convicted of any crimes or found to be morally bankrupt, she’s golden. Blame the voters and straight ticket voting.

  26. Queen Connie: Bully-Overbearing or quarrelsome person. Incompetent-Lacking proper qualifications. People Skills-Lacks ability to interact with co-workers, colleagues and public at large. She is willing to habitually cause train wrecks in that office whether it be tax bills, dog licenses or hunting licenses. if there is a way to try and force the commissioners hand she will attempt it to increase the empire. She is obviously as bad a manager of time and resources as the Midget in the Sheriff’s Office. They truly believe that creating a fiefdom at taxpayers expense is quite ok. Neither has the capability to organize, direct and achieve quality results with personnel and tools at hand. Automation and electronics could cut the offices in half. Hunters should just bypass that office and file directly where they desire to hunt. Isolate her and cash starve her.

  27. I’m surprised the usual know it alls on here didn’t start yelling to have her fired. Only YOU can fire her in the next election…. Word on the street is that she’s not running anyway. So in the end Connie is the winner. There needs to be term limits even at the row officer level. 2 or 3 terms and move on.

  28. As one of the County Commissioners he should be appalled by the fact that Connie Javens and Vince LaValle bilked the taxpayers out of 6 Million Dollars. He should be appalled by the fact that Connie Javens put the fix in with Comp Health Care to juice in that shady contract for Renee Zuk. He should be appalled by the fact that Connie Javens personally arranged a big tax break for Comp Health Care. He should be appalled by the fact that Connie Javens lawyered up when her investigation started. He should be appalled about the allegations she is using her county computer for online shopping and personal pleasure. He should demand and insist Connie Javens be examined to be determined competent or not and mentally stable to be involved in County Government. If Connie Javens is deemed to have diminished capacities, do what you have to do to get her the hell out of there.

    • Shes terrifying. Jeez what a look totally of the hook. Hell when she leaves office they will probably make her a sheriffs deputy shes definetly qualified.

  29. As with Trump, she has her base; and as with Trump, nothing he/she does will change that, even if the county is destroyed in the process. “She could go out on Third Street and shoot someone, and she would still get elected.” (Sorry for borrowing your line, Donald.) Here, the base voters are mostly geriatric Democrats, straight-ticket, knee jerk voting because it’s easy. And, as with Trump, the idealized society they inagine does not include reality. So, people who might care very much about Beaver County, are the ones undermining it. It’s about a 100-year old traditional steel mill culture. They are unlikely BC readers, so even mentioning recall here does not include them.

  30. Good morning ! It is the same old politics , “It’s not my job !!! Blame it on someone else !!!” However, nothing ever gets fixed !!!! Dan when you want the truth give me a call. I am the person responsible for starting this whole thing !! I am the un-named hunter from the article in the TIMES . I emailed everyone of the Commissioners and NOT one of them ever reached out to me. They just forwarded my email to the HR Director to look for the person from the Tax office who told me that “We are understaffed and it’s not their problem” so they could reprimand this person. When in fact, it was their BOSS who told them to say that!!!!!! The PGC needs to remove this process from the tax collector’s office and put it in the retail stores where we purchase our hunting licenses. The Hunters in this state have a strong voice and it is time – We need to push the PGC for a more efficient and updated system!

    • Un-Named Hunter- Great suggestion and sound advice to the P.G.C !! , I purchased a out of State Ohio fishing license online, no waiting, no long lines, no hassle, paid the fee, an printed it out, perhaps the P.G.C should up-date their program.

  31. A suggestion, Dan Camp.

    For public papers you write: There is no shame in getting a proofreader. Wife, neighbor, school kid, the guy who feeds the vending machine. Some very smart people in high positions have them. Presidents rarely write their own stuff. They just give the writers their ideas. As the grammar and mechanics nazis here point out, the small mistakes undermine the message. I was given my boss’s stuff for ten years. But he was an excellent administrator. No problem. For some people, writing is just not their thing. No harm, no foul.

    • A great suggestion – very good points. PLEASE, Dan – ask someone to peruse your stuff before it appears in print in public!

  32. Just my thoughts—-
    She is trying to sabotage the county. This is ridiculous. That picture of her in the BCT is ridiculous.

    Have you ever walked into her office? Most of the clerks are leaning on each others desk BS-ing to each other and ignore the lobby. We pay for that everyone. Unfortunately I feel that since this will be her last run for BC Treasurer she is going to try and do as much damage as she can while there.

