Acting Aliquippa Police Chief Joe Perciavalle (right) / screen grab from video by Bill Waddell for the Beaver Countian

Acting Aliquippa Police Chief Joseph Perciavalle has been arrested by Beaver County Detectives.

Court dockets show Joe Perciavalle has been charged with felony distribution of sexually explicit material to a minor, felony unlawful contact with a minor for sending obscene material, and misdemeanor corruption of minors.

Perciavalle is alleged to have distributed an obscene text message to a minor, who law enforcement sources say is the 17-year-old daughter of Sgt. Kenneth Watkins. The smartphone where the messages were allegedly found was confiscated from Sgt. Watkins’ daughter by County Detectives and Aliquippa Police Detectives as part of their investigation into the murder of Rachael DelTondo.

According to an affidavit filed in the case by Chief County Detective Andrew Gall, the offending text conversation took place on May 10th at around 6:35 p.m.

According to sources, the message was allegedly sent by Perciavalle as a group text to Sgt. Kenneth Watkins, his wife Stephanie, and their minor daughter. Perciavalle’s number was saved on Watkins’ daughter’s phone under the name “Uncle Perc.”

According to the complaint, the message “included a video depicting an unknown white female of indeterminate age wearing high heeled boots and a dark colored sweater or jacket. The female was nude from the waist down and was exhibiting her fully exposed vagina and buttocks. The female was on a park swing and she was urinating while swinging.”

After receiving the message from Perciavalle, Kenneth Watkins replied back, “Wow.” Stephanie Watkins responded, “really … perv … my daughter is too young to see this.”

Perciavalle responds, “smh (shake my head) … she is 21.” The girl’s mother replies, “17.”

Perciavalle replies, “and it’s a girl taking a pee … like a true quip hoodrat.”

Stephanie Watkins responds, “even worse.” Stephanie replied again, “This is a quip hoodrat,” along with what the criminal complaint describes as “an attached picture of a clothed woman with hands in her pants.”

Watkins’ daughter did not respond to any of the messages.

Attorney Steven Townsend has been retained to represent Joe Perciavalle in the matter. He tells the Beaver Countian that his client believed he was sending the video to Sgt. Kenneth Watkins only, but accidentally sent the message out to an already existing group message chain with the Watkins family that was on his smartphone.

“It certainly is a reasonable explanation,” said Townsend. “You know how many times I’ve done that? It happens.”

Attorney Townsend is calling into question the actions of the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office in deciding to file the criminal charges.

“The timing of this is very suspect and I think a lot of the comments I’ve been reading from the public are saying the same thing,” said Townsend. “The fact Perciavalle is in office as acting chief for under 48 hours before this comes out is definitely suspect … I think they need to focus their investigation on the murder (of Rachael DelTondo) not what they were doing here.”

Perciavalle was installed as acting Chief on Wednesday night after Aliquippa Police Chief Donald Couch was placed on paid administrative leave by City Council. Perciavalle had said his first official action as acting Chief would be to recuse the Aliquippa Police Department from the DelTondo homicide investigation and ask Pennsylvania State Police to take over the case.

Attorney Townsend also pointed out that the group text message went to Sgt. Kenneth Watkins, who is an officer in the Aliquippa Police Department. “I understand that he is a mandatory reporter under state law,” said Townsend. Based on the information he has, Townsend does not believe Sgt. Watkins made any such report to state officials.

Sgt. Watkins is currently on paid administrative leave due to his family’s relationship with Rachael DelTondo and his daughter being among the last people to have seen the woman alive.

“This has been a big surprise to Perciavalle and obviously he is very distraught about it,” added Townsend.

Beaver County Detectives seized Joe Perciavalle’s phone when he was placed under arrest, according to two confidential sources. Following his arrest, Perciavalle was released on $5,000 unsecure bond. A preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for July 11th.

Acting Aliquippa Chief Says Txt Msg Was An Accident – Calls His Arrest By DA’s Office Retaliation

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. OK Lozier, show us how you are going to obstruct justice and wiggle out of bringing the hard ax down on Perciavalle for this heinous crime against a minor child.

