Beaver County Commissioners were among a delegation of county officials from across the state of Pennsylvania that met with Trump Administration officials in Washington D.C. today. The day-long meeting between commissioners and representatives from various federal departments and agencies was arranged by the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs.

The day included discussions with representatives from the Departments of Transportation, Education, State, Interior, Energy, Agriculture, and Health and Human Services; along with meetings with officials from various federal agencies and offices including the Office of Management and Budget and the Environmental Protection Agency.

“My mind is really reeling over today,” Commissioner Sandie Egley told the Beaver Countian shortly after the meetings concluded. “Some people may have thought this was going to be a political stunt for President Trump, but it wasn’t like that at all. We met with people from a lot of different federal agencies, and what I was most impressed by was with each one of these offices, it wasn’t them talking to us — it was a back and forth conversation, a true open dialogue about what issues our counties are facing.”

Commissioner Egley said that commissioners from different parts of Pennsylvania had a diverse range of issues which were important to the people they represented, but that all of the Commissioners agreed on one major problem that was affecting all of their communities.

“It was the problem of heroin, the opioid epidemic, that is the major problem for us all,” said Egley. “The White House told us there is going to be $45 billion provided across the United States to help with prevention and treatment and they are having conversations with people like us on how that money should be distributed, on what that process should look like.”

Commissioner Dan Camp said that the opioid crisis was one of the topics discussed by Kellyanne Conway, Senior Counselor to President Trump, who spent about a half hour speaking with the delegation of commissioners.

Camp said the discussion helped to spark productive dialogue between the county commissioners themselves.

“We were able to take away a lot from our colleagues from other counties,” said Camp. “One of the commissioners from Chester County spoke about how they have been able to raise money from the private sector to help those suffering from problems with substance abuse when they get out of the hospital from an overdose. That is something I want to work on when I get back.”

Along with the group meetings, the commissioners also got some opportunity to speak one-on-one with administration officials.

“I got to meet privately with Linda McMahon, Administrator of the Small Business Administration, for a few minutes in the hallway,” said Commissioner Camp. “She started in business from the bottom up and I think she really wants to make sure SBA becomes more accessible to local government officials […] That was one of the things that impressed me about this meeting, the administration didn’t want to speak with associations that we as commissioners may belong to, they wanted to speak with us directly. Some of the [federal] officials there were from the prior administration, and they acknowledged they hadn’t been in touch with local government in the past and want to see a better working relationship between local and federal government.”

Commissioner Egley said that she too felt sincerity from the administration officials when they spoke of building stronger relationships between local and federal government.

“They took notes when we talked with them, they gave us their cards, they said they want to keep hearing back from us about what is working, what isn’t working, what we’re seeing on the local level,” said Egley. “I’m a new commissioner, but even the more senior commissioners who have been in office many years said they have never seen anything like this before. I am in awe of how today went, it’s a new way of working that I think could help to remove a lot of red tape.”

Commissioner Tony Amadio said he was able to learn a lot about how the Trump Administration intends to work with local government.

“It was a real learning experience on how the federal government intends to deal with counties,” said Amadio. “Learning about how they plan to handle pass-through monies with things like medicare and medicaid, that was important. I am just so glad that I came and was able to sit with my colleagues and learn. I tried to listen as closely as I possibly could.”

Commissioner Camp said that although the day was spent having serious policy discussions, there was a brief moment of political levity that took place while Kellyanne Conway was talking to the group.

“One of the people who were running the event kept referring to Kellyanne Conway as the Pennsylvania girl, and I was thinking to myself, I’m pretty sure she’s not from Pennsylvania, but I didn’t want to say anything,” said Camp. “Finally she brought out this binder and she said here, this is the artwork that I have on my desk. Then she pulls out a picture of Pennsylvania covered in red because it went Republican during the election, and she said to us, thank you very much Pennsylvania.”

Commissioner Egley said she had her own moment of levity while making her way through security earlier in the day.

