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A longtime reporter for the Beaver County Times will be leaving the paper soon to take a job at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Times columnist Michael Pound will be leaving the paper to become a social media reporter for the Post-Gazette. Pound follows several other longtime Times reporters who have left the paper in recent years for publications in Pittsburgh, including reporters Bob Bauder and Bill Vidonic, who both left to work for the Tribune Review.

Michael Pound has been reporting for the Times for the past 14 years. Most recently Pound wrote a weekly tech column for the paper dubbed “Geeked” and hosted the “Beer Guy” video series that covered the region’s beer industry. He also served as the newspaper’s Digital Editor, managing content for the website and its various social media sites.

Pound previously hosted “Newsbreak,” a daily webcast which ran on the Beaver County Times’ website for over six years.

"Beer Guy With Mike Pound" © Beaver County Times
“Beer Guy With Mike Pound” © Beaver County Times


  1. SILENCE! The TIMES has lost good reporters before Michael Pound (who USED to be a good reporter but got regulated to beer duty) and the only ones left are JD Prose and Mike Bires.  The TIMES has also lost circulation with the current editor and also the last editor ruining the paper news content.  Also from what I hear on the streets from my informants – the Ad department head is little Hitler who the customers/business owners hate the attitude given to them and advertising revenue has gone down for the Times by the loss of major local customers and it’s his fault and gives BS excuses to the publisher to keep his job. The publisher is a good lady who is getting smoke screened by most of her managers for reasons for customer loss in both advertising and consumers.  Also customer service for subscribers is RUDE which also contributes to circulation loss and subscribers don’t want to come back regardless of discounts.  The TIMES is only good for Police/fire section and Obituaries. The rest is all BS uninteresting old news.  It will soon go under and have only an online presence and nobody will buy it…just like now.  Circulation is under 25,000 daily for the TIMES.  Just check with how many papers they print with the New Castle News printing facility who prints their paper.  It’s days are numbered. JP – lucky thing for your business.  YOU’RE WELCOME!!!

    • Prose is a good reporter, but sadly, the BCT has him on such a short leash. He is only allowed to report on what they tell him to, and how they tell him to. The BCT is barely hanging on, they are on life support, and someone needs to just pull the damned plug already!

      • Please, find one article by Prose that is not biased toward Obama. Just one! Not a good reporter at all. You have to be objective, one rule Prose can never claim. Hence why he didn’t pay attention in journalism school. That’s why he is on a short leash, he is confrontational and his only proof for his articles is he loves Obama, period!

      • Notalib – Just a reply to your request: “Please, find one article
        by Prose that is not biased toward Obama.  Just one!”                                                                                                                                           Go to the BCT website and type PROSE in search.  There are 219 articles by JD Prose, DOZENS of which do NOT mention or even hint of

      • The Times is overrun by Obama haters and it shows no love for the President, thats just not true.

        Ive seen where this notalib person cries like a baby about the democrats in their Letters to the Editor section as well. Some people you just cant please.

    • I don’t see how Shane Fitzgerald can last much longer, for a variety of reasons, including yours, ahudontnoshit. Maybe he’ll go back where he came from and tell them he is the Great White Hope, as he did when he came here.

    • Ahu, what is your source for the circulation numbers you cite?  I ask not to challenge but to confirm this for myself.  As an advertiser, I can confirm the inflexible attitude within that department; basically it’s here’s the program, if you don’t like it tough.  Have felt for some time that we’re missing a large bloc of potential clients being tied so closely to the BCT, but need hard evidence when I have my next discussion with my business partner.  Thanks.

      • @ eddiemerchant- Evidence in writing is that the TIMES just won newspaper awards for papers with under 30,000 in circulation.  That number was published in their paper.  I asked my source today about the sales representatives that call on businesses and my source told me that they are trained by the main guy to avoid speaking about “hard circulation numbers” when talking to clients because its shameful.  They like to talk about “readership numbers” and not hard circulation numbers so their numbers sound big.  
        Audits are done every 6 months for circulation according to my source, and the TIMES reps are trained by the main guy to not show on paper or talk about the real numbers so they talk about “old” audit numbers.  Ask them (your rep) for a CIRCULATION audit report by zip code.  They try to get you to buy “phantom reaction ads” on their newspaper site which once again, the readership numbers to their web site are made up of clicks but not “click throughs” because hardly anybody pays the TIMES to read their paper on line. So if I were you, just be smart how you spend your businesses money!  

    • Sorry dude, JD is a total idiot. His nose is so far up obama’s butt its permanently black! I haven’t even seen a real article by JD for a long time. Well I guess that goes for his whole career really.

  2. I always liked Pound he came across as genuinely a nice guy in all of his videos & he has a personality which is something all of the other BC Times reporters are lacking.

  3. The publisher had been hood winked by people that wantito control content by threatening to pull legal notices ect.

    The New editor, seemingly wants to be hardline and transparent. But buys bull shit and they print bull shit. They did an editorial in thriving to be correct not first in reporting on the very same day that UNIS tax story, they have Mike kohlman credit for discovering it… lol lol lol completely wrong.