    • Pedophiles that go hands on barely get a slap on the wrist in this country. AC Joe will back down and take a slap on the wrist. Lozier will bury that “plea” agreement in a media release about intent and BS justifying the decision.

    • It was a group text 3 days before her death for all the information given we dont know if she was one of the other recipients. Its odd that only some content in the conversation and few names were released.

    • Actually they did. He is actually someone with integrity. It’s a flipping witch Hunt, he wasn’t quiet about officer Naim & he is being discredited now because he knows the Watkins family is garbage!

  2. it’s bad enough beaver county has been the laughing stock of Pennsylvania, now the entire country. The entire police department should be disbanded. Start with a clean slate and hire people from outside the tricounty area.

  3. This town makes West Virginia look like the Hamptons un un believable and embarrassing we’re going to be made to be a national laughing stock

  4. Sounds FISHY to me. They don’t want that man in charge. He has spoken in the past about the crookedness going on. Especially with the officer Naim case. They are trying to hold him down.

    • WPXI reports a tad bit more. It was a group message. Why don’t they come out and just show what was sent?

      An image was sent to a small group that included the minor. The sender was listed in the minor’s cellphone as “Uncle Pere,” authorities said.

      • Right they are making it seem worse than what it is!’ They’ve wanted him out since he spoke about the corruption in the Naim case

      • They are setting him up, they are reaching to disqualify anyone who can shed the truth on this mess.

    • I don’t know about him but I find it rather SUSPICIOUS that Rachael Deltondos info was “leaked” and when that didn’t work to shut her up she was murdered with Watkins front and center – and now, in light of Couch leave, new CP fired and again, Watkins appears. Seems to me that’s more than coincidental… At least this guy wasn’t murdered… Maybe the new game plan is to act a little smarter. I, along with a few others on here can see right through it though…

  5. This is possibly an attempt to get him out of his new position. Seems crazy that only 2 days into his new acting position he is railroaded. They have had those phones for weeks why would they all of a sudden just arrest him for information in the phone. Hmmmmmm!

    • If your advertisers are paying based on the volume of hits you are in a wind fall keep tracking this story and also maybe open up some of the archived content its a PITA to hit links you share and find a paywall for many folks who arent local enough to justify subscribing.

  6. The detectives didn’t just find this on the daughter’s phone. They were waiting for the right time to pull the trigger. Maybe that’s a bad choice of words.

    All this proves to me is that if they want to discredit you, they will find a way. Lozier, you are slime and this changes nothing. Your little sideshow is not going to make anyone forget about the main attraction.

    • And so, what is a distasteful text sent to a whole group – Watkins didn’t do anything about it then, but as I said, all of a sudden HERE IT IS. but yet Watkins contaminates a crime scene but is ONLY put on paid Admin Leave. Are we going to fall for this Charade? NO

  7. Obviously he is not one of the Stonewall gang. Either that or they are trying to circle the wagons. Day after day this shit gets worse. there is obviously no sense of pride, professionalism, integrity or morality in that police department. A band of hooligans and miscreants wearing a badge to perpetuate their scheming, corruption and lying. Shut down the whole force and start over. Where the f-ck are you hiding DeeWann? You are the leader of this shit storm. Your woeful lack of management skills and corruption paints a clear picture why you are unfit to be a dog catcher in any town. Even a shithole like Aliqhetto deserves better.

  8. Who s phone was it his or hers? or both txt messages hmm Hes a cop he should know that Social Media txts facebook Instagram etc etc can incriminates you Geez what next?

  9. Stonewall’s lack of judgment, character and experience is bubbling to the surface like Kilauea. Hope the hell the shit blows up soon. We CANNOT tolerate two more years of Stonewall and his inept crew.

    • BC will tolerate whatever the 1980’s coffee crew from Aliquippa EatnPark choose to give them. If that werent the case Amadio wouldnt have been reelected and Camp wouldnt have had a chance.