“I was going through all of the layers of security to get into the building and there was this full-body scanner you have to walk into,” said Egley. “So I’m standing there and then this Secret Service agent said ok Sandie you can step out now. I was surprised by that and asked him, wait, how did you know my name? He said to me, don’t you remember me, we went to high school together. I didn’t recognize him and say to him oh, wow, we did? He started laughing and said no, we didn’t, your name comes up on my screen from your badge. So ya, he got me there.”

All three commissioners said they believe their meetings in Washington D.C. today will pay dividends back in Beaver County.

“I have so much information to give to other elected officials in the county and to our department heads,” said Egley. “All of these takeaways that we’re going to be able to distribute I believe will lead to conversations at the county level on how we may be able to do some things better and be more efficiently.”

Commissioner Amadio, the only Democrat on the Beaver County Board of Commissioners, said he was pleased to see the day had not been overly politicized.

“Government is political, so you’ll have a little bit of that, but it wasn’t at all the main focus,” said Amadio. “I had actually talked to some of my other Democratic colleagues from other counties and convinced them to come, and they told me today they were glad that they went.”

Although President Trump was not present at the meeting (he is currently traveling out-of-country) Commissioner Egley said she got the opportunity to briefly meet Vice President Mike Pence as he was leaving work for the day.

“There was a small group of us coming out of the Eisenhower Building at the same time Vice President Pence was leaving the West Wing for the day,” said Egley. “We were in the parking lot and hadn’t checked out our badges yet. Some of the Commissioners started yelling out the names of the counties they were from, and it clicked with him who we were. He talked to a Secret Service guy who was next to him, the guy put his finger up to his ear just like in the movies, then the Vice President comes walking over. He asked us how our meetings went, made sure everyone there had treated us kindly, took a picture, shook our hands, and off he went. He was very down to earth, it was like talking to a guy at one of my kid’s baseball games.”

Commissioner Tony Amadio said that while he did not get to meet the Vice President, he did get to do something that may have been even better.

“I went up during one of our breaks and sat behind the Vice President’s desk,” laughed Amadio. “As an old history and government teacher, getting see where all of this takes place was exciting for me; but more importantly hopefully this entire experience today will help me be better at my job, which is serving the people of Beaver County.”

Vice President Mike Pence with county commissioners from Pennsylvania, Beaver County Commissioner Sandie Egley in the back row / submitted photograph
John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Well, now I know where that 17.5% tax increase and that $5.00 extortion tax on my vehicle plates is being used for. FUBAR!

  2. good report JP I’ve always been impressed with your interviews with the things you get people to talk about and say to you its always fun to read thanks

  3. I know the negative comments will start. But I think this was good for our commissioners to get to do this to make connections. Good job. It’s always good to get out to see how others are doing things and take back ideas.

    • Yep. Now they just learned another 157 ways to steal YOUR money! These ass clowns don’t give a flying fuck about you or anybody else. This trip is a big nothing burger, for us, but a big money stealing burger for them.

  4. I thank the Commissioners for their efforts on behalf of the county.

    Hopefully, something material will come of it, but that will be because of their own actions, not conversations in Washington.

    It is hard for me to get into a feel good mood about anything Trump Administration related, in that the dysfunction of it is now leaning toward treason, and not just the usual pathological lying. I am happy, though, that the lower agencies, badly understaffed, are carrying on with some good daily work, like the involuntary muscle twitches of a dying snake.

    The junket produced a few good results. Clearing of minds, getting out of town for a more worldly perspective on things, a reward for the new positions. No harm, no foul.

    Stay away from the big boys’ chairs, though, Tony. They will never fit you, no matter how much you play grownup.

    • Still waiting for an honest assessment out of you Raven. The longer it takes, the more credibiilty you lose. Coming up on two years since Egley’s election, yet she still refers to herself as a “new” commissioner. And what has she done in those 2 years. Joined Trump’s “statewide leadership team”, redecorated her office, raised our taxes… all while services disappear and quality of the services left deteriorates. Now she spends our taxpayer dollars to fly to DC and chat with f’n Kellyann Conway!!! Are you and Egley related? Are you too smitten too see the truth?

    • Cry,Cry,Cry Raven and john Q are always negative,no matter what it is.Funny thing is you will never see them on any ballot, but they will bitch about everybody else!!!

