Inside of the Aliquippa City Building / photo by John Paul

The City of Aliquippa has named its second acting police chief in less than a week.

“Council met Friday evening at 5 p.m. with our Solicitor where we voted unanimously to have Captain Robert Sealock lead our police department,” Councilman Matthew Mottes told the Beaver Countian. “We feel comfortable with his leadership of our department moving forward.”

Councilwoman Vicki Fratangeli was absent from the emergency session.

Captain Robert Sealock’s appointment follows the arrest of Assistant Chief Joseph Perciavalle, who was in charge for less than two days before being arrested on Friday by Beaver County Detectives on charges of disseminating obscene explicit material to Aliquippa Sgt. Kenneth Watkins’ daughter.

Council has not yet made a formal decision on whether Perciavalle will be suspended with or without pay — he is currently away on a scheduled vacation.

Perciavalle had been appointed acting chief on Wednesday after City council voted unanimously to place Chief Donald Couch on administrative suspension — Councilman Mottes has said Couch is the target of an investigation into local government by Pennsylvania State Police.

Acting Chief Sealock told the Beaver Countian he hopes to bring some sense of stability to the department if at all possible.

“I just want to look out for my guys down here and for our residents and hopefully keep everybody safe and sound,” said Sealock. “I’m going to try to keep this department moving.”

The Aliquippa police department has been working jointly with Beaver County Detectives to investigate the Mother’s Day murder of school teacher Rachael DelTondo.

District Attorney David Lozier has faced intense criticism for not bringing in an outside agency to investigate the murder, due to several apparent conflicts involved in the case. Aliquippa Police had leaked sensitive law enforcement records about DelTondo to an unauthorized member of the public prior to her death; one of the last people to see the woman alive was the daughter of Aliquippa Police Sergeant Kenneth Watkins — who himself has been accused of making unauthorized entry into the DelTondo crime scene while off-duty.

Watkins is currently on a paid administrative leave from the department while the DelTondo investigation remains ongoing due to his family’s ties to the woman.

District Attorney Lozier sought to reassure the public last month about Aliquippa’s involvement in the investigation, saying, “They would not be part of this team if there were any question as to their capacity or their integrity.”

Earlier this week, then-acting Chief Perciavalle announced he would be filing a formal request with the Pennsylvania State Police asking them to take over the DelTondo homicide investigation; it is unclear how far that process progressed before his own arrest by County Detectives.

Acting Chief Sealock told the Beaver Countian he is not yet ready to speak publicly about his plans for the DelTondo investigation.

“I’ve only been on this job for less than a day,” said Sealock. “I hope to be able to answer other questions soon.”

Aliquippa Solicitor Myron Sainovich drafted a press release today about recent events, saying in part, “The City is hopeful that any issues related to the administrative leave (of Chief Donald Couch) will be resolved in the not to (sic) distant future.”

Councilman Mottes said the statement by Solicitor Sainovich was not approved by Council and that particular portion of the release does not reflect his own views.

Solicitor Sainovich’s press release concludes, “The citizens of the City and surrounding communities should be aware that there will be no interruption of police services in the City. The Mayor and Council are taking the appropriate steps to ensure that the integrity of the department and all police services remain in operation.”

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. This is like a movie
    The scene where you were anticipating the federal gvt coming in and solving this murder and then!!…right back in the hands of the bad guys
    It’s not over yet

    • Makes one wonder hug Sky. I have personally WENT TO the PSP and spent 2 hours with them some time ago. I can honestly say I don’t think they are any less corrupt than our local yocals. ALL of our local and governmental officials are letting us all down. Wolfe Shapiro FBI PSP, etc etc. the whole fiasco is nothing but a ruse with Matt M leading the charade – and let’s face it, if it weren’t so, he would have already met his demise in some fashion. So now there is just another AP off on vacation after he pulled his part of the hoax off. I fell for it at first, but then realized my error when yet ANOTHER CROOKED APO has taken the reigns, not too mention silence from others and then you got Sainovich and Lozier assisting in cover ups and telling blatant lies. It’s not rocket science to figure this out. The Watkins family is front and center in all of this, however, doesn’t take too much to figure they, namely crooked cop Watkins, did not orchestrate events himself, I assure you he is not bright enough to do so. It’s a much bigger tangled web. We need FBI from outside our region. The hell with the PSP because they have authority they have not used and therefore that goes to show their guilt in my book. Speaking of books, I just may write one. It will be non fiction of course. I will call it “The Stupidity of BC and the Residents Therein” I’m so ashamed to live in BC and namely the Hopewell/Aliquippa area.

