Commissioners Amadio, Egley, and Camp / photo by John Paul

Democratic Commissioner Tony Amadio is once again attempting to rewrite history by spreading false information about the county’s finances to the public.

Commissioner Amadio gave interviews to the Beaver County Times and WBVP radio last week where he renewed his false assertions that the county’s budgets have been in good shape and never really were facing massive deficits. Amadio has repeatedly made similar statements in the past, although his demonstrably false assertions have never been challenged by reporters from either news organizations.

“I feel vindicated,” Democratic Commissioner Tony Amadio told the Beaver County Times last week. “I have always maintained the budgets were good.”

Preliminary numbers show Beaver County ended its 2017 fiscal year approximately $4 million in the black — the 2018 budget predicted the county would start the year with approximately $1.3 million in cash on hand. Although the county ended last year with additional cash in the bank due in large part to one-time cost savings measures, the county’s budget will remain structurally imbalanced with reoccurring expenses outpacing reoccurring revenues. Projections by independent analysts with the Public Financial Management Corporation (PFM) show this structural imbalance will grow rapidly each year for the foreseeable future without significant new austerity measures.

Democratic County Controller David Rossi told the Beaver Countian he was stunned by reporting from the Beaver County Times last week about the county’s finances.

“I am completely baffled by the Times article,” said Rossi. “I don’t understand how they can write this article like it is some big surprise that we had money in the bank at the end of last year. This year’s budget says we were going to start with money in the bank […] They don’t understand what they’re writing about, they don’t get it, all they do is publish people’s lies.”

So how did the county end the year well in the black when tic-toc projections by Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow back in August showed the county was tracking towards a deficit?

“This is simple stuff,” said Rossi. “Part of it is the bond could not be refinanced until October, and you have no clue if you can refinance it at all because you can’t predict what the varying interest rates will be, you can’t anticipate getting any savings so you can’t budget for it. Even when you start the refinancing process the interest rates can fluctuate wildly so you don’t know what the savings will be if anything. [Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow] told the Commissioners those figures were not included in his estimates and he was right to make sure they were not relying on that money to see the county through to the end of the year.”

Other savings resulted from updates in actuarial tables for the Pension Fund made by outside analysts, which are still being adjusted to account for the impacts of losing employees from the sale of Friendship Ridge.

In an interview on WBVP last week, Commissioner Amadio went even further, claiming the county never was facing major budgetary deficits at all.

“A budget is just a plan, it’s a plan of revenues and expenses,” said Amadio. “For example, when it was stated that it was a $16.5 million deficit two years ago, that’s 1/4th the General Fund. That’s impossible to come back from that in two years. So that was my concerns, my concerns were the budgets were good, the ending surpluses were good, and I’m just happy. Like I said to the reporter [from the Beaver County Times] yesterday, I feel vindicated.”

Controller Rossi has said the prior Board of Commissioners ended its last year of office in 2015 by not having the money to pay off a Tax Anticipation Note by roughly $6 million at year’s end, but passed a budget for fiscal year 2016 that showed the county would start with a positive $6 million in the bank. That $12 million swing to the negative — along with other shortcomings in the 2016 budget estimated at about $5 million on top of that — lead to a projected budget deficit of nearly $17 million for the new Board of Commissioners to grapple with.

The County’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs), which are independently audited by Certified Public Accountants at The Binkley Kanavy Group, have proven the dire position Commissioner Amadio left the county’s finances in as outgoing Chairman of the prior Board of Commissioners. The county’s credit rating has been downgraded twice over the past two years by Standard & Poor’s specifically due to structurally unbalanced budgets that date back years, and a state-funded study of the county’s finances has confirmed the serious problems of the past and the dire financial outlook ahead.

“When that CAFRs came out I sat down with [a Beaver County Times reporter] and tried to explain this all to him,” said Rossi. “I told him that if he looked back at every article he wrote he would see [Commissioner] Tony Amadio kept saying this was all made up. I told him Tony was wrong, but the Times just kept writing it. Well it’s all in black and white now so why didn’t they do any follow up? The Times kept publishing he-said-she-said but never wrote the facts, never let the public know what was right. Now they’re letting Tony Amadio say that he was right because there is money in the bank right now, but they don’t understand how that money got there or what it all really means […] Financials are not he-said-she-said things, there are facts involved and the paper doesn’t understand them.”

