The Beaver County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution today to have the motto “In God We Trust” displayed in the courthouse.

Commissioners Amadio and Spanik voted to have “In God We Trust” displayed in a “prominent location” within the building. Commissioner Nichols is on vacation and was absent from today’s public meeting.

The resolution noted that “In God We Trust” became the United States’ National Motto following World War II, has been used on U.S. currency since 1864, and is engraved above the entrance to the Senate Chambers and above the Speaker’s dais in the House of Representatives.

The Board of Commissioners passed the resolution because it “desires to display this patriotic motto in the Beaver County Courthouse as a way to solemnize public occasions and express confidence in our society.”


  1. Do these bozos not have any real work to do?  Let’s spend our time passing resolutions that somebody is going to end up filing a suit over because of separation of church and state which we can then waste more tax dollars defending.  These guys aren’t happy unless they are spending our money on court cases.  I don’t care if people write in their dog’s name in the next election….it’s time for all of them to go.  I’m sure that the turnpike will give them all cushy jobs making six figures to do nothing productive.

    • It’s four words, not a “magic truth telling spell”. No matter what they would put there, there’s no way to MAKE someone who is bent on lying, to tell the truth. SMH

  2. What an ingenious way to spend the Friendship Ridge money. Hang this slogan which will attract a law suit then they can hire a crony law firm to fight it.

  3. This is another attempt to get people’s minds off the REAL problems in Beaver County.
    They’d like nothing better than to have us snipe at each other about religion in government.
    The sad thing is, it will probably work.

  4. Waste of my time and money. Don’t need them legislating religion. Let’s be clear that in god we trust means. Maybe if they had less faith and more ability we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  5. Listen people just because JP writes and article on it doesn’t mean it is taking up time or importance this could have been a vote that lasted 5 minutes! Obviously he is short on stories so used this to fill an article and trust me he is very good at making everyone think this was a huge money and time waster when it wasn’t he is the king of deception. Don’t get me wrong a lot of good articles but also a lot of fill in junk like this when he has nothing else.

    • It has plenty of relevance when the commissioners are passing resolutions that have the potential to be devicive and end up in a court battle.  While it may have only taken five minutes it’s going to take a lot longer than that and a LOT of tax dollars when someone decides to file a lawsuit over it and WE all end up having to pay to defend this resolution.  None of our elected officials seem to be bothered by the amount of tax dollars that are spent on legal fees to defend problems that they created.  Perhaps if our elected officials were held personally responsible for the outcomes of their actions they might think about potential consequences before they act instead of acting and then sticking us with the bill when it ends up in a courtroom.  Since that will never happen it’s time to elect officials who are more interested in SOLVING problems instead of CREATING them. 

      • Thinking about this little situation, while it annoys me, I believe that it is only happening to serve as a distraction. Distraction for whom? Us. Distraction why? That is begging to be answered. I think something big is potentially coming down the pike, and we need to pay VERY close attention….

      • Yes nikki this “little situation” you speak of should annoy a God hating heathen such as you! And yes you should “beg” for the answers! As far as something “big” coming down the “pike”…..well we all know what that rhymes with:-)

      • We can go back and forth on this subject, but all that’s going to happen is we’ll be calling each other morons. The fact is science, as we should expect, cannot disprove the existence of God. It’s a stalemate. Have a good life.

      • Raven stated that it was a scientific fact I was just wondering what it was that’s all. Didn’t mean to start a debate on God.

      • The “proof” is mathematical, not verbal.The language that comes closest to representing the reality of the physical “world” is that of the mathematical symbols and models of science, in that they allow a one-to-one correspondence and representation with the events they describe. Words as human-created language symbols are static abstractions that do not represent reality at an event level, in that they cannot be or describe the actual dynamic, changing event. A word is not the thing it represents, and to believe that it is is erroneous and self-deceptive. What is “God”, and what does it represent? There are no referents for the term in reality, other than other abstracting words used to describe it. Mathematical symbols and expressions do represent reality as it is observed, by a one-to-one correspondence, and the results are reliable and can be replicated — and that replicability is a major key to understanding the relibilty of the description. Science is a method of evaluation, not a “thing” in and of itself, that seeks to evaluate hypotheses about the nature of the physical world objectively, through accurate, unbiased observations and measurement, and the results can be shown to be replicable by other observers. If, in such observations and measurements, a “God” factor or influence were discovered to be whole or partly responsible for an observed phenomenon, it would be included in the hypothesis in the “how” of the workings of things. But no such God factor has ever been discovered — in fact it has been excluded by being a “no-show” in observations and even shown not to be an operant factor. Any hypothesis stating God as an agent of change would have to be accepted if proven observable and measurable, discarded if not. So far, no God factor explains the workings of the physical world, and so it must be either discarded, or, set aside for some future discovery — very, very unlikely. Also, the best attempt thus far to scientifically represent reality with language has been by means of General Semantics, by making language represent a one-to-one correspondence with the reality it describes. It would be easy to play circular word games with some of the words in the language I am using here, but in the end, the “proof” is in the exclusion of a “God cause” in the hypotheses that are put forth to explain the “how” of reality, and those hypotheses including the God factor simply do not work. The math is not easy, the science is rigorous, and General Semantics requires much study, but to seek a simple explanation for such complex matters does not work either.

