Beaver County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Deputy Thomas Ochs was arrested by the Pennsylvania State Police today and arraigned in front of Magisterial District Judge Tim Finn.

Ochs is being charged with multiple counts including Unsworn Falsification to Authorities, False Swearing In An Official Proceeding, 2 counts of Obstructing The Administration Of Governmental Functions, and 3 counts of Hindering Apprehension/Prosecution By Providing False Information To Law Enforcement Officers. The counts are all graded as 2nd degree misdemeanors.

The charges stem from an incident involving Sheriff George David and this reporter back on April 16th, 2012.

Thomas Ochs had previously been granted immunity in the case in exchange for his truthful testimony, which the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office now asserts he did not provide.

Ochs is free on a $2,500 unsecured bond. Jury selection for the trial of Sheriff George David is scheduled to begin at the end of this month.

Detailed Coverage From Other News Outlets:

Beaver County Times: County deputy charged with false statements in Sheriff David case
Tribune Review: Beaver County deputy accused of lying to police in George David investigation

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police. Lieutenant Deputy Thomas Ochs was present during the incident which led to Sheriff David’s arrest.


  1. Ok, there’s one, so when it is John Joe’s time? Oh, that’s right, we’ll have to wait for the PSP to get to it, since he’s being protected by our wonderful DA……
    I’d like to know how the AG determined he was being less than truthful, and what it was that tripped his ass up…..

    • Since I’m personally involved in the case as a named victim I didn’t want to get too in-depth with the coverage of this.  I have updated the story to provide a link to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review which has more information.  

      As always, thanks for being a reader of the Beaver Countian!

      • Ok, I’m slightly confused, and I don’t know if you’ll be able to answer this, but according to the BCT, he lied during the grand jury proceedings about the phone call. Can he be charged with perjury for lying about that?

      • One would think so Nikki, but I guess that would be up to them to do actually charge him with it.


    • @ PISSED…Yes, that is MY question too, what about John Joe Fratangeli?? He’s lied so many times and has falsified those documents at Friendship Ridge, and he’s still gainfully employed!!! Did our DA drop the ball on this one?? Oh wait, that’s right, he’s the Sheriff’s other little SNITCH. Karen is the SNITCH for the Civil office and John Joe is the SNITCH for the Criminal office. We can only hope for justice when he goes to trial in a couple of weeks!!!!

  3. As to the last comment made by liljoemama , the reason there is no pics is because Ochs is a high paid county employee who never leaves his office and probably never spent one day on the streets. No cameras can get past a closed door.

    • How ignorant to comment without looking at the articles that were posted from the other papers… there is a picture of both the Sheriff and the Deputy.  As for never spending a day on the streets – again, ignorance!  He was a FT officer before he was in the Sheriff’s office and, I believe, he is still a part-time officer at a station in the county.  JERK!  

    • Look at the other articles and quit with the ignorant comments!  There is a picture.  Also, it was reported previously that he was a FT officer before a Deputy… again you are ignorant!  

  4. Just curious, I thought a blackjack was a prohibited offensive weapon?  Did anyone at the PSP search Georgie’s desk at the courthouse for this?  Here is where it shows the blackjack is illegal: 18 Pa.C.S. ยง 908: Prohibited offensive weapons 
    (c) Definitions.–As used in this section, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings given to them in this subsection:

    “Firearm.” Any weapon which is designed to or may readily be converted to expel any projectile by the action of an explosive or the frame or receiver of any such weapon.

    “Offensive weapons.” Any bomb, grenade, machine gun, sawed-off shotgun with a barrel less than 18 inches, firearm specially made or specially adapted for concealment or silent discharge, any blackjack, jacktal knuckles, dagger, knife, razor or cutting instrument, the blade of which is exposed in an automatic way by switch, push-button, spring mechanism, or otherwise, any stun gun, stun baton, taser or other electronic or electric weapon or other implement for the infliction of serious bodily injury which serves no common lawful purpose.

  5. With one witness impeached, does this mean the sheriff will get off on the charge? Is it just JP’s word against Sheriff David’s, now? I found The Times article very confusing.

  6. Well it surfaces again. The true police arent afraid to do the right thing. Anthony Berosh stated that months ago John Joe Fratangeli came within a day of being arrested. Well MR DA, whats up your ass now. The P.S.P. make our top prosecutor look STUPID. I truly hope that one day they have enough info to visiy your silly political office and remove you in handcuffs like they did your idol, Georgie david !

  7. Me again. Question for our dirty D.A. Why doesn’t he turn this investigation about John Joe Fratangeli to the State Police. It’s quite evident that he’s afraid of moving most likely that Georgie David will get angry or perhaps let a little dirt flow. What’s going on with this man ?

    • this is the first best chance beaver county has had in decades to wash away some of its corruption and turn itself around.  unfortunately tony berosh isn’t man enough to live up to that calling and his legacy will be one of a coward.

  8. Someone else made a comment about watching a slow motion train wreck, I think that applies here as well. I have a strange feeling there is going to be at least two more arrests in the Sheriffs office before this is over.

  9. It looks like Ochs has alot of charges against him. I don’t really know him but I wonder how many years he has been there? does he have a wife or children? If you do why throw it all away why not tell the truth? Why lose your job? You an Tibolet should of stepped in and stopped the Sheriff from torturing John Paul for an HOUR . Would you like it if it was done to you, put yourself in his place,, What did he do to deserve it, a crazy man taking a tantrum and NOBODY has the balls to stop him.SHAME ON BOTH OF YOU. You wear a uniform it’s your job,  you know the truth and it will set you free or maybe it’s to late for that.

  10. Well, since he gave protecting George the old college try do you think that George will remember it when they are sharing a cell at the BCJ?  The least Georgie can do is sometimes be the catcher and let Tommy Boy be the pitcher….  just saying.

    • which time?  you mean time he got drunk on duty at mpi in quippa or time he filed a false report against some black guy to make georgie look like hero or time he followed jp around the courthouse taking pictures and flipping him off or time he was pumping shotgun in courthouse basement with sheriff against his bond or what?

  11. I hope George feels good about this sleep good knowing that you put this guy in this situation he has family but make sure your in church on Sunday

  12. Ochs should have told the truth from the start. He was worried about loosing his job now he will probably loose his job and plus has charges on him. Why is everyone so afraid of George David. He is a big bully and smacked around every women he has been with. Women are the only thing he will hit. His x wife has pictures of herself all beat up and black and blue. He is a little bitch. All of his x girlfriends will tell you how he smacked them around. Real tough guy.



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