Commissioners Dan Camp and Sandie Egley / submitted photos

Beaver County Commissioner Sandie Egley has resigned her seat as a board member for the Conservation District, a local agency that sponsors the popular Maple Syrup Festival each year. Egley will be replaced by Commissioner Dan Camp, who was critical of her decision to leave the group at a time when it is experiencing financial difficulties.

Commissioner Egley sent an email to Commissioners Camp and Amadio earlier this week, notifying them of her decision to resign her seat on the Conservation District’s board as a result of frustrations with the agency’s inability to become fiscally sound.

“Today I attended the monthly BC Conservation District meeting. I informed the Board that this was my last meeting as a Board Member,” wrote Egley. “I can no longer be a part of a Board that doesn’t have a financial plan for the District. For many years [the] Maple Syrup Festival has lost tens of thousands [of dollars] and with each passing year failed to developed a plan to improve financially. It’s my opinion that the management of the District and the way it is structured has been a financial drain. There is a Board seat for a Commissioner. If you would like to participate, please contact [District Executive Director] Jim Shaner.”

The Beaver County Conservation District is a local agency authorized by the state for conservation of soil resources in Beaver County and for the control and prevention of soil erosion. Along with providing technical services to farmers and other residents of the county, the group sponsors events throughout the year including the Maple Syrup Festival held each spring in Bradys Run Park.

Commissioner Dan Camp told the Beaver Countian he has volunteered to fill Commissioner Egley’s seat, and plans to help the Conservation District achieve financial stability.

“Commissioner Egley advised the Board that she was stepping down from the Beaver County Conservation District due to lack of financial planning within the District,” said Commissioner Camp. “In my opinion this isn’t something a Commissioner should stray away from, but should embrace and continue to work with the Beaver County Conservation District to make sure there is a financial plan in place. This is just another part of the fiscal responsibility that we have as sitting Commissioners. With that said, I will be replacing Commissioner Egley on the Beaver County Conservation District board and will work diligently with Jim Shanor and his staff to improve their financial stability.”

Commissioner Camp said he appreciates the work being done by members of the County Conservation District.

“As a County Board of Commissioner for the past year and a half I have learned it is very hard to raise money and much of the volunteer work is taken for granted and mostly goes unnoticed,” said Camp. “As such I want to reiterate that I will take the time necessary to help facilitate the future of this entity.”

Commissioner Egley wished Camp luck in dealing with the Conservation District.

“I am grateful to Commissioner Camp for taking on this added responsibility,” said Egley. “I wish him and the District the best in getting the Syrup Festival back on solid financial ground.”


  1. LOL Beaver County tax is 6 times higher than Allegheny. Hopewell’s school tax is 5 times higher than West Allegheny’s school tax. and everyone is concerned about a syrup festival. Looks like our politicians should run for Senate or Congress. they could care less about the little guy as well and not concerned with matters or cuts that really matter. Beaver county is like Enron a bad financial investment.

  2. Every year, there are tons of people that stand in line for hours to pay something like $9 a head, with cash mind you, for breakfast that probably cost $2 and was prepared by volunteers. Plus whatever they charge vendors, collect from sponsors, etc. etc. Yeah, they didn’t make any money. And Nick Perry pulled 666 in the daily lottery by pure coincidence too.

    And why are the commissioners spending any time with this group anyway? Isn’t there enough to do in actual county business? I think Egley had the right idea, the county should flush this turd. Although maybe Camp with his tremendous business acumen will turn it around. I wonder what his excuse will be next year when it loses a shit ton of money again under his *chuckle* leadership.

  3. Dan, stick to learning to be a commissioner. You got a helluva long way to go to straighten out this mess at the court house. If you want pancakes, got to Perkins or Kings or wherever. The government has no business being involved with a supposed non-profit let alone an operation bleeding cash. If it is not run like a business then not one taxpayers dollar should be involved. For those of you who like to stand in line for an overpriced breakfast, God bless you. You pay for it. Not me! If it isn’t at least breaking even then it got to go. Taxpayers come first.

  4. Maybe some of the “volunteers” have sticky fingers? I meant from the syrup dammit! After all, it’s Beaver County, if you want something just take it. It’s your birth right.

  5. Although it wasn’t directly stated in Ms Egley’s quote, it appears this was not a sudden decision on her part – “I can no longer be a part of a Board that doesn’t have a financial plan for the District”. Sounds like this has been discussed before. Once again Ms. Egley shows where she stands when it comes to the public’s money.

    Speaking of public money, rumor now has it that the Beaver County Conservation District MAY sell the Maple Syrup Festival to Comprehensive Health with the help of one “sticky fingered volunteer”. Watch this space.

  6. It’s a shame that the only thing the Conservation District gets any notice about is the Maple Syrup Festival. They do a good bit more for the county then what people really know or think about. There was at least a small paragraph by JP in his article, but one of the things he left out was the educational programs they do for kids at their facility in Aliquippa.

    What a lot of people don’t realize is that at one time, the Maple Syrup festival, and everything about it was almost completely run by volunteers and things seemed to go pretty well. Everything from running lines, tapping trees, cutting firewood, maintaining buildings, running the festival, retrieving and cleaning the lines, was all done mainly by volunteers. These were people who actually cared about what they were doing, and how it was going to get done. They weren’t just there to say “look at me and look at what I’m doing!”

