A Beaver Borough Patrolman has tendered his resignation from the department two weeks after his K-9 partner was retired from duty.

Multiple sources tell the Beaver Countian that Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen-riems submitted his resignation on Tuesday; his K-9 partner Czar was officially retired from the department at a Beaver Borough Council meeting on September 12th.

Wijnen-riems is currently a named defendant in a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging excessive force filed by James Edward Cicco, who suffered severe bite injuries during a traffic stop in August of 2016. Cicco’s litigation also outlined several prior incidents of alleged excessive force involving Wijnen-riems that had been the subject of federal lawsuits brought by other individuals.

Sources familiar with the matter, who spoke on condition they not be named while discussing personnel issues, say Wijnen-riems’ resignation came as the Borough of Beaver had been conducting an internal investigation into the officer unrelated to any allegation of excessive force.

Jeffery Wijnen-riems’ resignation will be formally presented to Beaver Council at their next public meeting on October 10th.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • That SOB was a GD terrorist to Beaver. And same on the the chief of letting him have free reign to terrorize people.

  1. Hope you are happy JP!! A good officer and a good man are out of a job because of this story. Now a P.O.S criminal will stand to gain x amount of dollars because of some bogus, trumped up B.S allegations

    • A good officer lets his dog attack a man when he is kneeling on the ground with his hands cuffed behind his back? WOW! I hate to hear your definition of a bad officer.

    • JP had nothing to do with this cop’s behavior. He brought it all on himself. What a moronic(take no responsibilty) comment.

    • Soooo……..Just how are YOU related to this POS of a human being?!
      This ass clown should have been FIRED so he COULD NOT go to another department and do the SAME FUCKING THING AGAIN!
      Must protect that “Thin Blue Line” at ALL COSTS!
      Yep….Looks like he will become a B.C.S.D. deputy! Will fit right in with that bunch of misfits.


    • Mac,
      You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you?

      Wijnen-riems’ resignation came as the Borough of Beaver had been conducting an internal investigation into the officer unrelated to any allegation of excessive force.

      How is JP to blame? Sounds like your “good man and good officer” is out of a job without any help from anyone else. If there’s an internal investigation and he resigned, I’m guessing charges might soon follow. Maybe your good man will also be a good inmate.

    • i’m happy who wants a “good man” abusing power on the streets just looking for his next anger mgt hate related problem victim. good riddance ahole.

  2. The beaver countian does make a difference. But yea would be no big surprise if he becomes a Beaver County Sheriffs deputy.

      • Judy:

        I’m actually very concerned for his family. His history proves one thing, he’s abusive. What do you think will happen when he doesn’t have a badge to hide behind? who do you think will get the abuse when something sets him off?
        Not everyone he’s abused was any type of criminal, a kid on bicycle without a light, a female in a Mcdonalds eating lunch, a guy in the same bar where there was a fight. A guy trying to salt the hill that leads the medical center. And now we know there’s an internal investigation unrelated to that.
        I hope I’m wrong, and his family doesn’t end up on the wrong end of his abuse.

    • Judy Shimpeno Hall he was always nice to me. His track record of police brutality is either fact or a long string of unfortunate coincidences. I think that job sucks and is very frustrating. The only person I can think of that wouldn’t turn into a jerk after years of service is myself. Lol. Actually it would be your hubby.

  3. good! We need to get all these corrupt cops off the streets. We really need some kind of reform.
    Cops are nothing but revenue-generators but now that they feel they’re above the law and can beat, maim and kill whoever they like, things are gettin outta hand.

    • It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. TomMy V AKA Asshat, “those who make war with the police had better become friends with the criminals.” Don’t paint all police officers with a broad brush because of one a hole officer. If you feel that Police are bad, why don’t you grow a pair and sign up. Make a difference and lead the charge for change. He should have been removed years ago and his town will pay for it financially.