  5. Ok I agree with what Raven said.
    I was against this trip when I read about it the first time but it sounds like it was worth it.

  6. Why wasn’t Dwan Walker along? Aliquippa is the linchpin of this area; as the Quips go, so goes Beaver County!

    • Correct Mama, as the Quips go down the shitter they are dragging the entire county down with them. Cracker plant coming, jobs for everybody! No one will be standing around on the corners all day doing nothing but selling dope, the knock off clothes dealers will get a job and pay taxes and the Health department will continue to turn a blind eye towards the daily barbecue sales without taxes or regulations. This has caused a groundswell of tax payments to the City of Aliquippa. NOT! If not for welfare and federal grants Alighetto would be ancient history. Plowed under by the hometown hero CJB so he can build overpriced housing and force the locals to move to BFalls or New Castle. No amount of federal or state money will ever save Aliquippa. It is up to those RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS there to clean up themselves. When are they gonna haul all the debris piled up off the off ramp by 51? Bet that’s another Unis Demo deal. Knock it down, disappear and wait for another grant to be paid twice for one demo. WTF? Whose minding the building inspectors, etc. Dwan, get off your ass and get out. I know, you be waiting for football season. Go Quips!

  7. Dwan isn’t going anywhere. He has the glory of being mayor of a dead town. Let him back in that glory. Not to worry fans, football and b-ball coming round soon and we can all quick bitching and moaning about taxes. It’s all about sports in Beaver County. No jobs, high taxes, no good restaurants but who caress? We got da Quips and BFalls to keep us occupied and brain dead. At least the BC Times will expand from 4 pages of local news to 4 plus 20 pages of useless sports and entertainment. Love the articles about the 60’s & 70’s. That’s where this county is still living, the past. No leadership, no NEW ideas. Bet the ranch on the cracker barrel plant.

  8. Please don’t bring any trump administration ideas back to our county. All of the policies they told you about were just lies to make you feel good about your trip on our dime. Sandy and Dan you both are part of the 30% of trump supporters now it looks like Tony is drinking the kool aid. KellyAnn now there is a real upstanding American. I cant believe you sat thru her bullshit and listened to her lies. We dont need any of her ideas here in Beaver County we already have enough problems. But there are similarities to Beaver County and Washington. trump says and does what he wants and screws the little guy just like our Treasure,r and Lozier protects the courthouse criminals just like 90% of the republicans in congress protect this mentally ill traitor we call president. Tony, did you happen to run into trump jr in the bathroom cleaning the shit out of his pants because of all the” FAKE NEWS” reports about his meeting with the russians? 1 russian , I mean 2 russians , no I meant 3 russians. Transparency my ass. Thank God for the news media or we wouldnt know about any of this collusion.
    To Sandy and Dan, I know he has an R behind his name but can you really support this morally bankrupt, lying president and his corrupt family with a clear conscience? By the way Pence is like Sgt. Schultz on Hogans Heroes. I see nothing, I know nothing.

    • Here, here, Cleanupthecourthouse! Finding out that they listened to the alternative fact liar made me sick. I want my money back from this useless trip! Nothing new here, nothing to see in this county and the commissioners are as useful as warts on a nose!

      • Everything they said they learned, I heard all of it on CNN before they ever came back.

      • Egley sounds like a little school girl on her first field trip to D.C. What a waste of taxpayer money! These three bozos like to spend taxpayer money on themselves!

      • Connie the con gives away our money but Egley and those other two waste our money with this nonsense. Sounds like a fieldtrip with school kids! Vote them all out!

  9. When the citizenry of this county can have a dialogue about the real truth in the county without being labeled as a racist then we can move forward. That is the first word on the tip of the PC crowd. it’s like a junkie and we cover it up by saying they’re sick or other excuses. The same goes for the taxpayers. let people know that we are fed up with the moochers of society. Contribute nothing but crime and misery to their hoods. Whose fault is that? Stop making excuses and blaming everyone for your dilemma. LOOK IN THE MIRROR! The people of Alighetto are their own worst enemies of progress. You all can face facts and step up to clean up the problem or you are doomed for at least another generation of poverty. All thanks to the poverty pimps! You choice. Are you up to the task? Nope, dem politicians will give us what we want.

