Commissioner Dan Camp (left), Commissioner Tony Amadio (right) / submitted file photos

Republican Commissioner Dan Camp is now siding with Democratic Commissioner Tony Amadio to approve an agreement with Comprehensive Healthcare Management Services that will end the county’s lawsuit against the company, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.

Commissioners Egley and Camp voted to file a lawsuit against Comprehensive last July, seeking to recoup over $1 million a forensic auditor determined is still owed to the county from the sale of Friendship Ridge. Although the county initiated litigation against Comprehensive, it never filed a complaint in its case and instead chose to immediately enter settlement negotiations with the company.

The settlement agreement approved last week by Commissioners Dan Camp and Tony Amadio does not require Comprehensive to pay any additional monies to the county, but rather will see the county paying approximately $300,000 to Comprehensive it has been holding in accounts. The funds are comprised of Medicare/Medicaid payments collected by the county after the sale to Comprehensive was finalized.

Sources familiar with Commissioner Camp’s political strategies tell the Beaver Countian he will attempt to explain his dramatic shift by citing the county’s loss in unrelated litigation filed by CJ Betters, requiring Commissioners spend up to $10 million on a county-wide reassessment. Commissioner Camp is expected to reason the county could risk losing millions if it proceeds with its litigation against Comprehensive — money the county could not afford in light of the reassessment costs.

The reassessment litigation was initiated by Betters back in 2015 — Commissioner Egley and Camp made the decision to bring litigation against Comprehensive in July of 2017. County officials anticipated at the time they would likely lose the fight to prevent a reassessment.

Treasurer Connie Javens was the first county official to allege the county owed Comprehensive money back in 2016, with Comprehensive subsequently notifying the county it believed they are owed approximately $4 million from the transaction. County Commissioners had previously spent $25,000 to have an independent forensic audit performed which concluded Comprehensive owed the county approximately $1.3 million — confirming previous findings by the Beaver County Controller’s Office.

Chief County Solicitor Garen Fedeles notified Comprehensive Healthcare Management Services’ attorneys last week that the Commissioners approved of the settlement agreement. The Board is expected to formally ratify the agreement with Comprehensive later this month.

The end of the county’s litigation against Comprehensive comes before a complaint was filed in the case and before a “discovery” phase of litigation that could have seen current and former Beaver County officials and Comprehensive executives testifying under oath in depositions.

Commissioner Tony Amadio has remained consistent in his opposition to the litigation. Commissioner Dan Camp declined comment when asked by the Beaver Countian about his decision to now surrender the lawsuit.

“My position has remained the same, I disagree with the other two Commissioners,” said Republican Commissioner Sandie Egley, who declined to comment further citing the privileged nature of executive sessions.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • Wanna pool our money and buy some property here,? Apparently you get the property, numerous cash kickbacks from individuals totally not allowed to give you them, and then afterwards,, you get to sue for more money. #winwin

  1. I find it curious that this settlement comes right before everyone would have to been sworn in before testifying. What are they afraid of?

      • Well, I guess quite a number of us, including me, got duped by the fake “Republicans” that ran this last election. Beaver County taxpayers, obviously including some Democrats, finally had had enough of the “Beaver County Court House Cesspool”, and thought it was time to vote for some “conservative” candidates who might be able to at least try to clean up the mess the Democrats have made for the last 50+ years.

      • My previous reply posted before I was finished. so _______ to sum it up, I do give Sandie credit for trying to do what she promised to do when she campaigned, but like Trump, there are those who want to maintain the “status quo”, and will do just about anything to accomplish that, and it if that means following orders from the old regime, well then, so be it. We can only pray that the current investigation will uncover at least some of the corruption.

  2. I want that County Attorney Fedeles job. Call up on the phone and tell them we are giving you $300,000. That’s it? What a job Eh?

  3. We gotta move these refrigerators
    We gotta move these color TV’s
    That ain’t workin’ that’s the way you do it

  4. They know it’s all over for them. 2 years from now, I predict they will all be administrators for Comp Heath Care.

  5. They should dedicate the courthouse to Comp Health Care. Looks like all the money in the county strong box is theirs anyway.

  6. Read people. This money was collected after the sale. This is not county money. Medicare/medicade payments made after the sale. Get your head out of your asses.