      • Raven, like I said before-Sometimes you come across as an ass, and this is one of those times- AGAIN! Maybe you and Karl “Marx” Davidson should get together and talk about…..NOTHING!  Sometimes being over educated just proves you can make an ass out of yourself. If someone believes in a God, that is their right under the 1st amendment, just as it is your right not to believe, so quit trying to convince people to your way of thinking. Same goes for Nikki also, except the over educated part. It does not apply to her.

    • you cant prove there is not God and I cant prove there is but I would rather go through life like there is one.  Because when we die if there is not one then ooops  but if there is a god then a lot of people going to hell  I will take my chances and beleive there is one

      • Basically, just hedging your bets. This is why I’m apathetically agnostic. Can’t prove there is or isn’t a God, but if there is, it’s grown tired of the failure that is the human race, and has turned its back.Personally, I refuse to believe in anything that has ultimate power, but refuses to help his “creations”.

    • @Raven and Nikki. Do you 2 cretins have anything better going on in life than constantly posting here? The weather is nice and the sun has been out, the world is NOT ending! Mungo can not for a minute figure out why you 2 don’t go walk some trails or circle the mall even! Nikki is a mean, bitter, vile poster and Raven good God write a book with that stuff! Good day!

      • Thank you for suggesting to me how to spend my day and my time. Last I checked, I was an adult, and shall spend my time as I see fit. Also, the bitter, mean, and vile persona that you see, may or may not be how I really am. Maybe I’m like that to you, because you’re a jackass, and I’ve no patience for fools.

    • “You already have” what been out for a walk? If you’ve written a book good on you! But good lord put down the tablet and step away from the computer! Life is short and all yallz keyboard warriors ain’t solving a damn thing! Don’t get me wrong Mongo sees the obvious difference between Raven and Nikki’s posts. Raven is certaily well worded and intelligent and Nikki …uh… well..nevermind. just take a stroll my friend and enjoy the weather:-)

      • I’m supposed to worry what you think of me, when you can’t even spell your own name correctly? Yawn…wake me when you’ve got something intelligent to say…

    • Ummm… the last time I checked science/math has not proven or disproven the existence of God. If you have the math to back up you claim please post it on here or submit it to 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. The world anxiously awaits your response!

      • @steelcity: Well, at CMU science/math “IS” God. So, check again. Or, maybe you’ll find your answer in the Fine Arts Department. At least there they don’t rely upon artificial intelligence to drive their cars. But as for any more commenting on this topic, it’s a waste of my time. I have stepped up to the plate and offered an explanation for why people should not advertise their own versions of their favorite deities and impose them upon others — they don’t exist as material absolutes, they exist only in the mind, they are proprietary to their own faiths — hundreds of them worldwide — and we live in a pluralistic society that should recognize ALL belief systems. Perhaps you can explain how your first sentence is valid, without resorting to some kind of wordy nihilism. At this point, without math, it becomes a word game, and I refuse to enter into that. And to use a math explanation on a web site where most people have forgotten elementary school math, and have not even taken high school algebra, is futile, because it is not that simple. If you can explain the cosmos in words, good luck. Neil Tyson and Carl Sagan tried, most of the public could not follow it, and the churches damned them for trying to suggest such un-holy alternatives. There really is little hope for convincing the public that their belief systems are man-made and are poor substitutes for a “fact-based” understanding of the world. What happens to those faith-based belief systems when the people “go away”, die, or are quiet? The systems die, and they have done so hundreds of times on this world. And when public officials — these, I believe are Catholics — put their stamp of their beliefs on a public institution, it is beyond ignorant. It is a insult, it is myopic, it is presumptuous. If you believe in a God, or gods, fine, but don’t cram Him down my throat, just because you are in a position to do so. 

