An early morning roundup by officers with the Monaca Borough Police Department has netted two more suspects in connection with an assault that took place outside of the Blue Steel late last week.

Craig Rawl Jr., 21 of New Brighton, turned himself into authorities this morning after Monaca officers began visiting various locations looking for him. A short time later, Monaca Police arrested Michael Dee Stevenson, 22 of Beaver Falls, who was also wanted in connection with the beating.

Both men are facing charges of felony aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, and disorderly conduct, for their alleged role in an attack on 32 year old Patrick Castellano of Industry. The assault occurred early Thanksgiving morning outside of the Blue Steel, which has come under heavy criticism by members of the community due to a string of incidents originating from the club.

Monaca Police arrested Larance Armoni Lowe, 22 of Aliquippa, over the weekend on the same charges. He was released from the Beaver County Jail after posting a $20,000 bond in the case.

As of the time of this report, court records show that Rawl and Stevenson are currently being held in the Beaver County Jail after failing to post $25,000 bonds.

A preliminary hearing for Lowe, Rawl, and Stevenson has been scheduled for December 9th at 9:00am.

Marlo Dame Cleckley Jr., 21 of Beaver Falls, is still wanted by authorities for his alleged involvement in the attack, and a warrant has been issued by Magisterial District Judge Dale Nicholson for his arrest.

A cellphone video provided to the Beaver Countian by a witness of the assault shows Patrick Castellano being drop kicked in the head, and a second video taken moments later shows the man laying unconscious and bloody while a group of people continue to violently attack him. Castellano was transported by ambulance to the hospital where he was admitted. The man was released Friday morning and is expected to make a full recovery.

Readers of the Beaver Countian helped to identify some of the suspects and witnesses to the assault after video of the attack was released by this publication.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Cleckley isnt that one of the teen’s last name that killed the girl from beaver falls over a cigarette??? sounds like that whole family is trouble considering i know of a relative of the family thats locked up in state pen right now too.

  2. good work to monaca police! this is the difference with monaca and other towns when bad things happen here people come forward and cops do their job. :thumbsup:

    if this happen in aliquippa no one would see anything and the police probably wouldnt even show up

  3. Cleckley is hidding in the new apartments the housing authority build up in Pleasant view.. all the cleckleys live up there.. it’s a drug haven now..

  4. im just saying its just weird how 2 of them in the area are in trouble, and then i had one writing me from prison (after i found out who he truly was i stopped writing ). im sure theyre not all bad, but it seems like violence runs in the family. just God bless the family, and hopefully the good ones are forgiving people or dont want to be tied up in the troubles that the others bring.

  5. Violence runs in allot of families from BF, most of us grew up with nothing, and had nothing but fiends, prostitutes, drug dealers and hella dope all around us growing up..Some of us learned to avoid it, some had no choice but to get involved to feed their pple because there is no room for advancement in BF unless you get that scholarship and make it out..I see what you are saying tho..

    • How about a work ethic and some schooling? That would have got you out. Don’t blame the town’s issues for your failure. That’s 100% on you.

  6. clinton, your right, and im sorry if it sounded like i was making the whole family bad ppl. i guess if there was more things for kids to do there wouldnt be such violence, like a reck center or something. i think thats how all over is though, if you dont have the scholarships you have nothing and crime is the only way ppl think they can make i t.

  7. Clinton that’s no excuse. I grew up in that area and was dirt poor. I enlisted in the Marines and left. I am about to re enter the civilian world with a a Bachelors and two Masters degrees that I didn’t have to pay for . There is always a way out.

  8. @ the white hat punk, i watch the video and see you running over and kicking this low life which is what he is but didnt deserve this, back to point you look white wearing THAT SCMEDIUM t-shirt thats pulling on your little bitch tits and belly with YEAH BROon it, real tough fucking loser you probally still live at home at 25….

    Monaca is good town that still looks good and people have more money invested in boats with docks on atlantic ave then commenters that are ripping the town have in there homes.

    The town has ton of succesful people current and retired, also if there was room to build in the hieghts over 100 new fucking houses 250 to 750 grand would of been built sadly no room to build so most have built in center, chippewa and brighton twp.

    Now i have my issues with in town low lifes and miserable fucks that are never happy and bitch to bitch but have never given an ounce back to the town but bitch and take what ever they can get. but overall low hanging fruit is everywhere. But true monaca at heart smile and move forward no matter if they live in town or not.

