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The Beaver County Board of Commissioners has instructed their law department to file a lawsuit against Comprehensive Healthcare Management Services in an effort to collect over $1 million they say is still owed from the county’s 2013 sale of Friendship Ridge. The lawsuit comes after Democratic Commissioner Tony Amadio, the last remaining member of the previous Board, publicly questioned whether it may be the county who owes the new owners of Friendship Ridge money.

Commissioner Sandie Egley told the Beaver Countian that the final decision to file litigation came after several confidential deliberations were held during executive sessions by the Board, which she declined to detail. Egley characterized her own vote to file litigation against Comprehensive Healthcare as part of a fulfillment of her campaign pledge to clean up the courthouse.

“Last January after being elected, Commissioner Camp and I reopened a budget that was passed by the former Board after finding out there were plugs and unrealistic numbers used to fill holes,” said Commissioner Egley. “We had to deal with overspending by millions that spanned a period of 10 years, which put the county at jeopardy of bankruptcy.

“Then in February of last year, we met with Clark Hill, the law firm the previous Board had hired to write the sales agreement and do the closing for Friendship Ridge. It was at this meeting where Clark Hill told us Comprehensive owed us over $1 million. I asked them, why was there this delay in getting the money back, they said they were told by the prior Board to stop all conversations with Comprehensive until after the elections in November. It was also during this time we found out that there were handshake agreements, county officials taking out million of dollars in county funds with a single signature, loans given with no contracts, cash bonuses given to former county employees, and that elected officials were arranging service contracts for their own children to be employed by Comprehensive. As we were learning about this, county Solicitor Bernie Rabik and Financial Administrator Vince LaValle parted employment from the county.”

Commissioner Egley said it was action taken by her and Commissioner Camp that brought the sale of Friendship Ridge back to the forefront of county business.

“Based on everything we had learned, the current Board decided to hire an outside firm that was not attached to this mess, the forensic auditing firm Nottingham Group confirmed, as had Clark Hill, that Comprehensive owes the county over $1 million,” said Egley. “In response, Comprehensive handed us a single sheet of paper claiming we owe them $4 million. I say the county has two separate audits concluding they are the ones who owe us over $1 million. I will fight to get the county’s money and I like our odds. We will be filing a writ in court this week, the precursor to the filing of a formal complaint as part of our lawsuit against Comprehensive.”

Commissioner Egley told the Beaver Countian that this lawsuit is the most she can do under her powers as a County Commissioner.

“I share in the frustration that there hasn’t been any justice for the citizens of Beaver County, for the taxpayers,” said Egley. “I have listened to what they have been saying. Learning that there were political cover-ups and deceptions like this, it doesn’t come easy, it’s almost devastating. But you just have to follow your heart and do what you feel is the right thing to do. This is something that you have to stand up to, you have to say enough is enough. There has been a lot of wrong done and it’s been going on for way too long.”

Commissioner Dan Camp told the Beaver Countian he was not prepared to publicly discuss the lawsuit.

“We discussed the litigation in an executive session following today’s public work session,” confirmed Camp. “I can not comment on any litigation matters at this time.”

Commissioner Tony Amadio said he was not going to be weighing in on the matter at all publicly, “I am not going to be commenting about this lawsuit one way or another.”


  1. Congratulations to the Board (Dan and Sandie at least) for making the right decision. This is a defining moment for the County. This is a formal declaration that it is not ok for officials to use the County as an asset for themselves. Many thanks, and please stay strong for us.

    • Yeah right, I put ny money on the New York Jewish attorney prevailing over these Beaver County/Allegheny county idiots, who got us into this mess!

  2. That’s the Republican Team I voted for! YES!
    Thank you Dan and Sandie! Finally WE THE PEOPLE have a voice!

    • I know some one that works in the court house that says Dan and Sandy hate each others guts. If thats true I’m glad they didn’t have that stop them from doing businesses.

      • If that’s true, I’m good with it. When you have a bunch of politicians that are friends, you’re just asking for trouble because they inevitably starting doing favors for each other. Look at the courthouse up until 2015, that’s all it was. There’s nothing wrong with it being a little bit adversarial.

