Beaver County Commissioners / file photo by John Paul

Beaver County taxpayers lost out on approximately $1.2 million in potential savings during a recent bond refinancing because the county’s credit rating had been downgraded, according to county officials.

County Commissioners refinanced $64.8 million in bonds this week as a cost savings measure to help balance the county’s budget. Although the refinancing will reduce required debt payments by approximately $2 million this year and $1.2 million next, the overall savings are far less than they would have been as a result of the county’s lowered credit score.

The financial services agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) downgraded Beaver County’s credit rating at the end of September from A- to BBB+ because the county’s ongoing expenses continue to exceed its ongoing revenues. S&P had similarly downgraded Beaver County last year due to its “persistent deficits.”

Although the Board of Commissioners voted last year to raise property taxes by 17%, the increase was not enough to properly balance the county’s budget. The Board had committed at the time to a series of governmental restructurings they said would make up the difference, but Commissioners ultimately failed to implement any of the changes.

The Board’s failure to execute their stated plans led to a continued “structural imbalance” in the budget that was a deciding factor in S&P again lowering the county’s credit worthiness rating, resulting in what officials say was loss of about $1.2 million in savings from this week’s bond refinancing.

County Commissioners are currently in the process of crafting the 2018 budget.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • Really? Why is taxation theft? Do you drive on public streets, avail yourself, when needed of public safety personnel, educate your kids in public schools, or let anarchy reign? Because without taxation none of these things are possible. I guess every road could be a toll road, only kids who could afford private school could be educated except what the parents could teach at home, and we could just count on everyone playing nice with each other so we don’t need public safety and houses could just burn if there is an accident. Because taxes pay for all of that. And there is no other way. I agree that taxes should be carefully managed and they are not always but taxation is not theft.

      • taxes are necessary.. but why is it the PROPERTY OWNER WHO ALWAYS PAYS??!! all i am asking for is to make it FAIR and not always stick it to the homeowner every time. like maybe raise the sales tax? tax shell? haha. or make all those out of town worker making 80 grand a year pay for the privelege of working in our county? obviously a budget ain’t gonna happen, with every politicians extended family on the payroll. look in the BC times at the section about the BOND issue, and the power to raise taxes to pay for them…

    • Phil….are you ready to pay when the fire department shows up to your house or when the snowplow clears your street of the latest snowfall? That is what your taxes help pay for!

    • Something like a large government’s credit rating being lowered takes a few years of poor governance so I’d say it is all the fault of Tony Amadio.

    • Starting with ommissioners! We don’t need to pay a chief clerk and a financial administrator. In counties our size one person does both. We’re paying over 200k for these 2 people! Couldn’t be much work at commissioner level if Egley can take off to go to Washington DC with the Penguins. Are any Allegheny County officials going?? No!! Madame “ I’m so important” feels she should be there!

  1. It’s time to get rid of friends and relatives that are not needed and shut down county agencies that are of no use. Review all county contracts such as custodial services, copy machine services, anything you can trim the fat. Everyone that is left, take a pay cut. Keep those Sheriffs cars parked at the courthouse.
    Great job Commissioners, give yourself a raise.

  2. Phil- taxation is not theft. How does the government raise revenue to pay for services that you and I both use?

    There can be debate on the amount of taxes or use of the revenue but your statement is ridiculous.

    • Just a pass the buck remark. Would you take a job without checking it out and know what you are up against and if you could handle it? Probably not. Their only fix is to raise taxes again.A home is an investment just like any other. Investing in Beaver County is like investing in Enron. Why would a sane person invest in a losing proposition. in the end the overall investment will only go to line certain Pockets not your own.

    • Frank Oriskovich your comment makes no sense. I simply stated that the sad state of our finances was not created by those currently in office, but they need to get it straightened out with the new budget. I don’t see where I was passing the buck.

    • Pension funds. Look at the “deficate” the state is in….all due to teachers pension funds. And these kids today are dumber than a box of rocks. Ask your kids what they learn in history class.