    • I agree Raven. Egley is proving herself. Just off the top of my head..these changes made in the last 15 months:
      New Dir. of EMS
      New Dir. of Public Works
      New Dir. of HR
      New Dir. of Assessment
      New Dir. of Planning & Redevelopment
      Fired or whatever.. Bernie Rabik, Vince LaValle.

      This kind of change hasn’t happened in 50 years. I support her.

  10. I agree Raven, given the shithole she inherited from the crooks before her she has done a pretty good job. People need to realize that there is only so much that the 3 member commissioners have control of. The real problem lies in the antiquated form of government they serve under. The row offices and the elected officials therein are the root of the problem. They don’t give two shits about the taxpayers they are sworn to serve but run their offices like little fiefdoms for their serfs. ONE person must be able to contain costs overall and that CANNOT happen in this system of government. TAXPAYERS, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO STUDY THE ISSUES AND THE CHARACTER OF THE PEOPLE YOU VOTE FOR! Enough with the political whores, party hacks and friends and families seeking employment for their loser kids. Taxpayers have the power if we utilize it wisely. W all f-cked up last election. Stonewall Looser, Midget Guy, Queen Connie & the rest of the row gotta go!!!

  11. As I recall, Sandy distanced herself from Trump’s follies during her campaign. The Republicanism she follows is the old brand, not the Trump business marketing model, where people be damned to sell a product with anything goes and lies, cheating and stealing. She has principles, and if she steers clear of Christiana and his undermining, she’ll do O.K. Camp swings with the wind, and Amadio is still not answering his wake up calls. In the end, its personalities, not politics.

      • Typical tRump supporter. Either defending with Clinton or Obama and accusing someone of crying. Not surprised there are so many in BC where too many have a low functioning critical thinking ability.

      • The wind is what’s in your head.We have a new cryer! cry cry cry.thats all u know what to do!Get a job and pay your taxes and shut the f up!We have
        9 trillion dollars to pay back from the last stuge.

    • “As I recall, Sandy distanced herself from Trump’s follies during her campaign.” Egley joined Trump’s “women for statewide leadership team” in Sep 2016, yet with your twisted logic that is somehow “distancing herself”.

    • I agree with you again Raven. Camp needs to stop cutting her down and realize it looks bad on him when he does that.. at some point he’s going to get on her last nerve and THEN there will be a show I’d like to see. She’ll get tired of picking up his socks..go off on him and put him back in his playpen…
      I think she dumped Christiana after he pulled shanannigans and accused her secretary of pay to play.

      I don’t see her tied politically with anyone.

  12. When it came down to Trump or Killary in the POTUS election, Trump was the clear choice. It was not about the POTUS, it was about the SCOTUS. You people should be thanking your lucky stars that he won the election. Just try to imagine a 7-2 LIBERAL SCOTUS. My God, WHAT A NIGHTMARE!

    RUSSIA-RUSSIA-RUSSIA!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Grow up Raven. Killary has done more collusion with RUSSIA than all the Trumps’ combined! And you know it!

    • Typical of the orange kool aid drinkers. So dumb, so ignorant. It isn’t about Hillary or Obama anymore, it is about the orange abomination in the WH.

  13. ULTIMATE FACTUAL WITHOUT-A-DOUBT FACTS: Trump won, but ONLY in the Electoral College: Trump – 306 Clinton – 232, a difference of 74 for Trump.

    Clinton had 62,521,739 POPULAR votes. Trump had 61,195,258 POPULAR votes. A difference of 1,326,481 MORE POPULAR votes for Clinton.

    SO, the statement of Trump being the “clear choice” IS clear… clear AS MUD. Before you start crying “FAKE NEWS”, this information was taken from FOX, the encyclopeadical source of news for you Trumpers. And the Earth is not flat.

    • The popular vote does not and never has or will elect the POTUS. Did you people ever have a civics class in high school? Or are you just freaking brain dead. We are a Representative Republic. We are NOT a democracy when it comes to electing the POTUS. Get over it, SHE LOST!!!! Thank God.