  3. I hope that Beaver County taxpayers will see transparency in the costs associated with this litigation and what the final net outcome of this suit will be in $$ when it is finally resolved.

  4. Shouldn’t you be filing a law suit against Rabik, LaValle and Javens too? And doing something about violating county codes? Making illegal loans. These people were giving away taxpayer money.

  5. Unfortunately, Beaver County has already screwed this up so badly that they are unlikely to prevail. Knowing now how badly this deal was written, the New York City lawyers for this company will probably run right over the county. Don’t be surprised if Beaver County taxpayers don’t end up owing them more money !

    • They’ll be quick to settle. If they drag it out their legal fees will start adding up. Those “New York” attorneys aren’t cheap.

      Regarding comprehensives claim that they’re owed 4mil… if that had any merit at all don’t you think they’d go after it? Who in their right mind would leave that kind of money sitting idle?

      • You can buy a lot of NYC lawyer time for $ 4 million…. especially since it’s someone else’s money.

  6. In my opinion, every county official that was involved in that sale should be tried and locked up for fraud.

  7. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. I don’t care if we spend one million dollars fighting this just as long as we win and THEY have to pay. If it’s a wash in the end so be it. I believe the one million owed was already paid in cash to a select few who had their hands out. It could get interesting…………….

  8. In MY OPINION this article proves that Sandie Egley is a rarity in politics today. She has PUBLICLY acknowledged, I believe for the FIRST time, the political hacks who preceded her and those who currently hold office, from BOTH parties. Her quotes confirm what we have known for a long time – “someone” MAY have “mis-handled” money in this Monte Carlo shell game.

    Hopefully, this lawsuit, win or lose, will shed some light on who the players were in this publicly financed SCAM, and result in further litigation. MAYBE then, a fire will be lit under Davie Loser and wake him to do something about the financial rape of the tax-payers, but I doubt it.

    …And live goes on in Beaver County.

  9. It comes down to Connie Javens, doesn’t it? Again. She is the central figure who likely knew what all the key players were doing and likely greased the skids of the deals. And, without her cooperation or fund (mis)management, the deal likely could not have been done as it was.

    It is time for a full deposition from her. Give her immunity from prosecution, if need be. Let her plead the 5th if she wants to. But get to the bottom of this fiasco. Do it now. If Benyo runs for DA, and is elected, and becomes the one who is faced with dealing with this matter, there will be no escaping the inevitable outcome. Someone will be held accountable.

  10. I would be cautious in giving all the credit for this move to the Commissioners. John Paul dug out the details and reported upon them here over two to three years. All they had to do was vet them and follow them. If they have the right stuff, they will make it all worthwhile.

    • Commissioner Egley. “We had to deal with overspending by millions that spanned a period of 10 years, which put the county at jeopardy of bankruptcy.
      ….. and yet, the taxpayers were left with the county bailout.

      • Who the hell do you think was going to pony up, the thieving bastards who stole the money? It’s always the taxpayers that take it in the shorts. Would you prefer bankruptcy?

      • It just so happens that a RICO case takes in all crimes committed over a ten year period. It’s called running a continued corrupt organization.

  11. Actually…. I hope the county loses this lawsuit and Comprehensive gets awarded the Courthouse as part of the settlement. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  12. If there is a trial and perchance I am selected as a juror, when asked “are you familiar with the case or know any of the accused”…”no, never heard or read anything concerning the sale of FR.”