    Patronise what business you can when you can afford in town and shit like this wont get smeared down main street. WHHHHOOOAA

  9. Clinton M Weidner, I’m from beaver falls. It’s not as bad as you’re making it out to be. Don’t want to get involved, then don’t! I made it out of beaver falls cause I worked hard. The school district makes it very easy for you to get out of that town. Also, if you dont associate with people that are known to be trouble makers, life will be just fine. trust me. People like you give beaver falls the bad rep it gets. It’s not that bad of a town. Crime has gone down in our town over the past 7 years. Violence does not run in most families. I know plenty of families that aren’t violent. There’s plenty of room for advancement. Please quit trying to make Beaver Falls such a bad place. It’s honeslty not if you do what you’re supposed to! Mike Morgan I totally agree with what you’re saying!

  10. WTF you mean people like me, you don’t even know anything about me..I’m a pretty good person..I aint trying to make BF anything it isn’t I love BF, I grew up there and I know what I saw, most of it wasn’t good at all no matter who I associated with..You know nothing about me, so don’t judge me..I got out of that town years ago, it’s not the same for everybody..Some pple don’t have the resources to get out even tho they really want to..I respect what you’re saying tho..Have a good day..

  11. It is also who u associate with and bring around. And if ur a kid and ur parents bring that stuff around u, u have no way out. Parents are to blame for some of the problems out there but as a man who became a father at 20 u have to make the best decisions u can. I grew up in Center and the availability of drugs and other shit is way readily available than people think. See center uses the philosophy that it’s the outsiders that tarnish center but it is the parents who hand there kids 25-50 bucks a day and say eat lunch and dinner. Well those kids bout us the bags and beer and living there was the easiest time i ever had finding drugs. I moved to aliquippa and beaver falls while raising my family and never had a problem and would not let problems around my kids. If u think beaver falls is so bad and quip send ur kids to Central Valley and see how fucked up they become. It’s just all hidden because of all the uppity white folks.

  12. Sick! Down right sicking! I don’t care what you grew up with or with out! This is where our troubles come from! Dumb ass people that like to go around an fight! This is why I don’t go to blue steel anymore more! To many fights! Get this shit out of our town an take it to beaverfalls! I think I speak for many more in the home town!

  13. I’m not trying to be rude but you throw out the negativity of beaver falls instead of the good. How about the fact the school has one of the best curriculums around & crime has decreased. You can get out if you WANT to. If you WANT to live a life of crime, you will. But if you WANT to leave Beaver Falls, you’ll find a way! It has nothing to do with where you live or who you’re around or what your parents do. If you don’t like a situation, you can get out. It may be hard but if you really WANT it, you’ll get out.

  14. I spoke negatively because we were talking about a negative subject..There is plenty of positive things I could mention about BF, but that was not the basis of this conversation..

  15. But still, the two men who are in trouble for this are usually very nice people. I’ve had personal experiences with them (talking to them, know their family). Everyone always wants to throw Beaver Falls under the bus because someone from our city makes one mistake.

  16. When u are a kid kind of does matter what the parents are doing. U cant leave ur parents. The influences from childhood are life long. But I do agree u can get out of any situation with maximum effort. We had four kids and no money but had to get away from crime for our kids sake so we did.

  17. No one is nice who can stomp on an unconscious human being. I couldn’t even do it to an animal but that because I respect all human nature. The guy deserved to get knocked out but stomped and kicked hell nah.

  18. If the child wants to get out, they will. I learned at college that most children usually differ from their parents beliefs and actions so therefore they will want out & a great life. Especially if the child has seen their parents go to jail & how much stress it causes on the family, they won’t want to continue that in their own family.

  19. Amanda Headley exactly! Well currently I’m in college so I can’t really move but I know what you mean. I love beaver falls & see the good in it so I’m not too worried about it. Plus I’m only home (at my parents) for about 4 months total anyways.

  20. I’m not saying they are not good people, i’m just saying at the time they were beating a man who was down on the ground and couldn’t even get up to defend himself..It’s uncalled for and people need to learn how to act when drinking or not drink at all..It was a bitch move, and i’m not throwing the place under the bus, like I said I was just speaking on what I saw growing up..I respect all the opinions that were in this thread..

  21. this BS is happening all over this country guess it makes people feel big and proud of their selves to all stand around and beat up on one person….let the shoe be on the other foot then what would t hey think?

  22. Yeah but u are doing 18 yrs with ur parents is my point. And out in the real world a lot of people do end up living the same life they grew up in and not by choice but by training. Statistics aren’t real world living. I know people who do everything wrong but raise there kids right and others that have the dope fiends sleeping in the room right next to there kids. So kids dont have a way out but the parents should be there safe haven. So I blame those parents for there child’s future.

