Nearly two years after first being proposed by Commissioner Dennis Nichols, the Beaver County Courthouse will soon see all of its employees using time clocks as they come and go from work.

“Time cards are used universally in the private sector,” Commissioner Nichols told the Beaver Countian when he proposed the system back in 2012. “This will increase the productivity of county employees, and help to make sure all employees have the same fair workday.”

The biometric time clock units (which rely on employee fingerprints) have been installed in the Courthouse, Public Works building, and the County Jail at a cost of approximately $86,000. Traditional time clocks are being installed in each of the magisterial district offices.

Training and testing will begin this month and the system is now expected to be fully operational by April.

No word yet on whether or not Commissioners will require Chief Public Defender Paul “The Courthouse Yeti” Steff to use the new biometric time clock system.

The county recently began using a $25,000 “Barracuda” web filter to prevent employees from openly accessing the internet in another of Commissioner Dennis Nichols’ initiatives to make county government run more “efficiently and effectively.”


  1. That assumes a premise that it’s a good thing for county workers to be on the job doing their job.  For me, there’s far more concern about what government employees might do to me, than any possible thing they might do for me.

    • Typical attitrude in these times of class warfare and war against government workers. Your real danger lies in in the control over government by the corporate interests, but you haven’t given that any thought because the very people who are waging this assault against democracy are influencing your mind via the media.

      • True Believer, certainly.  Right wing, hardly.  Learned a long time ago that government ‘help’ never comes without strings attached, and that it is inherently inefficient and corrupt, regardless of who is in power at the time, be it corporate syncophants or collectivists.  It’s not that the wrong people have been in charge of the system, it’s a bad system when it’s expanded to do anything beyond a few very narrowly defined responsibilities.

    • If you need help you’ll go running there like everyone else. Get laid off you’ll go for unemployment, Forced into a low wage job , you’ll go for food stamps and other assistance , Kids want to go to college you’ll go for student loans and grants. If you’re in business you’ll be begging for some kind of grant or subsidy. Please spare everyone the BS

      • OK, have it your way.  This is the way with all discussions with leftists, the argument always break down because it’s an argument based on emotion, and all that is left with is to attack personally, in this case a blind attack as you don’t know my background.  I’m done, not interested in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

      • Soooo-Jackoff4570. Do you mean to tell everyone that YOU would not take any government entitlements? Yea, right! Again, as Bugs Bunny would say-“What a maroon!”  Now go bow and pray to your Messiah OBAMA!

  2. They tried a similar system 5 or 6 years ago and it never worked correctly then. So let’s spend $86,000 to find out it will not work again

    • Getitdone another loony whose mind is controlled by the same interests who brought him Barrack Obama to keep him occupied.. Anyone who opposes those interest like Jackson must surely love the devil himself Obama . Getting nothing done along with No Brains Nobama will go through life with their strings being pulled by these forces ,chasing their tails waiting for a fuhrer who will never come to make things right .

  3. What a waste of money, each elected office should control it’s on and why have directors with in departments. That’s a waste give out some more bonuses too, I’mtired of these commissioners wasting money on stupid shit…



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