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Beaver County Commissioners will be traveling to Washington, D.C., next month to attend a meeting at the White House.

The White House’s Office of Intergovernmental Affairs has invited all County Commissioners in Pennsylvania to attend the “Keystone County Commissioners’ White House Conference” on July 13th. The meeting will be held in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the White House complex, although participants will also be given a private tour of the White House mansion prior to the formal meeting.

Commissioners Sandie Egley, Dan Camp, and Tony Amadio have all confirmed they will be attending the event.

The Trump Administration has not yet given Commissioners a schedule for the conference and has so far provided only a general description of its purpose.

“The purpose of this event is to develop a working relationship between the White House/Federal Agencies and the County Commissioners of Pennsylvania,” wrote Billy Kirkland, Special Assistant to the President & Deputy Director White House Intergovernmental Affairs, in his invitation to the Board. “We anticipate representatives from each Federal Agency to participate in this event. The representative of the agencies will be senior-level agency officials (including the potential for Cabinet Secretary Participation). Senior-level White House staff will also lead in portions of the event throughout the day […] One of the primary goals of this conference will be to ensure that you are introduced to, and connected with, appropriate officials at each agency in order to ensure efficient coordination between the Federal Agencies and Pennsylvania Counties. This conference will be an opportunity for the Administration to strengthen our relationship with local government.”

The White House is not providing travel or lodging for the event, which is expected to be billed by the Commissioners to their County expense accounts.


    • Are they taking their spouses at our expense for a free vacation? I hear Anadio took his wife on other government trips?? Did we pay for that vacation?

  1. John Paul you have an error in your headline I think it is supposed to say “County Commissioners Get Free Vacation To Washington D.C. On Taxpayers’ Dime”

    Taxpayers in Beaver County will get nothing from this meeting except expense bills!

    • JP when they return, publish all their expenses for us taxpayers to see! Since we pay for it we should all see the bills! Transparency right, Egley???

  2. I don’t see how this will benefit Beaver County but if the Commissioners think it’s important why can’t they just send one representative? Why do they all have to go?

    • They’ll all go because they know we taxpayers will give them a free vacation. We will pay for their food, rooms and all expenses. Will they take their husbands and wives? We should find that out! I want to know what this is costing? They cut everything else but not this!!! They should pay their own way. No money for this.

  3. WOW, tell me again how much BC is in debt? Seriously! It would be too much if our tax payers was to pay for just one of them to go, but to pay for all three stooges to go is uncalled for. Are they all flying? Where are they staying, a $1,500.00 a night, per room Trump Hotel? Rental car? How many meals are the tax payers, paying for? I think, before they commit so fast, before think, as they normally do, they owe us a break down of cost. Or maybe they can just get the investigation kick started into Connie and Friendship Ridge and get everything owed to the taxpayers back and then we might all be a little more understanding about a “taxpayers vacation” to DC, which we all know will not lead to any benefits for Beaver County residents. Hell, we can’t even get anyplace good to eat at in BC, and the few place we have now is going to be down wind from the Cracker Plant. I feel bad for those business and residents. If you live down wind, I suggest you look at other areas that got a Cracker Plant and how the value of their homes decreased and was unsellable after the plant opened up. You better put a “FOR SALE” sign on it now, and bend over and hold your angles, and pray for the best. Oh, and by the way they are waiting for Connie to die to finish the investigation, then we all will be bending over.

  4. They will probably be staying at the new Trump International Hotel, just minutes from the White House. This reminds me of our royal members of Congress when they take those “fact finding” trips to Europe, Middle East, bringing wives, their staff all paid for by taxpayers. We never find out what the results are of these vacations. Our royals arrive at Andrews AFB, private plane waiting. Talk about corruption.

  5. Just think, weeks ago the commissioners were scratching their heads trying to find money to fix the security scanner at the entrance of the courthouse.

    • Thank you! Hypocrites made a big deal out of getting a security scanner fixed then run off on an all expense paid vacation to D.C.

      • Maybe we should wait until they get back and turn in their receipts to find out what their expenses were, what they paid out of pocket and who took their spouses.

  6. If anybody in the county had actually ever met Keith Rothfus, he could show them around DC. But it is awkward to go down there and hang around with a complete stranger. LOL

  7. Whose expense do you think? We elected them, we pay them, and we cover expenses. This has been since her beginning of elected officials. Do you people honestly think they should pay their own way?

    • Yes, one commissioner should go alone, no spouse,and should pay own way. All we hear is they have no money to fix scanner, they cut Humane Society, conservation district, education among other areas, but they sure like to spend money on themselves! Vote these hypocrites out of office!

      • You have to excuse these ass holes from beaver county, just want to cry about everything.this is the sit on your ass and bitch form.they have never done anything for anybody,except themselves….cry cry cry

  8. I don’t have a problem with this but they need to ask other commissioners how to control their rogue people who overspend budgets and don’t follow rules and how to reduce staff.

