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Aliquippa’s acting police chief issued emergency orders to city officers late Wednesday night, calling off street patrols and requiring officers to travel to calls in groups.

Acting Chief Robert Sealock’s actions were in reaction to reports by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and WPXI, in which county District Attorney David Lozier created a false impression that an unnamed police officer may have killed city resident Rachael DelTondo on May 13.

“I can’t catch a break,” Sealock told BeaverCountian.com. Sealock, who is Aliquippa’s third police chief since the beginning of June, has been struggling to maintain city police services due to a severe department staffing shortage.

Lozier commented to multiple news outlets this week about the jailhouse letter purporting to be from a witness to the DelTondo murder. Police said Lozier failed to state the letter is already known by his office to be fake.

Lozier nonetheless told media the letter is still being analyzed and possibly is still in play as important evidence. He also told media that the writer claims the killer was a police officer.

Several county police chiefs and officers spoke with BeaverCountian.com after seeing the headlines. They spoke on condition of anonymity, with some asking to remain anonymous for fear of potential retaliation from Lozier.

A few said they planned to talk with police unions about possibly demanding Lozier’s resignation, saying they believe he’s put their lives in danger with his reckless comments to the press.

One officer said, “I now have to worry about a subject thinking I may be a killer when I pull them over on a traffic stop. This creates an extremely dangerous situation if the subject happens to be carrying (a firearm) and reaches to make it more accessible to them.”

Chief Sealock told BeaverCountian.com he too was concerned about the articles, which is why he issued the emergency orders.

“I told my men not to do traffic stops and if they had to go on a call they had to go three men deep,” said Sealock. “I was definitely worried about those articles, worried about how the public would react to them. You never know what the public’s thinking.”

As with other officers, Sealock said he is stunned by remarks to the media being made by District Attorney Lozier.

“Everybody knows the letter is fake,” said Sealock. “Why did he do that? That’s not even right. Why go that route?”

BeaverCountian.com has known the entire contents of the letter for weeks but chose not to publish it because it hadn’t been authenticated and the site’s investigative reporting has been pointing toward it being fraudulent.

The Beaver Countian has since gotten multiple confirmations it was fake.

BeaverCountian.com published an in-depth investigative report about the “DelTondo Murder Letter” on June 12 in conjunction with a team of reporters for the Daily Mail out of New York City (“EXCLUSIVE: Mysterious DelTondo Murder Letter Leads To Raid Of Attorney’s Office – Court Gags Defense Lawyer“). A second investigative report published by the Beaver Countian on June 16 called into question the authenticity of the letter (“Discrepancy Discovered In DelTondo Murder Letter Mystery“).

County jail inmate Wayne Cordes, 21, of Hopewell Township told BeaverCountian.com that he received the letter allegedly containing a witness’s account of the murder a few days after the shooting. On June 12, police and county detectives searched his cell and seized part of the letter. A later raid on Cordes’ attorney Gerald Benyo’s office yielded the other portion.

Cordes claimed the letter from the alleged witness was included inside another letter written by his girlfriend Kayle Hill, 22, of Rochester. Hill initially corroborated his story to this site, and has since said she was lying and never mailed the letter and never knew the alleged witness. She said county detectives have also recorded her recantation.

Following the cell search, Benyo filed a motion for a sanctions hearing against Lozier for improper seizure of confidential defense documents related to Cordes’ upcoming trial. This week, Cordes’ charges were drastically reduced and the sanctions request was dropped in exchange for Cordes’ later testimony in the murder case.

But Benyo said the DA repeatedly told him Cordes had no knowledge of the murder case.

DA’s office and police insiders confirmed Tuesday to BeaverCountian.com that the letter has been discounted because it is fraudulent. And DelTondo’s mother, Lisa, said a county detective reiterated to her Tuesday night that the letter is fake.

Lisa DelTondo said the detective also told her that the family of the purported writer underwent handwriting analyses that conclusively determined the letter was not authentic.

Coverage by Tribune Review and WPXI spurred from remarks by District Attorney David Lozier

However, Lozier was quoted later in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Revue under the headline, “District Attorney: Inmate’s letter alleges cop killed Rachael DelTondo.”

The story read in part, “The letter to inmate Wayne Cordes, 21, of Aliquippa was ‘allegedly written by somebody outside the jail and identified a police officer as having committed the homicide,’ according to Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier. Lozier wouldn’t identify the alleged writer of the letter. He also declined to say whether the letter identified the officer or for which department the officer worked.”

Tribune-Review news partner WPXI picked up on its coverage, running a similar headline on its site. Some time later, the TV news station removed the report and replaced it with a headline stating, “Scrutiny of mysterious letter connected to DelTondo murder investigation grows.”

WPXI explained its action in a statement: “We want to be clear tonight what we know, and what information Channel 11 has confirmed, in the midst of a wave of numerous reports by other outlets … Tonight, our newspaper partner, TribLive, attributed District Attorney David Lozier as saying the letter claims a police officer was the one who killed DelTondo. When Channel 11’s Beaver/Butler Bureau Reporter Amy Marcinkiewicz directly called Lozier tonight, he told her he was misquoted. The Trib told Channel 11 they circled back with Lozier, and the Trib has stuck with its story.”

