John Paul (left) with his husband Brad (right) shortly after their marriage.
John Paul (left) with his husband Brad (right) shortly after their marriage.
John Paul (left) with his husband Brad (right) shortly after their marriage.

Beaver County legally married its first same-sex couple today.

I am proud to report that my life partner of nearly 16 years and I were officially married today during a hastily organized civil ceremony officiated in front of the fountain at Penn State Beaver Campus in Center Township.

We were one of several same-sex couples who had applied for a marriage license today in the Beaver County Register of Wills’ Office. Register of Wills Carol Ruckert Fiorucci announced she would be providing marriage applications to gay couples in response to a ruling handed down by a federal judge late yesterday afternoon that declared Pennsylvania’s ban on same-sex marriages unconstitutional.

Pennsylvania had the legal option of appealing yesterday’s ruling by U.S. District Court Judge John E. Jones III to the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who had previously refused to defend the state’s statute banning same-sex marriages, quickly announced she would not be appealing the ruling. But Governor Tom Corbett remained silent yesterday and this morning as to his intentions.

There is a mandatory three day waiting period in Pennsylvania before couples who fill out marriage applications can be granted a license. With governmental offices closed on Monday for the Memorial Day holiday, the first day same-sex couples could have hoped to be legally married by Beaver County was on Tuesday, May 27th.

After completing our marriage application, my partner and I feared the possibility that Governor Corbett may appeal the ruling overturning the ban on same-sex marriages, and feared the appeals court may then issue an emergency injunction preventing us from getting our marriage license. We decided to petition the Beaver County courts asking for a waiver of the 3 day waiting period under a provision of law granting judges such discretion in “extraordinary circumstances.”

In keeping with standard practices developed through the years when issuing waivers for opposite-sex marriages, the local court granted our request, and shortly before 4:00pm we became the first same-sex couple to be issued a marriage license by Beaver County.

We quickly gathered together a small handful of family and friends and were legally married during a short but beautiful civil ceremony in which we dedicated our lives to one another. It was a promise we had already kept to each other for nearly 16 years living together as a couple, now renewed with our newly found rights and responsibilities granted by law.

Governor Tom Corbett has announced he will not be appealing Judge John E. Jones’ ruling — we will all now be seeing more same-sex couples getting married by Beaver County in the coming days.


  1. You are truly pathetic. You may be thinking you stuck it to b. Cty. One more time but your choices provide your final resting place is where you truly belong. You will wrot on hell

    • you Are The Pathetic One. Is YourLife Ruined Because 2 People Who Probably Have A Better Relationship Than Most Married Straight Couple Committed To Each Other For The Rest Of Their Lives?  Grow As A Person And Embrace The Future! One Love!

  2. Congratulations to you both!!! What an honor to be the first in the county. Wish you two many years of happiness. I hope you dont let the haters bring you down.

  3. Congrats on your lawful state marriage.  I just wished they would have called it something else and gave the same rights as traditional married couples.  Now maybe you can fight for cousins, brothers, and sisters who love one another to be able to marry traditionally or as same sex partners,  DON’T JUDGE THEM like we don’t judge you!

      • @OhBrother – We just permitted same sex partners to marry, so why not allow same family to marry if they want to?  YOU CAN’T JUDGE THEM MARRYING JUST AS YOU CAN NOT JUDGE GAY COUPLES MARRYING!!!  It’s the same thing!  Even if it’s the non traditional two male gay cousins or the two female cousins (that wouldn’t be incest since they can’t have a baby). So WHO’S TO JUDGE THAT AS BEING SO WRONG?  Live and let live right?

      • @ Oh Brother
        Dude, I am making a point.  If we can allow gay marriage then why do we discriminate against same family marriage?  No different. What’s good for one is good for the other.  Pandora’s box is now OPEN!

      • So…In your little fucked up mind, a father/son or mother/daughter having sex is not INCEST?! Just because they cannot conceive a child? I think even the gay community would have a problem with your mindset. I sure hope you don’t have any children, you sick fuck!

      • in·cest
        [ ín sèst ] between close relatives: sexual activity between two people who are considered, for moral or genetic reasons, too closely related to have such a relationship.

  4. JP- at least put up a video here of you two doing a Michael Sam kiss for everyone to see!!!  LOL!!! Take care!

      • Seriously? Right about now, you’re starting to sound like McKee in disguise……get over it. I’m not the first one, nor the only, to swear.

