Beaver County Commissioners have filed a lawsuit against Sheriff George David, telling a judge that the Sheriff “is committing continued and repeated violations of the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.” An investigative report published by the Beaver Countian in August first revealed the apparent abuses of power by David.

County records show Sheriff David had his deputies providing official services for corporations including Walmart, Cinemark Movie Theater, Toys R Us, and Boscov’s, along with various “gun bashes” and sporting events. Sources within the Sheriff’s Department say David has also sent deputies to perform official services at fundraisers, and other private events, held at locations including the Club At Shadow Lakes. Many of those functions, according to courthouse sources, were performed using taxpayer dollars.

Pennsylvania County Code explicitly prohibits Sheriff’s Deputies from performing official duties for outside entities. It also requires row officers like the Sheriff to seek consent from Commissioners before entering into agreements with third-party organizations, something county officials say David failed to do.

Following the Beaver Countian’s report, the County Commissioners sent Sheriff David a letter demanding he cease providing deputies to outside entities. According to the lawsuit filed by Commissioners, once Sheriff David received the letter he went to the Solicitor’s Office, telling them “No one is going to tell me how to run the Sheriff’s Department” before abruptly leaving.

Sheriff David then did an interview with WPXI’s Amy Marcinkiewicz, telling the reporter he was going defy the Commissioners, who he accused of putting politics above public safety. “The people of Beaver County elected me to run my office and that’s exactly what I’m going to do” he said. David was then seen on tv performing private security services along with several of his deputies, all of whom were in uniform.

The County’s lawsuit alleges Sheriff David may have created a liability issue for taxpayers, stating “the significant and critical issue of liability remains open-ended as to Beaver County, Beaver County Sheriff George David and his Deputies, and to those being provided private personal services, to say nothing of innocent victims.”

Commissioners are seeking a court order preventing Sheriff David and his deputies from violating Pennsylvania County Code related to outside security services, and from entering into agreements with third-party organizations without their approval.

In a related matter, County Solicitor Joseph Askar said his law department continues to research “comp time” use in the Sheriff’s Office, which was also the subject of an investigative report by the Beaver Countian.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, the Beaver Countian has released a statement regarding an incident involving Sheriff George David and this reporter.


  1. Oh how terrible that our Sheriff wants to provide a safe environment for the people of Beaver County! These people should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Have you read any of these articles or are you just trolling for the joke of a Sheriff that probably got you your job your trying to keep? It’s at the bottom of this and multiple other articles about this subject. Read then comment.

  2. its about power dont let this TROLL, try to hide like he cared about football or safety …..

    its against the LAW to go and PROVIDE secruity outside if the duties of the county code!


    THE WORST ON THIS GUY IS YET TO COME, IVE known him since st.titus he is a loud mouth troll that was only tough with a badge and a gun, and gave true cops a bad name and should of been in jail years ago, he should be on megans list.

  3. John Paul- you left out the part about the union filing a grievance over the commissioners’ letter to stop the extra duties- the commissioners approved the contract allowing them.
    I am not sure what is going on in the courthouse but it is far from a smooth operation. How much money are they wasting trying to figure out how to run things?

    • I will note the clause you speak of in the Deputy Sheriff’s Association contract addresses the distribution of overtime. It does not provide specific approval of any agreements for private security with outside agencies, nor are such opportunities guaranteed by the contract.

      I am aware of a grievance, which is only the second filed by the union since David took office, and am in the process of researching it for potential inclusion in an upcoming article.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Really a court order There’s a State Law that says he can’t do it what the FUC**** do they think a court order is going to do are you kidding me !!!!!! So I guess we can all just go out and break the law and instead of being arrested the police will just ask the judge to order us to stop instead of arresting us now What a Joke !!!!!!

