The Beaver County Democratic Committee elected a new Chairman tonight in what some are calling a major victory over the old establishment.

Tonight’s election for Chairman saw former Democratic State Representative candidate Mike Rossi pitted against former Young Democrats President Stephen Dupree.  Dupree beat out Rossi in a 67 to 41 vote.

Stephen Dupree’s candidacy for Chairman was being supported by a small group of people who were working to undermine controversial figures within the party — Mike Rossi was supported by former Democratic Chairman Louis Gentile and former County Commissioner Joe Spanik.

The differences between the candidates were on display for all to see tonight.  During their public remarks, Mike Rossi started by thanking Louis Gentile, while Dupree spoke of the need for reform.

Stephen Dupree is a little known figure within the Democratic Party, who some local politicos describe as “green,” a description Dupree said he is proud to own.

“I am not part of the old guard, that is true,” Dupree told the Beaver Countian shortly after he was elected Chairman.  “I believe strongly that we need to take ideas from new people in order to further the party.  We are unable to sustain ourselves with the people who have been in the room, we need to move forward with new people.”

Dupree said he has a message he wants to send to the people of Beaver County.

“The first thing I want to say is this is a new age, this is a new Chairmanship, and this is a new Democratic Party that is going back to basics,” said Dupree.  “I am the Chairman but I am number two, the people of Beaver County are number one […] I am beholden to no one.  I am here to serve the people of Beaver County and I think it is important to have a party made up of people who understand that, who will send forth that message, and who will work to live up to that ideal.”

Stephen Dupree said he was thankful of efforts made by Prothonotary Werme and others in helping him get elected, and said he understands what lies ahead of him.

“I have a lot of work to do,” said Dupree.  “People want change and I am willing to work to be the person that the good people in the party supported tonight […] With their help I hope that I can make them and everyone who shares our ideals proud — I hope I am worthy of their vote of support tonight and I hope I can earn people’s trust.”

Prothonotary Nancy Werme spoke to the Beaver Countian shortly after the votes were cast, expressing joy and relief about the outcome.

“I am ashamed of what the Democratic party has been, and I worked at this election so hard, I worked for weeks and weeks, I called everybody,” she said.

Nancy Werme brought up memories she had from the trial of Sheriff George David, and all of the work she did after his acquittal toward helping Wayne Kress defeat David in the 2015 Democratic primary.

“I feel so happy right now.  I feel happy about politics in a way I haven’t felt in a long, long, time,” said Werme.

“Tonight gives me hope.  Tonight is a great night for the Democratic party, but more importantly, it is a great night for Beaver County as whole,” said Werme.  “They just don’t know it yet,” she added, laughing.

Former Democratic Sheriff candidate Wayne Kress said he was also happy to see Dupree take Chairmanship.

“I think Dupree offers a fresh new look and will move us in a positive direction,” he said.  “I think things are going to start changing for the better now.  We’re going to get rid of that old guard and are going to get the party to start doing what is best for the people instead of what is best for their own pocketbooks.  We still have a lot of work to do, and there are still a lot of people with hidden agendas — and agendas that are not so hidden — but I think this is a really good first step, now we just need to find more people who are not corruptible to help.”

Controller David Rossi, who is no relation to Mike Rossi, said he believes Mike started to associate with the wrong people within the party.

“Both Stephen Dupree and Mike Rossi spoke about wanting to get people involved, about too many people sitting on the sidelines; they talked about getting the party back into the community at a grassroots level,” said Controller Rossi.  “On the surface, they both seemed like decent candidates, but as soon as the old guard started to support Mike Rossi that was to his detriment.”

“We know Joe, and we don’t want Joe,” added Controller David Rossi, parodying former County Commissioner Joe Spanik’s old campaign slogan (Spanik is currently the subject of an investigation by the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission).

Stephen Dupree told the Beaver Countian he is ready to get to work, “Right now the Democratic Party has 52 vacant seats in Beaver County.  I would like to fill those vacancies and bring new people into the Committee, good people who are willing to work, people who will help us reform the Democratic Party.”


  1. This guy has been apart of the part since the mucus was washed off him.

    HE was the young democrats chairmen in the early 2000s he been involved since the 90s…….

    Mike was way over head though…..

    • Way over head??? Try completely useless! He keeps trying to get elected to something, but it’s always a failure. He’s simply stupid, period.

  2. An outsider is just what the D’s need. They hit the reset button and are starting from the ground up. Good luck, and I genuinely mean that, because the party has a lot of making up to do for their downfalls of the past several years. Again, best of luck in this uphill battle.

  3. Good luck a lot of vile evil shit went on. You got a lot to clean up a lot of wrongs to set right. Time will tell a very short time.

  4. Thanks, but NO THANKS! Same Dumdbocrats-Different clothes. Green?! Hold onto your wallet folks, that is code for TAXES! Somebody needs to tell him that “Climate Change” is a FARCE to take YOUR MONEY!

  5. And so the Aliquippa Mafia just fades into the background as a new Phoenix arises from the ashes of decades of string-pulling, influence and corruption? Where will the new talent come from to staff the Courthouse nepotism slots? When the Old Geezers all die off, I’ll believe it. The life blood of the Democratic Party resides in Aliquippa, and no one is going to just walk in there and set up a new shop. It would take an explosion at the cracker plant to level the place and allow things to start anew. No, the name of the game is George David and all the friends who put him in office who are still alive and kicking. You asked for that. Now live with it.

  6. Wow, I love, no matter DEMOCRAT or Republican they use the words of PRESIDENT TRUMP to get elected, “the people of Beaver County are Number 1” sound familiar. He should have just said “I will give Beaver County back to the people, and we will make Beaver County Great Again”. I am hearing similar lines from a lot of candidates either new of coming up for reelection soon. It’s just like Fake News. Truth or Fiction?

