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The Beaver County Law Department is researching whether public memorials and dedications of public buildings need to be discussed and voted on by elected officials in a public meeting, with Commissioner Sandie Egley now saying she wants to have discussions about a plaque that was recently dedicated in memory of a former employee.

The memorial plaque was installed outside of the Jurors’ Lounge on the second floor of the courthouse, which has now been dedicated and officially renamed into the “A.R. ‘Rich’ DeFilippi Jurors’ Lounge” — DeFilippi had worked as the county’s Chief Court Administrator before his death in August of last year.

Officials say it is the first time Beaver County has ever dedicated a portion of the courthouse to an individual.

According to county officials, the monument was approved by President Judge Richard Mancini. Before the plaque was installed, an email was sent back and forth between the Courts and the Board of Commissioners asking if there would be any objection to the dedication — all three Commissioners unanimously stated there was not. No public notice was given that officials were considering a permanent memorial be installed in the courthouse, the matter was never discussed during a public work session of the Board of Commissioners, and no vote was taken by officials at a public meeting approving the dedication of the public space.

County Commissioners told the Beaver Countian they did not review any design specifications for the plaque before agreeing to it and did not inquire as to what its size would be or what would be appearing on it. Along with the man’s name, the plaque also includes his likeness and a memorial statement with biographical information, the last words he spoke to his family members, and the following description of his work: “He committed himself to enhancing and pioneering the Beaver County Courts to the highest professional level which is exemplified in many other Courts across this Commonwealth today. Rich will forever be remembered for his loyalty, graciousness and professional treatment toward his Board of Judges, his employees and the public which he served and loved on a daily basis.”

Several women told the Beaver Countian they were personally opposed to the memorial as they felt DeFilippi had not ensured court employees conducted themselves professionally or that female employees were being treated with due respect. Some women have previously described their working environment as at times being similar to a “frat house” and have said there is a “good ol’ boys club” that is largely protective of male employees and dismissive of women’s concerns.

“[Court Administrator Richard] DeFilippi was in his office smoking a cigarette, he looked up at me and said, ya chick you have your hands full there. That was it […] Like I said, it’s like a frat house there and the boys all have each other’s backs, they’re tight and they will try to discredit everything and everyone.”
Phyllis Deluca, former county court employee

“It looks to me like [Court Administrator] Rich [DeFilippi] isn’t able to do anything because he’s up to his neck in all of this too.”
Rick Darbut, then-Human Resources Director

During their public work session on Wednesday, the Beaver Countian asked the Commissioners of previous concerns raised publicly by some female employees.

“It’s a personnel issue so I’m not going to talk publicly about it,” said Commissioner Tony Amadio. “We already said it was OK,” added Amadio, referring to the memorial to DeFilippi.

Commissioner Dan Camp said he had no comment.

Commissioner Sandie Egley said she had not considered the symbolic nature of the tribute when she approved it, “I never really took into account the enormous amount of conversation that would revolve around a memorial or a dedication […] I would like to revisit this with the Law Department and have a discussion with [them].”

Chief County Solicitor Garen Fedeles said he was not prepared to answer the Beaver Countian’s question about whether the dedication of a public facility, and the installation of a permanent memorial in a public space, needed to be deliberated and voted on in a public meeting rather than privately through emails.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. I would like to hang a plaque at the Brady’s Run Porta John Shit houses dedicating them to Judge Richard Mancini and the Beaver County Commissioners. Do you think we need to vote on that ? Or can we just do it ?

  2. It appears that there is a concern as to the understanding of the level of responsibilities and duties the job of commissioner carries. High level goals and long term outcomes for the county. I agree that the county should be included in decision making process of all aspects of County business no matter how minimal it may seem. Two heads are better than one. Instead of fighting against the female in the group show some respect and listen to what she has to say. The good ole boys days have been gone for decades learn how to work together and quit ousting someone just because of their gender. . Why not revisit the issue since it has obviously become an issue. Keep up the good work Sandy. From budgeting to memorials this girl is on it!!! You go girl. Least you aren’t sitting on your thumbs clueless. Cant get anything accomplished by sweeping it under the rug…Stick to your guns…

  3. Why didn’t you give it any thought, Sandie? You certainly had to be aware of this man’s behavior and attitude towards women. I don’t understand why more thought wasn’t given to a memorial of anyone much less this man. I get more and more sickened by the deeds, lack of thinking etc. in that courthouse.

  4. Amadio is such a pompous ass. Camp is clueless and weak. Mancini has already proven himself unworthy of respect. Sandy may be in over her head but al least puts forth the effort to make rational decisions and correct wrongs. It’s time for the good ole boys to take the fall…long long overdue. Take the plaque down. Take it down! Take it down! Take it down!

  5. Simple Solution – There will be no dedication to any one person at the courthouse. Someone needs to remind Judge Richard Mancini-” Disregard any need felt loyalties, stick to your duties.”

  6. Amadio is a rubber-stamper who relies on the completely ill-prepared law department for his decisions. Camp follows Amadio’s lead. The biggest offense is neither of them know the responsibilities of their jobs. Commissioner Egley has never said “no comment” or used any excuse not to answer a question. Thank you for asking them, JP.