      • Nobody has “paint[ed] all police officers with a broad brush”, Tommy summed it up well, as he does not have to communicate eloquently to make his point which is 100% valid. He said “We need to get all these corrupt cops off the streets.” nothing being painted on all cops there. clearly states “corrupt cops” need off the streets. He then stated “We really need some kind of reform.” once again spot on, nothing will change as long as the system protects officers who break the law, instead of holding them accountable as any other person is. His final statement did lump them all together as they do all generate revenue for government officials who allow them to steal from the public with impunity and then profit of the so called protection of the public. once again that speaks to the corruption within the system that will not be eradicated until the system is completely reformed from top to bottom and power is restored to the communities.

  4. Wow dog bit a drug addict slash drug dealer…yeah thats right cause i know dude..what a shame…when ur house get broke into at 4 am bet your ass u wish that cop and dog come save your ass…cops die everyday protecting the public..i dont care bad cop or good cop its a cop who comes running to save your ass everytime u call them..they dont say no..they come save ur ass and put there life on the line for you..cops die everyday for you to be safe..have some freaking respect

    • Why can’t we all agree that both parties in this incident are low lifes. One is a punk, arrested numerous times. The other is an out of control cop. Just because one agrees in getting rid of the cop, doesnt mean you favor the thug.

    • A. It would probably benefit you to find a new crowd to hang out with.

      B. At 4am I won’t have to wait for either a good or bad cop to arrive when someone breaks into my house. The perpetrator would be leaving with a toe tag because I won’t shoot to maim.

      C. ‘Nuff said.

    • I am willing to bet that piece of shit pig who has no business being called an officer or being respected as such, would not save my ass at a 4am break-in let alone even try. Many cops don’t respond to any calls and i suspect, by his previous actions, this pig would act like those other scum. I guarantee no cop will be saving anybody at a 4 am break-in barring a patrol right outside as it happens. By the time any cop shows up, the intruder will either be dead or long gone and on the run.

  5. What does it say when a K-9 dog is retired, an officer resigns, and the community is instantly safer?

  6. I won’t judge him or the criminal but I will say this: if the cop has a history of being abusive, then it’s best he was let go although he should have been fired and not given the option of resigning. Criminals put up an excessive amount of resistance, and I can’t really blame K-9 cops from not calling off their partners until it is absolutely certain the criminal is totally under control; cuffs don’t always mean the criminal is not still dangerous. I further do not agree than any criminal should be permitted to sue cops if they are injured in any way as a result of their own criminal activity/behaviour. Too many money-sucking liars out there getting rich from being a criminal.

    • In this case the victim didn’t resist. He also was cleared of the charges that this particular officer determined were warranted. The force used during an arrest can (and should) be proportional to the resistance; but, when the force is so disproportionate as it was in this case a law suit is warranted. If police officers knew that they couldn’t be sued, as you have proffered, it wouldn’t take long before most arrests came with a beating; the force of which being determined by the mood of a particular officer on any particular day.

    • You must not of kept yourself caught up on the whole story. This is not the first time this cop has been accused of police brutality. He is dangerous and should have been fired.

  7. What on earth is he being investigated for that is worse than the abuse charges that he did not resign over? A troubled man, imo.

  8. I have to agree with the other commenters on here about him probably being hired by the Beaver County Sheriffs office. He does fit the criteria of someone that does get hired there……..

  9. This changes nothing. The only one to benefit is the dog. Unless, it is now a family pet that still can’t be taken outside without a muzzle and leash.

    Unless he got short-term intensive anger control therapy, Psycho Cop is still Psycho Cop, waiting in the wings for a place to open up in Tony Guy’s haven for bad boys.

    The gutless mayor remains, the one who should have fired the guy years ago.

    The combined Police Chief/Manager remains, the guy’s friend and enabler.

    The top cops in the

    • Police Department and cop union remain, the feared resistance to disciplining the staff.

      The worthless town Council remains, who bow to the whims of Madgar and took no action.

      Inevitable fines and insurance payments are waiting on the horizon.

      No, this Denmark is rotten to the core.

      • Raven you have an ax to grind, I get it. Reality is that this is the only lawsuit filed during the current Chief’s and Mayor’s tenure. So up to this point what were they firing him for?