      • You are truly a “dumb shit”.
        Do some research and you will learn what caused teacher pension fund problem. Then again, maybe you are one of the “rocks”

  3. Overspending, foolish decisions, poor management in general. Get your fucking check book out and see who and what you are paying for services such as insurance coverage, vehicle repairs, gasoline, diesel fuel, equipment repairs, fire extinguisher service….EVERYTHING! This County is in a ” state of financial disaster”. You must take drastic measures! That means getting rid of 400 of the 1000 county employees! And stop over paying the others!

    • Get rid of county employees? How about get rid of those retirees like Kohlman still working and collecting 3x what they made before retirement??? Why are they still working? These commissioners are abusing our tax dollars! Vote them out!

  4. I’ll bet a shiny new dime these Commissioners are having steak or lobster for dinner three times a week while we are eating beans and corn bread. Thank you Commissioners!

    • Yes, the one that’s been there the longest…. Owns multiple properties, buys their kids new homes, drives sports cars, vacations, you name it. If they are extravagant at home then why be careful with public funds? They are more concerned with material,things in their own lives than helping the aging population in BC. Must be nice to overlook the poverty stricken constituents Tony. Sick!

  5. Did anyone ever check into the financials of all those mental midgets involved in the sale of Friendship Ridge? New homes, cars for them and family members, questionable money transfers, should all be looked into by a reputable outside investigator, not the smucks in the courthouse?

    • You are so so right.!.!.!. All the money did not go to the county,it went in to people’s pockets that it should have never went in to… If all the money would have went to the county it would NOT be having any of these problems now… We need someone out side the county to look where all the money went..

  6. The hard working people of this county such as construction workers, home builders, roofers, cooks, waitresses, fast food workers, dollar store and Walmart employees, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers are the people that elected you. You work for us! That courthouse is ours and you are in our house now! YOU FUCKED IT UP, NOW FIX IT!

  7. The last 20-30 years have been a free for all. There is NO way to get back on track immediately.
    It will take 5-10 years, maybe more.
    Did you ever have to get your own credit score up? It takes years!

  8. Hire people who want to work… Not people who are just in it waiting for that retirement check. Aggressive go getters who believe that their job can make a difference… Walk into an office at the courthouse and just kick back and observe… all they do is talk about this recipe or that hairstylist filing their finger nails and eating bon bons.. while you stand there looking at 10 people who totally ignore the fact that there’s a human standing there that needs service… You could cut back by firing at least 6 out of 10… Clock in at 8:00 chit chat til noon go to lunch for an hour then maybe just maybe around 3:00 PM look at the stack on your desk and do something. Exactly WHAT are you getting paid for??? Unbelievable incompetent Lazy bunch of people… Only a hand full are worthy of the job…Theres where you need to cut back… get rid of the Lazy ones…

  9. It was wishful thinking to say that all of those restructuring initiatives would be in place this year. There are too many factors for that to be realistic, not the least of which is lot of people motivated to NOT restructure because of there personal situations.

    The other issue is how the county racked up this much debt in the first place. What does the county have to show for all of that debt? Just like with personal finances, if you have a huge mortgage but you have equity in a house to substantiate the debt, that’s not so bad. If you have more credit card debt than what makes sense with your assets, that’s a problem. I think S&P got it right.

    • Tony Amadio has been a county commissioner for 10 years, I’d say there is where the credit downgrade began.

  10. On the Commissioners’ Corner on the local radio station yesterday, someone asked Amadio how he could say there never was a deficit when S&P downgraded the rating. He tried to dismiss the question by saying S&P doesn’t look at past performance, but only looks at ability to pay going forward. I ask you, what credit agencies don’t look at your past to come up with a rating? That’s literally all they do. Until we start rejecting these lies, they will continue to be fed to us.

    Amadio also subtly tried to throw Luckow under the bus (again) saying that S&P did the downgrade as a result of their conversations with Luckow. So I guess it’s ok to kill the messenger now.