Rossi warned that the county is going to continue facing huge financial hurdles.

“I’m just happy that everyone finally realizes there’s a surplus,” Commissioner Amadio went on to tell the Beaver County Times last week. “My major concern is our chairman (Egley) talking about the big deficit Beaver County was having, and we’re sitting on $4.7 million.”

Controller Rossi said that major austerity measures combined with one-time cash saving measures were the only reasons the county did not realize a crippling deficit last year.

“If the Commissioners didn’t raise taxes by 17% there wouldn’t have been a surplus this year, we would have been in big trouble,” said Rossi. “And the surplus you see that is there is because of a few one-time factors the county is not going to be able to rely on again. The debt service is increasing and it’s increasing big time and we won’t have the money to deal with it if huge changes aren’t made. Our real estate revenues are going to be stagnant but our expenses are going to be going up exponentially […] Commissioners relied on one-time fixes again last year but now they’re all used up.”

Republican Commissioner Sandie Egley told the Beaver Countian she has “had enough of the stupid people at the Beaver County Times.”

“I think it’s absolutely hysterical that Tony Amadio voted against refinancing the bonds but the paper is now letting him take credit for a one-time surplus created in large part by that very refinancing,” said Commissioner Egley. “This isn’t ‘vindication day’ for Tony Amadio, this is Tony Amadio telling the public things that aren’t true and the Beaver County Times letting him get away with it because they don’t understand anything.”

Commissioner Egley Plays Show-and-Tell With The Times’ Article

Beaver County Commissioner Sandie Egley took a copy of the Beaver County Times article with her to Penn State Beaver on Thursday, using it as the centerpiece of a guest lecture she gave to a class on American government.

“I thought the article was a great example of how deceptive the newspaper is, so I took it to show to the students,” Egley told the Beaver Countian. “The reporter wanted to tell a story and didn’t let the facts get in his way.”

Egley said she believes the article leaves the reader with several wrong impressions, among them that she was trying to avoid discussing the county’s finances.

“I was in a meeting at the Ice Arena with [Recreation And Tourism Director Tim Ishman] and missed a call by the Times at 2:24 p.m.,” said Egley. “I sent the reporter a message as soon as I got out of the meeting at 5:09 p.m. but he told me it was already too late.”

An article that appeared in the next morning’s paper quoted Commissioners Tony Amadio and Dan Camp, stating that, “By afternoon, two of the three commissioners were ready to discuss the situation,” and that, “Republican Commissioner Sandie Egley, who is chairwoman of the board, didn’t return calls seeking comment Wednesday.”

Egley said she told students at Penn State it is an example of how easily the press can leave the public with a misleading impression.

“The article states that the Times tried to contact me and I didn’t get back to them at all on Wednesday, that left the impression I was avoiding the issue, that is not the truth,” said Egley. “The truth is I did contact them back on Wednesday in the span of two and a half hours. I am a Commissioner who is trying to run a county and I am a very active Commissioner. If the Times had such a very short deadline and couldn’t reach me in time that’s one thing, say I couldn’t be reached by deadline, but they wrote I didn’t contact them at all that day which leaves the public with a very different impression. They do this a lot and I think they do it on purpose […] [Financial Administrator] Ricardo Luckow has been a godsend for Beaver County but he’s getting beaten up by people who are lying and people who don’t understand anything they’re trying to write about.”

Egley said the Times offered to interview her for a follow up article, but she decided to decline.

“They have a bad habit of publishing false or misleading information on the front page of their newspaper and then burying the truth several days later in the middle of it,” said Egley. “These are serious issues, Beaver County is facing big challenges and the paper isn’t doing the public any favors with the way they’ve been writing about it all […] They never should have tried to turn around an article about something like this so fast. I’ve had enough of them.”

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Commissioner Amadio should never have anything to do with the Beaver County Budget. He seems to run our budget by thinking that he still has checks in the check book so there must be money in the account. I wonder what kind of shape his personal finances are in. For example: If you take in $100 in a fiscal year and your bills in that fiscal year are $200, you have to have at least $100 in your account to break even. However, you are in a downward spiral. Time to put someone on that committee that can count.