District Attorney David Lozier failed to respond to a request by BeaverCountian.com on Wednesday for comment about his remarks to reporters about the letter.

Staff reports contributed to this article.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • I’m starting to think that Lozier himself had something to with Rachel’s murder. Why else would he so seemingly be doing his best to sabotage this investigation every step of the way? If he’s not directly involved, who is he protecting?

    • my condolences Ms deltondo..this is a shit show and hopefully you get justice..I didn’t know your daughter, but I grew up in quip and ashamed..I don’t know if Mike is a relative, but we grew up on same street during high school and best friends..I don’t have his new number, but if you are fam please send my condolences..we will overcome this..dmar

  1. Well you happy now losier ? You bumbling buffoon you. What kind of a Tit handles these standard operating procedures in such an inept manner?!? Every family member of every beat cop now gets to go to bed worried and stressed that your incompetence in such a crucial case, or cases as it now seems may result in harm coming to them when their only trying to do their jobs. I believe Mr Taxpayer said it before, and Mungo will say it again ……Please resign your position, but only after issuing a formal apology to everyone affected who are now just a bit more UNsafe by your negligence/incompetence!

  2. Not only has the Dumb ASS Loser Lozier put Patrolman/Patrolwomen lives in danger, but also the general public, specifically those like myself that carry a firearm, Patrol Officer makes traffic stop, calls in the license plate, in P.A the license plate informs police that the driver is a Concealed Firearms Carrier ,Patrol Officer while approaching vehicle draws his/her weapon as a precaution, asks driver for documents , driver makes a quick an innocent movement, LIGHTS OUT …..Lozier , you have no pride, no dignity , no self respect , resign now before the Feds or Attorney General makes you.

    • Not true, running the plate does not show that a person is a concealed firearms carry. Know your facts before you post.

      • The officer themselves may or may not be able to on their in-car computers, but their dispatchers certainly can. Knowing the registered owner’s name and DOB lets them access everything else…driver license info, hunting/fishing licenses, warrants, criminal history, concealed weapons permits, etc. etc. Apples an Oranges as to whom access’s it , it just a matter of a the Patrol offices asking, or the Dispatcher telling the patrol officer, they know before approaching your vehicle , i was stopped in P.a recently, first question from Patrolman, “where’s your firearm ” ,
        Now you use your brain, an know that a two way radio is a communication device before posting .

  3. And the saga continues SMH. I honestly do not think this investigation is going anywhere of importance until Beaver County and any associated Police agencies are 100% removed from the case and it is turned over to PSP or Feds. I can not understand why these obvious corrupt clowns are still pulling the strings of this investigation, too many people involved with stuff to hide , twist , etc . Feds or State need to just move in and take over. I feel so bad that her family can not even get justice because you can’t trust ANYONE that is assigned to the case. Is there no way that the Feds can say enough smoke and mirrors already and toss these shady characters all off the case and take it on themselves ? Sure seems to me like that should have been done long before now.

    • JECx3 I agree totally ,as do many others, if not all, the PSP should take over to give the General public confidence in proper Justice, the D.A is a bumbling buffoon, the local police have shown way to much corruption to be trusted, even their new Chief realized this, the County Detectives an the D.A are handling the case like monkey’s playing with a basket ball ,their more interested in whats on someones phone an a jail house lie than actually finding out the truth.
      For the love of Mom an Country Detectives/D.A , when your battle plans have failed, call in reinforcements , regroup, move to higher ground an let the experts take over, a young lady lost her life, a family devastated never more to be the same.
      What if it was your son or daughter Lozier , would you let the Three Stooges handle the case?

  4. This has gone to the realm of unbelievable… the DA says he was “Misquoted”? Why, what did he say? It’s not like these media outlets are wildly irresponsible and make stuff up! These aren’t tabloids. So why is it so difficult to say “we’ve checked this letter out, it’s an obvious fabrication, we’re moving on”? This buffoon of a DA is now putting the lives of hard working, honest, dedicated public servants at risk. Chief Sealock has done the right thing- nobody patrols alone. I hope his officers can be professional, because the public is going to read/see this nonsense and instead of looking further into the story, they’re going to use it as justification for acting like idiots. Lozier has to go. There will never be justice in Beaver County until he’s gone. We’re releasing a criminal because of the ham handed way his “detectives” handled a search warrant. He’s lost every bit of credibility. There’s no hope of the BCT picking up this thread, but maybe the Pittsburgh media outlets can start to expose this idiot for what he is- a man hopelessly lost in his job.

  5. Who would have ever thought at this point in time that comparing Frank “The Bow Tie” Martucci to David Lozier would be like comparing General George Patton to Private Eddie Slovik as a DA for Beaver County! That is how fucked up it is!

  6. After reading this report I believe it necessary, as Mr. Cordes’ attorney and an officer of the court, to publically confirm that Mr. Cordes has not provided any credible evidence or provided any factually confirmed statement to the District Attorney that indicates any police officer was involved with the murder of Rachael DelTondo. Any media report to the contrary is not factually correct.

    The report of Mr. Cordes accepting a plea bargain offered by the District Attorney to resolve his criminal case immediately before the hearing on the Motion For Sanctions I filed against the District Attorney is accurate. As part of the plea bargain, all felony charges were dismissed and Mr. Cordes received a minimum sentence of time served for misdemeanor convictions for theft and simple assault.