      • You just don’t get it, do you? IT IS NOT about Hillary, NOR Obama, NOR Democrat, NOR liberal, it is about that lying, hypocritical fleecer of America in the WH! Gawd, you dumpsters are so dumb!

      • @windbag-You’re the one that does not get it! It was about the Supreme Court! Killary lies and fleeces way more than Trump ever did, yet you would be just fine with that lying corrupt Russian conspirator, now wouldn’t you.

    • @wind-And just what is your point? The electoral college vote is the only one that counts. Did you not know that? SMH

  14. Hey, you Commissioners, Make Beaver County Great Again! You’ve got all the best people, believe me.

    Now we can build a Wall, a great, great Wall – and no one builds a better Wall than us – and we can make Aliquippa pay for that Wall, because they’re bringing drugs, and they’re bringing crime. Plus, it’s freezing and snowing in Linmar – we need global warming!

    On April 12th, Trump said “When I’m president, guess what, steel is coming back to Pittsburgh.” Uhmm… Don’t hold your breath.

    • Guess what else. It’s not the Aliquippa drug dealers bringing the drugs into Aliquippa and the faces are not of color.

      • I thought raven cried a lot! there are planes leaving this country everyday, if your unhappy here why don’t you get on one?

  15. 45 billion dollars will be going towards combatting the opioid epidemic only if the “new” 3rd iteration of the healthcare bill passes. That’s not because the administration is concerned about the problem, it’s just money thrown into the bill as pork in an attempt to passify enough republican senators to pass the bill. If this thing passes then any person whose health insurance doesn’t come from their employer who has diabetes, heart disease or cancer had better also become a heroin addict because you won’t have insurance. It either won’t be available to your or you won’t be able to afford it. So, the only way that you’re going to get any type of medical treatment is to go to a detox center and hope that they know how to cure your cancer or treat your diabetes.

  16. Time well spent but why waste precious FaceTime talking about drug addicts? Can’t see the forrest from the trees. Always was and always will be addicts. Work for the majority dumb asses. Get a new Ambridge Aliquippa bridge. A federal prison anything that will provide jobs or make life better for the working people not holding hands of looser. And forget about the rich they will always do good. BTW Trump is doing good. Listen to former Obama staff saying we never cared before.

    • Spoken like a true ignoramus. You will start caring when addition hits a person close to you….and it’s probably going to be the person that you’d least expect it to be. Or maybe someone high on heroin will collide head on into you and turn you into a quadriplegic where you’ll spend months learning how to use a stylus in your mouth to be able to leave comments here. One way or another it will negatively impact your life. Thank the God of your choosing if you’ve been fortunate enough not to experience it yet…..but yet is the opportune word.

      • It’s been up close many times for me. That is why I say it’s a dog chasing it’s tail to hope you’re going to end addiction. So fuck off asshole!

  17. Geeze. Education and language are the first casualties with Trump supporters.

    Some help: there (place), their (they own it) , they’re (they are) , they are (rarely used)

    Crying for Dummies

    Present infinitive: (to) cry
    Present: cry, cries
    Past: cried
    Future: will cry
    Present perfect: has, have cried
    Past perfect: had cried
    Future perfect: will have cried
    Present progressive: is crying
    Past progressive: was crying
    Future progressive: will be crying

    One who cries: crier

    Geno: Add “me a fucking river” to any of the above.

    • More bullshit with no action.seems to me the more money we dump into education the worse this country has become.You are a prime example. Cry Cry Cry!

      • The words you spit make no sense. I loathe to dignify your ridiculous comments with a response but if you are going to continue, please, please allow your thoughts and words to take some meaningful direction.

      • You just did! Don’t go away mad,just go away! I just get tired of you people crying about things you have no intention of “changing” .And trust me when I say “your” thoughts and words aren’t worth a snickers bar.You and your buddy think because you over paid for an education it makes you better than the rest of us, we who make it so you can live that life that you live in this country.If you are not willing to commit yourself to at least something positive for the good of this great land,then you and anybody else who thinks its so bad here can move on. As I said there are planes leaving every day.