    • Probably will forget he said it because he’s nothing but a parasitic dotard who has been a major part of the mess we’re in. Still talks to LaValle regarding the budget?? What does that say? Crooks! Little Tony should just resign, he’s an embarrassment to the county and to himself.

    • Little Tony should just keep his mouth shut. He was part of this problem and just sounds dumber and dumber every time he opens his trap.

  11. This is ridiculous! I want to know where our tax dollars are going! I live within my means and on budget, they need to do the same! You don’t have the money, then CUT THE SPENDING! Stop raising taxes on us hard working tax payers!

    • Agreed, but it makes to much sense. They want to raise taxes so they can pocket more money, look at their lifestyle? Can you and I have all the real nice things they have? No, we can’t, we all barely make it from week to week, yet they have the very best of everything, on OUR money. And all they know is, keys raise taxes, again.

  12. Amadio and Javens should be charged with theft, embezzlement and conspiracy and thrown in jail just for starters. Taxes ARE theft of monies when these ass clowns are spending it uselessly on things like brass no smoking signs, sheriff cars that are not needed, hell, there shouldn’t be ANY county cars, use your own car like the average working stiff has to, or better yet, lead by example, take public transportation that you ass clowns keep taking money off of us for. And the biggest theft of tax payer money?! NEPOTISM.

      • Laughable. Everyone in high places in that courthouse either grew up together, are family, family friends, related, promise each other positions for allegiance and votes, etc. They attend each others family functions and parties that go back decades! Most are bought by Betters in the end. If you scratch his back, you’re in. Just like Georgie providing free security. If the job is REALLY needed and the family member is the most educated and experienced one for the job then its moral, but that is never the case.

    • I guess you didn’t hear that our illustrious District Attorney could find no wrong doing committed by Javen, etc, etc, etc.!

      • Snake, speaking of snakes our DA couldn’t stick a murder rap on the Las Vegas shooter with all the evidence. Incompetent ambulance chaser covering the asses of Friends and Family, Inc, AKA the Beaver County Court House gang. If he didn’t have help I bet he couldn’t find the Queen’s Office. Brass plates probably stolen.

      • Javen she is the biggest crook in the court house and has gotten away with everything she needs to go..but no still there.. there afraid of her,that she will open her mouth and take down every crooked ass there..

  13. Try sitting in on the meetings for the budget. Very few if any row officers will come in with any ideas of areas to be cut or eliminated. I will GUARANTEE that at least two row officers will be looking for large budget increases for empire building. Sure, they’ll try and scare public into listening to their bullshit excuses but how many overlapping services and agencies can the taxpayers support before they drown in debt also? Right Stonewall Loser and Midget Guy? Your piss poor track records and history of corruption and failure to manage resources is the real problem. It’s all about the empire created over the last 30 years. It will NOT be changed this year or next. it will take a new generation of intelligent people that understand that NOTHING is free. It must be paid for by someone.

  14. Start with the ice arena. While wallowing in debt should the county be in the hockey business? if it is profitable then sell it and eliminate all the associated costs. How many people does it benefit? Besides hockey moms and friends and family employed therein? A good business person will snap it up. PS, don’t use the same sales team that handled Friendship Ridge. Eliminate all unnecessary entities that are not self supporting except for essential services for the elderly and safety. We can no longer live above our means. Taxpayers must stand firm and demand cuts in personnel also. Hiring freeze in all non-essential jobs. Next step 20% across the board salary cuts.

  15. Well, let’s big picture this. The county is downgraded for their performance and I’m sure that the state ‘s budget inabilities factor into it as well. How many months without a STATE budget now? 3+?

    When is the last time we heard from the local contingent on the STATE budget? Somebody get Bernstine off the gun tower and have him work on the budget. Isn’t there some special interest cash incentive to get Christiana and Bartolotta interested in getting this done? Is Rip awake this summer? How about Matzie? ANY other ideas aside from video betting? Did Elder birth that calf yet so he can get back to Harrisburg?

