Commissioner Sandie Egley discussed the possibility of seeking an investigation into former chief county solicitor Joseph Askar with her fellow Commissioners — ultimately moving forward on her own as a private citizen after no official action was taken by the Board. The revelation of Egley’s conversation with Commissioners Dan Camp and Tony Amadio came yesterday as a result of questioning by the Beaver Countian, and calls into question a previous statement made by Commissioner Amadio that the matter had never been discussed with him.

Commissioner Egley issued a statement to the press last week announcing that she was seeking an investigation into attorney Joseph Askar to determine whether he “violated the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Responsibility in his capacity as Chief County Solicitor.” Egley noted in her press release that she had made the complaint “personally.”

The Beaver County Times published an article on September 20th, quoting Commissioner Tony Amadio’s reaction to Commissioner Egley’s announcement.

“It never ends,” Amadio told the newspaper. “I cannot explain Sandie Egley. She’s on her own as far as I know with this. This has never been discussed with me, nor am I going to be a part of it.”

The Beaver Countian posed a series of questions to Commissioners Camp, Egley, and Amadio about the matter during yesterday’s public work session.

“[I]t wasn’t a Board action, there was never a public vote, there was never any public statements made about Joseph Askar, but if it was discussed in executive session is something I can not discuss,” said Commissioner Camp, when asked if Commissioner Egley had ever talked with the Board about filing a complaint against Askar.

Commissioner Egley also alluded to an executive session conversation when asked the same question, “What’s discussed in executive session has to stay in executive session.”

Executive sessions are closed-door discussions which include commissioners, the county’s law department, and other officials as necessary, to discuss sensitive matters. The Pennsylvania Sunshine Act enumerates what issues can be deliberated outside of public meetings, including personnel matters, litigation, or issues in which complaints are expected to be filed.

The Beaver Countian then asked Commissioner Amadio if his statement that “this has never been discussed with [him]” was true. Amadio balked, “You asked for one question, that’s two,” before saying he had “no comment.”

After additional questioning of Commissioners by the Beaver Countian, Chief County Solicitor Garen Fedeles finally acknowledge publicly that Commissioner Egley had in fact discussed the possibility of filing a complaint against Joseph Askar with the rest of the Board of Commissioners.

“Well at this point, I think it’s fair to say that this issue came up in an executive session matter with the Board,” said Fedeles. “Now, from the standpoint of what was discussed that would have led to Ms. Egley in order to file that, that was never addressed officially to the Board. I think we leave it at that.”

The Beaver Countian asked Commissioner Amadio if his statement to the press that “this has never been discussed with [him]” was untrue; Amadio sternly repeated he had no comment.

Commissioners Tony Amadio and Dan Camp are both close personal friends of former county solicitor Joseph Askar.

Listen In Full To The Beaver Countian Question Commissioners About Amadio’s Statement

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. “It never ends,” Amadio told the newspaper. “I cannot explain Sandie Egley. She’s on her own as far as I know with this. This has never been discussed with me, nor am I going to be a part of it.”

    The only thing you are ever a part of is cashing your check on payday!

  2. Camp is worthless. He should resign and go sit in front of the cleaners with his Mama smoking cigarettes and waiting for the next person they can “take to the cleaners”.

    • Egley is worthless too. She should go back to her job as clerk at the engineering firm. Do you think they miss her??

  3. Dubiously, we have the Trump team’s use of alternative facts and serial lying to use as a guide to understanding Amadio’s. But, Sleeper, you are gaining on them, as you twist your words, ignore reality or just make stuff up.

  4. Is there some way we can join in with Sandie Egley as private citizens by signing a petition or class action type thing to force an investigation?

    • The best way to get action from the feds is to keep pressure on them through media, letting the public know.
      The feds are there to preserve the illusion the taxpayers have that the gov’t isn’t corrupt.

      That is why they will at least investigate, but eventually say all is ok.

      Like Lozier

      Don’t hold your breathe for results, though

  5. Interesting body language in this photo. Commissioner Egley is upright, alert, and engaged. Mr. Amadio is slumped back in his seat, looking quite resigned and out of touch. (If he sat up straight, his shirt wouldn’t be strained by his bulging belly, either.) Step up or step out, sir.