    After being sentenced, Mr. Cordes did provide an interview with county detectives. Again, based upon my personal knowledge and information about these events, and as Mr. Cordes attorney, no credible evidence or any confirmed statement was provided by Mr. Cordes that would support any conclusion that a police officer was involved with Rachael Deltondo’s murder. Anyone who states otherwise does not understand the issues involved in Mr. Cordes’ case, the Motion For Sanctions or what transpired in Beaver County in Courtroom 5 on Monday.

    • Mr Benyo, for my own clarity was your motion for sanctions brought against DA Lozier or the office of the DA?

      • Both the District Attorney and the Office as they are interchangeable. The District Attorney is in charge of the county detectives and he personally was present for at least 2 meetings/hearings as to these matters

    • With it being determined that Lozier did in fact bumble things with the warrant. Why was he then not issued the sanctions accordingly regardless of any plea? What he did clearly requires some form of disciplinary measure.

      • Once the Plea was entered andSentence imposed the hearing on the Motion for Sanctions did not take place. The Court is not likely to take action as to sanctions on it’s own as the issue is now deemed “moot” as the case against Mr. Cordes is over.

  7. I wonder how many more peoples lives he’s gonna ruin before he stops fucking around and hangs it up. Major waste of taxpayer money on this douche.

  8. When the snakes start to turn on one another it will start to get even crazier here in BC. Maybe down the road a little way the National Guard will need to be called in. To keep law and order in Beaver County.

  9. Is someone going to do something about this”hazzard” or is life going to go on as though this dangerous insanity didn’t happen??? Stay safe LEO!!!

  10. I am still baffled at the amount of responses that think PSP or “The State Police” is the best authority around. They think PSP will get answers. Yet, we are still waiting to hear about the investigstion into Aliquippa or whats going on with Ambridge. It has been months since the investigations started and we have not one answer or any information what so ever. Everyone thinks PSP is going to swoop in and save the county.

  11. In Stonewall’s own words, he describes his many duties in this YouTube drug forum video. You can jump to 19:00 through 33:12 to hear how HE says HE coordinates, trains, equips, organizes and provides a criminal justice system for the police forces of Beaver County. What he says he does and what he does, or doesn’t do, are quite different.


  12. I’m confused, first you are all pissed off yelling about how the police killed Rachel and now you’re all pissed off because the DA said the letter said the police killed her? Choose one and stick with it….cant be mad about both sides of an argument

    • Please read this slowly and try to keep up –

      The discredited letter said that the police killed Ms. Deltondo.

      We still have zero credible evidence of who really did kill Ms. Deltondo. This means that it might be the police or it might not be.

      What people are pissed off about is that our DA told the press that the letter indicated the police killed Ms. Deltondo when he knew that it was not authentic (or at absolute best had not been authenticated). That is monumentally stupid.

      So it is possible that some people think the police did it AND that the letter is a fake and both of them piss people off.

      Two different things.

      Did I clear that up for you?

    • Never forget why Lozier defeated Benyo. Lozier is Jim Christiana’s boy. And Christiana sold his soul to the highest bidder a long time ago. They wanted a puppet in the DAs office and that’s what they got. They probably didn’t count on the puppet tangling himself up in his own strings quite so much.

      Follow the money.

      • Lozier got voted in over Mr. Benyo because they did a frame up job on Benyo at election time. Remember?

  13. Count me among those who don’t want to be anywhere near a member of the APD. Rachel feared for her life. Officer Naim feared for his life. Why were they afraid of the APD? If all officers were vetted, it might establish a different atmosphere in the city. Better yet, identify the shooter, take away his weapon, and lock him up.

  14. I just wonder…. Could it be…..?

    Could it be that the whole plan has now gone completely to hell? Could it be that it was agreed to by all involved how this homicide was going to go down but no contingencies were made for the situation where there’s now a different police chief than there was supposed to be?

    Could it be that Stonewall and the crew had to quickly regroup and figure out a plan B in light of these circumstances and what just happened was that he had an unexpected little “oops” moment and let part of the new plan out of the bag?

    Could it be that the new plan is to let Perciaville take the fall for it but he wasn’t supposed to let that part out until after the detectives ‘worked’ a few thousand more hours of overtime and find the magic incriminating document on his phone that implicates him? The rest of the gang must be pretty pissed at Stonewall for screwing up the plan that’s already been screwed up several times over. They might even kick him out of the club and not let him participate in the next homicide conspiracy.

    Or, could it be that he’s just that grossly incompetent?

    • I’m in complete agreement with you. I think her murder was planned well beforehand by people who think they are smart, but when all the cards started falling and it came out that the department was being more investigated than they thought, they had no plan B. Keep charging Perciavalle to make it look like you’re doing something, botch a cell search that let a criminal walk out with a slap on the wrist. What’s just as interesting is why is Watkins still off?? No business in the world gives that much time for grieving. APD is shorthanded, you’d think that if it was something simple with him that he’d get his discipline for what he did at the scene and be back to work. The city is broke and they’re paying overtime like crazy. Let’s hear the real deal on Watkins and family

  15. I’m confused as to how Cordes got a plea bargain and charges drastically dropped if there is no truth to the letter?!