    • Tired – Why are you even trying to reason with this group? It seems to fall on deaf ears that the county can’t afford litigation that they will likely lose. They settled before discovery. That’s smart as discovery will eat up lots of hours and cost and the result will be the same…the county will pay Comprehensive money that they are rightfully owed. It’s understandable that people put their faith in the findings of a forensic audit because it aligns with what they want to hear but let’s move on. The county won’t win the re-assessment issue either so they might have to re-think that. The county is in the hole financially so you would think that they might look forward to the possibility of generating more revenue from the re-assessments.

  7. How difficult is math—selling price is X. Buyer pays X. How can there be a discrepancy?? I can tell you that if I had not paid the agreed upon price for my house, it would not be mine. Taxpayer $$ just being pissed away…

  8. The most shocking sentence..”Sources familiar with Commissioner Camp’s political strategies” he has the name and no “political strategies.” I am sure the Treasurer is just beaming with delight…I told you so.”

  9. Buy it from us why buy it from us. Here is $300,000 take it its a gift enjoy. More to come Love allways $$$$$$

  10. So what did Beaver County actually net from this transaction?

    And by net , I mean net loss.

    I haven’t see a transaction this fucked up since Mr. Haney sold a steer to Mr. Douglas to use as a milk cow on “Green Acres” .

  11. The time has come to get the fuck out of this county!
    Hello Columbiana County, Ohio!
    In my opinion, the corruption in this county is far and deep. There is no bringing it back…….It will only get worse. Don’t blame Sandie for wanting out. Fighting a losing battle……..Bye.

  12. I believe the answer to who is benefitting from this is likely answered within the 10 linked articles above. So, who is/are Conehead and/or Sleeper playing footsies with?

    • What right did Javens have to refuse to cooperate with the FR audit? Not at all in the best interest of the county. What is it that she doesn’t want to talk about? Her daughter’s contract with FR, or the shady money transactions, or her helping her New York boys get the property reassessed to their benefit? Now who else is interested in reassessment?

  13. This whole scenario is like a bad porno movie.
    We’ll call it “Anal Whores #28”.
    Because we (taxpayers) keep getting fucked up the ass!


  14. “Commissioner Camp is expected to reason the county could risk losing millions if it proceeds with its litigation against Comprehensive — money the county could not afford in light of the reassessment costs. ”

    Oh, yeah. Add THIS $300k to the $300k to fly around and tape the backyards of Beaver County AND to the cost of reassessing everyone’s property. The taxpayers will owe $$$$millions just to get to the point where they can raise their taxes.

    Jeez, who is our legal minds on this? Charlie Kelly, the bird lawyer on ‘It’s Always Sunny..” and his creepy Uncle Jack with the fake giant hands?

    • Chief county solicitor Garen Fedeles had a practice with Myron Sainovich. Bernie Rabik gave him a glowing reference for this position. So there’s that. And when a question is asked, it’s “I’ll research that and get back to you”. Maybe he has too much on his plate to pay attention to county government. He is not doing any due diligence, it appears.

  15. FBI FBI JUSTICE DEPT> New York is an example of decency compared to the sick ass wanna be idiots so called running Beaver County. They don’t even have the intellect to even try and hide there blatant illegal activity.

  16. I graduated from Rochester HS back in 07′ with good old Commissioner Camp. He was one of our best football quarterbacks, but now he’s a greedy politician

  17. Wow, more money going out, sounds to me like someone is padding their wallets, maybe the FBI needs to investigate this crap and talk to people who lost their jobs here and at the courthouse for not kissing the bosses a**es. I bet if they talked to the right ones that some heads will roll, Hladio needs to come forward and tell them how he was set up by the women in his office and Richie boy the court admin. plus all of Richieboys Center Twp buddies.

    • Ok. Despite the fact that Ambridge police, the Housing Authority of Beaver County and ordinary citizens filed complaints against him that the Judicial Conduct Board investigated and found credible – enough to prosecute – you cling to the Set Up Theory.
      The Court of Judicial Discipline suspended him 2x. That doesn’t happen without evidence. What planet do you live on?

    • Add Sleeper to that group, and Conehead’s split with Sandie and the party, and it seems like Conehead is lining up with the Dark Side. Can’t prove it, just a hunch.

      • In my opinion: You have two people there who cannot and could not understand the FR deal — Sleeper, who admitted that he did not understand it and “turned it over to the lawyers”, and Conehead, who was not there to participate and is uneducated and inexperienced about it. So, “turn it over to the convenient lawyers” again. Who have they been pals with since, and who have the most to gain? Maybe ALL, and that could help explain why they are taking the easy and personally lucrative way out.

  18. With this report and the investigative reports listed in the links above, there is no question, JP has done the whole investigation for the FBI. All they have to do is put all the pieces together and examine personal bank accounts and cash purchases and it’s done.