  7. Does anyone remember how Nancy Werme worked for George David and his wife to get him elected? Then, they had a falling out, after things got really rough in the Sheriff’s office, and he threatened to kill her? Choose your friends wisely, Nancy, because your track record ain’t that great.

    • Yes Raven, Then Weme hired Davids wife. Also, Does anyone remember Connie Javens walking door to door with Werme to get her elected into BC politics? Werme is part of the old regime. Many democrats turned republican and won’t come back! Dream on!

    • Yeah, I take her endorsement with a grain of salt. She’s also been in that courthouse for a long, long time.

  8. What this guy needs to do is get the local committees in order. This practice of NON-TRANPARENT endorsements need to stop. This is the crap that is driving people away from the party. #takenotebeaverfallsdemocrats

  9. Positive Change ? Get rid of the Old Guard in both parties, let us hope so.
    “I am ashamed of what the Democratic party has been, and I worked at this election so hard, I worked for weeks and weeks, I called everybody,”- Nancy Werme
    Stephen Dupree I hope you do not feel there is an unpaid debt. Nancy Werme deserves nothing more than a polite nod and a thank you.

    • Right, watch out Dupree! The old regime motto that Werme comes from is ‘ you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours.”

  10. Squirmy has been in that out house for too long. Arrogant, self serving and condescending to her constituents. At budget meeting one young lady had the nerve to ask her a question and she approached her and tried to intimidate and silence her by asking “Do you have a job?” She happened to be a caregiver but that is irrelevant. She tried to bully her eerily similar to how Queen Connie attacked a retired veteran when she appeared at budget hearing. The sheer arrogance and disdain for the taxpayers leaves me nauseated. The whole Old Guard of useless self serving, pompous, arrogant, corrupt political hacks needs to go. Vote out the “R’s” in 3 years too. Clean slate, empty the out house of patronage and friends and family once and for all.

  11. Unless the new Democratic chairman has a big set of balls and clears the party of hacks and wannabes they will be going down the drain in bigger numbers also in 5 years. No more assholes from Aliquippa need apply. Let Dwan get a real job!

  12. Compare and contrast the photo of Dupree in this article with the picture of newly elected Beaver Republican chair Chip Kohser as published by your BCT. Dupree is in a shirt and tie (same picture used by the BCT), Kohser looks like he stepped off of the set of a remake of Deliverance. Is that what Kohser looks like all the time or is this another spin move by the BCT? I’m not one to judge a person based on appearance, but jeez Chip, maybe you should ask the BCT to swap out your stock photo, assuming it would make a difference.


  13. New head, same body that emits the same old shit. No different with the Republicans. When was this guy president of the Young Democrats? 1978? Kick this whack job out. He probably thinks he’s the second goddamn coming of Lenin. How did he beat Mike Rossi? Mike is a fantastic man. This is gonna come crashing down on them. But as always, the Democrats go through the old geezers of Aliquippa.

  14. The Democrats problem and, really, Beaver County’s problem is that SO much in this county revolves around Aliquippa, our weakest community. How many times a week do you hear about Aliquippa or someone from Aliquippa? They dominate the attention and you look at that disaster area and try to remember the last time you were in Aliquippa.

  15. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. Prothonotary Nancy Werme ,”I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I” . A lot of I did this and I did that. There is no “I” in Team Nancy. The Demon cratic party is dead. They are a bunch of tree hugging, baby killing, same sex marrying Socialists. Good luck, well not really.

  16. Stephen Dupree: There will not be a real revolution in Beaver County politics until Democratic candidates cross the River Styx (Ohio River) and bridge the gap between the Earth and the Underworld (Monaca/Aliquippa). Dredging “new” faces up from the silt of that backwater will cure nothing. Like a stagnant pond, the mosquitoes just keep reproducing, and the diseases they carry sicken us all. How about some new talent from Brighton Township, Beaver, Vanport, Bridgewater, Chippewa, Rochester, or any other place north of those places on the hills? “Young” vs. “Old” in the Democratic Party. Old wine, new bottles.

  17. Spot on as usual Raven. Squirmy is the Princess in waiting to be the Queen upon her indictment. She is posturing to succeed her to the throne. As noted above, IIIIIIIIIII, it’s all about me Squirmy. Old school political hack trying to reinvent herself. Sorta like HRC repeatedly did! Another one that will die before she gives up that cushy, lucrative job with all its perks for family & friends. She thinks she’s the new puppet master in town. problem is, only one Queen at a time so watch the carnage begin behind the scenes. I think this new D Chairman won’t last unless he plays ball her way.

    • There might be some karma around the bend, equalizer13. When the light pollution from the cracker plant combines with the Conway yard spotlights, they will be able to read the Beaver County Times on their porches at night. Draw a line from the cracker plant to Baden, and all manner of fumes are going to fall from the sky onto them and poison their dogs and cats left outside. That will create a no man’s zone that they might move out of.

  18. I for one am very happy Mr. Dupree is taking the reins of the party. Now perhaps the Democrats can become the real opposition party they need to be to stop president bannon’s march to authoritarianism. Those who fear for the republic and do not like bannon and his lil’ poodle are the majority and we will win in the end.

  19. Both major parties are at a fresh start. The New World Order has gained control of the USA & Pa Through The Koch Brothers ( ALEC ). The US & PA Constitutions are being dismantled with no resistance. All of you Rip Van Winkles who are asleep watching the slight of hand will pay a dear price. WAKE UP !



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