    Quick, someone schedule a Senior Expo so I can get my blood pressure checked and have a free doughnut and a coffee!

    Taxation without representation. We have come full circle in 240 years in Beaver County!

  16. To all the bootlicker slaves defending taxation like the good little slaves you have been raised to be: taxation IS theft you idiots. Not a single one of you have enough education or brain power to actually study history and learn something. That’s why you’re all still stuck in that turd hole called beaver county and will die there a slave. Learn, study, open your mind to think as a free person. Study the flow of money. Study how free societies can and do exist. Study how funds are rises to generate revenue without the need for the taxes to be forced at the end of a gun by a state. Losers. All of you are total losers fighting for your crumbs in beaver county and obsessing over things that aren’t going to ever change. In the end you’re a slave to those running the county and you always will be. It makes your defense of their system all the more sad.

    • I think that you are fooling yourself, too, if you buy into this. Taxes are necessary to keep a society functioning. Should we have national defense? How do fund that, through donations? Should they just forage for what they need? How about road systems? Privatize them with no compatibility standards, constant tolling, etc.? How about things like sewage, water, etc.? Who maintains the health standards, enforces waste management? What do you do then, Just keep moving upstream, upwind?

      Now, if you want to talk about proper MANAGEMENT and STEWARDSHIP of tax funds, then you have a topic worthy of discussion.

      • Educate yourself. And not by public government schools. Our country boomed before any of these taxes you slaves are clinging to even existed. The fact that you are asking about roads, etc shows you have literally not spent one second of your life educating yourself. I know this because “muh roads” is the FIRST THING everyone or anyone mentions and therefore it’s the inside joke amongst the educated and so wen someone mentions it off the top it exposes them at a level you cannot imagine. lol So thanks for that comment and those who liked it – you are exposing your own ignorance. Seriously, google it. You’ll see memes for pages on the “muh roads” stuff. 🙂 You all sit here as slaves complaining about your maters but are first look for reasons why freedom doesn’t work. Y’all have no clue of the real history of this country. We fought wars over things that you current day slaves think are a pillar of our way of life. It’s entertaining but in a very sad way.

      • Ignorance about roads? YOU educate YOURSELF. Why do you think we have government controlling roads? Why? Because they have to have uniform standards of lane width, weight support, bridge heights, connections between road A and Road B, finishing materials…. Do you really want a road system that goes from two lane brick to 4 lane asphalt to a dirt cow path that ends 1/2 mile south from the beginning of the next road that goes in the same direction, depending on who built it, owns it and is maintaining it? Go back and read the history on how transportation systems were developed in America when we started to expand from one self-contained village to another. There is a coordination involved in all of these road ways. Read why we have the turnpike and interstate system. You are talking out of your ass on this one.

    • The people of BC will never open their eyes because they have never experienced life outside of that disheveled time capsule. Real counties operate just fine with lower taxes and guess what? The roads are fabulous, people prosper and can spend their extra income by reinvesting back into the county. Buildings are updated and not falling apart. Taxes are needed to run the machine, but you are being raped by that courthouse and the opportunistic bottom feeders inside that lack education and compassion. Spend time like I have in six other states and you will be just as enlightened and angered by the Tonys and all other uneducated family and friends in the courthouse that do not need to be there. It would run just fine at 50% capacity. The county is filled with low income and elderly that can no longer afford groceries and meds. Happy Tonys? My family there pays so much more in taxes for soooo much less. It makes NO sense until you look at the money trail and how the county is run by uneducated money hungry fools.

      • See this? NOW, you are talking! Taxes are fine, IF the money is managed properly and used intelligently. If you manage it well enough, you will find out that you eventually LESS taxes are necessary to run things because of efficiency , quality and growth.

        This ass-fest we have around here is where the problem has always been. Local, school, state, federal… there isn’t a decent administrator in Beaver County on any level.