  13. If the taxpayers and decent citizens of this county are not really pissed at the old regime that plundered our county shame on them. Every damn one of them must be held accountable. it is time that we force that asshole Stonewall’s hand and get some real investigators and forensic accountants involved. His office cannot win a dime bag bust so they sure a shell aren’t gong to unravel the web of lies, corruption and obvious outright theft of county taxpayers’ funds. Again, every damn one of the perps should be doing the walk to the US Attorney’s Office in Western Pa for grand larceny, mismanagement of entrusted funds and fiduciary deceit. Start with the following, Queen Connie, Prince LaValle, Know Nothing Amadio, Joe “Da Boss” Spanik & Nicholson. Then toss in Sleepy Hollow County Controller Rossi, the banks that permitted the fraud and misconduct by failure to follow proper banking procedures. Then move on to the family members of the above that were awarded contracts or special favors by the prior board. Two things to remember about the role of Tony “Know Nothing” Amadio. He stopped the investigation of Connie prior to the election and now we know for a fact that he intervened to imped another investigation of the missing or pilfered funds. Is he related to “Stonewall” Lozier? They make Tricky Dicky Nixon look like a chump. Next thing you know they will discover that Georgie David’s crew was the couriers and bagpersons. Every person in this county owes a rat deal of gratitude to John Paul. As with everything else he has brought to light the shit that really affects everyday life in this county for taxpayers. As for the BC Times, they should be indicted as co-conspirators in the failure to investigate and adhere to the basic code of journalistic ethics. If they were attorneys they’d be disbarred for life like, Bill & Hill, Michele (Mike) & Obama.

  14. When the indictments come down add anyone from the Queen’s or the Controller’s Office that was privy to this financial meltdown as co-conspirators. if you are involved use the full force of the RICO statute and tear this county apart and clean it up once and for all. Currently this county is run like an old “Boss Hogg” fiefdom I’d expect from deep down south where the sun never shines. instead, these thugs operate out in the open and dare the DA or anyone to have the balls to investigate them. Absolutely the most corrupt situation I’ve witnessed this side of the Third World. Sandie, watch your back with Dannie Boy. He is there because of his political hack family, background and nothing else. When he gets the word he will turn on you and save the could old boys first and foremost. Like the Godfather movie, which is so germane to this county, keep your friends close and hug the shit out of Dannie, Tony & your county backstabbing conspirators, “Stonewall” especially the Queen and don’t forget slimy Sheriff Midget. he is scheming away now that the spotlight isn’t on him. God bless you. If you do not a damn thing for the rest of your term settling this bullshit once and for all is the biggest accomplishment in the last 40 years in this shit hole county. Leaver the rest of the thieves to their “legacy” as plunderers and taxpayers rapists.

  15. No matter how long it takes, how much it costs or the final outcome the money spent to pursue this nest of thieves is worth every tax dollar it costs. Taxes weren’t raised for the last 8 years for strictly “POLITICAL REASONS”. There was never a balanced budget by papered over budgets that were not actively investigated by the Treasurer or the Controller. But then again, why ruin a good thing. By the time we leave with our pension these rubes won’t remember anything as long as the kids all get jobs at the court house like old times. Of course if the Time keeps feeding us great hard hitting coverage we may wake up to the fact that we have been deliberately, willfully raped as taxpayers by every damn person in that court house that will be exposed. Press on and see which rat takes the immunity bait first. First in gets a pass, then prosecute them to the full extent of the law. PS, may all your families, friends and co-conspirators rot in hell or be cursed for their participation.

  16. More importantly, for all you political whores out there, how them Stillers gonna do this year? Bout them Pens? BF and Quips going to the playoffs? Who gives a shit about a little missing cash? In Beaver County we know what’s really important. Our sports and covering for family and friends corruption. That JP is just a trouble maker. Why can’t he write nice fun stories about the Beaver County Land of OZ & the political munchkins that reside here. How about that cracker plant? Or did the Times say Cracker Barrel? Oh well, let me get back to my fantasy football league. School taxes going up? Don’t worry cuz cuz’s will take care of that. people of Beaver County, you get what you deserve and were hoodwinked by for all these years. I would be willing to put up 90% of the locals couldn’t pass a basic civics test nor would they care. Just keep giving us our free shit.

  17. One last rant for today (I think). “STONEWALL”, when the hell are you going to get your head out of your ass and get help with this investigation? You are so completely lost that you should be held personally liable for failure to DO YOUR JOB! Any funds not recouped should come from your budget or your personal account. As low as regard people have for attorneys, you drag them to the pits of hell. You should be wearing a mask like a bank robber when you collect your paycheck.

    • John Paul is the KEY reporter in this dilemma, as he is in ALL others. Very little of this joke has been reported in the BC Times, and what has, is white-washed by the editors. The Editorial Staff should be ashamed of themselves and turn in their equipment, for not keeping the public aware of the REAL problem.