    • Hey dude, FUCK YOU.  You come on here and act like you have something intelligent to say.  Then you state that that  homosexuality is the same thing as incest.  Kiss my ass.  That’s an outrageous statement.  Look at a dictionary and stick your head back up your ass.  You are an idiot.  Nice picture too you tool.

      • @wait…what?  
        Gays are not the same as incest.  BUT incest should have the same rights as gays do to marry.  From a LAW or RIGHTS point of view, why can’t they marry?  If you have two COUSINS of the same SEX who are gay, WHY can’t they marry?  The Gays can do it…so why can’t relatives?  The relatives will not produce offspring just like the gays.  All you people who hold back relative gay marriage of this type are HYPROCRITES!  You can’t have it both ways…having gays marry but gay relatives can’t marry…they both can’t have kids.  You dumb asses (like NIKKI and wait…what???) can’t view the law and apply it EQUALLY.  What’s good for one is good for the other.

      • @dumbshit: besides the fact that it’s illegal as fuck, also, from a moral standpoint (and I’m about the most amoral human you will never meet), it is just wrong. DNA IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE WITH THE SAME DNA. Does that make it any clearer???

      • @NIKKI
        DNA does not matter with GAY PEOPLE since they CAN NOT HAVE KIDS YOU A-HOLE WITH NO BRAIN NIKKI!  That is what DNA is all about … its for INCEST.  You can’t have incest kids when you can’t create kids because you are gay.  So let the gay brothers, gay sisters, gay cousins all be allowed to marry because they can’t have kids… just like the gays.  So nikki wake the fuck up and get my point you dumb ass bitch!

      • SILENCE! ahudontshit SILENCE! You are now the #1 ASSHOLE on the whole entire internet! You sick fuck! Now shut the fuck up! YOUR WELCOME!

    • “Wow that’s still nasty in my Cleveland Browns voice…Wow…you all can said what you want to say…I’m not judging just my opinion…Wow” -Jame Earl Pope

      I quoted you, because you’re a moron.

  5. Lol lol

    Fuck to decent looking in shape guys congrats in glad your gay and got married tell the rest to do so too. We get more of you out of way the valley won’t waste time and that means more ASS for us.

    Serious 16 years wtf God bless you

  6. I’m happy that you and your partner can pursue the same rights as any other citizens because justice should be blind to color or gender if we are to take our democracy seriously.  The arch of history always favors the progressive movements.  I hardly think that this step will erode any couples ability to enjoy their traditional marriage.  Nor will it collapse society.  Or bring hell on earth.  Good for you guys.  Now take out the trash JP!!!

  7. It was so nice to see the picture of the happy couple. Congratulations to you both and to any other couple out there who have decided to take the plunge. 

    • Breaking news: Getting married is considered a special right, but only if you are gay. We’ll have more on this at 11.

    • As a Republican who believes in equality for all it makes me happy to see our local leadership coming forward with a statement like this!  I’m proud to be Beaver County GOP!

  8. I cannot believe the haters out there!  If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.  You are just showing your ignorance and making yourselves look like jackasses! 

  9. The state can call it whatever they want…….the church does not have to follow suit. I see it as a union or friendship. One that has no covenant from God. Though I have no hate in my heart for anyone.

    Looking forward to hearing of the first marriage to an animal. It’s coming…….

    All I will do is shake my head……and maybe laugh a little.

    • How do you equate gay marriage between two CONSENTING ADULTS and trying to marry an animal? Animals can not consent, nor can they enter into a binding contract. Oh, just because you get married in a church, doesn’t mean that it is a covenant from god. There are those of us who don’t believe in your invisible sky god, and we don’t need his blessing or permission to marry. All I can do is shake my head at the obvious ignorance that is running very deeply through these comments.