    • Because Lozier didn’t want to face a potential reprimand at the sanctions hearing for the ham-handed search of Cordes’ cell

  16. You know, Stonewall, it takes a real set of big hairy man balls to continue to double down on stupid. Did the midget’s wife loan you hers again?

  17. Can we agree that power of suggestion is potentially a very powerful affect? If so let’s presuppose a DA upon first hearing a letter existed, somehow got it in their head that this letter alleged a police officer pulled the trigger , either by word of mouth from some contact who is trustworthy to the DA or is not so trustworthy. One way or another let’s say the figurative seed has been planted, by whom?……… You dear reader decide! ……..Guessing is allowed.
    Now if the person who briefed said DA on this “letter” had the belief that by divulging this to the DA that a fairly certain reaction could be counted on by said DA and any interested parties who would definitely be monitoring ongoing events.
    Could it be hegelian…..problem…reaction…solution?!?……….create problem..letter somehow appears/content…..monitor the reaction…….the serving of warrants at a def. Attorney’s office and a jail cell containing a inmate with connections i.e arresting officer……Solution is already planned from the creation and onset of stage 1. problem…..And the solution they have planned…screw the pooch on taking the letter, but also taking everythng else…probably the pencils too! So once again there would be nothing admissible due to SEEMING incompetence…..Mungo is likely way off the reservation on this one and this completely and unequivocally is an opinion piece, but nonetheless Mungo is reminded of a defense that went something like……If the glove dont fit, you must acquit!……or some other farcical intellect!

  18. Loser is a perfect example that there is a big difference between an ambulance chasing lawyer and an actual lawyer that knows criminal law. Lets hope that Beaver County voters do a little research on who they vote for in the next election before they vote.

  19. There have been suggestions that Rachel’s murder was connected to information she was going to share about corruption within government and law enforcement. If that’s true she may have accomplished that. Through her death we have seen the absurdity in Aliquippa government including the musical chairs in the police chief’s office. When a gang of thieves turn on each other interesting things happen.

    Also through her death a true picture of our county district attorney and detective bureau has become public. They set free a dangerous felon because they needed to stop a professional conduct hearing that would hurt the DA and detectives. Then they proceeded to put every street cop in the area in danger by stating there is “evidence” that a killer cop is on the job. On the other hand, they arrested a good police officer – twice – because he was going to toss them from the investigation. Those charges will never stick in a courtroom but its a well known strategy from the detective bureau – ruin a good man’s reputation.

    Through Rachel’s death, the entire county (and beyond) now sees the DA and detective bureau the way that insiders have for many years – inept buffoons that can’t solve crimes but will do everything possible to protect their jobs and territory. Maybe this will prompt a public outcry to Dump the DA and Dump the Detectives. Maybe once real police officers take charge of the investigation we’ll learn a lot more about corruption in the county.

    • Great read. So true that these pieces of shit are all being exposed for the phonies that they are. Useless political hacks and wannabe gumshoes. Nearly every county in PA uses PSP with exception of probably Philly & Allegheny counties. We sure as hell don’t read about a three ring circus every time they are involved in a major crime case. Save millions of dollars by sending them back to the malls where they can perform their duties and succeed. MAYBE! Puzzled by the crude attempt to take down Perciaville. If I were him I’d go to the grand jury and the PSP and blow all the crooked bastards out of the water. Like a drowning man what has he got to lose? He’s lost his job, dignity and been publicly vilified. And that sport fans is what the DA, APD, DA super dicks and Midgets minions are. Political hacks out to destroy enemies and save their own asses. Self before service, just like the old Stonewall encourages. That badge can distort one’s own self image and actually empower f-cking losers to think they are either above the law or they are the law. That’s where the seeds of corruption grown, aided and abetted by political whores who’d sell their own mothers for a job. The entire justice system needs revamped and corrupt judges should be ousted at election time. No justice for the taxpayers or the middle class.

    • Responder32: Very well said! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Let’s hope when it comes time for chief Joe who was arrested twice, to go to his hearing, that he doesn’t get an unethical judge, too. At this point in time, I’ve lost all faith in the justice system. The bottom line is Lozier and Couch both must go!
      I can’t, for the life of me, understand why Cordes was released with a plea deal when he has absolutely nothing to offer in the DelTondo murder case. He should have remained in jail until due process was completed and sanctions should have been imposed. Cordes surely was handed a get out of jail free card [with time served].
      My heart goes out to the DelTondo family. This must be pure hell for them. IMHO, I don’t believe for one minute that an officer killed Rachael DelTondo. That was stated only to throw you cop haters off track rather than to focus on who really killed that poor woman. Mark my words; This was a crime of passion! Don’t be fooled with any of this other nonsense. Put all of the pieces to the puzzle together w/o influence from other sources and you will come to the conclusion of who would have wanted her dead and the majority of you, who are without bias/prejudice, will have answered the question as to why she was murdered all by yourself.

  20. was waiting in a line the other day……….there were 4 women around me talking about this…….and they gave their list of why they think a police officer did this……..I can’t list their reasons here because then everyone would recognize who it is.

  21. Yes indeed. This business is being talked about openly, standing on line in the shops and on the streets. The police and the county government are not thought well of by the public. And for many good reasons.