      • What makes you think that Sealock is crooked. Why are you so ready to judge. Robert Sealock was appointed to do a job and he will do it well. Matt is doing a great great job also. My responseto you is please move our of our town somewhere else. We don’t need you.

      • @jemma-Because there is no such thing as a honest cop in Aliquippa. Hasn’t been for the last 60 years at the very least. With exception to James Naim. That is what got him killed. Period.

      • i don’t think anyone’s going to killed right now to many average citizens on the look out now – not that they would offer assistance though, because anyone and everyone that talks gets murdered. and grabbing all the slot machines on day 2? that was so obvious. what does it take really to get the feds in here? its not like we can protest we all have to go to work its like were stuck with what we have and that’s it! I cant believe human life is so insignificant to our police! solving murders used to be to show themselves to be serving and protecting. now someone can show up dead on the street at 6am in the morning and they just pick him up. its really really horrible

    • Well it would be one hell of a movie, the problem is if this keeps up with the Aliquippa Police their will be nobody to patrol and do what they do best, the hole department will be on paid leave suspension and then their will be no choice but to have the PSP patrol the streets of Aliquippa! This one in line to be chief will be OK till he talks about bring the PSP to take over the investigation, then am sure he will have a target on his back till the DA gets dirt on him! It’s a shame a woman is dead and it’s all about politics and who’s going to find out what and when! The DA and the city should hand this investigation over at the very beginning! WHAT ARE THEY HIDING OR PROTECHING?

      • Hiding? I think they are hiding many things, But I would assume one of the MAIN things is that a cop killed another cop. NAIM

  2. Sainovich you’re out of touch with the city that you’re overpaid to represent! This department has been understaffed (not to mention underpaid) for years and 3 officers have just been placed on leave so how are services not going to be affected?! Pull your head out of your ass for God’s sake.
    Rob, I feel for you buddy and what you have to overcome. Thank you for stepping up to this challenge and I hope you can straighten this mess up. This is such an embarrassment to the community and department but keep your head up.
    Council (with the exception of Mr Mottes) and Dwan Walker (I won’t even address him as Mayor) need to be held accountable for this fiasco and resign. You have let the citizens down with your stupidity and tolerance of what this department has become.

    • @GhettoGirl… Quip actually has 3 GOOD council members who have been pushing for the right things to get done. We have Mr. Matt Mottes AND Mr. Art Piroli AND Mrs. Vicki Fratangeli. Watch the video of Couch being put on suspension. These 3 people are interest in doing the right things for Quip, while old Duuuwan and his Twin Bro Cover Up Pro suck up all the credit for everything they can. Makes me sick ugh.

    • He will….when Chuckie Betters tells his little minion bitch to do it…not before.
      Matt doesn’t take a piss without Chuckie’s permission.

  3. So what’s up with Perciavalle? Is he suspended with pay also or what? Where do I apply for Aliquippa PD? I think I can come up with something stupid too that I can do that would qualify me for a few months of paid vacation as well.

    “Protect and Serve” my ass…………………………………….”Scheme and Scam” is more like it..

    • “So what’s up with Perciavalle? Is he suspended with pay also or what?”

      Good question. I have updated the article with the following based on my current reporting:

      “Council has not yet made a formal decision on whether Perciavalle will be suspended with or without pay — he is currently away on a scheduled vacation.”

      • This whole Administrative Leave with pay is pure bull shit! If you are even suspected on doing something that warrants your removal from your job, why the hell are we paying YOU and your REPLACEMENT to do that one job? Suspend them WITHOUT pay and if vindicated at a later day, pay them back pay!

      • Have you taken a look at his Facebook page. He posted a “re-make of Cinderalla”. . Which includes words referring to “titties, Cinderalla’s throat…”you must suck dick”, etc.