  17. 17% increase to Beaver County, $5 dollar license plate fee, Comcast annual increase, Waste management increase, gas/electric/water increase, home and auto insurance increase, health care insurance increase, maybe local property tax increase, food cost increase etc etc. I may get a 3% raise at work….. Somehow every year I have less money than the year before.

  18. Wanna clean the budget up?? Pay attention to who you vote for next election.


    • Why would we put Egley back in office?? Clean up the budget? Her idea of cleaning up the budget is raising taxes every year so us taxpayers can clean up the budget!!! No way, vote Egley out!

      • This senseless babble sounds like a future opponent for Commissioner. Seriously, have you been following Beaver County politics, or do you just have it out for Egley? Like Wind says, “Pay attention”.

  19. Look at the mess in Harrisburg, downsizing would end the state budget woes. As for the county, when they give huge financial incentives to retire then rehire those retirees at a larger salary, well ..need I spell it out. I still recall the euphoria at the sale of Friendship Ridge, that money went to pay those rehired retirees. Is there still money owed to FF? If so, my tarot cards predict another tax increase. I just received notice my Highmark Blue Cross will have a hefty increase in their premium. At my age, I wonder if Shell will accept my employment application?

    • Tom Corbett was downsizing the state government, and doing a damn good job at it by the way. Then along comes Tom Wolf and he hoodwinked the people, plus that “D” next to his name helped, and here we are!
      So, IF you voted for the “Wolf in sheep clothing”, you got what you voted for. IF you DID NOT vote for “The Wolf”, then you are 100% correct.



  21. What i never understood was, people always complain about the way local government is run. Yet the same elected people get in. It always about vote for who has the moat signs up and not the person who can do the job correctly.

    • Beaver County Commissioner Sandie Egley again opposes tax exoneration. Twice she opposed forgiving back taxes on properties that are legally taxable and the people were very capable of paying. It’s just that they never had to pay in the past. Her veto was overridden.

  22. Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that the people that can’t balance the budget, get a loan to cover previous budget inadequacies, and are busy crafting another budget for next year?
    Sounds like a winner….

  23. DON’T VOTE FOR: BRAWSLAWCE. Recall meeting with Commissioners for a job prior to running for
    office. Your as sneaky as the rest of them. 6 grand for your current ad pop up. You make promises that you will not keep and your appearances everywhere with the 3 women you’ve have as companions in the past 3 years aren’t going to get you elected. (Do they all know about each other?) Shows what an ” honest ” player that you have become what a joke. Everyone knows that you put the articles on the BC about your last election so detailed and its all you spoke about in public. You lost and will lose again… You forgot about honesty and it shows. You represent criminals. You contact victims of the criminals you represent. Your a wheeler and dealer to make a buck. When do you ever work at your second business because you sure don’t have time galvanting the county with air head companions. How much do you do for unions, veterans, naacp
    and mental health except appear at parties and sit on a board. Sitting on a board doesn’t make you the king pin. You over rated yourself and your royalty companion is an idiot it shows.

  24. Look at the photo prefacing the story, notice anything out of proportion…yes I am referring to the huge stack of paperwork in front of Amadio. reminds me of that photo of our Treasurer with her desk piled high with hunting license applications. Of course we can see through the p/r…both of them were either doing the filing or stapling papers together.

  25. Just curious, who pays to have the leaves cleaned up in Beaver? Is that County Money, or is it paid for just by the Citizens of Beaver? What if you have a Beaver Mailing Address, but don’t live in Downtown Beaver? Just seems foolish to see people blowing/raking leaves out into the street only to see the wind blow them back the next day. This is done several times during the Autumn Season. They do have a dump site down on River Road, why not just take them there like Brighton Township or I assume every other Town does? Maybe they’ll think about it when someone runs through the big pile, because there’s no room on the road, and some unseen child is playing in it.

    • No3putts:

      The leaf sucker and street cleaner are of unknown origin. Some say they are also responsible for crop circles in Brighton Township.

