Gay Marriage

Beaver County is now officially issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The announcement comes following a ruling from a federal judge yesterday that declared Pennsylvania’s ban on same sex marriages unconstitutional.

“We are now officially open for business to everyone,” Beaver County Register of Wills Carol Ruckert Fiorucci said in a phone call she made to the Beaver Countian early this morning.

“I feel it is my duty as an elected official to follow the law, so we will be distributing [same-sex] marriage licenses effective immediately,” Fiorucci continued. “As of right now [same-sex] marriage is legal so I am as prepared to give that marriage application to gay couples as I am to everyone else.”

The State of Pennsylvania has 30 days to appeal yesterday’s court ruling, leaving the legal situation involving gay marriage fluid. Other states have seen emergency injunctions issued by federal appellate courts after having their gay marriage bans overturned by a judge.

Fiorucci’s office will be monitoring the legal situation and will continue to act according to court rulings on the matter.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane had previously refused to defend the state’s statute banning same-sex marriages and announced yesterday she will not be appealing the verdict. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has not yet announced if his office will appeal the judge’s ruling.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • What’s the matter, Ralph, are you afraid that your partner in your closeted homosexual relationship will want a commitment from you now which might out you?

  1. its unreal to see all the bigoted people making statements as if this decision affects them in ANY way. the only peoples lives that this ruling will make a difference in are the same sex couples that now have the right to live the lives they deserve to live, with the person they love. my wife and I have been married since last year (in MD where it was legal at that time) and it is very nice to know that she and I will not have to ever check mark the “single” box on whatever PA law abiding forms we are filling out even though we are a married couple. 

    • I’m not sure when the last time you ventured out into the world was, but those are already a thing. Have been, for quite some time. Get over yourself.

    • We just permitted same sex partners to marry, so why not allow same family to marry if they want to? YOU CAN’T JUDGE THEM MARRYING JUST AS YOU CAN NOT JUDGE GAY COUPLES MARRYING!!! It’s the same thing! Even if it’s the non traditional two male gay cousins or the two female cousins (that wouldn’t be incest since they can’t have a baby). So WHO’S TO JUDGE THAT AS BEING SO WRONG? Live and let live right?  PS- I’m right CHAD you DH because we should not discriminate against any type of people in this world.  We should love everyone and respect them and their wishes regardless of past history and they way you were brought up.  It’s all thrown out the window now.  NO DISCRIMINATION TO ANYONE!

    • Hey, I’m all for it.  I certainly don’t want to offend or oppress anybody in this world that we live in.

    • Really?  I’ve seen your morality all over the Police and Fire section of the Times.  You have no room to judge. 

  2. Big, fabulous, Gay weddings catered by Biba and Witch flavor… Wizard of Oz themed wedding marches on 3rd street… I’m getting so excited I can hardly see straight! (See what I did there?) Bravo, PA! It was about damn time.

    • Why, because people refuse to live the way YOU want them to live? That’s bullshit. Get over it. All anyone really wants is equality and equal rights. We’ve gone through this in the past, with other groups, and yet, we still have not learned anything from it. Women’s rights, equality for African Americans, and now, equality for all peoples, gay or straight. People DESERVE to live their lives, the way they wish, with whom they wish. The times, they are a changin’…..

      • Mungo will agree with you Nikki the day you can provide a single case where a gay couple on their own, and with no single interference from science can procreate a beautiful baby. Since this has not and will not happen don’t bother responding , potty mouth. As far as my feelings on gays being gay, keep personal stuff personal. Why all the need to be in your face about ones private lives?

      • @mungo, I personally don’t give two shits what you think. Also, I am personal friends with a couple who have two beautiful children, conceived without scientific interference. Also, why are you do focused about what gay people do in public? It’s not offensive to you, when you see two straight people on the street, doing shit that they should get a room for, but somehow, it’s offensive if they are a same sex couple? To me, that sounds kind of like you feel conflicted about your own sexuality….

      • Good nikki keep your “personal” friends personal, and please do tell how was this miraculous lil child conceived? Maybe Stephen Hawking helped out huh?

      • A Nikki quote “People DESERVE to live their lives, the way they wish, with whom they wish. The times, they are a changin’…..”  