    • It almost has to be the lawyer(s) behind the deal that is/are pilling the strings here. That would be subversion, and I don’t see how it could be entirely legal. Even if it is legal, it points to a conspiratorial influence behind the scenes of local government. There are many fine, honorable lawyers in Beaver County, but it appears that a core group could be working to a mutual benefit. I don’t know enough to name names, but my guess is that three or four could be drawn from these very articles.

      Thank you, Alex Jones, for lending me your conspiracy theory wand for a moment.

  19. John Q. Taxpayer: Look at those two guys. Could either one pull this one off? Nope. Of course not. No, I’d be looking for who is whispering in their ears. And, my guess is that even the Deputies on the doors could tell us who.

    • I believe they are managed or controlled along with some others. I have a pretty good idea of who had a major role in this. I think it was one that could move money around beyond suspicion. Also controlled I suppose. This was a big operation involving many players. You know what they say…The bigger the lie, the more believable.

    • A finite group of about ten people worked on that FR deal. So, it’s not hard to start guessing at each one. To save some time, I suggest avoiding the usual suspects, such as the Commissioners, the Treasurer, the DA, the Sheriff, the Controller, the Financial Administrator, the current Solicitor. That leaves about four or five key legal players, and only one or two remain. Two of the former players were double dippers. But, generally, the group of former Solicitors and Assistant Solicitors remains. So, connect the dots in my wildest guess yet. But as far as pinning this on the two above? No. It’s likely bigger than they are, and they are likely just tools.

    • I know one of them could do it. He has been doing it since way back when. Look into the Center Twp connections.

  20. With all the lies, back room deals, radio programs, contracts, sheriffs cars, memorials, raises, tax increases, nepotism, cronyism and what not. This administration will go in the history books as the worst along with the previous administration who I think still has a hand in this. They have collected inflated paychecks, lived in luxury, along with friends and family at the expense of the working class and the elderly, therefore have broken the backs of the very people they are entrusted to protect and look out for. The public trust is gone. That’s it. It’s done.


  21. After dragging this out for all this time and then to quickly & quietly settle is very disturbing. And they think they’ll beat Betters team of lawyers? Time for the grand jury to be convened or we taxpayers are royally screwed. Why are Conehead and Sleeper so willing to bend over and cover their pals? Did someone know from the get go that this rotten deal was foisted on the taxpayers willingly by past commissioners? Just like the Clinton’s they thought that the Dem’s were invincible and then all this could continue to be covered up and back room wheeling and dealing prevailed? Not an ounce of sympathy for the taxpayers. Self serving son of a bitches in that courthouse. Top to bottom the whole place needs fumigated and cleared of all Friends and Family Inc. The stench of corruption is overwhelming.

    • It will have to be a Federal Grand Jury to issue indictments because they won’t come from the county courthouse. The cancer is spread to everyone there.

  22. THANK YOU JP for trying to stay atop the bucking bronco that is this corrupt county. If it were up to the BC Tines we’d know everything about sports and Tady but continue to eat shit and grow like the mushrooms they think we are. Where is a real investigative journalist besides JP? Not in this county!

    • I really don’t know how these fucks can walk down the street or go into a store and face the residents and their own neighbors.

      • The pieces of shit involved have no shame! Hopefully they will all end up in prison once the FBI investigations are completed!

    • There is only two ways. Either the FBI is coming to Beaver and putting them on a bus, or you run for office. If you are unknown and a regular Joe, you will win the election, guaranteed. Hopefully both these things will happen.

    • You won’t even have to run a campaign because the people are fed up and done with these imposters. All you have to do is get your name on the ballot. We will vote for a homeless person instead of them. They are the ones that are causing more people to be homeless. Amadio can retire with a nice pension check and Camp can go back to the cleaners sniffing TCE. My guess is they already have there next jobs lined up and secured.

  23. I’m just wondering aloud: After losing in a 2018 bid for PA. Senate. “Now what will I do, hell I got Dan elected…..I can’t go back to selling cars.”

  24. The Dirty Little Secret of the FR deal is likely only a secret to the public. I have to believe that EVERYONE in that place, from the judges to the custodians, knows EXACTLY what happened and who did it. And, rather than being a widespread conspiracy of law breaking, other than incompetence, I have to believe that it will narrow down to one or two people, likely lawyers, who played fast and loose with the system. And, it will take formal charges of illegal actions for it to surface. So, maybe we are in a waiting game, waiting for the Feds to come to the rescue. But, consider the seismic results of an arrest — it would shake the place to its foundations.