  10. He should have been fired to prevent him from moving to another entity like most postings above, the Midget’s private henchmen/women misfits. Hell, he might be his assistant. He’ll need him for protection when he tries to get a big ass increase in his budget to hire more losers. Maybe Psycho Cop will be charged with more than we know now. That would be a damning statement of the Chief, the council, especially the mayor. Don’t forget the wall of silence that protected him all these years to prey on the public like an animal. I feel bad for the dog. It’s time that the police begin by cleaning up their own piles of shit in their back yards. They are equally culpable for looking the other way. If LEO’s are tired of being shit on and ripped by public then stand up and weed out your ranks or zip it up. The ball’s in your court.

  11. well being that he likes to lie and fabricate things and is abuses his authority as well as anyone else he can abuse he would make a perfect addition to the trump administration

  12. There have been rumors since July that he was not working due to an injury. While that could be true, it seems more likely his absence was because of an internal investigation.
    Will the public find out if he’s broken laws, or tampered with evidence? Or will this just get hidden behind the veil of “we don’t comment on personnel matters” Hamilton and Madgar, you work for the voters, you’re accountable to the voters, it’s time you were honest with the voters. Now would be a very good time to start. Cashdollar reprinted The BeaverCountian’s summary of the pending lawsuit and delivered a copy to every house in Beaver as part of his mayoral campaign. He can still build a campaign around finally getting some accountability from this police department, and would likely do it by replacing staff starting at the top.

    I know most people aren’t happy with Tony Guy but he couldn’t possibly be dumb enough to hire JRW as a deputy. If he did that, he might as well appoint himself campaign manager for Wayne Kress.

    This cop was clearly out of control, and gave the good police a bad name.

    JWR- don’t go away mad, but do go away.



    • “I know most people aren’t happy with Tony Guy but he couldn’t possibly be dumb enough to hire JRW as a deputy. If he did that, he might as well appoint himself campaign manager for Wayne Kress.”

      I really wish you wouldn’t issue a challenge like that

  13. @Details: An axe to grind that has been dulled by 20 years of neglect by the WJR travesty. The inactivity by mayors, police chiefs and managers is cumulative, and this repeated history should have triggered an action at the very beginning of the Cicco matter. WJR should, at the very least, have been placed in paid administrative leave to a desk job, pending a review outcome. But NOTHING HAPPENED. Not a damn thing, and he was PROTECTED from discipline by his local superiors — and even by Stonewall’s refusing to release the dashcam tape. So, an axe to grind? Damn right, as every citizen should be grinding his/hers right now. It is systemic, and they all should go.

    • So r u saying the investigation that was conducted was invalid or incorrect? I am pointing out the facts the Mayor and Chief followed the right path when faced with this situation by having an outside group investigate it. They can’t control what wasn’t done in the past.

      • Apparently, the current investigation referred to is unrelated to the excessive use of force matter which is years old.

  14. This is great news. Although I agree he should’ve been fired. It’s funny, he was out of work for almost 5 months due to a “severe back injury” yes he was at the YMCA hitting the heavy weights 3 or 4 days every week since then. Sounds like a paid vacation to me. Any PD or future potential employer can just google his (very unusual and unique) name and the first thing that comes up is, “Beaver Patrolman Sued for Excessive Force.” Followed by pages of results all about his brutal past. Anyone want to go watch him formally resign on the 10th? I bet he’d love an audience from the Beavercountian lol. PS- Cashdollar For Mayor.

  15. Pertaining to this incident only, when the POS drove away after being stopped, trying to evade police, whatever happened to him from that point on, is one him… to include becoming a ‘large dog biscuit’.

    • Snake,

      You should try reading before you comment. He wasn’t pulled over, he let one cop pass, then JWR turned HIS lights on. The POS legally drove to a well lit area where he felt safe, which was his own driveway.