  23. As do I, but honestly people make mistakes. Im sure you have made plenty as well as I. It shouldn’t be projected on how the whole town is. Where you come from has no hold on how you act. When I came to college, people were surprised I’m from Beaver Falls because I act like a mature young lady. I didn’t let where I grew up define me..

  24. But the choice is the child’s! It’s not all the parents fault. The child hasknowledge of right & wrong! The pare t can’t be held liable if the child decides to go murder someone! Most people know what is right & wrong & can realize if they are right or wrong. It’s not always the parents fault. Look at the ones who do everything right & the child ends up in jail. Is it their fault because they didn’t expose these vices to their child then?

  25. No no no not what I said Alessandra. And as a matter of fact they are trying to hold a mother liable for her son killing those people at western psyche in the burgh. They are behind the eight ball. I was raised by a mother who raised me perfectly. I got caught up in a hustle after school that got me time but I would never blame her but a shitty parent does not always teach right from wrong. U dont have kids and don’t know how much a child looks up to a parent especially the one that don’t show the love and affection. They yearn for it. I have five children and I do do things they should not know and don’t know but I teach them the rights and wrongs and consequences for such things. Kids need good parents to have a chance in this world. Now a s u said if I had a prejudice dad that showed me how he killed all dif races chances are I would grow up with that hatred and do the same. U are young and will learn but real life is real life not text books

  26. If you defend Beaver Falls, Ambridge, or Alliquippa, then you are either part of the problem, or in complete denial. If you grow up around trash, chances are, you too are trash.

  27. Nothing wrong with beaver falls aliquippa and ambridge. Just a few bad people and at least in aliquippa and ambridge corrupt cops don’t help. I blame cops for turning blind eye to some and setting up others. Bad cops have hurt those towns forever.

  28. Lewpac Headley boy are you so wrong. There are great things that come out of Beaver Falls! For one I am not the problem, nor in denial. I just wish to see the good & not focus on the bad! & Missy Boring-Turley I agree with you. I’ve heard about corruption in cops, never seen it first hand, but that could be a major contributor. Also, I’ve heard of police in those towns turning blind eyes. A few bad people really do ruin a towns rep!

  29. beaver falls schools are NOT what they once were. they are on academic probation due to low test scores.

  30. What a coincidence…..another Cleckley is wanted for a felony and can’t seem to be found…..anybody else see a pattern here? Maybe this time they could press charges against the person(s) who are hiding him.

  31. youll always defend where your from i defend quip i was born and raised….im a hard working person and am far from trash….it all comes down to how u were raised….cause i know some real messed up ppl from “good” towns

  32. love how eveybody acts like beaver falls is such a bad place, i lived there two years ago, its not bad at all. I have lived and grew up in Flint Michigan, u think beaver falls is bad come live out here. It sounds to me kids are trying to act like the mobsters and crime just needs to stop!!! Goes back to the old saying, Cant we all just get along!!!

  33. I’m laughing at the people saying that BF is not that bad in one breathe then saying you can make it out of there in the next breathe like its a war zone . You don’t have to tell me or blow sunshine up my butt , I’ve seen that town at its worst while working EMS . Murders , drugs , poverty… Ive seen it all !! And to the people saying Monaca is a dump , i say your full of shit period and just wanted to get on this post and throw your useless 2 cents worth in . Just because some scum bags came into town because of a bar that needs to be shut down that has not been shut down yet does not make monaca a dump ! Crime in Monaca is low, the fire dept doesn’t even run alot of calls . That right there tells ya something . The town is clean and full of good people and families . Anyone comparing Monaca to places like Beaver Falls and Alliquippa need to pull their head out of their rear end !

  34. Aren’t all these towns basically connected , literally , to say one town is this and one is that is crazy these towns are five blocks long and all run down , you people act like your in philly or Dc or la , it’s beaver county most high schools have more kids in one class then in the entire population of quip , you want change go change , and good job police ? The fight happened at 2:15 on main st ? Where were the cops then ?

  35. Monaca is not connected to any other town , and is much larger than 5 blocks . And to blame this on the police force is asinine. They cannot be everywhere at once . Perhaps they where on a traffic stop or a medical call or a house fire or a domestic call or backing up another town on a call . Perhaps they have other things to do then play blue oyster security !

  36. Shut the fuck up already about BF this, Monaca that, Ambridge this, Center that. We fucking got the point about 50 comments ago and 3 articles prior. There’s assholes all over this county, just some places more than others.

  37. Fight happened at roughly 1:50-2:00. I made last call at 1:40, no drama. Guy was kicked out for headbutting at about 1:45. I asked everyone to exit shortly after that. He tried to come back in only to meet the guy he assaulted.