  18. The symbolic significance of The raven in the poem is vast.The ebony bird stands as the embodiment of grief caused by loneliness and separation.He stands as a symbol of the loss of the narrator whose heart yearns for his beloved Lenore.The raven represents evil and death.

    • (please be true…..) your pretentious, know it all attitude usually only contributes to your own ego being caressed.

      • Do you realize the utter, complete, impossibility of accurately inferring emotions and attitudes from written statements? This, my friend, is nothing more than a personal projection and interpretation of yours onto the words — black and white print. Whether a person is pretentious or egocentric or likes having his ego being caressed instead of his balls is irrelevant. The stupidity of some of the above comments leaves them open to comment, and leaving them alone is worse than addressing them. So, live with it.

  19. BS: Bull Shit
    MS: More of the Same
    PhD: Piled Higher and Deeper

    Unbelievable. The praise of ignorance.

    But in at least one way, it is quite believable, that a defense could stoop so low into absolute lowbrow-ism.

    An ignorant populace elected an ignorant man. Now, the chickens are coming home to roost, as Robert Southey wrote, “Curses are like young chickens, they always come home to roost”. They realize that they have been conned, snookered, lied to, forgotten. A demagogue caught their ears, and now they are backpedaling. This forum and comments are part of the national comment landscape now. The issues are not political, but about morality, ignorance, lying, incompetence. And, people are going to die because of it, starting with an ill-conceived health care fiasco. Mistakes of an uninformed, bullshitting, novice in a future war or conflict will kill thousands.

    You can hate this old bird, but most of what I have said is fact-based and true. And, I think you know that.

    • Soooooo…..Raven……..You LIE just like Trump and Killary and Obozo and………You get it……..YOUR quote-“I’m done here.”
      Once again…..BYE FELICIA!!!!! DON’T COME BACK LIAR!!!!!!!


    • When your quite pointed and unfair judgement of others stops at Sandie Egley’s door, you lose all credibility. So, apparently it is only the voters who are dumb and ignorant and easily fooled by this conman president, yet an elected official who publicly joins his team in support and solidarity (and I assume voted for him as well) is not? And said politicians public endorsement is off limits when looking at their judgement, or lack thereof? Sorry Birdman, but there is some deep bias going on with you, and it is blinding you to your own hypocrisy. Still waiting for an explanation from you other than “I like the job she has done” (Is that is one of those “fact based and true” statements that you keep telling yourself you are writing?).

  20. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. I would like to know what the cost was for the taxpayers, what type of accommodations they stayed in, and the daily per diem for meals etc. There are responsible and irresponsible ways to take business trips. I’m just curious which one they took.

  21. Ej: The reference for my comment was contained here in the BC in an article of 09/10/2016, “Trump Campaign Announces Beaver County Commissioner Sandie Egley Has Joined Statewide Leadership Team.” But, she did not “join” it. She was “appointed”, as were a couple of other local women. And, realistically, she was made an offer she could not refuse.

    In the article, she was quoted as saying that she was voting for Trump because he was not Hillary. Then she said that her first choice was Marco Rubio. She had reservations about Trump, and her “joining” (“…named to the Women for Trump Statewide Leadership Team”) to which she as appointed, was not a strong endorsement of him.

    Read the article. This is not the Bird’s “deep bias.” It is a reaction what the Bird read, and to suggest that Egley is a staunch Trump supporter is simply wrong. There is no bias here, and I could care less about her affiliation. I was just repeating what I had read. You are getting too eager as you move in for a Bird kill, and again, you are projecting your own meanings onto what people say. If you don’t like the Bird, fine. But stay objective in your hatred.

    Read it yourself. If you come away with different interpretation, I am willing to listen.

  22. Good question Amateur Hour. According to JP’s reporting, “Beaver County Commissioners were among a delegation of county officials from across the state of Pennsylvania that met with Trump Administration officials in Washington D.C.”

    I’m not privy to the specifics, but they PROBABLY stayed at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. and dined at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. There are 67 counties in Pennsylvania.

    I’m sure this “program” is being offered to EVERY state. There are 3007 counties in the United States. THAT is a lot of rooms and meals, paid for by the U.S. taxpayers. Another BIGLY under-the-radar rip-off.