  22. Perhaps you should anonymously tell a confidential member of the media? Perhaps, John Paul? You can even access him anonymously and confidentially on this site, at the top of this page, under “Contact us.”

  23. I’m done calling Lozier an idiot. That’s not to say that I don’t think he’s an idiot, but that isn’t the most important point in all of this. He came from a practice that was not thriving. He met all of the minimum requirements for the office. He was handed a lot of campaign money and political support to run for office, seemingly out of the blue. It obviously wasn’t based on his reputation as an exceptional criminal attorney. He was hand picked, he was given a job to do, and he’s doing it. A wall has been built around Beaver county to keep it hidden from prying eyes. He’s no idiot. He’s owned.

    • Well, if that’s the case he’s already used to being someone’s bitch. He should have no trouble at all fitting into prison life.

  24. Let just cut through the red tape and get this IDIOT (Lozier) out and have the governor appoint Benyo, I bet he will get rid of all the excess baggage that comes with the DA’s office.

  25. You know why is it that everything law enforcement does here in BC concerning who killed Rachel DelTondo just causes more and more confusion and really muddies the water even more. Really makes one think.

  26. If the APD, armed and trained, are afraid to go out in Aliquippa, how are the rest of us supposed to function? Alone and unarmed, between dangerous criminals and police we don’t trust?

    There is also the threat from the Aliquippa mayor who wants to bring in outsiders to stage protests in Aliquippa. Why does he want to take an already volatile environment and make it worse? What is he actually doing to improve the situation in Aliquippa? Someone should interview him to see where he stands and what is his plan of action.

    I definitely will not go near any community functions or events any time soon.

    • Hopefully Sealock will do a good job. It is a good idea to have 2 officers go on each call as there is cloudiness over the department. This cloudiness should be over now that Couch is on paid leave. The so called mayor and Myron know why Couch is on leave, let him go and call it a day, the poison is gone. And Dewan resign, no leadership on your part. Come on no more fighting with police officers and water authority employees ! Perc will beat his charges, and put Watkins back to work, even though he may not even want to come back. Hire more officers, it is a shame they only make money on overtime. They are working way to much and at some point, it is unsafe for them, they need a rest. Make Couch pay back all the money he double dipped and be done with him. No city leadership as there is a shortage of officers, make the city safe for everyone, police, and citizens !

  27. Veritas: “If the APD, armed and trained, are afraid to go out in Aliquippa, how are the rest of us supposed to function?”

    One policeman/policewoman is allegedly implicated by the letter. Not all 53 (Lozier’s number) or so Police jurisdictions in the county. But the county goes on defensive alert. Maybe the letter has been shared with them to set their minds at rest. But that begs the question to be asked about keeping the letter confidential. I assume that the investigation might be compromised, as possibly might individual(s) be compromised with its being revealed. No one wants anyone to get hurt, but the public good also enters into how much of this case is shared or not.

  28. To our TOP COP ? DA Lozier : Is it not a shame, you are pretty much a nobody, just struggling to get by, and someone plants the seed .. My mother likes working for you, and WE think you would make a Great District Attorney. Get some petitions together we’ll run you as a group, Camp’s on board, Egley’s with us …all though she seriously wants to do good, could be a problem later on, we’ll see. The rest is history. Out of your funk and depression. Breaking free from confines of the Afghan mom made you. Now You are a new man. A proven idiot and his mom knew you would beat your also ran. You won because people were voting against your opponent. Nothing to do with merit. Then that old crippling enemy cropped up, NARCISSISM. Look at the wake of damage, covering up extremely critical errors in judgement, and lack of skills needed to be the D.A.
    I ask that you resign, hopefully before any more time is wasted on your EGO.

  29. Ms. DelTondo’s murder was obviously (to me) set up in such a way to send a clear message to her family, and to anyone else who may be cooperating with investigations into police misconduct and malfeasance. To have this young lady shot in her mother’s driveway, on Mother’s Day is pure evil. The more I read about this investigation, the more I am sickened by the actions of these cowardly assholes.

    Lozier is a total waste of human skin, and he should be removed from office immediately, for placing the lives of all police officers (regardless of which department that employs them) in danger, thereby endangering the entire community at large. It’s time for a march to the courthouse!!

    I keep reading about Officer Naim, and his murder, and I don’t know that story. Would anyone care to elaborate?

    JP, you are doing a fantastic job, thank you! Keep up the good work.

    • Google officer James Naim. He, too, had info about corruption at APD. He, too, was gunned down while alone on patrol in Linmar, I believe. It became a total clusterfuck, and many believe the wrong person, Jamie Brown, was convicted. A case for “the innocence project” if there ever was one.

      • Geez Martucci and Steele could have done a better job with this and their banged up brothel

      • Marsha is correct about Naim. It has always been believed that several Apd officers were the actual executioners of Jimmy Naim. So Jamey Brown is an innocent man doing time.