        Well then Nikki, Incest is INDEED OK with you!  (as you talk out of both sides of your mouth)
        Also, Now maybe you can fight for cousins, brothers, and sisters who love one another to be able to marry traditionally or as same sex partners, Remember you said: “People DESERVE to live their lives, the way they wish, with whom they wish. The times, they are a changin’…..”

      • @dumbshit: I’m done arguing with you about this subject. You are attempting to validate one argument by using the rationale of another. You’re comparing apples and kiwis. Not the same. I would say that arguing this point with you is like arguing with a tree, but at least a tree has a useful purpose, unlike you. I’m finished with this, unless you have a BRAND NEW, AND VALID point.

    • What I find amazing is that very few of the comments against the law are from women ,does that say something ? Oh and USA RIP take your uneducated lil self back under your rock and wait for the mills to reopen, this is the 21st century not the 13th and way to go Raven

  3. Were still fighting this in Georgia. I’m sure some idiot judge will say yes to what the people already said no to. Why do we even bother to vote on these issues. It was actually a state constitutional amendment. Doesn’t seem to matter

  4. Glad those ppl finally can tie the knot. I grew up with gay ppl who even adopted kids in Germany. I saw no difference in gay ppl when it comes to being a family. Welcome PA to 2014!!! Congrats!!!!

    • Who the fuck are you to tell ANYONE that they deserve hell over heaven? Last time I checked, you weren’t manning the pearly gates, that was St. Peter’s job…..

  5. Don’t worry folks this will fix all the major issues in this county and country! Ha! Democrats will do anything for votes these days!

    • @J.D.  In case you can’t read or choose not to, the judge in the case is a Republican, appointed by none other by G.W. Bush.  Has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the Constitution.  You have heard of that document haven’t you?

  6. Marriage is not about religion, Atheists marry.. Marriage is not about procreating, the infertile marry … Marriage is about LOVE, that’s it, and it’s beautiful .. Live and let live ..

    • With that rational above Amy, then you’re ok with relatives getting married. 
      They are also another party that is “discriminated against” when it comes to marriage :Cousins, brothers, and sisters. Why can’t they marry?  Who is to deny them of a chance to marry if they love one another and want to get married? That is the same premise as Gay Marriage. So give me a reason why i am wrong…

      • Amy,  Now maybe you can fight for cousins, brothers, and sisters who love one another to be able to marry traditionally or as same sex partners, DON’T JUDGE THEM like you don’t judge gay couples!

  7. Not sure how this ruling effects anyone that isn’t planing on engaging in a long term same sex relationship. By the looks of some of you commenting on this piece I think I would rather marry a goat. People with a same sex preference have every right to be just as miserable as the rest of us. Any one that thinks differently has way too much time on their hands. You need to find something more constructive with your time than trying to run interference on someone else’s happiness. I personally believe that most of you are way too ugly to reproduce but you don’t see me trying to stop you.

    • There is also another party that is discriminated against when it comes to marriage :Cousins, brothers, and sisters. Why can’t they marry? Who is to deny them of a chance to marry if they love one another and want to get married? That is the same premise as Gay Marriage. So give me a reason Blaine why they shouldn’t if they love one another.

  8. These activist judges have got to go…..nearly 70 percent of,the Pennsylvania population voted AGAINST this BULLSHIT…..but once again this disgusting agenda is forced upon the majority by this handful of politicians and activist fag groups

    • Its ok. Let it out. Its ok to cry when things don’t go your way. Its doesn’t make you gay if you cry just so you know. 

    • @Ralph, the “activist judge” in this case is a Republican, appointed by none other than GW Bush.  The only agenda being forced upon anyone is an agenda of equal rights.  You don’t like like, I would suggest you move to Afghanistan and join up with the taliban.  They still think like clueless homophobes like you.  

    • You seem like quite a “man’s man” there, Ralphie.  Must be those repressed latent homosexual tendencies coming from your subconcience.

    • There is also another party that is discriminated against when it comes to marriage :Cousins, brothers, and sisters. Why can’t they marry Millie? Who is to deny them of a chance to marry if they love one another and want to get married? That is the same premise as Gay Marriage. So give me a reason.