      Are that stupid to believe he was “evading” police by driving the speed limit into his own driveway?
      Or do you just adjust the facts to fit your narrative? The POS is likely going to come into a lot of money. Why? Because this asshole of a cop didn’t just pull him over and issue a citation, like he was supposed to. No, this asshole cop had to teach this “POS’ a lesson, and now the asshole cop is out of a job, and the “POS” is into a lot of CASH…….
      So who’s at fault here? It’s pretty clear to me it’s the asshole cop not the “dog biscuit”
      And none of this has to do with the resignation. I wonder what the internal investigation is. when those facts come out, I wonder if all five of his friends will still be defending him.

      I’m happy to debate this all day, feel free to let me know if you find fault in my logic or reasoning.

    • This cop disparaged himself through his well documented actions. Don’t have to know him personally to deduce he is violent and should not be in a uniform.

    • You seem to be a level-headed person, Judy, and friends with many of the Brand Names of the county. But this New Brighton Favorite Son has done much to take him out of polite conversation, historically, for 20 years. Apparently, you have not been living under a rock. Or, have you? Talk to your town fathers, and maybe they will hire him. If not, encourage him to give tennis lessons to troubled youth. Sometimes, friends just ain’t what they seem to be to their admirers. Maybe give another New Brighton resident, Dan Madgar, some advice too. You have a real two-fer going on there. Maybe he can chase the stray W-R tennis balls.

      • Raven you must be guilty of something in life, because you have nothing good to say to anyone..oh but that is easy to do when you don’t give your real name…maybe you should just go by either Coward or No Balls!! Do you know Jeff personally, definitely not! He is a great man and cares about the laws.

      • Hahahahaha! Every political position held by Cashdollar has been a monumental failure. Research it.

    • Cashdollar is a major f-up . Now that officer hyphenated is gone, his entire agenda is in the loo.

  16. Let this be a lesson to all… Our Police force needs outside professional training. Who to shoot, what to shoot, when to shoot. The dog was not necessary at all. There was no immediate threat to the officer to warrant his actions… He beat up Capo… really why???? This is Beaver County for Christs sake the majority of the citizens are elderly and have lived here all their lives. Put Kujo cops in the areas that they are needed in… If he wants to be a tough guy send his ass overseas to fight. Maybe that will humble his ego… The point here is that this behavior was allowed for years… The Cop should have been reprimanded in the first incident. He didn’t even get a slap on the hand. What kind of “Management” is that… Look the other way and let them get away with murder??? ” TRAINING TRAINING and more TRAINING to Protect and Serve.. Not Attack harm injure mame… Definition of Serve is to preform duties to another person or organization. It is an officers duty to serve the citizens to keep them from harm to do good by the community. That Ticking Time Bomb probably will end up killing some innocent 85 year old lady for driving to slow. Its just piss poor judgement by all involved. The Chief should be reprimanded for allowing his employee to get away with it for so long. Its the same as condoning the behavior… Im just so pissed about the entire incident. Totally uncalled for… Indeed should have been fired years ago. Now ask yourselves who was in charge???

  17. Irony? Hopewell Twp is trying like hell to be the next victim of lawsuits and aggressive police behavior by trying to get a canine dog. There is absolutely no need for the added expenses, possible lawsuits and excessive training required for an EFFECTIVE canine patrol. Not too sure anyone in Hopewell is up for the task. Stick to routine patrols and let the big boys handle the heavy lifting. Waste of taxpayers dollars. Even if there are donations they will run out and the taxpayers will be left holding the bag. Good resource management will negate need for extra costs involved.

  18. All of you jag offs that are slandering Jeff, obviously don’t know him or you are just as much scum as the criminals he has arrested…bottom line is this, he is a great man and only cares about the laws being upheld.. news flash people don’t disobey the law and nothing will happen to you..I come on this site once in awhile and see the same screen named people making garbage comments all the time..in typical gutless fashion, not many of you have the courage to give your real names..we are all entitled to our opinions in life, for those that slander Jeff, that’s fine, but for those of us that know him, he is a GREAT MAN!!!

      • It probably explains his meteoric rise. In just 20 short years, he went from patrolman to ……………………………….patrolman.