        In his comments regarding the Steelers, he refers to Kissing on Coach Rollin.

        Is this acceptable “communication” from a public official/police officer?

        Also, why are the windows of his personal vehicle “blacked out”. . .thought that was against the vehicle code!

  4. Sealock wont last long……He will be out on workmans comp before the end of the month. Just is his MO. Somebody (Matt?) needs to bring in the PSP to help patrol this shithole and get a grasp on the out of control happenings going on in said shithole.
    Just how many officers are on the job now? 8? 10? 12? Surely not enough to cover all shifts 24/7/365.

    • @Five-0..Just saw Sealock doing an interview with Amy on Channel 11 and he lost my vote of confidence as the new Acting Chief when he was asked if he would bring in the State Police on the Deltondo case and he said a resounding “No, I won’t” So there you have it folks, Sealock said he will serve and protect, and we all know who he means by that! I’m with you Five-0, he won’t last long as Acting Chief….Who Will Be Next!!!!!

  5. Thank God its not Pudik. I was at the MPI club a few years ago where he slammed down a real small defenseless kid for no reason. Heard he also comes into work Drunk and hungover he clocks in then goes to the courthouse and gets that overtime money and then goes right home to sleep. Complete creep!

    Completely taking advantage of the tax payers money.

    • @Word… you are spot on with everything. He should have been put on leave with Couch. PooDick has a long list of accomplishments. Let’s see.. you can add to your list… he punched a mentally ill man in the face several times when the man was sitting on the ground in handcuffs (which is how he broke his own hand); in a drunken stupor in his personal vehicle, he was in an accident near the West A bridge and left the scene leaving the victim of his Hit n Run sitting there; he got pulled over in Baden or Ambridge, again drunk as hell. All of these things swept under the carpet by none other than Couch. Had to protect his minion!

      • Mercbenz, I love your comments, THEY ARE ALL TRUE !!! But he was pulled over on SR# 65 by Arby’s, drunk as a mother fucker, and let go because of ” The thin blue line” little did the officer know that Poodick would arrest him in a second for the most minor offense. Also I told Myron and Deewan both several times the Couch was stealing forever, double dipping, stolen quad, and so much more. But what happened nothing, they did not act on anything and promoted Couch to Chief. The Poodick is drunk comes into the police station and shoots an officer with a TASER. And Dewanna he tries to fight a police officers outside of the plan 12 market, and tries to fight a water authority employee on the hill. Leader my ass, tug life, thats all. Too busy taking the Ganara girl to Harrisgurg. Ans let not forget Couch coming to the station the night there was an officer involved shooting, driving a city cruiser, and he was drunk as a skunk, he shoulda been arrested that night if a certian officers was thinking. RICO< RICO< make them all go to prison

      • I can totally believe you told both Duuwan and Myron. You are one of many who have been telling our For Shit Mayor the same thing. I bet you always got the same answer as everybody else. It’s Duuuwan who shut that shit down with the ole, “I got that handled”, and then did ABSOLUTELY NOTHHING. I say peeps who live in Quip go to the next council meeting and demand that he and his bro step down!!

  6. Robbie Sealock is a great choice for Chief.. He’s been a cop for Many Many Years. He treats everyone with RESPECT and he always has a smile for everyone!! I haven’t seen him in a year and understand he was in a bad wreck awhile back !! GOOD LUCK ROB and great choice Council. There’s nothing bad anyone can say about Him.

  7. Federal Govt. FBI State Police need to come in and take all issues of law enforcement over. The Governor needs to issue a state of emergency order for BC Aliquippa when things start to get as bad as they are when the rule of law totally breaks down there is the very real possibility of the residents the people of Beaver County taking matters into there own hands.

  8. Scheduled vacation!!!!! Wtf is this some kind of alternate reality!!! He was arrested and charged as a pederast!!!! Thats cause for automatic dismissal!!!! The murder victim that this whole thing circulates around was fired from teaching on an unsubstantiated report without charges.. Are we being punked here?


    • Fired without proof? Innocent until proven guilty? I don’t know this officer, but I am sure you would not feel the same if it was you. Or, if you just made a mistake.