  9. I don’t see a problem with them meeting with head of federal government offices. They may actually be able to learn a thing or two about the different agencies that could help them out. As far as cost if they were cost saving they would only be staying one night.

  10. Maybe they should try to spark a Federal Investigation into Connie Javens, Vince LaValle, the former Commissioners and Comp Health Care Friendship Ridge ordeal while they are there eating oysters rockefeller, beef wellington and pheasant under glass.

    • Right on John Q. Notice how Connie is lying so low that she has to slither to work. Talk about getting pushed off the radar screen. She is loving it. We’re fiddling while the FR Comp case will die on the vine. Will we ever know the truth?

  11. A nice junket to clear their minds of local matters… But realistically little more than that.

    The new leader and administration of that agency are two months old, and — by default — part of the general dysfunction of the Trump fledgling “bureaucracy”, which is is rife with unfulfilled positions and half-baked policies.

    The chances of any real help from them is an illusion. Won’t happen. As with the coal miners who thought they had Trump’s ear, any real benefit is only a dream.

    As the commenter above said, they could Google the issues and do better. The seriousness of the Trump “administration” incompetence is showing up in little things like this. Bullshit-driven lies that people are buying into, and meeting with disillusionment. That is the real Washington today, folks. Deal with it.

    Go ahead, though, have a nice time. The “mental health days” can help facing the firing line everyday here in the Courthouse. If that’s not disillusioning, nothing is. “You deserve a break today…”

    • Very likely, the Commissioners will get a first-hand taste of the trickle-down effect of Trump’s ignorance and contrived bullshit, as he tries to “manage” a government by lying.

      There is widespread disarray and disorder, from his own staff to the uniformed secret service in the driveway. There is no top-down guidance, just leftover policies from the past. A coordination of departments and organizations, at any level? Dream on.

      When you sit in an auditorium with a couple hundred other invitees, raise your hands frequently. That way, they will know you were there.

  12. They don’t want to take responsibility for themselves. Its much easier to blame someone else…………..cry cry cry. they have the answer for everything, but don’t know bird shit…

  13. I don’t give two shits or a giggle about Hillary. The issue is chronic ignorance and lying and the dysfunction it is causing. Maybe in three years, or after an impeachment, or his resignation, you will realize that.

    • This link is to a New York Times article that lists Trump’s lies. Not just an opinion piece, but a verifiable listing. A daily dose of dysfunction that will eventually kill people, starting with messing with health care. There are people who are keeping score of the list, and it will easily double as time wears on. We aren’t even a year into his madness. The man is mentally ill, unfit to be in a position of responsibility. Deal with that, you stupid son of a bitch, and don’t go crying or blaming me when you become a victim of it. This is not a political matter, it is about a fucked up human being. If you can’t do that, care for your children, because this unravelling of the government will take years to fix.

      • You are going to quote a op-ed piece from the NYT’s and you call me a stupid son of a bitch! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Talk about stupid, and my mother was no bitch, you no good bastard.


      • The operant word in what I wrote is “VERIFIABLE.” “Op-ed” or not. Op-eds are not intrinsically devoid of facts, any less than an editorial on the main page.

        If you wish, research the quotes yourself, prove which ones are errors or wrongfully quoted. The quotes are not opinions. The conclusions reached are. Hell, prove them wrong, and I’ll apologize. I can see that your panties are in a bunch over this, but you are “willfully” ignoring the facts put forth in that long list. Ask yourself why you refuse to accept them. What are you defending? False facts or being stung by a con artist? Or, you just don’t like the NYT?

        The Trump presidency is showing that millions of the American public have not been sufficiently schooled by their educational system to recognize bullshit when they hear it, recognize fact from fiction, or use logic to test it, when it is given to them daily. We are seeing that an ignorant man elected by ignorant masses can have terrible consequences.

        Even worse, to hear someone double down on the misinformation — as Trump does regularly — and his supporters persist, is more damaging.

        Don’t kill the messenger here. I am as angry as you are, but for different reasons.

        In my opinion, you, like many others, might have been snookered by a madman, and you will bear the consequences of supporting a slick, ignorant con artist.

        Some very smart people are genuinely supportive of the guy from wishful thinking or being convinced that down the road things will work out, like the coal miners. To them, I say good luck. To them I also say, ain’t gonna happen.

        But for the rest, this is a trip down a very deep rabbit hole, and it cannot end well.

        Things are so bad, that the word “bullshitter” has been formalized and operationalized, and a book has been written about it in a very serious philosophical manner by a very erudite scholar, called “On Bullshit.” Read it online.

        Some of us are being played for suckers, whether an op-ed reveals it or not.

        Here is something really scary — Trump might not even know he is doing it. Sleep on that one.

      • Go ahead, MAGA, knee-jerk an answer. There is no way you could have read the NYT article before you answered, because not enough time passed. That seems to be typical of your thinking.

