theguardian will now be featuring national and international news along with its own original reporting and investigative journalism.

The Beaver Countian entered into a content agreement with The Guardian that will bring the newspaper’s award winning reporting to readers in Beaver County.

Although the site will continue to focus on hyper-local journalism from Beaver County, the partnership with The Guardian will expose readers to important national and international news. The Beaver Countian will also be publishing columns by The Guardian on science, technology, and the arts.

Coverage from The Guardian is available on the front page of’s desktop edition now, and will be available on its mobile site in the near future.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, The Guardian maintains a Pulitzer Prize winning news bureau in the United States.

The Beaver Countian is a new media publication covering Beaver County, Pennsylvania. The site regularly reaches in excess of 50,000 individual readers with over 17,300 followers on its Facebook page.


  1. Makes sense, and a natural extension of what this site is all about.  I’d think it useful for readers of the Beaver Countian to have a quick click option to news of world events.

    The Guardian is, I believe, decidedly left of center, which the publication readily admits.  That’s fine with me, as it’s my view that every news publication has bias.  The very decisions made as to what is ‘newsworthy’ and what is worthy of coverage carry with it bias.  

    Like most, I tend to get my news and gravitate towards outlets in line with my political and theological views.  Since I read the BeaverCountian daily, the partnership with the Guardian gives me easy access to world views through a lens I wouldn’t otherwise seek out.  Thank you.

    • @eddiemerchant: I agree. As long as this addition to the BC is “not only, but also” it could be good for me, because I go to other online papers to get the national news and extras. If it replaces other local investigative news that would have been reported, I would have a problem with that. The local comparison paper, the BCT, took the cheap road by necessity and does the cut-and-paste from the Associated Press, as Ba Ba mentions, and it is nothing but a wire service outlet with occasional local reporting. If the obituaries were published here, I would have little reason to go the BCT at all. The New York Times used to be a week to read; now it is slimmed down and seems to be petering out. So, The Guardian might take up the slack a little there. Don’t tweak it too much, JP, because what you have is working. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

  2. JP brought us reckless tabloid journalism he learned in a cracker jack box. Now he bring us copy and paste reporting. Great stuff. Gotta fill time in to come up with new Georgie stories.

  3. Hey JP! Just start posting pics of miley virus twerking and Kardashian whore pics and who danced with who on the stars…oh oh oh and what lunch program moochele is currently promoting. Yeah that is all starting to sound Legit!

  4. Oh oh oh and while Mungo’s at it. Pop up banners of Kate Uptown and Goldie Hahn pics and ads for how to date Asian/Russian…..Women. Mungo sees where this is going…and it’s HOT….YO….. all kidding aside. You people want to start reading the TRUTH? Just visit…..…..… Not all perfect, but very enlightening. Truth is a very challenging thing for many so either embrace it and grow! Or kick back pop some meds and a beer/wine and read “who’s dancing with the stars”!

  5. Keep it “The Beaver Countian”…we have enough stuff going on here in this illustrious county for you to report on and you do a fine job doing it, JP…just sayin’ 🙂

  6. So, does this mean you’ve become the Times? Everything in their paper is a wire story. Sadly, I see this going in the same direction. It was good while it lasted. A sad day for journalism…

  7. I’m not sure why the addition of the Guardian is being questioned.

    It’s available at no cost (I didn’t see anything about a fee), plus no one is required to read it. How many have said the same thing to the nay-sayers in the sheriff articles?

    JP’s writing is proof he doesn’t need a “certificate” or degree to be a journalist, and The Guardian will only supplement his excellent LOCAL coverage.  We need more reporters of his caliber. Look at Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers, Woodward and Berstein of Watergate fame.  No matter the party, history has shown they uncovered NATIONAL political corruption.

    Speaking of LOCAL corruption: A majority of BC residents don’t read the BeaverCountian, and a majority of THOSE aren’t even aware of a sheriff problem. Why aren’t they being made aware? Why is the BeaverCountian the ONLY place I’m reading “Democratic Party Officlals have begun preparing to stop David’s nomination…”? This COULD be a blockbuster news item.  Is JP really making this stuff up (I highly doubt it), or is every other local media outlet oblivious to it, or “sitting” on it for some reason? JP reported it several days ago; why hasn’t Shane Fitzgerald (BC Times Editor) reported on it?

    THAT is why we NEED JP’s investigative LOCAL journalism, and NATIONAL outlets like the Guardian. (I’m sure this is being catalogued by the NSA Cloud as I type).

    • Like yourself, just baffled as to why this is an issue with so many posters here.  How is free access to an international news source a bad thing?

      I’ve lived here almost all my life, and there are many things I like about Beaver County,it’s people, and the local culture and values.  One of the things I could do without is this parochial narrow minded view among many that if it doesn’t happen here it doesn’t affect us here.  It’s almost as if some of our neighbors actually take a perverse pride in ignorance, actually preferring to walk through life with blinders on.  

      Choosing to be stupid and uninformed is not an alternate view, it’s just stupid and uninformed.

  8. Too bad you selected a socialist news organization to align with. The Guardian is anti conservative, anti semite and terribly biased. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog over the months but you just lost one reader. 

    • JP got gay married I’m guessing he’s not just now all of sudden aligning himself with liberalism.
      I think it says a lot about JP that people are just now figuring out he’s so liberal.  It just goes to show how fair his reporting is to both D and R in Beaver County both sides respect what he writes.
      If you don’t like Guardian don’t read it.

      • ER, I always thought he was just reporting the facts. I don’t know him or am I interested in his personal life. I think he is a great reporter but the Guardian is the worst kind of propaganda from my point of view and won’t read it which is what I said. I wasn’t looking for your affirmation of my choice just letting him know that this association doesn’t work for me. Best to you.

      • No, not yet. Haven’t found any Guardian news yet. I guess I’ll decide to leave or not. Read or not, myself. BTW, in July the AP published a 461 word story on Boko Harum murdering 100 christians in a village in Nigeria. Same week the Guardian published a 511 word story about a Palestinian woman recieving a chest injury from Israeli shrapnel. This is what you have to look forward to mixed in with local reporting.

  9. Yeah, your loosing me as well. There is enough shit going on here in Beaver Co. to keep this as it was. No interest in shit from somewhere else.



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