    • I think that Javens is very well-versed in how to make government work to her network’s kadvantage. She believes she wields the most power. As such, she acts as though she is above reproach, but doesn’t share details which would confirm her altruism. She also helps those with money who can benefit her or her family, which is a glaring conflict of interest. The new FR deal was so convoluted and an outrage to taxpayers. Has anyone ever seen a complete breakdown of the sale? Taxpayers are the only legitimately entitled ones and should never be deliberately kept in the dark.

  25. This county and all of it’s agencies makes me think of the NYC Housing Authority window scam initiated by “The Chin” in 1987 and included at least four of the other families. I’ll bet county contracts from vehicle repairs, fuel, insurance agents, fire extinguishers, office equipment, all the way down to paper clips have a tale of such magnitude it would be unbelievable.

  26. Stonewall is party to this shit because he failed to question witnesses and anyone involved under oath. Just like Hillary just taking people at their words without an oath is useless and certainly not admissible in court. I cannot wait to find out the real truth about who got the big bucks. Shady lawyers, corrupt politicians or both in cahoots together? Anyway the moral of this story is “F-ck the taxpayers”. We got ours.

  27. Half assed investigation to cover Friends and Family, Inc. Can someone send an ethics manual to the courthouse? They need some serious training. And I hope they stop going to church every Sunday and pray because they are nothing but thieving hypocrites. May plagues descend upon the perpetrators and thief families.

  28. Sandie showed her hand too early. Now any opposition to Camp and Amadio will be viewed as sour grapes. Amadio, should be asked to step down over this entire mess to which he claims having or demonstrating very little knowledge.
    Thank you John Paul.

  29. Stonewall’s lack of integrity and vigor in that investigation comes down to one thing, that thing is…he wants them to like him.

    • Taxpayer I agree. Once elected Lozier forgot almost immediately his core purpose in seeking office.Llike others, you distance yourself from those who voted for you, and now ask you to do your job. Almost like saying, ” who do you think you are.” A guy like Lozier, in my opinion is in over his head as well as Dan Camp, Amadio, Tony Guy and so many others. They settle into a group “that likes them,” and do favors for one another and their famalies. Their job then becomes, I have to remain in this clique at any cost, I have to be surrounded by people who like me. When I say at any cost, I mean at the expense of the taxpayer, those who put them in office, those who believed in a long overdue change. Over and Over from Connie Javens To Sandie Egley I have heard, “I’m a Taxpayer Too.” And with that statement, should I feel empathetic? Come On! You pay taxes and get it back, you (government employees) have health benefits, over protected safe work environments, clean bathrooms, A/C and heat and pensions that are and will continue to bankrupt the counties general fund. We all know that everyone who is anyone, in county politics reads the BC. I am terribly frustrated with the job performance/lack there of in Beaver County. I saw it stated above, and I agree, Mr. Amadio time is up. Let us start there.

  30. I take this as a clear sign that there is genuine concern on the part of guilty parties about the ongoing investigations into county business. This move that Dan was coerced into is essentially a ‘get out of jail free’ card on perjury charges that may have resulted in sworn testimony provided during the litigation. Dan has the authority to make this move, even as hard as it is to explain or justify, it’s within his purview.

    Therefore, I can only conclude that the investigations taking place by agencies outside of the DA’s office do include the sale of FR, or at least there is a strong suspicion among the guilty that it does. Meaning, of course, that there is illegal activity that requires hiding.

    • “…perjury charges that may have resulted in sworn testimony provided during the litigation.”

      Unfortunately, these people lie at will, a weakness of the local court system. Even the most blatant liars — cops, like PsychCop, Sheriff Deputies protecting their boss — can do so with no fear of perjury charges.

      • Raven, that’s my point exactly. It’s gone beyond local investigators and court systems, that’s why perjury became relevant to them all of the sudden. Testifying under oath about FR is not something any of them want to do in any venue because that would open the possibility of additional legal problems if/when the hammer does come down. Camp is taking one for the team, and the team now owes him big.

  31. Yes, if the Feds are in charge. They are badly needed here. Stonewall should write a book, “No Quid Pro Quo, Just Who Ya Know.”

  32. Just another good old boy – As shady as the rest of them. Put every single one of them involved in the sale in prison and throw Camp on top of the pile! And Camp not speaking to why the flip is code for he needs time to concoct a story he thinks the people of BC are dumb enough to swallow. Smh.



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