      • Once again a loser that is afraid to give their real name…what have you ever done good for the County….exactly!!!

    • Scott:

      You might want to grab a dictionary, slander is spoken, libel is printed. Beyond that the words must be false. All of I’ve seen is opinion and details of the JWR’s own well documented history. Those things are facts. Stating facts is not slander or libel. You might not like them, but it doesn’t make them any less true. You might also want to look up the word “great” while you’re at it. You wrote: “news flash people don’t disobey the law and nothing will happen to you” Tell me something, when Lori Ann Stiles sitting in a McDonalds, and witnessed an altercation, all she did was try to report what she saw, but your hero didn’t like something she wrote to a newspaper, so she went to jail. She broke no laws. and won her lawsuit.
      I admit I have no idea what this internal investigation is about or what it will reveal, but I seriously doubt greatness prompted it.

      • Also,
        Give little Scotty a break, he is just a simple minded car salesman who has a man crush on Jeff

  19. have any of you pieces of shit trying to support this dickbag seen the video of the dog attacking james cicco ? ….. if you have how in the fuck could you possibly call him a great man he is without doubt the worst kind of cop the very reason some people call cops pigs. maybe you could read a little about all the other shit he has done all the times he has abused any authority given to him by abusing defendants . are you people fuckin retarded or just plain stupid or is it because you suck his ass so he wouldnt pull you over going 26 in the 25 zone ? i know maybe you can get trump to pull some strings for him too he would be a good addition to trumps police state agenda since he doesnt mind beating women i bet they would just love him there

  20. Hey asshole you don’t get the last word. And even if you do the truth is the truth your great man is a psychopath.

    • Ricimer:

      Go easy on him. Just re-read his posts objectively, not for content, but for insight into intellect. I did that, and actually have a great deal of empathy. A grown man and JWR is his hero.

      • Your right Aldo I just get so tired of the inbred hoopie bullshit. Its hilarious but at the same time so destructive.

  21. @Aldo only mad at the loser on here that tried to get me in trouble with my work..didn’t work though and that kid is clearly a loser…but I am only speaking my mind from personal experience with Jeff…
    @Ricimer. That really hurts, you calling me names for my opinion…you may want to look in the mirror real good…

    • Maybe now you understand why many people don’t use their real names. There’s always the idiots out there that turn a disagreement into a personal vendetta.
      Also in this case, look what happened to Lori Ann Stiles when she wrote a letter to editor of the Beaver County Times. She used her real name, and since Jeff Wijnen-Riems didn’t like what she wrote, she spent a week in jail. That’s beyond fucked up.

  22. Clean out your locker you f’n goon, get the hell out of Beaver, oh, and that goes for your little dog too.

    • FFS are you really that stupid? Can you read? Did you get someone to write that for you?
      I guess there was an internal investigation that had nothing to do with excessive force because someone had an issue with what “good guy” he is, and what a great job he did coaching your kid’s shit baseball team.

      • FFS are you really that stupid?

        Don’t answer that. Your Pirates “P” tat with flames did it for you.

  23. don’t know who this guy is……but this story is sounding like a witch hunt. so he roughed up a couple of bad guys….is that what this is about?

    • Janice: Beaver has not and likely will not make public what the internal investigation is over, assuming there is or was one. (per JP’s story) But the sources do say it was unrelated to excessive force complaints, so no, that’s not what this is all about.

      Since you can read this, I assume you can use google. This cop has a history of roughing up bad guys. Really bad guys, you know like a kid on a bicycle that was missing a light. Bad guys like a woman sitting in Mcdonald’s that had the nerve to offer her testimony about an altercation in the parking lot. Really bad guys, like the poor bastard trying to do his job and salt Dutch Ridge Road from 5th street to the medical center. Hardened criminals like the guy that happened to be in the same bar where 2 people he didn’t know got into a fight. Are those the kind of “bad guys” you had in mind? Per the Times story, JWR resigned cause he couldn’t take the stress anymore. Good F’ing Riddance. So no, not a witch hunt, he resigned.




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