  30. We,asRachaels family wants this Bs to stop. Get to it and find her killers and I say killers because I her have our opinions. Quit playing games. Give Lisa joe and joe JR their closure already along with the rest of the family

    • This is not an episode of law and order Karen it takes time to even get evidence processed and results returned from the forensics lab, we do not have our own so we are at the mercy of whatever time PSP and FBI can get around to examining evidence for us. FYI the average FBI investigation is around 18 months long it also takes upwards of 50 hours to process each piece of evidence in the lab and many techs are working on multiple cases and/or pieces of evidence at a time. Patience is a virtue and will hopefully be rewarded by an appropriate arrest and successful conviction.

  31. The way things are going in this investigation, I’m afraid we will all be dead and this will rank #1 in Beaver County Unsolved Murder Cases.

  32. It has been stated often, that perhaps Rachael knew about corruption in the APD and other levels within the city. But why/how would she? She was a schoolteacher? how would she have been privy to knowledge of corruption? This I think would be a key bit of info if the case is one of quieting her if she knew too much. HOW would she have known about corruption?

    • She was Frank Catroppa’s girlfriend. That DOES NOT implicate him, but she certainly wasn’t isolated from the social scene in the Monaca-Quip. Be careful about that “schoolteacher” suggestion of purity and goodness, rainbows and unicorns.

      • @Raven .. Sorry your wrong Raven.. If you had read most of the Articles you would know her and Frank broke up over 2 and a half years ago and he doesn’t live in Beaver County!! Rachael was dating Rashawn Jeter-Bolton for quite a while.. and he is the brother of Scatter Jeter the 17 year old she got caught with in the car !! They both went there own separate ways !! Read !!

      • @John.. sounds like you have first hand knowledge. If so you’d know Frankie was gonna get back with her late last year. That sure doesn’t sound like separate ways and no contact to me.

  33. Reading these last several articles and seeing all of the conflicting statements from Loser, it seems that there may be some dissension in the BC Det ranks against their Loser A-Hole Boss. Several times now I’ve seen it mentioned that County Dets have stated the “Letter” is a fake. And then we have this IDIOT Loser continuing to tell the public what was supposedly in the letter, and leading the media to believe this so called letter could be crucial evidence. One of things that makes you go hmmmmm.

    I’m sure most people who comment here understand about “jurisdiction” when it comes to where you are required to go to file a civil or criminal matter. When ole DuuWan refused to do anything about the corruption and outrageous payroll theft by Couch & Pudik (for obvious reasons), the people who came forward on the corruption and payroll theft had to start in the jurisdiction of Beaver County .. specifically with our IDIOT DA Loser Lozier. Several months passed and this IDIOT never got back to anyone. Finally, his analysis of a shit ton of payroll theft by Couch and Pudik was, “yeah that’s criminal, but WE aren’t filing anything”. This IDIOT said Quip needed to deal with this INTERNALLY! Seriously… the problem was that ole DuWan was doing the Cover Up shuffle, which is why people went to the DA!!! Loser Lozier did NOT want to have anything to do with prosecuting a Police Officer… namely Couch. So now this Idiot DA LOZIER had a HUGE heads up about what was coming Couch and Pudik’s way. I’m sure we can all agree that the IDIOT DA all but burned the phone lines to Thief Couch and Minion Pudik to give them all the dirt and a heads up.

    IMHO, I think DA Lozier thought his asinine opinion and advice put a stop to things going any further BUT little did he know that people were and still are SICK & TIRED of the BS Lies and Thievery of DuWan, Couch & Pudik. So those people kept going and talked to every agency that would listen until someone finally listened. Once they listened is when the crap started to hit the fan in Quip.. and hopefully will come to an end soon, with these Thieves getting what they deserve!!

    As for Joe Perciavalle, everyone is correct that this is the DA and BC Detective’s crappy attempt at a smoke and mirrors routine… or distraction as I’ve seen it called. Notice that they’ve splattered Joe Perciavalle’s name all over the place.. but have NEVER EVER mentioned that they caught PUDIK double dipping on the County and got rid of his ass from the task force (that’s what I was told).

    • I have to consider, with absolutely NO information to back it up, that there is a Stonewall-Monacaquippa connection. Maybe it started with Christiana and the Courthouse company backing him. I don’t know. It seems, though, that he doesn’t and won’t walk in the San Rocco parade to St. Titus with a familia banner held high. But here we have an ambulance-chasing, slack-jawed, Sunday School teacher with no previous ties or experience, except interpreting the Bible and HIPPA laws, showing up on the scene out of nowhere to be DA. Someone here already suggested that this ‘effete intellectual snob’ is “owned.” And the more that I think of it, that seems a possible answer. Does the Quip have a patsy? Who knows?

      • Raven, my experience has lead me to believe that there doesn’t have to be any connection for people in gov’t to cover up, ignore and fail to act on fraud perpetrated by their fellow gov’t employees. It may be a combination of reasons, such as their own skeletons they need to hide,( they all have something on each other), trying to create an illusion that gov’t is not corrupt ( we investigated and found some irregularities but nothing criminal- ALL IS FINE HERE, FOLKS) or just being too lazy to do their job.
        Most voters don’t put much thought into politics. it’s hard to know what to believe and they are ok with gov’t officials telling them everything is ok.
        However,if you fail to pay your taxes or are a whistleblower they will act very swiftly to make an example and deter others.
        You can lose your house for 5 bucks, but they steal millions
        They can break the law,, but you cannot

    • How do I get a job in Aliquippa Police ? If I take to much pay they will make me stay home and not work , but pay me anyway. Sounds like my kind of job.