      • @ Ahole NIKKI – I shake my head at your comments.  You pick and choose who you want tohave “rights”, in this case you picked GAYS.  I now say (because of this new law):  EQUALITY FOR EVERYONE – MAN can marry MAN and WOMAN can marry WOMAN.  The court rules its “OK” for this to happen in this day and age because we don’t want to discriminate on anybody,  So if that is the precedent that is set, then 2 cousins who are MALE (Man and Man) or FEMALE – (Woman and Woman) can marry too BECAUSE they will produce NO offspring.  Right?  Doesn’t matter if they are related.  TWO BROTHERS or TWO SISTERS (who may be “twins” and love each other dearly) can get married. PANDORA’S box has been opened and the law has been made.  What’s good for one group is good for the other. Equal rights for everybody no matter what. Don’t let Gays (adopt) straight babies and turn them into gays by being a role model of that practice.  I have a big MORALITY PROBLEM with that.  You can mold a child into anything you want because you are their life’s role model.  Don’t get off topic and say “some gays are better parents than straight parents”.  Stick to the real meaning of this type of adoption.  Otherwise NIKKI, lets take your kid (if you have a boy and he’s straight) and let 2 male gays raise him from an infant to be a gay lifestyle and see how you would like that.  Do you think they would raise him to be straight?  No.   …or would he be raised as a  Bi-Sexual? … Think about it Nikki if you can.  let me know IF you have an intelligent reply back.  EVERYTHING IS EQUAL RIGHTS NOW – GAYS CAN MARRY and WHY CAN’T SAME SEX RELATIVES if they have equal rights?  What is good for 1 is not good for the other.  I’m making a point here.  My personal beliefs is I don’t like this ruling and that it should not be called marriage. Call it something else, but not marriage.  Give the gays equal benefits as to any married couple (health benefits, joint tax returns) but NO adoptions. If they can’t have a kid physically or produced naturally, then they can’t have one by adoption either- UNLESS the kid is in an orphanage and the kid is old enough to say or know “I am gay”, be looked at by a professional councilor to make a ruling, then I believe he/she should be adopted by gay parents to be raised for the sake of the kid. 

      • @dumbshit: shake your head all you like at my comments, just don’t do it near me, since I don’t like fleas and lice near me. Also, I’ve addressed your OBSESSIVE comments about incest on another story, and don’t feel the need to repeat myself. Also, YOUR morality problem is NOT my (or most peoples) morality problem. There is not ONE DAMNED THING wrong with a same sex couple adopting a child. NOT ONE. You know why? BECAUSE YOU CANNOT RAISE A CHILD TO BE GAY OR STRAIGHT. IT’S FUCKING BIOLOGICAL. Either you are, or you aren’t. Get that through your thick skull. All of the same sex couples that I am privileged to know that are raising children, do so a hell of a lot better than most of the straight people who have custody of children that they should have no contact with whatsoever. Everyday, you see on the news, stories about children who were injured or neglected by their parents. What percentage of those parents are gay? ZERO. I put it this way, you will NOT change my point of view, because I refuse to try to think as low as you do, and I’m obviously not going to change your mind, because you have such an ingrained ignorance about the world around you, and how it is changing. I’m finding this quite tiresome, and boring at this point. Unless you have something new to state, and I’ve address and answered all of your questions, then I think this will be the last that we need to address this.

      • @nikki animals can consent dummy, Mungo’s dog barks when told to speak. So he would undoubtedly disagree with you.:{)

  10. Shelby Lancos Cable you are correct……marriage is before God not the state……

    My wife thinks she divorced me also. I will continue to wait for her to return. A judge many have told us we are divorced but I do not follow man. I follow God….

    Oh and you would not believe the amount of people that have told me to go find someone else. So I can be happy…..

    They honestly cannot believe that I won’t go out to find another. My marriage was for life until death. I honor my contracts.

    Those people who go to a justice of the peace authorized by the state think they are married also.

    Without God there is no marriage. Just a civil union.

      • bro you need to talk with someone this shit is jacked.  this shit be like IF I CANT HAVE HER NO ONE CAN!  
        too bad she married you before figuring out you a freak

    • Creeper doesn’t even begin to describe this….I REALLY hope that his ex has some sort of protection against him. Seems like the kind who would have a shrine to her in his basement….

    • Ummm… I was married at a JP…my ring….cost $70 and guess what….it is STILL a symbol of never ending love and commitment to my wife!!! No matter where we spoke our vows or how much the rings cost….do you really think God cares WHERE those vows were spoken or WHO heard those vows????  I think not!!  thought Christians were not to judge?  Spread the word of God???  I find that, more and more, it is those who are passing the most judgement on more people!!!You know….if those who are “religious” , for lack of a better word, would spend more time loving, understanding and supporting….instead of judging, mistreating and outcasting….this world would be a much better place!!! Peace!