  23. As I recall, Sandy distanced herself from Trump’s follies during her campaign. The Republicanism she follows is the old brand, not the Trump business marketing model, where people be damned to sell a product with anything goes and lies, cheating and stealing. She has principles, and if she steers clear of Christiana and his undermining, she’ll do O.K. Camp swings with the wind, and Amadio is still not answering his wake up calls. In the end, its personalities, not politics.

    • BC_democrat: Thanks for plagiarizing my comment and reposting it, without credit, from above. I guess imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery.

  24. its constant. Every flipping day cleaning up the sins of the past. At some point Sandy needs to stop being so polite.

  25. I have been reading and commenting here for the past five years, since the beginning. There have been occasional ad hominem back and fourths. Things have gotten pretty raw at times, as people personally attack each other. But rarely is the exchange as clear and bold as this. I keep my anger to a minimum in exchanges. But this recent mindless drivel is of a different kind.

    I blame the current political scene, where extraordinary lying, ignorance, demagoguery, and flat out incompetence and immoralism have set the tone for a rotting, putrid national debate. We are victims of it, and we shall be for years to come. People don’t know what they are talking about, because they can’t. The information that they get is tarnished and unusable for logical discourse.

    As I have emphasized before, the problem is not political. The problem is that flawed human beings have been dominating politics, much, much more than we have ever seen. The bashing of “whomever” simply does not work anymore, because it’s not that simple.

    People MUST REALIZE that they must use logic, reason and and verifiable information to combat it. If not, it is just worthless mud slinging that defeats itself.

    We have two parties now — the new style of a 40% “Republican” base and the media. The Democrats are sideline observers. So, the next time you want to slam one party or the other, realize that they no longer exist.

    The issues are now academic, moral, sociological. And they are getting worse by the day.

  26. Raven, you are still number 1 in my book. You are always on top of things and your comments are very intelligent and spot on. Keep at it my friend.

  27. Civility is a must for intelligent conversation. Otherwise I agree that it’s just plain old nasty assed name calling and prevents serious discourse. Views should not be based strictly on what you see or hear on TV or radio and especially local print media. News is obsolete for BC Times. Daily dose of drivel. Christ, at least Pravda makes a feeble attempt to keep the public informed. Times doesn’t even bother. Use your intelligence and form your own opinions of current politics. Mainly, get off the sidelines and get involved. LET’S START BY HAVING A BETTER TURNOUT FOR THE NEXT ELECTION THAN 20%. If half the commenters on here actually voted then it is possible to change the current corrupt county court house players. As Chairman Mao once said, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Rock on Raven, I disagree with you on some issues but will defend your right to speak your piece. trump is definitely no day at the beach but our country’s politics have been in the sewer for a long time and will not be changed overnight. The real problem is the DO NOTHING congress. When you control the entire governing apparatus and cannot accomplish one little task then you obviously have piss poor leadership. Time for the leadership of both parties to be removed and replaced with people that know how to compromise and get government functioning again. taxpayers unite! Just got my local school taxes. I wish we had the power to dissolve the school boards and force consolidation to cut our taxes by 25%. Cannot be done with our archaic form of local government. For the family, by the family and jobs for the losers.

    • One thing, to me, is certain. The next candidate for the Presidency will go through a hellish ordeal by fire from the media. Bullshitting has led to micro-checking every syllable from politicians’ mouths by hundreds of fact-checkers. That can be a problem. It can lead to telling the truth or to hesitancy to say anything or do anything for fear of criticism or making a mistake. Trump is already starting to clam up at times. We are learning how to question what politicians say, and it is now part of every discussion. Troops should not stand around and question a platoon leader who orders to engage the enemy. That is smart. That saves lives. It’s not democratic. Somewhere in between is a happy medium, but it will be a long time before taking politicians at their word will be entertained again. It never was, but now it’s almost impossible.

      • Will you STFU already?! Jesus H. Christ man, give it a fucking break already! WE KNOW you do not like Trump, But Christ sakes man, he is the POTUS! Get the fuck over it already and MOVE ON!!!!



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