  2. I know I’ll take some flak for this one. I get there are alot of bigger issues . My comment would be what are their plans with the ice arena ? It used to be a bright spot for the community now it’s just another county owned neglected facility . It’s such a shame but its heavily used and if it would of been maintained would have brought even more people in. Rinks dont close anymore in the summer but ours does and it would be a real money maker if fixed up. Now how that money would be spent is a differnt story . Ok sorry I rant about the rink in every budget article I see . So let the comments flow that we got huge problems and this guys worried about a damn ice rink. Oh well I love hockey😉

  3. John Paul , please consider advertising the Beaver Countian on road side sign’s , Bill Boards, ,flyers , with a catch phase something like, ‘the truth shall set you free, read the Beaver Countian ”
    far to many people read the Time’s an are grossly mislead, this will cost money for advertising,
    i’m in for $300.00 .

  4. Well it seems that Calhoun and Ugly . . I mean Egley put their collective GED/CCBC diplomas on the line to enlighten everyone on the cracks in the budget forecast. How about this . . . why don’t we hear about the economic forecast for Beaver County commerce during Ugly’s tenure as Chairwoman of the Commissioners? I’m fact, rather than listen to her annoying Yinzer local politico rhetoric, just take a lap around Beaver County and see the complete lack of any semblance of development that has taken place during her tenure. She’s a joke. Snitching on everyone around her for de minimus transgressions and lauding herself as a social crusader has done nothing but sell subscriptions for an insignificant tabloid and create dissention. So now that you have pointed out the problems in your government . . what are the solutions? Dumbass.

    • Well at least SOMEONE is doing it! The budget needs to stop being fudged! A little here a little there adds up to a 17% tax hike thanks to those two stooges. I am glad she had the guts to stand up for the TAXPAYERS of this county. Perhaps clueless and sockless can take notice of how to do the right thing for the people and not their own agenda???? I hope she pulls the sheets off off the corrupt bed before she goes. I got the popcorn waiting.

  5. Does Amadio understand Standard and Poor’s rating? Or are they in on this too? They don’t understand beaver county’s great big bank book? C’mon Amadio. Finances 101. I’m sure you can learn to color in between the lines too. Sandy can teach you. She’s tried long and hard.

    • they put in sometimes to hurt for own greed it will come to end once people tell there stories to dept of justice get right people there

  6. The travesty in this is Amadio knows that the elderly are the only ones that read the Times and listen to AM radio. The reality is they are the only people that consistently vote in every election. There in lies the problem. If all of us voted as we should we wouldn’t have the problems that face us now. The Times is never going to print any negative articles about Beaver County politics. Beaver county politicians are the only guaranteed revenue for the times and WMBA. What would make you think for one minute that they would bite the hand that feeds them? I like the suggestion for a little beavercountian billboard advertising. We need to get the message to the right people.

    • You know maybe JP should consider a printed newspaper like the old News Tribune. Not as big but it could pack a helluva punch. In conjunction with the Beavercountian it might be great for the valley. Sure would scare the hell out of the Beaver County Times.

  7. Listen I don’t support number fudging and fiscal misrepresentation but honestly saving taxpayers a few bucks is really just a political play. That’s great that you all save a few minuscule dollars but at what cost? Your county is an eyesore that has no real business prospects. So all of you save $100 a year on your taxes. That’s awesome! She is playing you. You basically have a handful of prostate-infested microtels and a couple Applebees. Step over to Butler or Washington counties. They are way ahead of you. You have the land and the infrastructure to do so many things. You are proximate to the city, the airport and are on the cusp of the largest industrial movement in the last 30 years, and all the commenters on the site focus on is petty, small-time courthouse nepotism and bullshit. The attitudes and opinions on this site are filled with hate and negativism and that fat idiot has built her entire legacy (if you want to call it that) on your short-sited feedback. Uglley doesn’t even have a bachelor’s degree and can’t claim a single economic accomplishment in more than 2 years in office and all of you commenters treat her like a revolutionary. Shame on you. If you want to spend the NEXT 30 years spinning your wheels and spewing hate go right ahead. Your kids deserve better. Thanks Ugley. Good luck in your fight against corruption. Get a diploma and a real job you fuck.

    • Thank you Tattletale. I’ve been trying to put those words together since I got here and started commenting in these forums. I didn’t look, but they didn’t take too well to me calling them in all there wisdom and wisecracks that they are all just a bunch of countryass Mayberry Bumpkins… Satisfied with what they’ve had and how they’ve been living (same old names and games on County/Town leadership plaques) for the past 50 years. You’re correct when you told them to get a diploma, but you neglected to specify it needs to come from the “new school”. They need to close Yinzer University for good.