  34. Mungo is well aware that google and duckduckgo will generally regurgitate an answer in a damn near nanosecond, but humor him if you will.
    If anyone knows….wink wink! Who was the chief of the Aliquippa Pa police dept. During the Officer Naim murder case?
    Beaver County! Good Lord help up to possess the clarity collectively to heed some good quality insight as to how these scoundrels are working us over now and have been for arguably the last 100 years! So continue to wake up as we all do in our own unique ways, and seriously grab a bowl of popcorn and an iced tea, and brace for what is probably going to be one hella hot summer. Old timers were fond of saying back in the day “keep your powder dry?” Mungo thinks this was probably good advice for what it was worth.

  35. @James T. Kirk and Wise Owl: Even if this inept “investigation” this leads to an arrest, charges and trial, WHO will prosecute it? Lozier?! With NO capital offense trial experience? Look at Benyo’s qualifications below. If he or a lawyer with his experience and qualifications were to defend the accused, the chance of a guilty verdict would seem almost impossible, at least in my opinion. We are witnessing Stonewall’s ineptitude on the investigation part. But, he is even more uncomfortable and out of place in a courtroom. Then, consider the inexperienced neophyte lawyers in the DA’s Office. No help there. That is supremely sad, because justice might be only a wish and a prayer. YOU elected this guy, Beaver County, and this debacle could well be on your heads for a very long time to come.

      • I know, you might point out a couple of lawyers in the DA’s office or courthouse with capital experience. Where have they been? Out of sight and out of mind. Or, in at least one instance, on the other side, defending against Stonewall.

    • …I still don’t think this is inept behavior. I think this is the public seeing random things that are creating a cover up while also making an un-prosecutable crime.

      • Maybe both. Cops will not work willingly with him in the field. He’s a danger to himself and others.

  36. From the BC prior articles:

    (It appears as though) “First Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Popovich and Assistant District Attorney Steven Necaster have been working together as a prosecution team on issues involving the case.”

    “Although Necaster is a newcomer to the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office, Popovich has been with the office for more than a decade, having prosecuted over a dozen homicide cases — including 2 capital cases.”

    Maybe there is hope in that, although a nod to Brittany Smith might have been better for actual court presentation. To Loser’s credit, he fired Frank the Snake, so we won’t have to listen to him anymore.

    Put Jennifer fully in charge, Stonewall, while there is still time left to to redeem this fiasco.

    • Get your own website already Raven. Jesus, you write on here more than JP does! Talk about an EGO! You are just so smart and so intellectual (i.e. elitist) that I guess everyone in BC would be better off if they only knew every thought that goes through your obviously exceptional brain. Seriously, if you know so much that you are able to comment on every single article multiple times (again, trying to convince us and YOURSELF of your intellectual superiority) then start your own damn site. Seriously, I’m sure everyone in BC would benefit from you sharing all of your insights while you sit on your lazy ass in your comfy chair in Beaver doing nothing about the problems you attempt to articulate and pretend to understand.

      • First, I didn’t know there was a limit to the number of comments allotted out for each commenter, and according to you, I have used mine up. Second, Fuck You. Third, you are obviously suffering from Tight Pants Small Dick Syndrome. So, get over it. But, I’ll grant your wish. I need a break anyway. When you can find someone who can put the same stuff that I do here, I’ll be gone forever. (Can you?) And I shall comment Nevermore.

  37. The DA put police lives in jeopardy with that insinuation????

    Come on, now. The suggestions and “claims” that police were responsible have been on this site’s comments from the day after this woman was shot. Was that ever considered reckless or a danger to anyone? Talk about media bias, picking favorites and selective indignation. Let’s be fair with this.

  38. Raven is right. This is a forum with no limits on comments. I always look for, and read, Raven’s posts whether or not I agree with what is said (or the vocabulary that is used).

  39. Commenter known as Raven need no sticking up for, and Mungo would not dare to be so presumptuous as to attempt, however Mungo feels obliged to admit that he finds Raven to be an asset to this comment section. For what It’s worth ! We certainly don’t agree much, but hey that’s what it is about isn’t it.?. Debate?!? Enlightening others to new knowledge/information.
    But lets ask ourselves who exists in our community that would come in here and try to derail a comment thread?!…..Hmmm?…Connie..Tony..George..Veon…Betters….amadio….Spanik…daughters/Mothers/wives/…john joe…well one should understand that is just a few names !!……Raven this is a huge crowd that don’t like what many of us say, and those who have been here long enough….Mr Taxpayer…Mr Eqalizer etc….know right away who is trolling. So Mungo submits to Raven do not stop now! One could say some of them are up against the rope already….boxing speak…..and your additions here towards besting these relentless potentially scandalous assclowns is certainky still most welcome!

    • To add to Mungo’s List… Duwan … Dooonald… ex white shirt Couch… Poooodik… Tapppler.. Sam Gill… all BC Detectives…. and on and on ….

