A clerk in the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office is back at her desk processing concealed carry permits, after a hearing held by county officials determined she had been improperly removed by Sheriff David.

Stephanie Guidice filed an Unjust Discipline complaint against Sheriff David back in February, when she said he threatened her job and had her reassigned without any explanation. Guidice has been in charge of processing concealed carry permits in the office for the past 17 years.

Sheriff David had Guidice escorted from her desk by his Chief Deputy shortly following a preliminary hearing held for Larry A. Hicks, a man who David had falsely accused of preparing to commit mass murder at Friendship Ridge. Guidice was a witness at that hearing.

Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh came to Guidice’s defense at the time, stressing that she did nothing wrong when she issued Hicks a permit, and that there was no truth to rumors that Hicks’ application was missing and unavailable when his office needed it.

Human Resources Director Rick Darbut issued a finding last week following a hearing on the grievance filed by Guidice. “There had been a prior attempt by the union to settle the grievance with the Sheriff based on the issuance of a letter from the Sheriff’s solicitor and a meeting that was to take place within the office between the Sheriff, Union, and the clerical employees. The letter was late being issued, the meeting did not occur, and the Union notified the Sheriff’s solicitor that the settlement was off the table … During yesterday’s meeting a series of statements were presented to show why the employee should not be doing her previous job. I find none of these warrant her removal from the position and I have nothing in my files to illustrate that she ever did her job poorly … My finding is to grant the grievance, and Ms. Guidice should be returned to her previous position of doing gun permits in the Sheriff’s Office.”

The union representing clerks in the Sheriff’s Office is scheduled to be back in the courthouse on Friday, following additional complaints by women in the department alleging Sheriff David has been creating a hostile work environment.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Good for Stephanie, Glad she won, Sheriff QUIT picking on woman… can’t win as a matter a fact YOU LOST HA HA …Now he’s creating a hostile work environment? When is going to stop? He’s going to lose this one too. you should all file a law suit against him, he’ll be a LOSER again LEAVE HE LADIES ALONE AND QUIT DRINKING THERE COFFEE……………LOSER

  2. Great job to John Paul for keeping us inform of this out come! Stay strong girls, I’m sure this isn’t over yet. Congratulations Stephanie for standing up!!!

  3. Well Georgie Boy straight shot down the hill now. There’s a whole lot more that is going to make it tougher. Looks like ya better call up ol’ Charlie Brown for some blankets cause you sure are in the dog house with snoop dog. Good job girls!!!!! :time:

  4. How do you like that sheriff asshole. Now you really must be smoking hot. I’ll bet that’s not the end of this situation. He can’t keep his STUPID mouth shut.

  5. Well its nice to see that intimidation from your employer didnt work . Im sure it has in the past but in this day and age everyone in that office needs to stand up. Great job Stephanie. Im hoping that Beaver county sees what this guy is because you know he is arrogant enough to run again. With all that has went on Larry Hicks should be able to run for Sherrif and win..Its nice to know that the gun permits will be running smooth again.

  6. Way to go Stephanie but there is more to this I bet he dont give in this easy we need more reasons why he put you back. But for the SHERRIF go sit in the office and lick your balls like a whooped dog you are. You need to freaking throw in the towel you do nothing but make the county look like a joke. :annoyedreply:

  7. This is another instance of the out of control actions of a clearly mentally ill person. All this woman did was use the information passed on to her from NCIC. If an error was made and it was it lies at the feet of NCIC. Being a supervisor of people means one has the responsibility of being fair, reasonable and consistant a concept it seems our Sheriff does not seem to understand. The days of out of control bullys mistreating the workers thankfully are over. Now we need to get some relief for the Family of Chief Alston and the hate crime the Sheriff comitted against him and his family. If you are a veteran and been passed over from being hired by the Sheriff’s office and a non veteran was hired please contact me. 724 312-9841 Dennis McKee

  8. I can’t wait to see what happens Friday, should be interesting. Lady’s this is 2013, you don’t have to take his shit. Good Job Stephanie you stood strong , I’m sure you endured a lot of stress but now you won, be careful of the two BBS (BLEACH BLOND SNITCHES) They should be ashamed of them self, I hope the next sheriff gives them a taste of there own medicine.



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