  10. So Perciavalle said his first official action would be to ask the State Police to take over the Deltondo investigation away from Aliquippa PD and Beaver County Detectives. And now he is arrested by Beaver County Detectives?! They’ve had the Watkins phone for weeks and he’s acting chief for less than 48 hours and he’s arrested. This timing is beyond suspicious. Hoping that some intelligent PSP or Federal agency official is watching these theatrics but am fearful almost everyone will get away with almost everything.

    • BINGO. IF THE PSP AND FBI WOULD TAKE OVER IT WOULD BE SOLVED INSTANTLY I ASSURE YOU, but while he scum APD and scum BC detectives have it – NO WAY

    • Had the phones and just “found” this? this all happened 5-10 and wasnt reported. deltondo died 5-13 nothing reported. 5-24 PSP raids the gambling ring and seizes money while not “pursuing” the deltondo mess in quip . Can you say payoff i havent seen any clubs closed or people charged publicly in that raid. Miraculously this turns up right after this guy says he is going to push quip out of that case? This whole thing stinks of an ongoing conspiracy to hide things.

    • Trust nothing question everything in Beaver County. These wanna be”s and halfe wit inbred scum have totally perverted the whole infrastructure here in Beaver County. from law enforcement to health care needs to be wiped out and totally rebuilt. And those responsible should be held accountable. May they all burn in hell for what they have done here in the Valley.

  11. Wow, this Watkins girl must be a treat …She caught up in all kinds of shee-it !

    Bahahahaha, keystone kops and a dipshit mayor , priceless !!! Only in Beaver Co.
    Keep up the good work JP ! You truly are an asset to this shithole of a county !

  12. Anyone who lives in Quip knows this is trumped up BS and a set up. Couch & Pudik been trying to throw this kid under the bus for 3 friggin years. They weren’t able to do it cus the kid is clean. So they wait until right after ole Couch is put on leave. The Assistant Chief has good ole Dwan to thank for this BS mess. Get ready to bed over Deeeewan. I’m sure old Couch & Pudik got a good set up for you too.

    Mr. Mottes… good thoughts and prayers to you. Don’t think these assholes are beyond setting you up too.

  13. What was going through the guy’s head the last couple of weeks? He had to have known this text was likely in the phone of the Watkins girl when they took it as evidence.

    He had to have expected this was going to happen.

  14. The video is disgusting but he did believe the girl was 21. It’s bad taste and judgment to send it to a young woman but he did not purposefully try to send porn to an underage girl.

    • Take that with a grain of salt. That lodge also voted to endorse David for sheriff. This is Beaver County!! Wake up BC!!

  15. I agree with Jane klacik, the entire department and the mayor need to go.i thought the mayor was the boss of the police department. Another one not doing their job.

  16. I’d like to know why Watkins didn’t get arrested when he caught Rachael and a 17 year old in a steamed up car at 2 in the morning ? It’s the law that it’s reported to the State… He’s worried about his 17 year Daughter but wasn’t worried about the 17 year old MINOR !

    • Because maybe it didn’t happen that way… maybe there were other people in the car were not mentioned in the report… maybe that report was written for some other reason? Possibly to embarrass Rachel? Who knows? Also maybe the state police took notice and went by the offices to check in on the reasons? I guess we’ll find out

    • Because apparently according to locals his daughter and another individual were also in the car that night with Deltondo and Jeter. Likely the same kid with the 2 ladies the night she was killed. So lets ask again why no report was written that night and it appeared later. Anymore questions?

    • Why would Watkins allow his daughter in a car if he found anyone, in the car, in a suspicious predicament involving a child at any time

  17. So this guy is in custody? In the custody of people who would probably like to see him laid out next to Rachael DelTondo?

    PA State Police…I hope you decide to do something before this guy ‘tries to escape’.

    • Out on bond. Well let’s hope he doesn’t become overwhelmed by his feelings of guilt about sending a text.

  18. Perciaville replies ” like a true Quip hood rat” WOW…This is obviously what this man thinks of the people he is charged with protecting and serving! Well may would say he gets an A for honesty, but just as many probably believes he gets an F for overall political correctness. Well it doesn’t happen often but Mungo is sort of at a loss for words here…..except just keep keeping it classy Aliquippa! Oh and Mr Mayor everyone would kind of like to hear your position on all of this?!? crickets……..