  9. Proof? They have the phones! Child protection laws in this country have zero leeway for “mistakes “, one hell of a mistake by the way! Oh… and also very full of the integrity you’d want in a chief law enforcement officer! The mother seemed pretty upset with it… I guess in that town you can blame anything on a mistake, maybe the killer shot her 10 times by “mistake “

  10. Must be great to be paid to go to jail for a few minutes. Glad they still respect his vacation, such a joke. I’m pretty sure if I was arrested on a “scheduled” vacation I wouldn’t be getting paid and still thinking I would be just suspended (probably with pay). I’d be fired. Get the hell out of here. Phones don’t lie, only humans.

  11. This guy also has his own skeleton in a closet, and so will the next one, and the next one. The musical chiefs is like peeling back an onion to find a layer that doesn’t make you cry.

  12. The Governor is attached to the Mayor. Dumped some cash in Aliquippa few months ago. It’s time to remove Wolfe and Walker From power. Ineffective leadership causes chaos.

    • @Bgquip… add to your removal List Deewan’s bro Donald, their very good pal Sam Gill (main cover up man), McFarland the so called finance officer (the bean counter whose known about all this theft and did NOTHING about it), and Pudik at the PD. Send them all packin and watch all this bullshit chaos come to a grinding halt!!!

  13. Hood Rats they should know! Seems to many that hood rats are running the PD. Aliquippa has to feel great that a few in the PD and their family think of them as Aliquippa Hood Rats! Drain the swamp need new leadership! Is there a honest person on the PD?

  14. How can you people place blame on the Solicitor? An Attorney’s only responsiblity is to represent their clients best interests. They are not in the position to to make political policies for their clients. Attorney’s are hired to represent muders, rapists, drug dealers and usually unscrupulous people. I do not have any political or client connection to Myron Sainovich. I have known him for over thirty years. He has always been a man of honesty and integrity. Don’t shoot the messenger, listen to the message.

    • And of course @Teamster…….Never! Never represent a “muder”…..No matter how you slice that pie it’s one to be avoided!

    • Is this the same Myron Sainovich, a man of honesty and integrity that was ordered to pay back thousands of dollars to the county?

    • @teamster… good point about an attorney. Their job is to advise their client of what action the client can take that is WITHIN THE LAW. It is up to the client to take action based on advice given. It is not the attorney’s fault if the CLIENT DOES NOT follow the law. I don’t know Sainovich other than to see him so this is not to make him look better. I’m just saying that no attorney can force the client to take his advice.

  15. Quick question. Why is council appointing acting police chief? Isn’t that the mayor’s job and what is the mayor doing about contacting the state police? I always thought the mayor was in charge of the police department…am I wrong?

  16. A thought just came to me, If Aliquippa needs to hire a third chief this week. Hire Lou Gentile he is well versed in under handed dirty work but if he was chief all his unique talents and abilities would be out on front street. wont have to do all that dirty work for them behind the scenes Lou can be the man……

  17. Hopefully this will all lead back to Walker going down. Robbie is a good man. Known him for years. He’s had some health problems, sure, but he’s an honest cop. He’s worked a long time through the politics of Aliquippa.

  18. And Sainovich is a horrible person. Definitely part of the problem. Not the solution. Anyone can tell just by looking at him he’s a total creep.

  19. Thanks Jerry Mungo for the spelling catch. Thanks John Q Taxpayer for the link to the Myron story. I’m not a legal person but as I read the story Attorney Sainovich had an agreement with one set of Commissioners, did the work, and then was sued by the next group to get the payments back. Mr. Sainovich did what any person would do, defend his right for compensation for services rendered. Unfortunately he drew the wrong judge. He’s paid all the money back. Not as some haven’t. Sounds like a play out of Trump’s playbooks, do the work and then get sued by the bums that hired you.

  20. Another 10 Days to 2 Weeks of this and they will be down to naming the School Crossing Guards as acting Chief😂


  22. We’ve all be so distracted by this scripted performance going on in Aliquippa, what about the Courthouse, is there still an ongoing investigation, or will we hear that manpower has been stretched thin. If so, cause for celebration in the courthouse, more time to shred documents, erase computer files or alter minutes of meetings.

