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The Sheriff’s Office has pulled an estimated $250,000 in advertising from the Beaver County Times this year, and their political reporter received a gloating letter purporting to be from Sheriff David’s solicitor Myron Sainovich.

JD Prose ended his widely read political column in the Times on Sunday with a cryptic statement, “Tip to our latest Idiotic Anonymous Critic: If you start off your letter with ‘Dear Monkeyface’ we’re not going to read the rest. Now, go back to being irrelevant.”

The Beaver Countian was able to obtained a copy of the following handwritten letter allegedly sent to the Beaver County Times, which sources say JD Prose referenced in his column:

Dear Monkey Face (A.K.A. J.D. Prose)

Thank you for all of your help.
Since you “exposed” my “wrong doing.”
I have picked up 9 solicitorships
including the Sheriff Dept.
Because of your help to me
The “Times” (AKA Asswipe Paper)
will lose all advertising from
all 9 and any others I will pick up.
All because of your crying cutie
pie bull shit. Im sure since
the AWP is having tough times
your fellow employees in the
advertising dept. will be very happy
with you. Most of the employees already
refer to you as “Prick” Prose.

Best To You And Yours

When asked about the letter, Myron Sainovich said he was not its author, although he acknowledged much of its contents were factually accurate. “My firm is the solicitor for about 9 entities in the county, obviously including the Sheriff’s Office” he said. Sainovich went on to say that by request of Sheriff David, he researched the legality of pulling advertisements for Sheriff Sales from the Beaver County Times. Under Pennsylvania state law, Sheriff Sales must be advertised in a newspaper of general circulation where the property is located. “Ultimately, Beaver County is in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s delivery area, so I determined it’s legal to advertise the sales in it, not to mention a good deal cheaper” said Sainovich.

Myron Sainovich said that as alluded to by the letter, he is recommending all of the municipalities he represents in the county follow Sheriff David’s lead, and begin spending their dollars publishing notices in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette instead of the Beaver County Times. Sainovich is currently the solicitor for Darlington Township, Midland Borough, Bridgewater Borough, Big Beaver Borough, Rochester Township, Rochester School District, City of Aliquippa, and the Ambridge and Midland Water Authorities.

Sheriff David insisted his choice to leave the Beaver County Times was primarily a matter of fiscal responsibility. “I had attorneys from Allegheny County ask me why we charge so much to advertise properties for Sheriff Sale. I told them that’s what the Times charges us. They told me the Post Gazette was much cheaper, so I looked into it” said David. Copies of quotes from both papers provided by the Sheriff’s Office, show the price of advertising notices in the Post Gazette were nearly 60% cheaper than those published in the Beaver County Times – One listing showed a price difference of $505 in the Times vs $219 in the Post Gazette. David said on average, his office spends about $250,000 per year advertising legally mandated listings — The cost of these ads are ultimately paid by those buying the properties, rather than by taxpayers.

The Beaver County Sheriff’s Office made the switch to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette for its February sale, and has signed a year long contract with the paper.

Sheriff David conceded he didn’t give any notice to the Beaver County Times he was shopping for a better rate, or that he was making plans to switch newspapers. “After the first ad ran in the Post Gazette I got a phone call from the Times offering to match whatever they were charging. I told them they shouldn’t have been raping me all of these years, and I wasn’t going back” he said.

Both Sheriff David and his solicitor Myron Sainovich say they have no idea who wrote the gloating letter sent to JD Prose, which seemed to imply a political motivation for the move of advertising dollars away from the Beaver County Times. Prose declined comment, executives at the Times could not immediately be reached.

Letter allegedly sent to JD Prose


  1. I’m not one to defend The Times or it’s content, but I would much rather see all of that money stay in the County (especially, if they were willing to negotiate) and the PG hardly has any readership in the County

  2. MonkeyFace is an asshole and should not be allowed to discredit people in the newspaper. Then again the BC Times is hardly a newspaper. I guess your talent level matches your newsworthiness

  3. As someone who had to deal with all the ” wind bags ” during my former position…I think its safe to say they’re all monkey faces…and will do anything to create a buzz to sell a paper…it is amazing that the solicitors and the “reporters” all seem to change their tunes and opinions of one another every few years or so…it is disgusting to me

  4. This was not sent by an attorney. A high school kid? Maybe. A staffer? Maybe. A timid blogger? That’s my guess. Crudely hand written. No email trail. Regardless of the letter’s intent or authorship, JDP is a sorry bird that soils his own nest, and finally a wise economic decision has both saved people money and loosened the bird and its nest from its branches.

  5. The best news I have heard all day! I do not care much for the BCT, and I can’t stand Prose. Let them all go to hell and the unemployment line together, they are complicit. I won’t miss either. Has anyone suggested to the Sheriff to advertise in the Beaver Countian as Chad suggested? Go J.P.! At least I know I will get fair, accurate and unbiased reporting in the Beaver Countian, much to the contrary “Crap” put out by the BCT and Prose.