    • You have no idea what you are are talking about. Joe has lived there all his life and knows the ins and outs of Aliquippa far better than most people. And he actually cares about the city. Politically correct? Who cares?

      • You would care if it was your 17 year old daughter. There is no place for texting that type of garbage ever!

      • @Hergieburbur, His whole life? How odd because many Ambridge locals in their 40s remember him there being a delinquent and ganster wanna be.

      • Don’t belittle Mungo! Who cares about political correctness?!? Well when it’s an officer of the law…asst police chief at that….distributing pornagraphic material to a 17 year old girl Mungo maintains that would rise well above the level of PC quite obviously! Recently a beat cop in Ambridge was overheard making disparaging comments in a local eatery and it was big news! This clown sends out pornagraphic material like a 7th grader and you support him? Whether he did it accidently or not is irrelevant, but to add to it a demeaning stereotype about the people he is charged with protecting and serving is downright despicable, unprofessional, and just wrong. Mungo does agree though that the timing of these charges are indeed very suspect!

    • That’s what I don’t understand either. She’s the center of the social lives of adults and seems to be on the peripheries of all the trouble in the city. Very strange.

  19. Just how long does it take to “greive” the death of DelTondo , Occifer Watkins ? Time to get your ass back to work like the rest of the true “hoodrats” , right Occifer?

  20. so his first act was to be……….to recuse the Aliquippa police from the DelTondo investigation and turn it over to the state police……and now they pull this out of their butts to get him off the force. why are they afraid of what he was going to do???

  21. This is clearly a case of Perciavalle being railroaded by the higher ups in Aliquippa. He sent the message to a police officer! If it was such a terrible act against a minor dont you think the officer would have reported this crime against his own daughter? Wake up people this is not a coincidence this came out 2 days after he was appointed chief they had the phone for almost a month now. This is just a smoke screen to to hide the real problem, and if I had to take bets councilman Motte they are probably coming for you next.

  22. So I’m confused…they arrested the person who sent the message but didn’t arrest Sgt. Watkins who was included on the message and was therefore that a minor was the recipient. As a municipal police officer Watkins is a mandated reporter in the Commonwealth of PA. He failed to report it which is a third degree felony.

    Is this another situation where our DA is going to claim that he had no criminal intent? Anybody who has been through mandated reporter training can tell you the law is clear…it shall be be reported, not it may (or may not) be reported.

    So, Stonewall, will they be picking Watkins up on their way to the afternoon half priced donut pickup? If not, WHY?

  23. girls don’t leave a millionaire for NO reason. Keep digging. and they’re all not takin the fall for being paid to do what they’ve done – someone didn’t look into everything – who he was trusting to make him look good. should have just taken care of his future wife and none of this would have happened but now Rachael is getting her D day on the whole motley crew

  24. We need
    a professional county Police Dept. All these small towns have zero integrity and professionalism. A professional law enforcement officer should never send porn to anyone.

    • County wide would likely be an extreme fiasco logistically but a 3 zone jurisdiction merger based on the way the rivers divide this county may offer some viability.

      • Id never suggest the sheriffs job changes this county cant vote in anyone competent as it is. Oversight could maybe be managed by having 3 chiefs one per region as part of a panel. Consolidation could actually minimize costs locally as well as eliminate local dependence and over stepping by the county into matters. It could also potentially eliminate a great deal of the situations illustrated here in local departments where the favoritism and corruption seem to run a muck.

  25. I would think the term hood rat would be discriminatory in nature thus elevating this to a hate crime, or at least a violation of federal law

  26. Can someone tell me why Stephanie Watkins hasn’t been arrested on the same charges? With her reply to the group, also had a suggestive photo along with her comment and the minor was also still in this chat….hmmm she should be next

    • I believe the article stated that Mrs. Watkins reply included the image of a girl in pants with her hands down them. The commentary from her was loosely “this is a hood rat” and likely eludes to a racial difference of the women used in the examples.

  27. As others have said, this all seems rather convenient. Two days after this guy takes over and says his first order of business is to turn over the investigation to PSP, he gets arrested for a text message from months ago?