      • You seem pretty hung up on the incest thing…. Maybe you should just stop sleeping with your sister and find a hobby or two….. might give you something else to focus your attention on

  9. I think they need to start broadcasting the divorce hearings when they start getting divorced should be some good entertainment seeing who is the biggest diva out of the 2 guys

  10. The Hell you bigots believe in is the HELL you bigots deserve. sorry the laws no longer force your ancient belief system anymore. Your worldview is outdated and obsolete and i really enjoy watching you puritans squirm every time freedom wins out over oppression. please explain to me why the silly shit you believe should ever have an impact on MY life/freedoms and please explain how someone else exorcising their freedoms impacts you? Ralph Pastine Lenny Miller Crystal Bryant Heather Lovy

    • @mike Fisher. because your deranged concept of normality starts a slippery slope that trudges down into the unthinkable, i.e incest as whonoshit has been talking about. pedo perversion that the real sick freaks enjoy, and one commenter on these threads even posited the bestiality thing that’s equally as sick as the aforementioned nasty fascinations that most on this thread are applauding! So I guess “exercising” one’s freedom I suppose is akin to yelling fire in a crowded auditorium, and claiming free speech.

        I have been posting this incest thing BECAUSE if 2 gay cousins decide to marry and can’t produce offspring (like gays)- why can’t they?  If the Gays can fuck the sanctity of “marriage” up, then lets fuck it up the whole way by not discriminating.  So I repeatedly post a simple scenario of 2 GAY males or females who happen to be cousins that can not produce offspring (like gays)…why can’t we let them marry too?  My point here is the gays FUCKED up the term marriage which has been going on between a man and a woman for over thousands of years.  Today’s people on here posting and in our world today especially don’t believe in GOD and that is a shame!  That is a dirty SHAME!  This world is going to shit and I’m glad I will not be around for the revelation (end of the world for you non believers).  Jesus and God are going to cleanse this earth of the rubbish that is on this board.  I can not wait when that happens because you idiots who don’t believe in God and Jesus Christ will burn in eternal hell.

      • @dumbshit: I’ve also posted about your silly little incest thing, a few times, outlining WHY it can’t be done. Obviously, your reading skills aren’t up to par, because you didn’t understand it. I’m sorry that you have an IQ that low….

  11. There is  a really simple solution for those who find this so upsetting. Don’t marry someone of the same sex and don’t socialize with same sex couples. Mind your own business.

  12. I can only assume the reason Ralph is so angry is because he has an ulterior motive. I got some friends I can hook you up with, Buddy. You guys can talk about your feelings for each other and the infallible commands of White Jesus.

    • Blaine, I can not wait for the day that you meet Jesus Christ and God the Father and then we will see how brave and how much of a smart azz and know it all you really are!  

  13. Reading comments like some of these used to get me down… I think as I get older they just seem more and more meaningless to me. Getting married was a dream I never thought about. I pushed it out of my mind and have smiled at friends weddings with a bit of sadness deep down. I don’t want people to hate me. I just wish they could be more understanding sometimes. You don’t have to agree with same sex marriage but can’t we all be kind to one another? Isn’t that what Jesus would want? We’re all just trying to get through life and find what makes us happy. I try to be nice to people. When someone makes me really angry, when someone calls me a faggot or does me wrong, I try (though it can be difficult) to wish the best for them. I hope everyone on this thread, for and against same sex marriage finds what makes you happy. <3

    • Sheldon – I am all for your togetherness (really, who am I to judge – God will do that) but don’t call it “marriage”.  call it something else and I am completely good with it.  Call it Union or partners or something other than marriage but in a legal sense you get the same benefits as marriage… please reply back.  Thanks.

      • Sheldon food for thought also –  Now maybe you can fight for cousins, brothers, and sisters who love one another to be able to marry traditionally or as same sex partners, DON’T JUDGE THEM like you don’t want us to judge gay couples getting married!

      • Ummm…that was tried for years, and there was out cry.  So, we fought for marriage full force, and we got it.  Now don’t you wish you voted for Civil Unions…..?  TO LATE!!!!!!!! So glad you made us wait.  Marriage is our reward.  Oh hey Sheldon!!!  Love ya!