  6. dont think the Beaver Countian is in print yet so that wouldn’t be legal. I wouldn’t cry if JP took the BCTimes out of biz, lol, but I agree with what Chad Whelpley says, rather seen the ad money stay in BC. But in a way cant blame Georgie, that rate he was paying was practically “rape” like he said

  7. After reviewing the handwritten letter and giving it some thought, it is my personal opinion that it is as fraudulent as Obama’s Birth Certificate. Who would stand to gain from such a letter? Not the Sheriff, nor Sainovich, maybe someone trying to cloud the issue to make it look and sound like it is politically motivate. IMO, someone is grasping at straws, and I don’t think it is Sainovich or the Sheriff.

  8. Good fiscal decision by Sheriff David- saves the county a lot of money and the sheriff sales reach a much broader reading audience.
    It has become very expensive to advertise in the Times. And their news stories are biased and leave a lot out.

    They could use someone like John Paul!!

  9. I misunderstood- the county will not save any money because the cost is passed on- so it’s just a big loss for the Times. Seems they need a new business plan.

  10. Yes, I would be afraid to commit to a 13 week subscription. I think I am going to a Sunday only plan and I’ll keep up with the news online- mostly here.

  11. This will cause more of our properties to be snatched up by people (landlords) living in Allegheny county rather than Beaver County. If the times matches the offer, there is no longer a credible reason (non-political) to switch papers.

  12. @rubric- I get the Sunday paper for the ads and the coupons. I know firsthand not to believe the content- especially Prose.

    @tplev- I believe the Sheriff signed a contract and the notices will reach more people. Beaver Countians who are interested will just buy the PG.

  13. In my opinion, both writing environments actually compliment one another @ this juncture, too bad the BC Times doesn’t link stories to the Beaver Countian for the ‘flip-side’. LoL. Who knows, if the ‘price is right’ we’ll see if the BC Times can withstand the online competition….and go after the Beaver Countian. Also in my opinion (which I love about online papers…everyone has an opinion if they choose to express it appropriately)…. what would be REALLY nice for the Beaver Countian to do is…get a bulk permit and send a monthly newsletter out to those many, many, many BC folks who still maintain their hard-copy subscriptions to the Times. If for nothin’ else, scare the be-jezus out of the Times. What ever happened to the once-a-week, Little NEWS that used to be printed in Aliquippa and delivered FREE to everyone in the Valley and parts of Allegheny? That was a cool little newspaper, long time gone…like what, 15 years ago?

  14. Tplev and Gwensdown: not true. Buyers don’t show up like early birds at garage sale. Exploiters of the ads aren’t geographically bound, and they research the properties before the lists even hit the papers, just like cattle auctions and car sales. They know what’s coming.

    • It’s just make’s it a little more difficult for local BC residents to see when their ‘neighbors’ might have to be moving. OH and you’re right rubric since these listing are all online now, alot of lawyers are real estate mongers…so they know what to do from start to finish. I myself was trying to keep an eye on a property in Sewickley…month after month, nothing posted in any tri-state paper, NOR online in Allegheny County court records! I wasn’t the only one puzzled with this one…the unannounced property was mysteriously sold @ one of their Sheriff Sales…to a one by the last name, Trombetta. Had it been ‘properly’ disposed of, it may’ve fetched a little (or quite a bit) more than it did. What a steal that was! Go figure @ least the BC Sheriff’s office appears more legitimate than this particular example out of Allegheny County.

  15. I am somewhat dismayed at the sheriff discontinuing the advertising in the BC Times. I do believe that the Times may have been overcharging but to say that the Times had been raping the sheriff all these years- the sheriff allowed the rape! I would ask why cheaper advertising was not sought out years ago or negotiated. Now that the Times is willing to match the Post Gazette’s price for the advertising. Why not advertise in the only local newspaper that is left?

    The sheriff could have gotten his “pound of flesh” by getting the Times to reduce the cost to advertise by over 60%. I would be willing to bet that more people from the local area look at the advertisements buy the Times vs. the Post Gazette.

    I am a subscriber to the Times and do not always agree with the position that the paper or writers take but I believe a local newspaper is important to a community and that we should support local news paper.

  16. I’d like to see, j.d.prose ,join forces with john Paul n get the truth out there,and not haft to be limited by the times political friends and views

    • Oh please no, i stopped reading the jd prose articles along time ago, such a waste of time. and reading the beaver county times, the only thing worth looking at is the obituaries, so this is why we read the beaver countian, leave jd prose out of the beaver countian, he needs to stick with the beaver county times. the shitty suck ass reporter needs to stick with the shitty paper. the beaver countian does just fine WITHOUT jd prose. thank you.

  17. I’d say it’s time for the BC Times to cut their losses and turn Prose loose. I know cancelling my subscription means nothing- but I have been a subscriber for 30 years – it all adds up.
    I’m not going back, no big deal. I just don’t believe anything I read in the Times anymore.
    But if the Sheriff doesn’t? I’d think 250k a year would have a big impact on the Times.