    Fishy, 100% fishy.

  28. As Coach Tomlin would say-
    Obviously, our police dept is not moving forward as a cohesive unit, as it were…We need to get back in the lab and make the necessary changes to get everyone on the train, if you will. Losing two Chiefs in the same week is an obstacle, no doubt about it. Nothing you can do but lace up yer boots and Next Chief Up…

  29. This is definitely a page turner, so many twists and turns, so many good and bad characters…reminds me of Agatha Christy’s “Murder on the Orient Express.” Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

  30. It has been said by more than a few locals that this girl is well past 17 perhaps it is time her birth certificate is subpoenaed by investigators.
    It is highly irregular for any cop to be surrounded by as much controversy as Watkins has in the past few weeks. How is the community supposed to retain any confidence in this man should he ever return to service in the city?
    If this Perciavelle is the same wanna be thug that ran around Ambridge in the early 90s he would most certainly recognize a “hoodrat” when he sees one. Id wager one look at his juvenile record would likely silence his fan club as to his integrity. Although people can change, he clearly got his job through the classic BC friends and family plan.
    As mentioned by many the timing by DA Lozier here is suspicious and as we have seen many times appears to be leading right into the mode of covering up something.
    Anyone else think that the membership roster for Shadow Lakes and a few of these local clubs should be looked into? How many of these places were on the PSP list for illegal gambling machines? Were any actions taken to close down these establishments? What employees were charged in that investigation as a result? Seems more like that was the agreed upon “payoff” by the local mafia clans to the PSP to bury this whole mess and leave it in the APD’s hands.
    Continue to follow along tomorrow for more in the exciting saga “The Days of Beaver County”!

    • DA Loser’s crack team of detectives were so thorough in their investigation that they left a dead boy behind. That’s all we need to know. Totally over their heads, even in Podunk Beaver County. Can’t wait to see them all squirming when 48 hours or dateline show up.

  31. Story updated 4:15 p.m. with comment by attorney Steven Townsend who has been retained to represent Joe Perciavalle.

  32. “It certainly is a reasonable explanation,” said Townsend. “You know how many times I’ve done that? It happens.”

    No, Mr. Townsend, please tell us how many times you’ve done it…because I can honestly say that I’ve never accidentally sent a video of a half nude woman taking a piss on a swing to a group of people instead of just a single pervert. But in case I ever do I’ll be sure to chalk it up to a very common mistake that happens all the time.

    • id imagine he meant mistakenly sending a message to the wrong thread on a cell phone, but hell ASS-U-ME what you wish i know i do.

  33. Here’s a possibility… 2 county detectives are former Aliquippa cops. 2 COUNTY ESU members are Aliquippa cops.
    The detectives dumped those phones weeks ago as part of the murder investigation and have obviously been sitting on it for quite sometime. It’d only make sense that the detectives and DA kept Couch up to speed on what they had discovered on the phones. So Couch himself probably knew of this exchange between the assistant chief and Watkins family. Couch gets what he deserves and is taken out of office and the assistant chief assumes the reigns. Couch now has an axe to grind and calls someone from the county and threatens them with acting on the information they discovered or he himself will. Couch made many deals with the devil, including with the mayor. Which is how a rookie becomes the assistant chief in the first place.

    • Wow! Which 2? At this point Loziers team needs removed from not just the Deltondo case as they likely know the Watkins family personally and their are issues there, but also should be scutinized here if either of them had hands on this. Its a huge conflict of interest for them to have any involvement with the APD at this time in any capacity.

  34. Attorney Townsend is Absolutely Right about turning it in.. Watkins is Mandated by the State to report it ! Watkins DID NOT report Rachael when she was caught in the car with a minor and he is mandated by the State to report it !!! I guess there’s two sets of rules … Watkins doesn’t have to follow the law but everyone else does. Oh yea this is his daughter !!! What a Joke !!!