  7. Why/how did Judge Mancini approve this? It is none of his concern, his concern should be fair and impartial court proceedings, nothing else . Who paid for this plaque?

  8. You son of a bitches knew about this plaque for a long time. This didn’t happen over night. WTF does ” not talk about it publicly” mean? Who the fuck do theses fuckers think they are, Secret Service? You are all public employees working in a public building. Flip and Mable at the coroners office must not have got the “no smoking” memo. Anyway, you fucking lying, cheating, thieving bastards are done, and you know it! You should all be sent to a shithole country to live in exile.

  9. You bunch of self serving predators get paid $75,000 a year to represent the people that elected you. Then you talk down to us, rob us, and ignore us all together. You come to work when you want to, with no ties, jackets or socks, looking like fucking bums. I for one despise the way you conduct yourself and pose yourself and your phony baloney treatment of the people that pay your salary, health insurance, retirement benefits and probably cell phones too. Can’t even adhere to a NO SMOKING rule while on the job. You are not public servants, you are ignorant, arrogant pricks that got lucky. I might just throw my hat in the ring for Commissioner and no, I do not have any prior experience of thieving, lying, wasting or misspending taxpayers money.

  10. “He committed himself to enhancing and pioneering the Beaver County Courts to the highest professional level which is exemplified in many other Courts across this Commonwealth today.


    Highest professional level? Are we talking about the same county? I think that plaque is in the wrong courthouse.

  11. Signore should have left him die and rest in peace. All you have done now is caused a big problem and a lot of bad opinions of him dragging his name through the mud. All the time and money that has been spent on this issue, you could have had Rome Monuments build a statue in Signore’s front yard. See if Chief County Solicitor Garen Fedeles is prepared for that!

    • john, yep there you go again. “Signore should have left him die and rest in peace. All you have done now is caused a big problem and a lot of bad opinions of him DRAGGING HIS NAME THROUGH THE MUD.” John do you not realize you are the one doing the dragging. I hoped you were being honest when you said you had better things to do. Oh well CARRY ON.

      • To the Commissioners: I am one who would like to see this plaque removed. There is no reason to have additional recognition for an employee, already compensated for his/her job, in wages benefits and pension. Please take down this plaque.

  12. Take the plaque down immediately. First hand accounts report that he was a bully and misogynist. Obviously this occurred before King Mancini was in charge but I’m sure it was common knowledge throughout the court system and the BC Outhouse. That and he aided and abetted Signore by going to Mountaineer on the taxpayers dime while supposedly working. Maybe they need to cut back personnel since obviously they aren’t working too hard. The recurring problem is that NO ONE IN THAT COURTHOUSE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THE TAXPAYERS. It’s their own little fiefdom. Vote them ALL out!

  13. How much money did they end up sinking into this plaque, $250, $500? Let’s not have them spend $2,500 to $5,000 in time “studying” the legality and propriety of this. They waste enough time and money on stupid piss fights and points of contention, get something worthwhile done.

  14. This reminds me of the comments actress Meryl Streep once made about Harvey Weinstein, “he’s a god.” After the revelations were published she claims she knew absolutely nothing, yet warned her actress daughter to stay away from him, all this in Hollywood where there are no secrets.

  15. I never really took into account the enormous amount of conversation that would revolve around a memorial, dragging his name through the mud, Hollywood, … Hollywood ? Really? Solicitor Garen Fedeles, Meryl Streep, Signore, stay away from him, Judge Mancini, Harvey Weinstein, Amadio is such a pompous ass, Commissioner Dan Camp said he had no comment.

    TAKE DOWN THE DAMN PLAQUE, and reimburse any funds spent, send the bill to Mancini.


    • Nobody is going to remove it now. They have to work together 2 more years and nobody wants to be the bad guy. Instead of taking it down like the owners of the building want, they are consulting the legal dept to see if they can go against the owners wishes and keep it up.

    • And you don’t have to email the Commissioners, believe me everybody in the courthouse spends most of there day poking their nose on here reading comments instead of doing what they get paid to do.

      • John Q Taxpayer, I did not want pile on but many times I have been tempted to call you out . You are notably stupid and foolish. You can rifle off your over played mantra of I don’t care it’s my opinion. Take some advice, there is no prize for most comments. There are real problems in the County, and if you want positive results, your method is greatly ineffective.

    • Anyway, I’m done. I’m going to put my legs on and go get some groceries before the snow and ice get here.

    • Everyone is letting them know how they feel. On a continuous basis. You really think the cuz cuz in Aliquippa and the other servants of Beaver County and I loose that term very loosely don’t read the Beaver Countian.

  16. Which one of Connie’s relatives is now in the plaque selling business and how much did we pay them for this overpriced tribute?

    In should be common sense that there aren’t enough rooms in the courthouse to start honoring every employee who kicks the bucket; so where do we draw the line as to who gets a room dedicated to them and who doesn’t? Does the mens’ room count as a single room or will each stall door get it’s own plaque in order to maximize the number of possible tributes that we can pay in the future?