  11. This is beautiful John Paul – may your lives be filled with years of joy and happiness. I wish you both the bank account of a Republican and the sex life of a Democrat! p.s. Ignore the close minded banjo playing crowd. God loves all

    • Tamara Lefcowitz Seiu Hcpa how is your “banjo playing crowd” comment any different than any of the other haters on here? I love the banjo, can even play it a little, and have complete respect for equal rights.
      Discrimination comes in all shapes and sizes, including yours.

      • @jenniferAnn I completely concur! I often wish Mungo could be as well written. But often times anymore it sure seems that even threads such as these devolve into simple/hurtful name calling. Again well said with regard to the haters:{)

    • Tamara! have you ever tried to succesfully play a banjo? Mungo thinks the answer lies in your long winded name!

  12. Bill LeBlanc, the church does not own the word “marriage”. Its a long standing idea an practice that span centuries, cultures, and religions.

    But quite frankly, I think you’re borderline insane.

    • Wow. Such an intelligent comment. I’m sure you’re just rollin’ in the chicks, huh? Probably the only action you see is when you get turned down when trolling the adult bookstore, and you have to go in the back all by your lonesome…..awwww…

    • @Ron Sinclair: Well, someone had to go this low. I was hoping these comments would close before that. I don’t use the term “retarded” any more, but in this case, I’ll make an exception for your low-brow, knuckle-dragging comments. And, by the way, PFC Lee Marvin was shot in the ass in the battle for Saipan in June 1944, not the battle for Iwo Jima, Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo) never saw action, and Mr. Rogers was never in the military, much less a Navy Seal with kills and tattoos. How much of YOUR existence is a fiction? Let me guess — you have a name brick on the new Veteran’s Bridge.You really make this country proud. 

  13. Chad Chapenter I gave up caring what people think of me a long time ago………

    Besides it is something that is defined by religion.

    The only reason the state got involved was because they realized they could make money off the deal…….

    So makes sense to me since the state sanctions gay marriage……they should go for marriage between animals and people. I mean if they can make a few bucks whose to care right. Not you……

  14. Hey Ron: if you Sharia Law so much, find yourself a one way ticket to the Middle East and go rot there. Do us all a favor, quickly, is preferred. Dickhead.

  15. Bill, I said it once and I’ll say it again.

    Only retards would think this realistically opens the door for marriage between nonconsenting couples such as animals and people.

    And again, religion does not own the definition or idea of marriage. It’s been around a long long long long time.

    • What will happen if you have 3 people that Love each other not related at all and they all three want to be married.  Pandora’s box is open now for equal rights…..

  16. All of you “people” (for lack of a better word) that have nothing pleasant or nice to say whether you agree with it or not have a problem.  The rest of us have moved forward with the idea if not once on board with it, or are ecstatically happy for those that are finally allowed to pursue happiness as they dreamed.
    Your negative commentary is not only offensive, but it’s showing your intelligence level – and believe me when I tell you that it’s not impressive.  
    You come onto this mans post and bash his special day???  Whether it was special to you is really irrelevant. Would you accept your mother bashing your new wife or husband on your special day?  No, probably not.  Then don’t do it for this couple.
    Just shaking my head at the moronic unintelligent offensive commentary and it truly makes me sick. Shows truly why this county is in as much trouble as it is.  

  17. I tell you what if anyone ever question’s John Paul’s dedication to free speech all he’s got to do is link to this story he waited 16 years to be able to marry the person he loves and then lets all of these people talk shit about his relationship on his wedding day on his own website if someone talked like this on my wedding day I would beat there ass.

    • If there is one thing I have learned about JP from this site it is that he has some thick skin. He’s not going to let a few haters bring him down.

  18. Congratulations JP and Brad!  
    I believe in a loving God, who teaches us acceptance of all beings (because, thankfully, it is not us who judge). 
    So, my wish for you is love, happiness, peace and God’s blessings! Sixteen years will be Sixty before you know it!  <3

  19. Screw all you guys bitching about it. Give it a whatever. I think gay couples have the right to be as miserable and unhappy and traditional married couples. Good for you both. Though my question john Paul being that you see most all of the corruption and dirty politics here will you and your partner become parents?

  20. Conservatives totally LOSE IT after judge smacks down their neoconfederate/confederate states of america beliefs. For memorial day i celebrated by taking a shit on my local confederate gravesite.

    • Anyone in your family ever put an obituary in the newspaper?  How about an engagement, wedding picture or birth picture?  I betcha they did.  And who do you figure gave a shit about that? 



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