    Hell- at this point, there is nothing we can do about her current position with the county but can she be requested by court order NOT to come back to work in the courthouse? Since she doesn’t do much anyways, someone else can over see the office and be the “Manager” and run the troops properly. Its like getting paid leave. At least she wouldn’t be there rubbing her wrinkled little hands together wondering who else she can screw.

    Just a thought….

    • @Sunshine……..Whoa there on thinking this may be her last run! When a person is suffering from a power sickness that only finds it’s release in sporadic outbursts of anger at the very same people who elected her, then making plans to see that person stroll off into the sunset may be haphazard at best!
      Call it the Mussolini effect if you will. Barring the unfortunate case of her department running completely out of adult diapers or some other major disruption to the Con. Well Mungo can forsee the need for someone to someday have to help the old windbag by taking her by the elbow and slowly but surely walking her out the front doors and into a waiting car to take her directly to her bed awaiting her at Friendship Ridge.
      You see this specific type of mental ilness is one that is shared by millions of narcissistic, self absorbed sociopaths who tend to gravitate to the arena of politics. The old Con is a legend in her OWN mind. Everyone around her plays nice, and makes pretend they actually like her. Nothing could be further from the truth……CONNIE!……people don’t love you…people don’t like you…people don’t respect you! You are a horrific bloviate charactercher from some yet to be written horror story.
      In Mungo’s humble opinion you ma’am are obsolete!

      • I would think we would hear from some of the Con’s disgruntled employees Mr. Mungo. Unless they are to scared of losing their job. I don’t know if they would be protected under the whistle blower law or they would be charged with mutiny.

  33. I’ve nothing against Dan Camp and agree with the message but this is some piss poor grammar. High school freshman-level penmanship only makes your argument harder to make.

    • It’s amazing, his articulation of his thoughts has fallen off dramatically since about March 22. Something must have happened that day…

      • Face it Camp is not commissioner material. He’s truck driver material. You can’t put lipstick on a pig!

  34. I like that Times photo of Connie at her desk, just covered with these license applications as she busily works on them PERSONALLY! What a load of shit. It took more time for her to cover the desk with the forms to look busy than she probably spent actually processing them. LOL

  35. Queen Connie is the MOST hated and despised crook in the court house. In her mind she is a great politician but the rest of us laugh at her ineptitude and criminal activities. I pray that the Comp/Ridge deal brings her down. it will not be because of Stonewall Loser though. he can’t get his head out if his ass long enough. Looking for old office sings I heard from a little birdy at commissioners meeting. Not to worry Stonewall you too are a legend in your own mind. You need the signs up so you can find your office and kissing Queen Connie’s ass. Sure wish you were as worried about all the missing money from Comp/Ridge and other corruption.

  36. My guess is her incompetence was covered up for years by former elected officials. One benefit of social media is having site like this to call out elected officials who do not do their job. Hopefully people remember situations like this and cast their votes accordingly. Transparency is a good thing.

  37. Now that we have fixed these problem’s,let’s move on.I feel better after reading all these comments knowing that the problem’s in the courthouse are taken care of,and us dummies can write now.

  38. Queen Connie: Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame on KDKA. Smile and blame others for your lack of organizational or managerial skills. NEVER Take personal responsibility for ANYTHING. You continually fail to properly discharge your duties under the PA Code. Myself and others have been bombarding the local stations, (KDKA, WTAE & WPXI) to get in that shithouse of yours in the treasury and get us the truth about your ineptitude and fiduciary mismanagement, whether intentional or sheer stupidly. Your days are numbered. The next investigative reporters are not going to be so kind as your bullshit has worn thin. Maybe they’ll be accompanied by the feds with your new bracelets to take you where you belong. In prison for life. Time to cleanse that black soul of yours and tell the taxpayers all about the court house corruption. You hold the key. Confession is good for your rotten, self absorbed, black heart.

  39. Political hack job, premeditated. The old, if I don’t get what I want, more clerks, I will make the taxpayer unhappy, so I get what I want. You intentionally screwed with people. You intentionally did not do your job. Impeach her. This was intentional!! How’d it work for you hack, bet you never thought there would be an uproar. It was your job. This was very important to many people. You intentionally screwed them out of camp and family time. You need fired, recalled. There is no way you forgot. IT WAS YOUR JOB!!!!!

  40. That’s a fact: You are spot on my friend. Had Amadio not stopped the investigation she would have been trashed in the election. We have him to thank for this shitty deal and may others. Remember the next time you nitwits in Center vote for “one of your own”. This is the kid of shady dealers that evolve from friends and family politics.

  41. I went in to buy a hunting license and the guy at window was to busy playing on his phone to even help me and then tells me he don’t know if he can sell me a hunting license



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