  14. Jt. Sheldon- thank you for opening your heart. I am a Christian and I understand how you feel. Matters of the heart are sensitive subjects. Our beliefs are different, but we have more in common than you think. The world hated Jesus and in return the world will hate those who follow Jesus. Believers in Christ are under attack. I’m sure you can relate because you expressed the hatred you felt for your choices and what you believed in. There were times I felt that I had no place in the world to fit in because I loved Jesus..If I’m being honest, even the churches made me feel not good enough. My faith is strong now and I feel that the love Jesus gives me is the only place I want to be, even if I’m not accepted by everybody. We hate what goes against God’s word but we don’t hate people. We are called to love one another. You are absolutely 100% correct, Jesus would want it that way. In fact he didn’t ask but commanded us to. I think believers should use caution on this subject. It’s a trap. The enemy will gain more power if you allow your hearts to produce hate. Christians- If God gives man free-will, who are we to fight man for his choices? Some battles are not ours to fight. Jesus died for all sinners. We all have sinned by going against Gods word. Not one person is worthy, it was by grace through Jesus you were saved. Unbelievers- If your looking for a perfect Christian, I promise you that we will fail you. Your entitled to your own free-will but don’t look at people to represent Christianity. Let Jesus represent our faith, he is the perfect one. People will fail you everytime, but he never will. I believe it is possible to find a common ground and agree to disagree. God’s word doesn’t change but the way we treat each other has to.

    • Faith – I’ve been reading many posts (for many months) on this site. Most of them (left/right; Christian/Atheist) leave me just shaking my head. I want to to thank you for your post. It encourages me and leaves me with hope. What is in your heart and soul is what Jesus desires in all of his followers, Blessings to you.

    • I’ve already been married once, and have NO desire to ever be that fucking miserable again. But thanks for your concern.

      • @nikkiAwww another eloquent reply! Something tells Mungo Your failed marriage is what makes you so jaded! But have no fear somewhere someone is perusing the aisles of wal mart and will get a good look at your ” significant” whale tail as you select the oreo’s from the bottom shelf, and maybe once again your boat will come in.:-)

      • @mungo: I’m curious, what is your preoccupation with me? I’m certainly not the first, nor will I be the last to swear on here, or any other board, so what is it about me that just rubs you the wrong way? Also, I’m not jaded one bit, and my marriage failed because I was dumb enough to marry a man who thought it was ok to screw everything in the tri state area. And sorry, but I’m not a fan of WalMart, and who said anything about me being alone or that I was looking for someone? As for the “whale tail” comment, cute. Very cute. Are you taking lessons from McKee? And one last question: are you able to talk without referring to yourself in the third person, or is your ego too big, or your IQ too small to manage that small task?

      • Nikki likes carpet.  Nikki likes wool.  Nikki likes landing strip.  Nikki likes scissors.  That is why her “traditional” marriage failed.  She couldn’t love her man.  She loved wom-man.

      • @dumbshit: seriously? Is THAT the best you can come up with? I’d be offended at your speculation on why I divorced my cheating, felonious husband, but in order for me to be offended, I’d have to value your opinion, and that will happen on the day that hell freezes over.

      • How about the TRUTH Nikki:
        Your man left you because you couldn’t take care of him or yourself.  He had a wandering eye for a reason.  Attraction!  No one wants a hippo in bed.
        You were miserable in your marriage because that’s how you are in real life…Miserable!  Now go and eat at the “all you can eat buffet” for the second time today and think about it.  Or make that change and call 1-800- IAM-2FAT.

      • @dumbshit: guess what? the smell of desperation is not a good one. You’re grasping for straws, and looking to impress your little “fan base”. My marriage, and subsequent divorce is truly none of your concern. I’m am not a miserable person in life, I’m a constant fucking delight! But only to those who deserve it. He HAS a wandering eye, because he has no concept of being able to keep it in his pants. I’m kinda big on loyalty. Also, I love the straw that your grasping at, trying to insult me by insinuating that I’m overweight. Again, that’s all been said before, yada, yada, yada. Come up with some original material. Like I said, you’ve lost the fight, but still continue to try to bait me into an argument. Desperation stinks, and I’m finished with this, because it has devolved from what it should have been, into personal attacks. IF, AND ONLY IF, you have something new, and valid to say, please do. If it is relevant, I’ll be happy to debate it, if I feel so inclined. But as I’ve said earlier, I’d be better off arguing with the tree in my front yard.

  15. I am not surprised that this gay man writes for a gossip site. Your flaunt of gay marriage is not necessary, you wouldn’t report about a straight marriage, would you? You claim to not be different, then treat yourself and your situation differently. It’s hypocrisy at its worst, perhaps it’s best. The Beavercountian is pretentious, judgemental and extremely trashy.



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