    • I can’t reply to Raven’s post about the mathematical proof, so I’m replying to this one.  You wrote nothing close to a proof, and there is no mathematics in your post.  Your post is at best philosophical.

      Your use of one to one correspondence is also wrong; there is no bijection between “real life” and “mathematical symbols and expressions.” Math is axiomatic, and from those axioms we derive the tools that allows us to model (or at least approximate) a subset of life.  We are far away from describing all of reality.  Furthermore, there is definitely no bijection between natural language and reality!  This is an extremely ignorant thing to say!  There isn’t even a 1-1 function between natural language and reality; I can find more than one way to observe reality and state this observation.  Even if you want to consider finding an onto function, it would be very difficult, as I can have natural language constructs which may not have a correspondence in reality, and I may observe something I cannot describe in language.

      If you want to talk above the average reader of this website, that’s fine, but please try to be correct in the future.  You wouldn’t want your masturbatory posts to be inaccurate, would you?

  6. I’d be much happier if our government officials governed in a way that lived out a faith in God rather than putting up signs about ‘religion’.

    • @eddiemerchant: Even if their take on the place of religion and God were found to be viable, the utter HYPOCRISY of their actions, along with those of the rest of the courthouse crowd, based upon that personal belief system, is reason enough to prevent them from displaying something they don’t abide by. In a very practical way, it is bullshit grandstanding to get attention.

  7. So Joe and Tony pass 78 resolutions which no one outside the courthouse was allowed to read before passage, and this is their press release? What courage they show in the face of controversy.

    • You mean like Nobama Care? “We have to pass it first to see what’s in it”. Nancy “Piss-on-us” Pelosi.

      • Your rhetoric is becoming very boring and stale. I would challenge to come up with an actual honest to spaghetti monster comment that was relevant to the subject matter at hand AND didn’t mention ANYTHING about the president and current administration, but I wouldn’t want your brain to spontaneously combust. That being said, I know you couldn’t fucking do it anyways.

      • Apparently you and many others don’t see the correlation of these comments to the subject matter at hand. Sorry for going above yours and many others intellect. But that is common with most Dumbocracts. Again, I apologize.

      • There is no correlation, and you couldn’t go above my intelligence with a trampoline and a pogo stick. You just babble on endlessly about your blazing hatred of the current president and administration. IT. GOT. OLD. QUICK. Oh, and last I checked, I wasn’t a democrat, so your attempted snide remark there, missed its mark. Try again.

  8. Well played commissioners! This touchy subject will get peoples mind off of the up coming trial of George “Cuz Cuz” David. Just like the Nobama clan-announce it on a Friday. And most people will fall for it!

  9. I’d suggest that we all keep our eye on the ball here, and not get drawn into a discussion of what most of us recognize as a ‘red herring’ thrown out by politicos to distract from the grown up issues.
    Our local government is a mess, and this publication has done us all a great service bringing many of our ‘dirty little secrets’ out in view of all.  Let’s not let these little men or their minions off the hook by redirecting our energies towards what’s essentially a non-issue.
    To paraphrase a movie line “we’ve got serious issues and need serious people to deal with them”.  Let’s make it our business to make sure that ‘the time is up’ for all the simple people running our county government.

  10. Raven your an Idiot trying to sound like your a scholar. The fact of the matter is, there is just way too much that our species does not know anything about. The come to a conclusion that there is no God based on mathematics is just stupid. When we discover how to unlock the mysteries of the universe, then maybe we can prove god one way or another. For me, the fact the everything that we know of is mathematical, can be interpreted as proof of creation by design, ie: proof of god.

    • @i am god: “Your?”  Try “you’re” or even “you are” — just for kicks. Any god knows that. If that works, here are some extra apostrophes and letters for next time, in case you run out again:  ””””’ eeeeeeeee. That, my friend, is creation by design. There is a key on your phone for those punctuation thingies. Not hard. And there ain’t no colon after i.e., just a lowly comma. Here are some extras:  ,,,,,,,,,.  

  11. Raven ain’t is not word so go blow bill nye. Hmm evolution as science would explain it….if science is right and we evolved from monkeys WHY ARE THERE STILL MONKEYS…..yea explain why only some monkeys evolved and the others were what too lazy to evolve …..ok have a nice day

    • Yes some monkeys may have been to lazy to evolve  just like some blacks and whites and evolved and others still haven’t

  12. Thank you Commissioners Amadio and Spanik !!  God created the earth and everything in it including us and forgetting that has consequences for us all, personally, in our communities, and as a nation.  

    • If that fairy tale helps you sleep better at night, have at it. Personally, god didn’t create shit, and especially not me.



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