  6. If these two so called men are cowering and lying when publicly asked a simple question, what do you think they are doing in executive sessions? Newsflash: Commissioner Egley has been on her own since the beginning because honesty, transparency and ethics eluded these two clowns. I called it while they were on the campaign trail – Camp was riding Egley’s coattails!

  7. I have an idea. First let me say I feel everyone that every a US citizen should stand and respect our country and flag when the National Anthem is played. Kneeing during the anthem may be free speech, but to me is a sign of disrespect, not just to our military but to who have been part of our great country. So lets all have a rally and KNEEL down in unity, solidarity and PROTEST of the current county government. We too can make a statement of suggested reform by kneeling at the next Commissioners meeting. If they question our motives we can use the guise of “praying” , but that may infuriate some even more.
    It would be a power thing to see the citizens of Beaver County taking a collective knee, holding a left clenched fist high to the sky, and their right hand on their heart, all when Amadio, Javens, or any other of the inept politicians start to talk.

  8. I’m going to issue a challenge to EVERY COMMENTER here:
    I continually see comments made by county residents; comments that are often directed towards one of our elected “officials” – either directly or indirectly. There is a palpable anger. So here’s the challenge:
    When the Midget, Stonewall, Conehead, the Queen, and Sleeper read your comments here they probably don’t like them – and in some cases they may even be embarrassed. But at the end of the day it’s not that big of a deal to them. Why not do something to make their work environment just as uncomfortable as they make Sandie’s? Yes, that’s right….I’m suggesting that EVERY commenter here attend the next public work meeting and share your opinions DIRECTLY with the people who are screwing you left and right. Call it Beaver Countian Day at the courthouse if you’d like or simply call it a group of cititzens exercising their right to tell their elected officials what they think of the job that they are doing.
    It’s not up to John Paul to be our mouthpiece; yet without fail meeting after meeting there he is doing what WE should be doing (and we owe him a great deal of gratitude). The time has come to stop bitching and start doing…time to stop being counterproductive by just commenting here and time to take personal responsibility by attending the meeting to share our thoughts directly.
    I’ll be there…I hope that I see you.

    • As an added benefit, we can show Stonewall how much more productive his budget meeting can be with 50 (or as Raven has suggested, 100) people in attendance. It’s our money – he deserves to hear directly from those who provide it how we would like to see it spent (and how we DON’T wish to see it spent).

    • “But at the end of the day it’s not that big of a deal to them.”

      Some read these articles religiously. And some lose sleep over the contents and comments. Some even try to sue people and claim to lose hair over them. The malicious comments are probably ignored. But your attendance point is still a very good one.

    • The public people who attend those meetings usually are well-versed in the matters discussed. Some challenge the speakers outright. John Paul is right on top of things, with an excellent recall of the past and the smarts to reflect on things as they happen and ask questions accordingly. The Commissioners cannot just float bullshit ideas without being called on what they say. The combined energy of a room full of people changes things, though — the collective groans and outcries are often as effective as some carefully crafted statements by the participants.

  9. The good old days of dirty Center Township politics are rearing their ugly heads. Amadio, Askar, Camp..someone some day is going to speak about the dirty deeds of Center and it’s past board members. Good time to bring up the judge? Nah…I’ll wait.

  10. I think we need to remind our “royals” in the courthouse that we pay their salary and they work for us. It’s obvious in their eyes they need not answer for any of their actions or non-actions and we certainly have some nerve daring to question them. Their motto is “Keep paying my salary and shut up.”

  11. no no …. a fuck a you round eye …….. and fuck trump even more its assclowns like you that are letting republicans run their fucking police state agenda….what are you going to do when they impose marshall law and your locked in your house with all the other assclowns lets see how you praise the communist dicks then comrade

    • Wow! You are a lost cause. You need to get out of your mama’s basement and see the light!
      Do you even know the definition of “communist”? Here’s a hint, just look up democrat.

  12. Oh my oh my , republican controlled county, republican controlled state house for ten years and republican controlled state Senate hmm congress tooo ohh wait Senate and PRESIDENT. Yah bitch about democrats yah yah. GOP the Great Oblivious Pretenders. What a joke being supported by pissed off dems and wannabee rich people that are broke oh and don’t forget the trailer park don’t tread on me really wackadoddles. But agree Amadio needs to go he’s a troll. But the new blood same as old blood just wanted to suck in the tit of taxpayers like the rest.



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