  23. Let’s start a game of “Where in the World is DEEWANNN? Hiding from the truth won’t save your big ass. Mann up dude and make a statement and show some balls. Forget about county commissioner, you aren’t fit to be a dog groomer. You got nothing now, Alighetto is your last hurrah.

    • @equalizer13… Spot on! BUT please don’t put the For Shit Mayor in the same category as a dog groomer. All the dog groomers I know are honest and have integrity! He’s lower than whale shit in my book. Where is Deeewwwaaaannnnn you ask??? People in hell have a better chance of getting snowballs than the Quip Community hearing from the For Shit Mayor. He’s off planning his trip for his next dinner invite, or getting his next award lol.

    • Prior to the investigations, when the cameras was roll’n, DWann was all about the chest bumps and da high fives. Big fella even got hisself some money from da state. Now DA STATE he in, is a real F’n mess an his sorry ass can ferget any hopes on being a B.C. Commissioner.
      equalizer13, I agree with ya. Where is the big guy now, and where is Lozier on updatin’ the County Citizens? No more of this “how will this effect me?” Do what’s right.
      Both of their political careers are over.

  24. JP, what you need to look at now is the Chief and Captain’s salaries from the past few years. They made an extremely good living especially working for an ACT 47 – distressed city.

    • Amateur hour- being a distressed city, they should probably look at all the departments- street, police and fire to see where the money is needed the most

  25. Bring Edgell back he would be a better pick than this guy. What a cluster mess here. Some of these cops couldn’t get out of a wet paper bag. What happened to the Mann investigation? and what is going on in the Beaver Falls Magistrate office?

  26. Kinda fishy that perciavalle only got a 5000 bond from swihart who just so happens that matt mottes was backing her heavily for her campaign. Matt and joe are best pals and now it just so happens joe is on a scheduled vacation. Sounds to me like mr mottes has his own personal intentions and is helping his buddy out as much as possible. And let’s not forget what a “great” citizen mr mottes is and what he comes from. How many fights has he been in at the mpi club or how many chairs he has thrown at women’s faces in the mpi club. Maybe that he doesn’t even live in aliquippa. The list could go on and on about him.

  27. It’s time to get rid of Myron Sainovich and get this deptment cleaned up and give these guys a good pay for the money that they can support a family with! And am sure the good one’s, that if they hang in their deserves and am sure you will see that department do a 90 degree turn around! How can any police department run under this mess! The morale has got to be so hostile to work in!!!! Then come next election it’s time to get people in their that does not start a Circus like this and other things going on in Alliquippa! 🎪🤹‍♀️🎟

  28. Suspect all of them. This is Beaver County that includes Mottes. Don’t get suckered remember Tony ill clean up the sheriffs Dept. Guy. Trust hard truth backed up by accurate facts cant afford no more of this twilight zone shit. Its come down to life or death. Think it wont knock on your families door? I will bet the Deltondos did not expect there daughter to be murdered on mothers day in front of the drive way.

  29. If we had that Popeyes franchise in Aliquippa, there would be jobs, there would be prosperity and there would be hope in Quip Nation. Now our young people have to move to Pittsburgh to get those kind of jobs.

    Franklin Avenue is deserted. Our Main Street is a Pain Street.

    Steel City Tykes brought no lasting impact to our town. No new residents and no business development were drawn by that show.

    • Popeyes? Really? You think a chicken shack is going to change Quip? That’s delusional.

      Young people should be moving away from Quip. People came there because there were jobs. People should leave there because there are no jobs. It’s simple economics, supply and demand. Holding onto some fairy tale about the great Aliquippa because of it’s legacy of a great HS football team is pure insanity. Parents who are stuck in the past are proliferating the destruction of their children’s futures. Parents who really care for their children would find a way to get them out, not to keep them in.

      • You make some valid points. But one must never underestimate the economic, social or moral value of a good chicken shack or goofy adults making fools of themselves acting like 12 year old football is The NFL👍

      • agree. it is sad because it used to be but it is no more. anyone without feelings of nostalgia would make a way better decision than staying. bad from the ground up, no protection drugs crime murder and no growth you cant say I’m staying coz this is my town either make it your town or live somewhere safer youre right

  30. if there was a popeyes in aliquippa they would have to pay the police protection money or would get robbed every week



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