      Geesh, you’d think Connie is a Savior instead of a Reverse Robin Hood of the tax-payers and Doodling Dave is another Perry Mason instead of a glorified Barney Fife, after reading their useless rag.

      I HOPE Commissioner Sandie Egley has finally had enough of this bullshit and will do something about it. Who knows? Maybe SHE will become the tax-payers’ Savior… IF… she follows her comments with REAL litigation. Only time will tell and we can only hope.

      Equalizer13 – Amazing heart-felt prose in those five “rants”! Every Word, Excellently Spoken! JP should get a Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Journalism for uncovering all this bullshit. And F*CK THE BEAVER COUNTY TIMES! A total WASTE of paper!

  18. Indict all of them, prosecute them to the fullest, lock them up and revoke their pensions to pay the money back!

  19. I am 100% convinced that the only elected official in the courthouse who gives a damn about the taxpayers is Sandie Egley. I am proud that I voted for her. Also, thank you John Paul for your digging, as I have no doubt it was vital to forcing the county to move forward here.

      • Mr. Basta, the taxes are never going to go down. It’s the f-cking government. If we ignore the case then will that lower the taxes? This case must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law regardless of cost. You will never stop the rampant corruption by ignoring it and tucking your head in your ass. It IS NOT going to go away, ever! The “Don’t Tread on Me Flag” says it all. Join or die. If we stand together and back the investigation and trial then we can get recompense for the losses from the banks, Comp & every other thieving entity that was party to this RICO Op. Otherwise your taxes will definitely go up. I would suggest seeking out the best attorneys possible while the boondoggle to DC is unfolding. Nobody knows how to screw shit up like a DC powerhouse law firm. You commissioners listening? Trump will hook you up with the best. He would never have survived NYC if he didn’t have a competent team that could kick the money grubbers asses & send them packing.

  20. So if it goes to court the New Yorker’s should have no to reason to hold anything back, correct? They would protect their ass but saying who gave a handshake agreement in exchange for what? What county employee got a bonus?

  21. I would appreciate a heads-up about scheduling court days for this lawsuit as it progresses to court. This is something that the public should monitor and attend as observers if possible. “The Devil’s in the Details”, and the background information, given by those who testify, is all-important. Even if no one goes to jail, this could well decide the dynamics of the next election and who stays on or quits.

    • I will certainly be publishing any court dates as they are announced. I will also cover any court filings as they occur and will make them available in their entirety for readers to download as well.

      It is important to note that the civil process is a great bit different than the criminal process and we’re unlikely to be seeing much in the way of public hearings.

      As an example: The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the public has no Constitutional right to attend “depositions” (the questioning under oath of individuals as part of a pre-trial discovery process), and these proceedings are almost always very private events held in an attorney’s office. There is similarly no guaranteed public right to access the transcripts of depositions, unless they are later entered into court (commonly as an exhibit to a brief).

      If the case proceeds to trial, that would of course be open to the public, but the vast majority of civil cases end well before then in some form of settlement agreement.

      • Boooo! Give the mob our day with tar, feathers and a big ass scaffold for hanging the bastards.

      • Let’s calibrate what will happen here with regard to the cost of this decision and time frame to a final settlement. As those of you who are calling for the heads of those involved with the FR deal should have just realized, THERE WILL BE NO CRIMINAL CHARGES…this is a civil case. There may be a “settlement” after a LOT OF MONEY $$$$ and TIME ARE SPENT but it will not yield the result that Egley or Camp hope for. In the near term, there will only be a couple of court dates that will likely result in the Plaintiff (Beaver County) asking for a motion for summary judgment and the Defendant likely providing his own “accounting” of the true condition of the FR assets more formally. Courts move slowly so there will be very little to report. Next are the depositions which could take a year or more and are expensive and lengthy Then, once those who made this decision to file suit realize that they were given false hope and misinformation because of “professional relationships” they will settle only after Beaver County has spent $$$$ (Estimate = at least .5 M). The settlement, IF THEY EVEN GET A FAVORABLE ONE, will be substantially less than what they believe they are owed and won’t cover the cost of the attorneys. But hey, it will give everyone who follows Camp Runamuck (courthouse) something to talk about for another 18-24 months or longer.