  5. Ummm excuse me MR.David Sir could you please stop breaking the law now it’s make us county officials look like a bunch of idiots with no spine so could you please stop that Sir signed your truely county commissioners oh and by the way we waxed your car and got those favorite doughnuts you like wow

  6. This is worse than reading the Enquire, Star and other such gossip papers, This is not real journalism. Seems to be boarding on Harassment/stalking by you. Especially since you have made it known that you have an issue with the Sheriff. Even people that don’t like JD prose respect the fact that he does not report the same thing over & over again on the same issue.
    Am figuring that this so called Newspaper will FALL just as the ART GALLERY did. Maybe they should ship you back to CALIFORNIA!
    I still stand & support SHERIFF DAVID & THE DEPUTIES!

    • If you find anything specific in my reporting that you believe to be an inaccuracy, you’re welcome to point it out and I will research it. If a retraction is ever warranted, I would of course issue one.

      I reject your assertion that I should not write about the Commissioners filing a lawsuit against the Sheriff, simply because I’ve written about the Sheriff’s Office previously.

      • Oh Charley, I see you are back at it again. Your ignorance and poor grammer is a disgrace to the english language! I don’t think that John Paul is going to write anything that is not true. So far, he has been right on spot with what he writes. However, you are seeing the world of Geroge David through rose colored glasses. He is hot headed and needs to be removed. By the way, STOP READING JOHN PAUL IF YOU DON’T LIKE HIM!

  7. Unless a deputy sees a crime happening in front of him, he has no more power than you or I to do anything. So who is the sheriff protecting? The public or his $4 million dollar budget of which $2.6 million is wages and salaries.

  8. Before everyone flips their lid over some of these “private” events, be aware that the “gun bash” mentioned in the article was a benefit for Chippewa based BCCIAS Inc which has raised thousands in funds for Blackhawk area student athletics with privately raised donations from the event. The officers all worked on their own time with permission of the people, the organizers and land owner. Facts.

    • If fundraiser makes that much money then private security should be provided deputies were in uniform with county vehicle…big liability–if u read past articles there is an issue with comp time/they didn’t work for free besides everyone there was probably packing

  9. I heard that the commissionor and John Paul (what is your last name that you hide?) got their asses handed to them form the people the Sheriff and his deputies protect. You bleeper’s have a comment about that. Commissionors out—- Beaver Countian out!!!!! Back to the Beaver County Times. You screwed the Pooch on this one.

  10. Guess what buddy you heard WRONG… There are thousands of people out there, you know what TAX PAYER’s are and guess what they are not happy. oh i’m breaking the law and i’m so proud, you should be ashamed….You sound like the POOCH’S ASS….

  11. Hey JP does your “your comment is awaiting moderation” mean censorship by this site? U have no problem allowing all comments that seem to favor your views.

    • This comment is total BS. Every story that I’ve ever read on beavercountian has had favorable AS WELL AS unfavorable comments posted. Your comment was posted, wasn’t it? I cannot believe that Beaver County is filled with such ignorant people. This site offers first class journalism, and all you maniacs get to access it for free. Get some education, get some class, and THEN comment on news stories.

  12. For some people: There is a well documented series of events and articles leading to this column. Read the referenced articles to fully understand what is going on here. It’s not something that one can just jump into. Do your homework before spouting off. John Paul has presented an unbiased revelation of the facts of this matter.

  13. Mike DEbonehead are you drinking Georgies koolaid by the gallon laced with acid cause you sure are hallucinating//

    • Union Power? You sure don’t have the power of the writen word. “Geoagies koolaid”? I think you have been swollowing to much of JP bull! Fact—- there were how many people standing up for the Sheriff and his deputies at the commissionors’s meeting?
      They were in the halls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who run from the meeting? JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJPPPPPPPPP! Try and figure this one out. You are wrong and need to start and think for yourself instead of the missleading bull this rag is writing.

  14. Oh. my. goodness. Thank you so much for your in-depth reporting and truly exceptional skills at identifying problems and bringing them forth for all to see. This is true journalism, folks. This man is speaking the truth, and if you can’t accept that, I feel very sorry for you. Way to go!



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