Former Chief County Solicitor Andrea Cantelmi (left) with Commissioner Tony Amadio / file photo by John Paul

Republican Commissioner Sandie Egley and Democratic Commissioner Tony Amadio joined together today to terminate the employment of Chief County Solicitor Andrea Cantelmi.

Andrea Cantelmi was a long-time fixture in the County’s Law Department where she served as an Assistant Solicitor for 15 years before being promoted to Chief Solicitor in February of last year. Cantelmi’s promotion followed Commissioners Egley and Camp’s termination of then-Chief Solicitor Bernie Rabik (Rabik had been promoted to Chief Solicitor in January of 2015 following the resignation of attorney Joseph Askar).

Commissioners provided no reason for Cantelmi’s termination.

Courthouse sources tell the Beaver Countian that Commissioner Dan Camp was not consulted by Commissioners Egley and Amadio before they fired Cantelmi (Camp had developed a close working relationship with Cantelmi, often spending hours during the day in the law department — the two regularly went out to lunch together).

Along with terminating Chief Solicitor Cantelmi, Commissioners Egley and Amadio instructed Assistant Solicitor Jessica Sullivan not to report back to work at the courthouse. Sullivan had already submitted her resignation earlier in the month and was scheduled to finish her employment with the county before the start of April.

Egley and Amadio canceled tomorrow’s scheduled Public Commissioners Meeting and a meeting of the County Prison Board, citing the need to concentrate on finding attorneys to staff the County Law Department.

With Cantelmi’s termination and Sullivan’s resignation, the Law Department is now only staffed by paralegal Stacey Householder (who is currently out on maternity leave) and part-time legal secretary Patricia Morack.


      • Never been this bad. They make decisions without a plan. Look at the early retirement debacle. They hired retired workers back at double their salaries. These commissioners are a joke!

  1. Always been this bad. Just covered up much better by old guard. Personally thought Andrea & Jessica were very personable and professinal. Will with hold comment pending further details. Changing the established culture of ineptitiude and laissez faire will take time. 30 yeara of political horse shit will not be cleaned up in one year. Just like turning an aircraft carrier around or a speeding locomotive, long steep learning curve with lots of spped bumps ahead.

  2. Saw this one coming. It’s been a rumor for awhile. Commissioners finally pulled the trigger. I’m sure Danny boy is fit to be tied, those two were BFF’s. I heard they waited for Danny to leave the building and then dropped the boom.

    • We don’t know that yet, Chad. It appears to us as a knee-jerk move but we have no idea what’s been taking place up to this point.

  3. Where there is smoke there is fire. I guess Sandie had a bad hair day or a lawyer friend needs a job. The last 15 months has seen confusion, distortion,and, lying. Sandie will have a reason, as soon as she thinks of one! The only positive thing Is that Stacey and Bob Householder had a baby

    • Weird Al : How do you maintain a sportscasting persona and on-air presence with such a malignant and factless take on daily events? If you are going to talk unsubstantiated shit on each article, at least spend some time on grammar and mechanics. The free WiFi at Zooky’s is great, but that still doesn’t give much time to write a comment during a tipsy fall from a bar stool to the floor.

      By the way, “The last FIFTEEN months HAVE seen distortion, confusion (no commas) and lying. The attempt to add the final two caesuras for emphasis is not necessary, and is an error of punctuation. But your Point Park alumni bio says you are a “writer.” I guess that is just an oversight.

  4. Two possible takeaways from this article.

    First, “…the Law Department is now only staffed by (a) paralegal …”. Nothing is being accomplished on the missing millions Connie J signed off on, so why do they need a Law Department anyway? Plus, don’t get me started on the occurrences of nepotism.

    Second, Cantelmi was terminated by Egley and Amadio, without consulting Camp first. I may be going out on a limb here, but “Camp had developed a close working relationship with Cantelmi, often spending hours during the day in the law department — the two regularly went out to lunch together”. Could it be? Hmmm…

    “Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight
    Gonna grab some afternoon delight…
    Sky rockets in flight
    Afternoon delight…”

    Starland Vocal Band, July 10, 2014

  5. I checked the Beaver County website, Job Opportunities and there is an opening for Assistant Solicitor. Graduation season almost here, I am sure an inexperienced family member will be rated Highly Qualified.

    • @Mrs.D Perky……..You found this website, you composed a comment/question, you managed to get all 3 fields filled in and submitted above comment/question! Somewhere along the way did you just happen to lose the ability to read?!? Cuz Mungo will be the first one to point out that he is certainly no scholar! But you have a chance to openly speak your mind and submit your input to a BC article and just when the money shot is about to be delivered……BAM! You ask a completely moronic question that the answer to was so conveniently placed 22 words, and 2 paragraphs from the beginning! Please to help Mungo from going absolutely mad, place a rhetorical hashtag or simply learn to read, or better yet totally disregard Mungo’s critique and continue to provide maddening little tidbits to….you know liven up the place!

      • This might be the most overbearing comment I’ve ever read. People who speak in the third person are generally intolerable.

  6. Tony guy is the one that needs to go!! Remember that when re election comes around. He wants to hire a full time deputy that bought underage kids alcohol and got caught. Who knows what’s next with that no good midget

  7. Maybe they can hire a solicitor that will actually file a claim in court against Comp Health Care and get the money that is owed the county.
    Get Connie to go over to the law dept and show them how to sue somebody.

  8. I see the Egley cult is alive and well. Other than raising taxes, redecorating her office, and being on the “women for Trump” leadership team, would anyone like to share her “accomplishments”? Apparently it’s not a problem to staff a law department with only a paralegal?