      • I used to think that raven’s had a little bit of smarts,what a dumb -ass bird.Some one must of lined it’s cage with the NYT.but what the hell thats all its good for.To shit on that is! UFB

  14. Spend lots of time traveling and reading various major so called newspapers. They are so biased that I gave up on just about all forms of media. many are hand in hand or in bed with government agencies. Read a number of books (3) just in the last month that name names and provide facts of major government intrusion in our medias, both in print and on TV. The NY Times is probably the most beholding to the CIA/DEA link. They were directly linked to disinformation about Kennedy assassination, Vietnam War and especially LBJ. They aided and abetted the Warren cover-up on the premise to prevent a civil war. Bullshit. They are interested in their own power base funded by our tax dollars. The Washington Post is owned by Bezos, another megalomaniac like Trump and poisoning the reporting that the Post does. We must realize that the MSN is in a free fall as people prefer other methods of getting their information. Unfortunately many other sites are as bad or worse with complete lies and distortions of facts to suit any blogs. The war on drugs was started by MSM to scare people away from using drugs that were legal, forcing millions into criminal records. All this perpetrated by Harry Anslinger and big pharma. Marijuana should be legalized immediately. As for cocaine and heroin, let doctors handle the prescriptions so that the addicts can get help they need, clean needles to prevent infections and completely eliminate the drug cartels and dealers. NO ONE will overdose as the drugs will be pure and not horse shit added to increase profits. No doctor is going to lose their licenses over helping sick people. You can put them out of business very quickly but the government needs the illegal funds to fuel black projects to prevent Congress from having to approve of the. Any GI’s or older people remember “Reefer Madness”? Put out by the government as a propaganda tool that is completely fabricated. Americans by and large are too lazy to do any reading or research on their own. They prefer it in video form and keep it short.

  15. The quotes above were taken DIRECTLY FROM TRUMP’s OWN MOUTH. The corrections immediately follow. They would be valid quotes if they were reprinted in MAD magazine. Ignore them or criticize the NYT (no argument there), but they stand on their own, irrespective of the source.

    With the proposed health bill travesty, 22 million people (the population of Texas), some local elderly folks, would have been denied insurance to continue in a nursing home or care facility. So, grandma ends up in your spare room. Friendship Ridge would become an unobtainable Taj Mahal.

    Raven might be seen as raving, but the karma of many Trump supporters getting royally shit on is coming true. The most needy are the losers. Prove any of the above Trump quotes wrong and Raven will gladly go home to roost. I’m getting tired of this stuff anyway.

    Why am I so angry about this? Because, in my opinion, innocent people will eventually killed by this fool by his bullshitting and ignorance. There is nothing funny about a job that can mortally impact a nation of people and nothing forgiving about an asshole who thinks it is.

    • You must be #1 if you think the problems of this country started with Trump. Boy do the dems and the Gop got your number.And your probably right.with Trump being the only president to lie..UFB.

      • “… if you think the problems of this country started with Trump.” Where the hell did I say that or even suggest it? For chrissake, take a course in reading comprehension.

      • We’ll you tell me what the hell you are talking about?Maybe a little book smarts with no common sense? I have been reading your post for awhile and you haven’t fixed a damn thing. Can you comprende that, again its everybody’s fault. But like raven”s do!….Cry Cry Cry.Why don’t you get a real job. and pay your taxes and shut up about everything that you have no intention of changing.who should we vote for Mr. Raven? You!

  16. What happened to my post John Paul, did I upset your little raven? You only want to post what suits you.Are you still mad about all them years ago when someone pissed in your wheats?

  17. Raven- your disgust is apparent. Do you have any left for those who, for example, helped put this “madman” president in office (“Trump Campaign Announces Beaver County Commissioner Sandie Egley Has Joined Statewide Leadership Team”)? Or are you still a member of the Egley cult? Or maybe you’ll stand behind this farcical explanation that “smart” people are able to be connived by a “madman” (Some very smart people are genuinely supportive of the guy from wishful thinking or being convinced that down the road things will work out.) Frankly, I don’t know many “smart” people who are also gullible, ignorant, and easily conned or act on “wishful thinking”. Those sound like idiots to me. Put down the Egley Kool Aid for a second and consider what she has done in her tenure. What are her latest exploits? Trip to White House on BC taxpayers dime (bad judgement). Considered putting internet service provider in the 911 center with little background knowledge (bad judgement). So, if anyone would like to chime in with a list of her accomplishments that have been beneficial to the county, I’m all ears. Otherwise, start placing the blame evenly and where it is deserved.

  18. We have a difference of opinion concerning the MSM but I value your insight. It allows me to question my logic and sometimes I see your point. Don’t be deterred as many of these attackers probably reside inside the courthouse. Not a fan of Trump but just like we had to put up with 8 years of Obama, I doubt that much is going to change in our everyday lives. It’s all about the banking cartels, Wall Street and the Deep State government that really controls our lives. Republican or Democrat they are all still politicians, lining their own pockets with our money. I can solve health care issue in 10 minutes. Put all employees of the federal government (especially Congress & staffers) on the same insurance as the public and watch how fast it is fixed. or we can just use the same plan as them. Wasn’t that easy!



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