  38. What’s the most popular drinking night of the year ? What time do bars in pa close ? Hhhmmmmm…. Police do have better things to do than stop bar fights but then don’t go hunting everyone down later

  39. The Beaver Countian has opened my eyes to an alarmingly large community of the insecure, self righteous and very outspoken bigots that reside in Beaver County Pennsylvania. If this shoe does not fit you… well, you know the rest. (This is a statement/opinion) Not the views of every individual that resides in Beaver County. No replies needed. Thank you.

  40. After reading these comments it doesn’t matter where you grew up or where you’re from you have the choice of how you handle things, and I do not believe its the parents faults in any way…they did what they did bc they were drunk and being assholes no ones fault but their own!!!

  41. Bottom line is, back when I started going there, when we were then young kids ourselves, had more respect for establishments and mankind. This shit didn’t happen back when we were 21 years old. It’s called maturity and kids these days don’t have it. We used to drink until we couldn’t even stand up but we weren’t starting fights. Kids these days have no respect for themselves, let alone others. They wanna get drunk and fight. We used to and occasionally still do, get a nice buzz and have fun conversations and joke around. That doesn’t happen anymore. Can’t blame the bartenders every single time there’s a fight. I know plenty of ppl who get smashed but still r able to look and act fine. U don’t have to be drunk to use a racial slur, like what happened in this case. Bottom line is, ppl r disrespectful. It’s nobody’s fault but theirs. U cause a problem, suffer the consequences. It can happen anywhere, anytime, drunk or sober. “People r disrespectful and don’t know how to JUST have fun and live life.”

  42. Ok my thoughts about getting out of that town you need a scholarship? Huh there are fed funded grants and state grants and bus tickets to CCBC!! Most students get an associates fully paid. Its an excuse! We can all do better for ourselves if we work harder ,protect our children and take a step back from crime, drugs and placing blame. We r the ones in control of our lives, our destiny, and our self worth.

  43. Kids need to stay off here. They don’t know the history or the facts about life . The bottom line like I posted before ….when u invite the hip hop crowd …trouble will find it’s way …plain and simple. Glad the liquor licence is up for renewal in 2014. Time to shut the bar down. Move the bar to aliquippa or beavers falls….let u criminals kill each other .

    • Chuck Simmons you have a lot to learn about life yourself! Music or the town has nothing to do with it…what about all the bars in Beaver County that play country music, or the biker bars, or just bars in general that have people fighting, or doing drugs in the bathroom, or women being raped “out back”?? Bottom line is Beaver County is one little speck in this huge universe, that tend to have narrow minded and uneducated people, not all but some…All people EVERYWHERE are the same, you will always have ignorant people that are prejudice, people that do not know how to spell or act regardless of the color of their skin, people with their pants sagging down to their ankles regardless of the color of their skin, and people walking around wearing overalls and no teeth regardless of the color of their skin. People react and cope to/with situations based on how they were raised and their environment but the bottom line is ultimately each person has a choice. We are all the choices we make. I do have to say though, as long as we have people that stero type (like Chuck and a few others) issues will not be resolved. Be a part of a solution and not a part of a problem! Just a little tidbit…have a great day!!!

  44. As repoeted and posted on this exact same sight monday 12/1, Marlo Cleckley turned himself in on sunday morning, and was being held in BCJ.
    And they also reported about conflict of interest with the attorney his family hired to represent them.
    So even the people who are writing the reports cant get the story straight. Not even their own stories.

  45. PEACH : People stereo type people each and everyday. It’s human nature. There are good people and bad people in the world. When you invite a crowd that you have to search for guns and weapons …what do you think they are doing it for. Is blue steel that nice of a place that they want to keep clean, OR do they know the saggy pants are on their way . It’s not a stereo type when it’s the truth. What bars in Beaver County have constant fights and rapes ? This area is not that BIG. Bad bars get shut down and if they are problem bars , the police and newspapers know . So what are you talking about …. we all knows bars cause trouble in general , fact. It’s the level of trouble and gang bang mentality that is out there these days. I could go on all day about the negative music and crowd but it makes no difference. The bottom line is Beaver County is a good place and good towns like Monaca wont be ruined by a hip hop bar. My Town of New Brighton finally got rid of the barnhouse , once again a town standing up and saying ” Get the hell out of here” …why cause the crowd was garbage. So people quit being soooooooo sensitive. We all stereo type people all day long. You know people will cry racism …which is garbage and it’s a crutch that people lean on all day long. So use your excuses it makes no difference to me. I live in the real world , I judge everyone and give everyone a chance. Most of the time I’m right and the public is right !!!



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