      • Mercbenz, one day we should go have a drink, and solve all of Aliquippa’s problems. I can not wait til Donnie does the perp walk, gonna be a good show. And Dewan, I hope they find a prison suit big enough for him. And Sam Gil, well he is just plain old dumb. Maybe little donnie will read this and think I am edgelz. Lil donnie almost threatened edgelz last time.The lil one needs to shut his mouth before the school district (pulls out a color chart) and you fail. Just go back to the double wide trailer on Monaca Heights with mama June and get you some sketties, RICO, RICO, RICO

      • Society… yes we should have that drink very soon! Lord knows we couldn’t do any worse than things are. I’d have no problem “taking out the trash” for good. I’ll be the one selling popcorn at these perp walks that are long overdue! I’ll be donating all proceeds to community organizations that have been overlooked.

    • Well put Mungo , I myself find it enlightening to read Ravens comments, his/her mastery of the English language ( those three dollars words i have to Google to see what they mean ) proper sentence structure and grammar , to the point with a comment, those with negative comments only show their envy , they are out matched out classed an out witted in every way , jealousy as my Ma would say, charge on Raven ……….

      • Riiiggght… I especially loved the mastery of the language when Raven wrote “Fuck You”. Soooooo witty and clever… and btw, Raven is Bill Egley.

      • Well the phase “Fuck You” was appropriately placed, spelled correctly, emphasis added, proper sentence structure adding meaning to the comment, soooooo whats your point ? come on you’re jealous , just admit it, get it off your chest, deep breath in , long breath out, you will sleep easier at night, it might even help your therapist figure out the riddle that is you.

      • Personally I don’t read Ravens comments at all but we’re all free to post what we want. People know who some of the posters are.

  40. Lozzer better remember what Ben Franklin said “Three men can keep a secret, if two are dead”
    Trumped up charges against Perrcy , This letter,,,,
    He can’t save Watkins, his little Missy Lauren, for long…………..

  41. What’s the total of overtime issued by now?? All they have done is free a criminal, find a picture of a lady on a swing pissing, that’s it! Oh, and they probably illegal search of audio recording. Well earned $$

  42. Beaver Co. You have a DA, Lozier that has endangered not. Only the Policeman but everyone in Beaver Co. People don’t trust the Police and may have guns with them endangering themselves and the police.This comes from a letter he knows is fake. This is the stupidest thing I have seen on this site yet. A person in this Office has out done all the a holes on this site.

  43. I am sure this will generate a few thumbs down but, people fail to look at facts. Lozier stating what he did regarding the letter, did in no way increase the likelihood that an officer would be injured, killed or harmed by someone retaliating based upon speculation that the officer is a “killer”. Also the rational to suspend traffic stops based upon this notion is ridiculous. Why did the chief not suspend his officers from domestic disputes? Law enforcement personnel know that they are more likely to be harmed during domestic call than traffic stops. While many traffic stops are purely income generators, police need to perform all duties as required by them. In fact, it has always struck me as odd that the same crime committed against a law enforcement person is treated with a higher penalty and charge which is typically “aggravated” based upon their profession alone. The same crime committed against a cop is treated much differently than the same committed against another “regular “citizen. A cop is trained for this, typically has a weapon with them at all times and has much greater situational awareness than the average person. Crimes, whether committed or against by police officers, government employees, and regular citizens should be treated as equal.

    • I don’t care what you have or your training ,a cop can get shot, ask Officer Niam. Endangering them is not right, but for the DA to do it is stupid. Think when you vote, don’t just look for the D.

  44. I don’t usually comment on someone’s intelligence but I must say our DA is not very bright . It is a pity that such people get voted into office.

  45. At some point distraction becomes disastrous in these investigations. I think the DA has tainted this investigation beyond any chance of an arrest. It’s sad. I wonder how fast the case woulda been solved if it were wats daughter that was in the gunfire..!

  46. Seems to me this isn’t the first time that Mr Benyo has created some type of uproar in the courthouse and DA’s office for benefit of his client to get their charges and sentence lessened. Seems a little odd he’s always at the center of all this drama, especially when he has a client on trial. I’m sure he plotted with Mr Cordes and this is what they came up with now. Now, Mr Cordes got time served and Mr Benyo can’t act like a hero for taking action against the DA. I call bull. Can’t just stick to old fashioned practice because then he would lose. Let’s see what he comes up with next trial….

    • Benyo conspire with Cordes to come up with this letter writing mess. Its like the old Abbott and Costello whos on first comedy routine. The only conspirators are the DA Sheriffs office and Aliquippa police and friends. This is vintage BC stuff. The way these people operate does not change. No Gerald Benyo whether you like him or not. Is one of the few Attorneys an honest individual can turn to for help. If God forbid they get into legal difficulties real or just vindictively created by BC law enforcement.

  47. The DA put in the news a Police. Officer may have killed the girl.Others have said the same about Officer Niam.This causes a dangerous atmosphere for Police.They also call for outside investigation.The last and only time I can remember one was James Niam and alot of people aren’t happy with the outcome. No Police Dept. Has a better record with homicides than APD.

    • ‘No Police Dept. Has a better record with homicides than APD.’

      Do you mean solving or conspiring to commit?

    • Apparently you missed the long unsolved case list from another article. Go back and read! Then polish up on your counting skiils.

      • It has been a few years that I have been away from Aliquippa area.The record I speak of was a few years ago. The Niam days, Chief Alston days.



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