    • I dont know all the in and outs of the political world so i cant agree with you on everything. I do agree that the lack of development is disgusting and if your thinking of moving to the county and building a house or buying a new one get ready for 8 grand plus in taxes.

    • Tattles get paddles Joe … Still bitter about the party you didn’t get at Zookies?
      Good riddance to your ugly bald head!

    • Well tattletale you can vote for homeboy Dawan Walker for commissioner to take Egleys place. That is if hes not in prison or the witness protection program.l

    • We know what you meant Tony. Or Tony. Or Silvia. Or Connie. Or Renee. Or etc., etc., etc.
      Here’s your double dose of STFU! Asshole.

  8. I’m none of those people. I have no idea what you are talking about No Shoes/No Brain. Obviously you work at the courthouse. Guess I hit a nerve. Since the only person who would take that personally is Ugley I guess we can surmise that was you. At least you still have your CI number to fall back on. Dumbass.

  9. Thank you Vondell and Brian let me say this . . 8 grand plus in real estate taxes is not a bad thing. It goes to my point that the county is stagnating. 8 grand plus is the norm in Cranberry, Moon Twp., North Strabane, Edgeworth and all of the areas that are right in our backyard that are flourishing. These are areas within 10-20 minute of where you live but are continuing to move forward. Their property values are growing and their communities are flourishing. Low taxes are great if they are the product of business and property expansion and higher incomes for working families. Beaver County has to change its collective thinking and start moving forward. It’s great that this site exposes the obvious inadequacies of the people in local and county government but it would be put to better use if the focus was better directed on how to move he county forward rather than a political tool for courthouse hacks to ridicule one another and stir up hate. Beaver County has produced so many incredible people and will continue to do so as long as the focus turns to harnessing its collective talent to move forward. You clearly need new people in public office so stop complaining and immersing yourselves in empty rhetoric (e.g. Raven) and start figuring out how to get out of your slump.

      WTF is WRONG with you, you dick headed ass wipe!
      This is BEAVER COUNTY! The home of the elderly and poor! You just want to throw people out of their homes and put them under a bridge! Typical liberal thinking asshole! TAX-TAX-TAX!!!!!

    • Tattle Tale. You are so full of shit. Government entities in Beaver County and the tax dollars that they devour at all levels are the problem. Government spending here is NOT THE SOLUTION TO ANYTHING !

      A cheaply constructed newer Maronda type house in Ambridge School District pays about $ 6000 to $ 7000 a year in property taxes already and sells for under $ 300,000. And what do the property owners who pay this get ? Nothing but the privilege of sending their kids to the shit hole Ambridge School system. But hey, they got a new high school 10 years ago. Remember the whole ” if we build it, they will come ” campaign ??? It was lauded by none other than the vaunted Beaver County Times. They loved the idea !! The promise was that higher taxes would pay for the a nice new shiny high school and young upwardly mobile families would flock to send their kids to Ambridge schools. Guess what happened ? Taxes went up and enrollment at Ambridge Schools went down. The only new people that showed up were from Aliquippa and they only moved to Ambridge because Section 8 rental properties took the town over because no one in their right mind wanted to move there. What happened to Ambridge should serve as lesson to the rest of Beaver County when someone starts talking about how paying more in property tax is going to make things “better”.

  10. Sleeper — Telling falsehoods, yes. BCT — Reporting biased, false information, yes. Not understanding finances, decidedly, for both.

    But it’s not lying if they don’t have the ability to know. These people are incompetent, and they shouldn’t be in government or publishing papers.

    Tom Davidson, Lisa Micco — fire them now. Sleeper — Zzzzzzzz…

    • I am not going to copy the Davidson article into this column, but if it is read in its entirety (Google Muck Rack to access the BCTimes Pay-to-Read Buried Sacred News Vaults), the interpretation that is given here by JP can be made from the data. The point is, why is that interpretation not made by Davidson himself? He’s not an investigative reporter? He thinks the public should be smart enough to dig it out?

      Part of the report states that a “debt vacation” exists and that “debt service payments” will have to be dealt with. But Conehead and Sleeper RAN with the initial “surplus” mentioned by Luckow and IGNORED the background debt issue:


      “During the work session in the morning, one of the related issues that was discussed was how the county needs to start planning for 2020, when the “debt vacation” ends and the county’s debt service payments will be increasing by about $3.7 million.