    And BTW, Commissioner Amadio…if “it’s a human resources issue” then right there is your tip off that the person is problem employee who doesn’t deserve permanent recognition. MOST employees in an organization don’t have “HR issues.” Those that do should have one foot out the door already unless of course they have their lips firmly planted on Judge Mancini’s ass cheeks. You have proven time and time again that you are a know nothing hanger-on’er whose brown nosing days are long over. Do us all a favor and retire now before you have to face a major relection defeat – we, the taxpayers, are tired of you, your non-answers to every question, and your overall uselessness in general.

  17. Worry less about a token plaque for a deceased AWOLing bureaucrat and now more about how Conehead can justify the hiring of “the most qualified“ Frank “The Snake” Martocci for 58 grand a year for indigent representation. Yep, almost as qualified as Conehead himself.

    • And there you have it. Stop making THE PLAQUE! some big cause celebre about the goings on at the courthouse and get excited about big things that are actually important. For instance, where exactly is Be’er Cahnty going to get all this money to do a reassessment AND how are they planning to fit $300K into the constantly strapped budget to fly around and sky map the county to see who now has a deck on their back porch or a gazebo from Home depot in the yard?

      Maybe they ought to just raise the fucking taxes now instead of spending a small fortune on these things to then justify raising the taxes when they are done. Because that’s going to be the end result.

    • A perfect example of wasteful spending and poor administration. They can teach him how to come to work like he works at 84 Lumber.

    • Hey don’t insult Frank he slithers on his belly like a pro just like the rest of them. Hey hears an idea you corrupt bastards. Get all the sheriffs deputies and there cronys plastic surgeries on there ugly mugs. Then you can all look just like Gloria Swanson The old black and white movie with William Holden Hollywood Boulevard. I’m ready for my close up mr. DeMille……….. OOPS You already have a Gloria Swanson on the Sheriffs Dept.

  18. The most important thing that a commissioner does is stay in touch with constituents.
    A commissioner speaks with citizens about what they want or don’t want. A particular vote on a particular issue, a complaint about taxes, a problem with actions and procedure are just a few things that commissioners are suppose to address daily. To effectively carry out the role of commissioner requires making decisions. To make good decisions, a commissioner needs good information and address it to taxpayers. Conducting meetings with citizens, as a means of informing them about issues. Establishing a good working relationship with the media is also an important component. The citizens of Beaver County have none of this. Commissioners and elected officials dodge questions, answer in a condescending manner or just clam up completely. The simple description of our county government is “taxation without representation”.


  19. Would you actually go to sit through a meeting to discuss this plaque????????


    • It’s not about the plaque anymore. It’s about these people doing what they want, when they want concerning themselves and a public building. Domestic relations has 26 employees and a single mother or father can’t get a child support check. DR won’t collect it or enforce it. Going on 30 years now and Signore has time to think about fucking memorials. There are a lot of residents in this county that are living at or below poverty level and still paying their taxes and county government are misspending that money on plaques when these taxpayers could really use some government surplus cheese. These officials were elected, appointed or hooked in and this government is entrusted to them to serve the citizens and get paid damn good for it. A Commissioner is paid about $300 per day. The average taxpayer works a full week for the same money and they get NOTHING in return from county government. Most of those courthouse officials and employees never give much thought about them giving the other 4 honest employees a bad reputation.

  20. Put up an award for him interfering with Judge Finn’s case over Flips girlfriend Kimberly Moore. Hell, give her an award too.

  21. “…the monument was approved by President Judge Richard Mancini.”

    Nepotism, enabling, influence peddling, looking the other way, honoring someone who ripped off the system…? Maybe this story isn’t about the tipsy, misogynistic Mountaineer AWOL Duo after all.

  22. While you citizens are putting less food on the table so you can pay higher taxes, this is what your Domestic Relations supervisor is doing, when he is not spending time on the awards committee.


  23. I want to know the price tag for that plaque and where did it come from. If someone takes it down (which they won’t) that person will be damned forever by the other employees. It would be very interesting to see who has the nuts to take it down. It should be tasked to Sloppy Signore.

  24. We need three regular average residents to run for commissioner next election. No qualifications needed. Learn as you go. So all you people working in construction, roofers, bakers and candlestick makers take note and think about running. Adopt a platform of ending nepotism and cronyism and you will win by a landslide. Can you do better than the current administration? Maybe not, but you can’t do any worse. Think about it.

  25. The mentally ill and homeless crackheads more than you can count wondering the streets of Beaver County except when there smoking there crack in there public housing holes. Lets erect a monument to law enforcement who perpetuate this economic boom to Beaver County. And not to be forgotten there political allies. The Mayer of Aliquippa announces 3 million $$$$$ coming into Alighetto. In three years or less it will all look and be exactly the same. The Mayer of Aliquippa No comment or complete silence. Unless hes told what to say.

  26. I think the women that Richie boy molested at the courthouse should have a say in this plaque, I know of 3 women he took advantage of at work and he took his one squeeze from the courthouse to DJ’s Island. He should of lost his job years ago, called all the women in his office chick, probably so he wouldn’t say the wrong name. Just a disgusting P.O.S.



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