  18. After more than a year of being Times-less: no withdrawal, no unfulfilled morbid curiosity, and no provocation to smear people in this town by a graduate of Clown College. It’s not just withholding subscription money, it’s vindication and a clear conscience for not participating in something that doesn’t have even a touch of class.

  19. That will be me next year. Right now I have an issue with Prose. I had firsthand info that I sent to the Times about wrongdoing and the story Prose wrote was politically motivated and ignored facts I had. It bothers me that people rely on stories the Times prints that are biased. When all the facts come out the Times will probably ignore them-KDKA did the real story and maybe they’ll follow up again.

  20. This Valley is loaded with Seniors who have never laid hands on a computer and they like a local newspaper delivered to their door, it’s part of their daily routines for decades. The Times will never go away unless there is maybe another local news-print competitor or some other entity willing to take them over. It is my thought that….as long as we all keep telling ‘them’ what they’re doing wrong (and that’s personal opinions, since they don’t appear to be breaking any laws), then maybe they’ll improve (I can hear cyberspace scoffs now). The BeaverCountian is providing the forum to make these issues known so let’s hope the BC Times is reading and paying attention, for our elderly neighbors’ sake’s… if for nothing else.

  21. Check out the local high school reunion organizers, or class members, if you know them, for the 55th+, 50th, 45th, 40th, 35th, etc., and you will find that the contact media for searching, contacting and informing are for the most part the internet and emails. They are simply the most effective, immediate and cost-effective means for communication. Yes, notices are put in the paper, mailings are made to members, and finally phone calls are made to supplement word-of-mouth. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, personal blogs and web sites and other social media are accessed, and cross-channeling of information occurs. If a person can’t be found, he is indeed living under a rock.

    The point is that this Valley might have a heavy, but not “loaded”, senior demographic, who are not backing up the bowels of social electronic discourse, and they are by no means widely computer illiterate. And for the ones who have left this town, they are just as easy to contact. Also, check out the libraries and see who is using the banks of computers.

    If you have an opinion, go ahead and post it here. Numbers accessing your postings don’t matter. It’s the one person who can change things that will ultimately rectify problems, and he needs to see it somewhere.

    • Ok, gotcha….I’m not a statistics hound and maybe I’m throwing the Valley’s Seniors ‘under-the-bus’ with my excuse but while this IS what I hear when visiting senior living facilities, my personal truth be told, I’m on my computer quite a bit during the day but sometimes I’d rather not take my laptop into the ‘library’ with me…if you catch my drift. And I’d rather not have to scroll up and down pages with a mouse and flip back and forth between articles and wait while pages loads…when I could’ve scanned the paper form much faster, ok I guess I’m gonna get ‘busted’ for not going ‘green’ either. Cause I use electric for my PC and killin’ trees when I get my paper delivered. And I hope my Times Carrier appreciates her scholarship.
      OK Peeps?…Happy Shamrocks Day (btw).

      • No argument there. I was a paperboy for the Times. Even broke my leg when my bike fell on me when I was delivering the heavy Sunday edition with the paperbag slung over the back of the bike. Rings of perforated tabs for collecting, heavy money change bags, people who hid when they saw me collecting, a paper left over or short by one, being shouted at for missing a customer one day — ahhh, those were the days! But it was honest work, and it got me into the movies on Saturday.

  22. The Beaver County Times could start delivering free iPads instead of newpapers, and it would not be a solution to the complaint issues brought forth in this column. But perhaps one benefit would be an end to a monopoly of print media and the ability to have a defense against personal attacks.

    • JP > this JD Monkey Face article is endless and depending on your gender rubric IPADs don’t work in my ‘library’ either…so the Time’s shouldn’t go there either :(0)_ <(whatever that illustration is)

  23. Yeh, I’m outta here. I’ve had my say. The topic will pop up somewhere else. It won’t just go away as long as the cause exists. Sort of like Stink Bugs.

    • Yep…agreed. That was our ‘walmart’ special ~ imported from China… which I feel we should all try to ‘harvest’ and send back to China in ‘crushable’ packaging…USPS.

  24. @gwensdown, that little paper is called the valley tribune. It is actually still in print. It is only for ppl that do not subscribe to the Times. It’s actually a sample paper to get ppl interested in actually subscribing. So if you do not subscribe to the times, you should be receiving The Tribune. If not, call the Times and see why. I have been getting The Tribune for about 9 years now, every Thursday morning it is in my yard.

  25. The times is the most dangerous publication that a Beaver County resident can get their hands on. It is only good for Obits and Police and fire…maybe sports if that floats your boat. The rest of the paper is a posting ground for the most agenda based and biased “news” ive ever seen. Day after day of misleading photos and headlines that dont match the actual story.All designed to persuade the average human who skims. Feb 13th , the whole “World” section was full of nonsense about the dangers of fracking , while using photos of an abandoned coal mine leakage to make readers think fracking caused it. If you or your loved ones read that paper, please, READ it well, the truth usually isnt until the last paragraph of the article. Disturbing.



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