      “That is one expense we know will increase significantly,” Luckow said.
      Regardless, the report was treated as good news by Camp and Amadio.
      “I’m just happy that everyone finally realizes there’s a surplus,” Amadio said.”

      End quote.

      And so it went. Is Davidson to blame? Are Conehead and Sleeper just opportunists at the chance to make good news? Is the public being asked to interpret what the real state of affairs is? Maybe all.

      By any criterion, it is a big SNAFU. And you and I are the ones paying for the incompetence.

    • Yes ,I agree. IMHO this is systemic of the “I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine” way things have been running since I can remember. Beaver County is just one more story of the good ol’ boy system gone bad. All good intentions aside, The Peter Principle has taken a firm hold.

  11. At first I couldn’t tell if Tony just didn’t understand finances, or if he was just plain stupid. This article confirms that Tony is just plain stupid.

  12. Main reason Beaver County is dying is the corruption and ineptitude of the government. It will never be successful until all the shit is flushed from the courthouse. By the way “tattletale” a degree doesn’t mean a f-cking thing. Tony the Sleeper has a masters degree I’m sure. You believe anything that weasel says. A degree today is like a high school diploma from back in the day. Today, if you can pay you’ll get a degree and still won’t get a job because you were just passed through the system for profit. Unfortunately the stone age Neanderthals that rule this county don’t like women in power, especially them “uppity good doers”. Get your apron back on and get back to kitchen and have dinner ready for when the big boss comes home. Newsflash you nitwits, this isn’t the 60’s anymore. Tom Davidson and Lisa Micco should never be confused with “news” or journalism. They are nothing but shills for the Old Guard at the courthouse. Without the government teats they’d be out of business. I liken them to Pravda.

  13. Some of you are upset that Sandie is out and about in the public. She has nothing to hide or skulk in the shadows about. The other two are useful idiots for corruption and Friends and Family, Inc. They hang with their ilk in dark smoke filled rooms (& Marios Conehead) where they get their marching orders. Sadly their friends and families do know what pieces of shit they are. They hold their noses and wait for their turn to rip off the taxpayers. To put the county finances in perspective for you BC Times sheep. You cannot continue to pay your bills with credit cards, smoke and mirrors and borrowing against the future of the young people trapped in this county. Spending beyond your means is something college kids do with their first credit card and then they figure it out. Someone please try and explain this to those two nitwits, SLEEPER & CONEHEAD. They need to read Remedial Math and Finances for dumbasses.

  14. Amadio feels vindicated. All 4 foot of him I’m sure. Isn’t he part of the reason for the county’s financial problems? Oh Tony, bury your head back in the sand.

  15. Please, Lord, please…. have this Grand Jury investigation result in a comprehensive INDEPENDENT financial audit by the Attorney General’s office to determine what exactly this county owns, what it owes, what it is owed from others, etc. We are all over the fucking board from week to month to quarter to year in Beaver.
    They don’t have any handle on this.

    Listening to the county officials discuss our finances is like trying to balance an elderly person’s checkbook after you get a problem call from the bank. You want to see the receipts , the deposit slips, the bank statements, the unpaid bills… and they stand there telling you that they thought there were four jars of tomato sauce in the pantry but they can only find three.

  16. typical amadio ever since he got the job as commish he must have stock in the beaver county times iIm done with them when my script runs out in june there isnt a lot of local news more advertisements than news it isnt worth the money we are paying for them to print one side of the story . Maybe we should boycot the advertisers to the times

  17. What is the County Controller getting paid to do? The projections are by “Public Financial Management Corporation “, audited by “Certified Public Accountants The Brinkley Kanavy Group”. Then we have Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow at $125,000 plus healthcare and pension. Didn’t he use to be paid as an outside contractor? No benefits, no FICA, no workmen comp.
    Sounds like someone is watching FOX news – Allternative Facts – Fake News – let me make you understand “Our numbers”. Can someone find Rick Towcimak, he did all the Controllers work in house. Let’s build a wall !!!!! Mexico will pay for it.

  18. @teamster, the binkley kanavy group has been doing the county financial projections, and independent audit for over 20 years. Just saying you got wrong information.



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