  35. Let’s review:
    Watkins daughter with Rachael Deltondo the night she was killed.
    Watkins shows up on the scene and corrupts the crime scene.
    Perciavalle takes over, wants the State Police to run the investigation of Rachael’s murder.
    Perciavalle sends a text to small group of “friends”.
    Watkins or a member of his immediate likely turned Perciavalle for his idiotic text message.
    Why would a member of the Watkins family, whom Perciavalle considered a friend turn him in?
    If she is 17, could she not legally see a movie rated NC-17? I haven’t seen the video, and have no desire to, but, a girl peeing is hardly the kind of thing a 17 year old girl hasn’t already seen 43,449** times.
    It really looks like Watkins is desperate.
    ** (I googled how many times does a person pee in a day, and got between 6 and 8, I used 7 for my calculation, and added 2 days for leap years.)

  36. Holy hell if you life in quip grab your waders the shit is getting deeper over there than the last flood that hit Franklin ave.

  37. These people want to pretend that their the Sopranos. But none of the Sopranos were filthy perverts, Likes to watch girls pissing wouldn’t piss on any of the Aliquippa and Sheriffs dept. people if they were on fire on the side of the road. Protect and serve law enforcement in Beaver County honor integrity OH YA………

  38. To send a depiction of this type is not only disturbing. A fascination with urolagnia indicates a retarded, distorted sexual development and a fetishism based in unresolved childhood and adolescent sexuality issues. Sending or sharing it complicates the issue, for not only does one derive sexual pleasure from seeing it, but one seeks gratification in others approval and reinforcement, compromizing them as well. This is not behavior of a mature adult. It is the behavior of a child, confused and inappropriately seeking abnormal attention to allay insecurity with sexuality. It is not funny. It is not normal.

    Get counseling now. Quickly.

    • Raven, OR, maybe these f’n idiots thought it was funny. YUK-F’n-YUK.
      NEVER SHOULD HAVE been downloaded, never should have been shared.
      Urolagnia, come on! I nearly pissed myself when you posted that OPINION.

  39. Which magistrate gave this nut job a $5000 unsecured bond. Should have their head examined on that bond. Maybe the teacher was tutoring Watkins daughter, everyone is quick to judge all the wrong things.

    • Most likely “Swine”hart and at damn near what 20 years in office she is a BC crony for damn sure

  40. Where’s that dipshit Loziers 2 cents in this, or is the asshole too busy buying a larger rug, and hiring more relatives to sweep ?

  41. @Whiny… You have it right with this post except for a couple things…

    “Here’s a possibility… 2 county detectives are former Aliquippa cops. 2 COUNTY ESU members are Aliquippa cops. The detectives dumped those phones weeks ago as part of the murder investigation and have obviously been sitting on it for quite sometime. It’d only make sense that the detectives and DA kept Couch up to speed on what they had discovered on the phones. So Couch himself probably knew of this exchange between the assistant chief and Watkins family. Couch gets what he deserves and is taken out of office and the assistant chief assumes the reigns. Couch now has an axe to grind and calls someone from the county and threatens them with acting on the information they discovered or he himself will. Couch made many deals with the devil, including with the mayor. ”

    Rumor has it that the APD Detectives (PooDicker & Tepler) sat on the phone info. Other thing is how Perciaval got appointed as Asst Chief. It’s common knowledge and can be found through a little research that Deeewan has surrounded himself with peeps that are either dirty or can be manipulated easily. First he has his brother and he hand picks a dirty chief. He picked a City Admin (Gill) who he’s known forever AND they went to college together. This idiot couldn’t get a job anywhere so ole Dewannn hires him as City Admin. When he needs an Asst Chief, he hand picks Perciaval figuring (1) he’s known him forever and (2) he counted on the kid to cover his corrupt ass. BUT the one thing he didn’t count on was the kid is a grown ass man now and can’t be manipulated or turned to dirty. This caused a huge prob for the dirty Mayor and dirty Chief cus now someone is close on the inside and isn’t putting up with their dirty crap.

  42. little red tomato: It’s funny to you now, but if this thing gets to trial, the prosecutors will be quoting me.

    • I’ll help you out, tomato —

      Prosecution Closing Arguments:

      “This is sick fucking behavior, no matter how you slice it, and no adult in his right mind would do it.”

      I close, Your Honor.



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