    • I think the more time that passes, the more obvious her accomplishments will be. When she ran for office, she said the county needed to be run like a professional organization. She is rooting out the ones that wouldn’t be able to get or keep a job in the professional world. The bar is being raised. Perform or go. The impact that will have for years to come can’t be overestimated. If the law office can’t (or won’t) follow up on the Friendship Ridge owners to pay the county what they owe, then the law office needs to be rotated. If the law office can’t get itself staffed appropriately, then the leadership needs to be changed. These are all things that would happen in the professional world.

  9. JP, we need more information. Shit is unraveling pretty quickly and the Titanic is springing too many leaks. I can’t hold her much, longer Captain Jimmy boy. Someone has got to firmly take charge and get everbody playing off the same sheet of music. I personally believe Sandie is being undermined to her left and right by people yearning for the good old days where nobody talked and everybody got paid to show up and shut up. See nothing, know nothing. She will survive because she has integrity and truly wants to make positive change. WPVB Weird All, you need to get your head firmly unplugged from your ass and try a little research. How the hell did you get a journalism degree from PPU? You are as disgraceful as a CNN stooge. Join the Times with Tom “LALA Land” Davidson. Neither of you have done an honest days investigative jourrnalism. Leave it to Jp and professionals. If either of you nitwits were worth a shit you’d be long gone from Beacer County and working on your multiple Pulitzer Prizes. For all you friends and family of the courthouse whores, save you inane comments for your friends and other usefull idiots. The new guard sees you for what you are. Political shills and dying brred of old time politicians. You are quickly becoming dinosaurs and museum freaks.

  10. Wow that was pretty harsh treatment to a single mom that has been serving the 3 Stooges all by her lonesome.
    And Tony let Sandy do the dirty deed they discussed a week ago instead of together that same day like a MAN would? SMH. Probably had to go to a funeral.
    The replacement will tell what the motive was. Watch out Riccardo.

  11. “Egley and Amadio canceled tomorrow’s scheduled Public Commissioners Meeting and a meeting of the County Prison Board, citing the need to concentrate on finding attorneys to staff the County Law Department.”

    That’s total bullshit. Nobody goes in and swings the axe to almost the whole legal dept. unless they already have replacements on deck and waiting to take over. There is something missing from this story.

    • This was a pre-arranged ambush. They have replacements picked and they were privy to Camps close relationship with Cantelmi, so they waited for the right time to pounce in order to avoid a scuff with Camp.

      • Or maybe Camp knew about it and given his close relationship with Cantelmi, he didn’t want his finger prints on the axe. The reason for this house cleaning remains to be seen.

  12. I saw where one reason was the backlog of work that wasn’t getting completed. If that’s an issue, why is anyone still there today? I don’t think Ms. Cantelmi was the ONE person holding things back on all these items. LOL

    I’ll say one thing for “crazy” Al; he’s not wrong when he says the last 15 months have hardly seen a well-run courthouse. It’s one shit fest after another, from the top on down.

  13. How can they justify this? If it’s just to hire Andrasik, Sandie’s lost my support. If there was a reason, what was it?

    • @Icanread….There’s ALWAYS a method to Sandies madness, she’s a real piece of work!!!…Stay tuned, I’m sure it’s going to be interesting to see who will become the new Solicitor!

  14. Usually, in these articles, there is at least a suggestion for why things have happened. There is no indication in the BCT either. It’s a nice mystery, but the comments it draws from people are totally unjustified. I get caught up in it at times too, but this time, I can’t guess at any nefarious purpose, and it’s a disservice to the people in the article to start making one up. Someone got fired. So what?

    • I’m with you Raven. All of it will come out in the wash. This is a personnel matter. If the commissioners were to say anything about the discharge, they could be setting themselves up for a lawsuit. Andrea was an at will employee. So they had every right to do what they did. I’ve heard this rumor over a month and half ago. So this was not a knee jerk reaction. My gut tells me that they wanted to do this after the primary election, but something made them move up their timeline. That office was completely understaffed. The law department does more than just sit in on meetings. Im sure that had something to do with it.

      • There are a lot of “at will” employees throughout this county. That’s why you go into a business or municipal office and see “Freddy’s boy, Josh” or “Sally’s neighbor, Joanie” sitting behind the desk without a clue as to what they are doing. HAHAHA

  15. I personally don’t care who gets fired and why they were fired. If you are going to fire multiple people, whack them all at the same time as Egley and Amadio did. The reason could have been simply poor work performance. The interesting part is going to be who replaces them. The county does advertise job openings on the website, but we all know that it’s just a big show. They already hand pick the employee before the advertisement goes up. Anyway, all I am saying is it was a planned ambush and they did it behind Camps back or Camp knew it and didn’t want to be there when it happened. I think it was the latter.

    • Johnq. I find your above comment to be completely absurd. You don’t care WHO they fire, yet you care who gets hired. Reread it, and give it alittle more thought.

      • The reason could have been ? Facts are important here, not your off the cuff thinking. This was a termination of ones career, you need some bed side manners here. We deserve the WHY this termination took place.

      • No I don’t care who gets fired because everyone working in there now has been there for years and they were juiced in by friend or family. Nepotism and cronyism there is way out of control. They have juiced people in and have them tucked away in every county agency, Youth Services, County Works, Airport Etc. It’s a rigged hiring system. The county payroll has at least 300 more people than needed.

  16. Danny says…….you “can’t tell me” that you just fired my lunch partner! (see what I did there)?



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