      The leaf problem did not arrive until burning them in the street gutters and exploding buckeyes were outlawed many years ago, for fear of putting someone’s eye out.

      That practice is now replaced by rumbling 120 decibel machines that operate only when people are sleeping or sitting on porches. Some say that people on Fifth Street can tell when they make turns onto River Road.

      Yes, a danger exists for small children playing in the cushiony tree droppings, but last year separator attachments were fixed on them, which safely remove and bundle the little ones for collection on the sidewalks. Parents are then called and requested to get them. Those unclaimed are used to carve Halloween pumpkins, then sold on EBay.

      Requiring each homeowner to take the leaves to the town dump doesn’t work, due to fights breaking out over who is best dressed in yoga pants or iridescent sneakers for the trip.

      I am told that Council will abolish the Tree Commission and the trees themselves, solving the problem, and the remaining unsightly piles of leaves will fall under the office of the Code Compliance Nazi — formerly a service done for free and geared to cruising around town looking for people to piss off, for want of anything else to do.

  26. Not sure what the problem is? Raven’s girlfriend Sandie will take care of all of this just like she’s taken care of all of the other BC problems…. as soon as she returns from her second trip to DC, of course. What a fuckin’ joke this county is…… its leaders AND citizens.

  27. I made the decision as the Chairman of Friends of Braslawsce to invethst in ads on the BeaverCountian. Other candidates spent larger amounts of money on billboards or ads in the Times. Braslawsce ads in the BeaverCountian were paid for with funds that came directly from Bill Braslawsce and not from other lawyers or Courthouse politicians.

    Braslawsce has financed 85% of his campaign and is not beholden to any political party, courthouse politician or lawfirm so as to maintain independence when elected Judge.

    It is true Braslawsce applied for the job of Chief Public Defender when leadership change was considered by the new commissioners. There is nothing wrong with applying for a job you are well qualified for and wanting to make changes in a county department to make it run more efficiently.

    As to providing legal services to clients facing criminal charges – that is a true fact. It is what lawyers do and citizens have a Constitutional Right to legal representation when accused by the government of criminal acts.

    As to having a positive relationship with women he dated after his divorce, there is nothing unethical, wrong or immoral about that fact. The fact that women from past relationships are supporting him demonstrates Bill has respect for women and acts in a mature manner even when ending relationships.

    • It is true that Bill Braslawsce is the only candidate for judge who is a union member.

      It is true Braslawsce is a army veteran who helped create Beaver County’s Veteran’s Court and was appointed to represent Veteran’s facing criminal charges.

      It is true Braslawsce helped create Act 53 Court that provides Court assistance to parents who need help when teenagers have addiction issues.

      It is also true Braslawsce was appointed to represent indigent citizens with mental health issues at over 4000 hearings at the Medical Center.

      Bill Braslawsce is also on the board of the NAACP as well as a board member of Beaver County Drug and Alcohol and Habitats for Humanity.

      I am supporting Bill Braslawsce for Judge because I believe Bill can make a difference and has shown that he is prepared to bring positive changes to the Beaver County court of Common Pleas.

  28. Gerald Benyo for District Attorney
    Wayne Kress for Sheriff
    Tom Leydig for Treasurer
    Sandie Egley for Commissioner

    Sleeper — out.
    Conehead — out.
    Stonewall — out.
    Queenie — out.
    Midget — out.
    Disc Jockey — out.
    Snow on the Roof — out.
    Sam Elliot Lookalike — out.
    Perjury Clown (choose your favorite) — out.

    Wow, I can feel the breeze from the exit door.

    This is almost a guaranteed roster for cleaning up the corruption in Beaver County. Many drowning rats, secretaries, girl friends and First Deputies would jump ship. Be pragmatic and not political. All of these have proven track records of benefit to the County. Next step, can a couple of insider judges and elect new ones who don’t have families and friends, and friends of friends of friends to employ. Simple.



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