    Hopewell used to have a dedicated group of students and teachers who volunteered their time on weekends with these tasks, and then during the festival, they gave the tours of the grounds, explaining the process from start to finish. The Boy Scouts used to sent kids to help run lines, and collect sap and firewood, as well as work on the day of the festival. At one time, all the county did was check in from time to time, have an employee run the tractor or any other county owned piece of equipment, and that was about it, because everything else was all done by volunteers. That is until the county started taking over, and slowly the county phased out the volunteers and started to take over control of everything, and thus, as with anything that any form of government takes over was the beginning of the end. Now the only time they let volunteers do anything is the day of the festival to cook, clean, and so on.

    Now they use the excuse of volunteers are an insurance costs, or that a volunteer is taking a job away from a county worker. Maybe so, but the amount of work that a volunteer did with pride was way more, and done better than the work of an employee counting off the minutes till quitting time. Now the festival is a place where your current Commissioners, or the ones who want to be elected, and other Court House big wigs come for a photo opt to say “Look at me! I’m here amongst you, the lowly people, flipping pancakes for the next 20 minutes, or until a media outlet related photograpner takes my picture!”

    • Sounds like the Conservation District is unnecessary. Let the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts run the Maple Syrup festival with locally sourced maple syrup instead of running the lines and harvesting themselves (inefficient and like a real drain). And stop running those dumb buses from remote parking for the Maple Syrup Festival and Festival of Trees. People would rather park on the grass or walk through the park to get there than ride a filthy bus. Let them.

      • So I guess while you CAN read, you DON’T read the full article. The Conservation District does a lot of work in the county; the Festival is the most visible event. It’s a county promotion and activity, not a revenue generator. It would be nice to see this shit hole county get some notoriety for something aside from high school sports and weird crimes by our freak elements.

  7. “I can no longer be a part of a Board that doesn’t have a financial plan for the District”.

    Is she talking about the Conservation District or the County?


  8. It’s better for the taxpayers when politicians don’t get along. Think about what happened when you had Spanik, Amadio, Javens, Rabik, Lavalle etc. being all chummy and covering each other’s asses. You got fraudulent budgets, rampant overspending, contracts and jobs for friends and family. I’m happy that there isn’t one big happy family in the courthouse. It’s better for us.

  9. Maybe with new blood this event will become fiscally sound. I am not saying this in this case as I have no knowledge but many times people want on a commission, board, etc. to be able to state it in their resume when in fact they did not contribute in a positive way and did not solve they problems but let the problems ride. This appears that as soon as the going gets tough, you bail because you put your time in. In any budget situation, instead of people spending less or equal to what they take in, they continue on the same course and expect others to make up the difference. Maybe their are things that the commission can do to increase income at the festival and maybe they can not. This is just the same as a retail business. I myself have never gone because the festival is always when people should be in church. And that is where I am and my number 1 priority. Before all you know it all say there are other church services, that is because you do not realize that other religions such as mine only have one service and that is on Sunday. Others only worship on Saturdays. That is also why I do not support any sports activities on Sunday mornings. So if you want to make more money, get creative and stay within your budget that you know you will make.

  10. Hopewell taxes may be high but I do get a once a year street weeping, I can see a street light from my house ( well in the winter when trees have no leaves) and we have a zoning officer who takes care of his friends. This rant has nothing to do with the Conservation District but they do supply services and don’t need to make money. If you want to look at a waste of money look inside the courthouse.

  11. The Maple Syrup Festival is nothing more than a political ass kissing contest. On top of that, it is a “Cluster Fuck of mismanagement” . Do away with it already. Put the county “workers” (lol) to work on cleaning up that cesspool you call Brady’s Run Park. Those bathrooms are disgusting. And while you’re at it put a couple of deputies on patrol down at that cesspool to control the “white trash” assholes that ruin it for everyone. Cannot even take your family or kids down there anymore for a nice picnic or a nice day of fishing. 17.5% tax increase and a $5.00 tax on my registration plates for what…..So you assholes running the county can STEAL MORE MONEY???!!!

    • The Beaver County Sheriffs are supposed to patrol the park, but since they are in a budget dispute with the commissioners they will no longer patrol there. Too busy with a K9 unit and other unnecessary garbage to do their jobs I guess.

  12. I think the ice arena is a county building that is draining the county.
    It’s a filthy mess…
    outside and inside. Get rid of it already, only a handful
    if people use it and it cost a
    fortune to keep it open.

  13. I like the comments from the ill informed people, like the one who said we bought3000 gallons of syrup from New York. We have never bought it out of New York , please get your facts strait. Thank you.
    Mike price
    Chairman of board

    If you would like to know the facts come to a board meeting, it’s public and advertised on the news paper.

    • Then where does the syrup come from, Vermont, Maine? Brady’s run does not have the trees to produce the volume of syrup that is used for the festival. I really hate to let out any secrets, but the County has bought syrup from outside sources. Its been used for the festival for years. The syrup produced at the park is what is sold to the public at the festival, and at other conservation district functions.

  14. Chairman of the Board Mike, tell us all how the Maple Syrup Festival is loosing money exactly? Then tell us why the county taxpayers should subsidize the conservation district with almost $200k our our money because of your mismanagement?

    Waiting for your reply. Thank you.

  15. What an ugly sight in Brady’s Run, blue plastic hoses hanging 2′ off of the ground, all year long. I know it’s to collect syrup, didn’t have to make permanent installations.



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