    They cater to rank in file legislators that do rehearsed PSA puff pieces and don’t call bull shit, case point has the legislators made one attemot to enact removal of sitting sheriff? Mean while women that work in office are being terrorized from reports I’ve heard. Did the Times look into the apparent campaign finance fraud if local state rep? With structuring and funneling of funds and lying about addresses and treasurers, the conflict landlord, DONOR, and steering proceeds to properties it’s a joke

    Bring back bob bauder let him be editor and writer, prose is good reporter have him just do that or go back to him being a personality and be the political reporter that had times on PCN, night talk ect, it was a minor celebrity and gave paper recognition.

    It’s hilarious more people bitch about paper than taxes and politicians lol

    That paper is only good for high school football, and Steelers, they had a good Saturday paper it’s gone now even the high school football is old by Sunday… You just go get the post or trib

  4. Will the last person leaving the BCT please turn out the lights?

    Re-printing articles from New York, LA, or Chicago is fine for informing readers of national news, but REAL Beaver County news is lacking in the BCT.

    Why are we reading of local traffic tickets, DUI’s and street sweeping schedules when there’s more important things happening? (readers of the know what I’m talking about).

    Mr Fitzgerald – Act like the journalist you THINK you are. There’s a TON of political crap that needs shoveled right here at home.  Turn your reporters loose. THEN, maybe your circulation might climb again.

    • @medinfo2000 – don’t you get it yet?  They are trying to destroy the paper product and only have an online paper presence.  Less costs involved with no physical paper product.  They don’t have people in charge who grew up in Beaver County.  They are outsiders who have ruined a good thing as we once knew it.  It is now beyond repair.  YOU’RE WELCOME! 

  5. You can see how most of the BCT’s content is national, advertisers are fewer, the ad sizes are bigger and the actual size of the paper has reduced atleast a couple times over the past few years. As for employee loss I’ve heard its rampant. From reporters, sales reps to artists.

    • they just offered buyouts to older tenured employees also…which leads me to believe that they will be an internet only paper within a year or two with circulation declining and advertisers pulling out.

      • Sadly accurate ahud! And once it’s all online, in flies all the fancy new internet filters, and laws to restrict content, and keep the REAL news to a bare minimum! But no worries I hear they’ve got these great new Pa lottery scratcher machines their gonna put in place of the existing newspaper racks! WINNING:-)

  6. Nothing says BCT decline better than the huge headline on today’s paper: “SUE-NAMI”, a reprint from “Inmate known for his torrent of lawsuits targets Michael Ballard mass-murder case”, by Riley Yates, and lifted in its entirety, picture included, from the Morning Call, an Allentown, PA newspaper. The article was cut-and-pasted for the lead-in sentences, then Google Image padded for illustrations. This picking apart of the original Wednesday article by the Times buzzards made no attempt to hide the extraction of the article for personal use and the further fabrication of it from the other paper. But even worse, it is the teaser article to lead into Kristin Doerschner’s trial coverage article which is a very good comprehensive summary of the current homicide trial. Prose’s Christiana article is stuck in the upper corner. Nikki is quite right in referring to this as “yellow journalism.” There could be no better reason to stop subscribing to this rag than this unabashed padding of the news to the exclusion of two quite good articles by its own reporters. It is irrelevant, poorly executed, and an insult to anyone who cares about reading “the news”. It is a shoddy attempt at sensationalism to sucker readers in, and it doesn’t work.

  7. He is seeing the writing on the wall. The Times will be gone soon. Then no more about how we should love democrats because…..? Oh ya all those jobs they are creating and of course no corruption at all. Yes goodbye Times, your time is up!

  8. Today’s article by Mark Madden whines about Piper’s Pub being too busy because of the World Cup, when the Times ran an article on June 8th claiming Piper’s Pub was the only place to go for real soccer enjoyment. Hey, Mark, lots of people watch the Premier League. We just don’t go to a bar at 10 am on a Saturday to do it, because that’s pathetic.

    • Mark Madden is nothing but a fat, ignorant, overpaid blowhard who enjoys the sound of his own voice WAY TOO MUCH. He thinks his shit don’t stink, and sooner or later, he’s gonna figure out that he’s not as untouchable as he thinks he is.

      • Whoa nikki ! Mark is waaay to close of an example of your ex hubby for you to be slinging such trash talk! Deep down you know Mark the man is simply telling it like it is. And Mungo knows that runs counter to your grain! One would assume that your typical vitriolic diatribes unleashed on sometime innocent people should have you feeling shamed!

      • No dear, I don’t like him. As a radio personality, or on print paper, or in person. He’s a grade A jackass, who thinks he knows everything, when in reality, he doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.

      • Mungo must capitulate! Madden IS the Rush Limbaugh of sports, and has been given his marching orders (talking points) Pretty much a useful idiot!:-)

      • When then, again, makes him a fat, ignorant, overpaid blowhard who gets off on the sound of his own voice. Am I referencing Rush or Madden? Actually, this fits them BOTH.



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