Political mailer sent out by the Bipartisan Committee
Political mailer sent out by the Bipartisan Committee
Political mailer sent out by the Bipartisan Committee

The Treasurer of the now defunct Bipartisan Committee for a Better Economy Borough says he personally made all of the monetary contributions to the group during its final reporting period, according to a campaign finance report filed by the committee.

The committee’s termination report filed with the Beaver County Bureau of Elections on October 3rd shows Rick Lapinski listed as making a contribution to the group on June 28th of $844 and on July 1st of $1,431.08. His personal donations are the only ones shown for the committee, who listed no other contributors. Lapinski was named as the Committee Treasurer, and is the man who filed the report. He is also the husband of Economy Borough Councilwoman Michelle Lapinski.

The statement lists expenditures of $1,520 spent on signs, $1,011 for flyers, and $840 for postage.

The Bipartisan Committee for a Better Economy Borough officially disbanded itself in the middle of the election cycle, two days after the Beaver Countian published its first report detailing questions being raised about their finances.

The Economy Borough Democratic Committee and the Beaver County Democratic Committee filed a joint complaint with the Board of Elections last month, alleging the Bipartisan Committee for a Better Economy Borough grossly under reported both their campaign expenditures and donations. George E. Fitzgerald, who campaigned for Mayor of Economy Borough, and Mary Jo Sivy, who campaigned for Tax collector, were also listed in the complaint.

The Board of Elections voted unanimously to refer that complaint to the District Attorney’s Office after the group failed to provide documentation requested by Elections Director Dorene Mandity. District Attorney Tony Berosh told the Beaver Countian that he has formally opened a criminal investigation into the matter, and has assigned County Detectives to the case.

The Bipartisan Committee’s previous campaign finance report, also submitted by Richard Lapinski, reported total expenditures of just $978.27 during the primary election. Economy Borough Mayor David Poling and County Democratic Committee Chairman Michael “Doc” Sisk allege the group spent well over ten times that amount. Lapinski and George Fitzgerald have denied under reporting expenditures and donations. Mary Jo Sivy has previously failed to return a message seeking comment.


  1. This just keeps getting better. If Rick Lapinski gave $844 on JUNE 28th and $1431.08 on JULY 1st why did he wait till OCT. 3rd to report it.He claims it is the final report.Then he should have been able to report as soon as JULY 2nd. What took him so long. It was only reported after this story broke, that he came up with this story. I believe this is just an attempt to cover up something bigger.

  2. what no big boob pic’s today? :annoyedreply: If that council lady in the last story, the one who got the photoshop double mastectomy from that googons guy. So the story goes, she’s married to this high roller named Rick who’s under criminal investigation for keeping big cash cow donators close to the vest. Rick, you be keeping it gangsta style! Dude, are you one of those special needs people that wears a helmet and catches a little yellow bus? So now you show up again listed as their money tree? My man, you’re going up town! Of all the stupidest things. That there judge, if he’s surfing the beaver countian he may slap another 2 years at ya for letting some guy cut off you old lady’s boobs.

  3. oops-dont believe flier-they dont listento people of economy-only make snide remarks to/ & about people that go to council meets-these people never wanted walmart expansion-& didnt raise taxes cause they’re up for election-now got caught being corrupt (pants down around ankles) & how many meetings/phone calls did it take to come up with this cocky answer=what is so darn important to spend so much money-ask them–personal gain?=importance? = is all economy boro money accounted for-??situation like cyber school?? ask yourselves before you vote***

  4. If there was ever a time in the history of Economy Boro for a change of council it is now. If we let this Bipartisan group get away with this than shame on all of us

  5. To the district attorney, beaver county. I read the complaint in full that the beaver countian made available with their premium subscription. The complaint filed has a list of exhibits that were attached to the original complaint that is in the possession of your investigators. The numbers reported in the bipartisan committee’s termination finale report clearly proves their reports are extremely under reported campaign expenditures. I believe as a resident of Economy Borough they are not disclosing contributions.The real question is why? I do not need a law degree to understand the definition of fraud. The complaint lists six mailers that were mailed using United States Postage bulk postage rates and this report is stating postage costs of $840.00. This is literally impossible! They also list $1,520 for signs. The complaint included a copy of a economy borough police report of a damaged sign that Rick Lipinski himself reported the sign cost of $150, per sign. The complaint provided 17 locations that the exact sign in the photograph were identified and the addresses were also provided. This committee sent mailers galore in the 2013 primary election. I and my neighbors were receiving 2-3 of the same mailer addressed to each member of a household. These bipartisan committee candidates were parading neighborhoods in Economy Borough handing out 10-12 pieces of campaign literature, refrigerator clip magnets and emergency phone number magnets with candidates names on them. This is an insult to the people of Economy Borough the very same people that are running economy’s government with their hands all over our tax dollars are appearing every other day with more and new reports of their continued corruption. I, as a resident am expecting our district attorney office to put an end to the never ending corruption of this committee’s sitting council members, candidates, borough employee’s, groups, and who’s ever funding these elections. The question every resident, every lawmaker, every law agency, and to anyone out in beaver county that understands the meaning of justice and maybe believes in the system just a spoonful. The real question why would a group of individuals spend $25,000 in a primary election, to make sure certain people are elected that they support. WHY? I think most people are intelligent to know the answers.

    • lmao and bet ya they scooged all over route 8!! :party: :party: Oh shit, that’s not funny, tomorrow’s beaver countian headlines will read, Rick picked up the tab for all the bipartisan committee 1-900 let’s talk dirty calls.

  6. Awesome job JP best news in B.C. keep it coming. Now lets talk about this lowlife scumbag Rick who thinks he is untouchable. The D.A. needs to turn this over to the state i hope he is untainted and will do that if he does slippery Rick will need a real attorney not a LOW BUDGET BARGIN BIN BIMBO ATTORNEY she will screw something up and get you life without parole. Rick you should start to use soap on the rope you have bars in your future . Dont worry Rick l am sure Larry your partner in crime will write you and also tell you what a complete DUMBASS , STUPID ASS you are . Maybe your LOW BUDGET BARGIN BIN ATTORNRY will make you cookies :cuffs:

  7. Maybe Rick is right and there no more contributions. Is it possible that all those handouts were run off at the Boro office ? Then the money for signs and magnets came out of the category of office supplies . .After all why not use the tax payers money.If not and the money came from contributions then some one needs to look into all the no bid contracts ,vendors and suppliers this council used.Rumor has it the council is getting bids for new office computers. I wonder whats on the old ones they want to get rid of.If I had anything to due with this bipartisian group or worked in the boro office I would become a whistle blower and call the DA for a plea deal before its to late.

  8. I have to chuckle at the thought that some people think anyone will go to jail over this. Not going to happen in a million years. If someone gets probation, I would be shocked. What could very well happen though is that this will bring enough embarrassing attention that they will lose the election. Which is probably almost as good, because this group really seems to enjoy their little political offices.



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