    • Quality Queen – you might be making valid points that will come to fruition in the future. Time will tell.

      To me, the benefits of getting this underway is more about what we learn while it is playing out.

      I believe that the investigation phase of this (since it is now “real” money that might change hands) is going to bring to light some activity that has been in the dark for a long time. This could likely force a knock-on series of events beyond the County or Comprehensive getting a check. That’s the real value for me.

      To me, this is the DA’s absolute last chance. I have always considered it possible that he has been sitting on the improper checks investigation until certain things happen. If this isn’t the trigger, then I really think he is part of the problem and never will be part of any real solution. Let’s see what happens next.

      • BeaverNewbie – I completely understand that people are miffed about how the FR deal went down and that there seems to be a lack of accountability for actions or non-actions taken in the past and even now in the present. People want justice and they base their viewpoint on how that justice should be meted on the information that is available. To me, the county doesn’t have the horses to pull the wagons in the right direction nor have they been known to elicit the right type of professional help. I sincerely hope that they prevail in recovering the money but my experience with this type of case tells me that people who truly care will be disappointed with the outcome.

  22. I find it amusing that, as the Beaver County Times, under forced new ownership, evolves from a print medium to an online e-publication, TO STAY SOLVENT AND ALIVE, Tom Davidson covers this story using John Paul’s lead by formatting with in-paragraph links to former articles. That’s right, Tom, now you and your staff are fucking “bloggers” too, you hypocritical bastards. Maybe you and that rag will admit that the 21st century is here, and that lining people’s cat boxes with print just doesn’t work to put food on the table anymore. And, now “blogging” becomes your path to legitimacy.

    Karma…karma, karma, karma!

  23. Upon the release of this latest investigation and filing of a lawsuit for the taxpayers I submit the following to the people of this county: Once and for all get involved, get off your asses and ask questions of this ongoing financial debacle. Don’t wait for JP to do YOUR & MY due diligence. For over 30 years the people of this county have turned a blind eye to corruption, injustice and outright plundering of county taxpayers funds without regard for anyone but the elected conspirators involved. Watched a great series about our Founding Fathers the other day on Starz. It was an impossible uphill struggle against the tyranny of the King and his governors in the colonies. After being led by men of true character they banded together to rid themselves of government without representation and oppressive tax burdens. They demanded an end to corruption and cronyism and fiscal irresponsibility. Because they were WILLING to set aside political differences for the good of all concerned they got results but not without tremendous sacrifices, loss of life and loss of property. In the end they formed a more perfect government suitable for all to have a fair chance to succeed. Do you people not want that of your fellow citizenry? Are you so self absorbed that like our court house scum it’s all about you and your family? Can we promise to work together to rid this county of corruption and financial ineptitude once and for all? Let this case proceed and let the chips fall where they may. If those of you think that this is a waste of taxpayers dollars, when do you think it will stop. Tomorrow, next week, next month? NEVER! Forget your political affiliations and corrupt family ties. Toss of the chains of corruption and mismanagement. With the involvement of all we CAN make this a nice place to live free of the political debauchery that has permeated this county for over 30 years and counting. As the flag states, what about you? Are you willing to press for the truth? If you are against dismantling this useless form of government then you are part of the problem. Which stand will you take for your children’s future and taxpayers responsibilities? From top to bottom the government is slowly sucking the life out of the middle class. Will you be proud to tell your children and children that you fought alongside truth and justice or will you continue to make excuses? It’s your legacy. Choose wisely. History is not kind to those who turn a blind eye to the truth. We will not be the first or the last to be hoodwinked by slick politicians.

  24. Raven, total agreement on the court dates for ANY and ALL depositions, subpoenas or hearings that the public may be permitted to attend. We need the masses to show force. Time to get out the pitchforks and tar and feathers out. Public shame and humiliation upon the perps involved.

  25. If JP doesn’t get a journalism award then the media is truly fake! This man has taken great personal sacrifice upon himself to give us the truth. Constantly researching and investigating. For what he has personally uncovered that lay dormant in this county for over 30 years he should get a Pulitzer Prize for Excellence in Journalism. God bless you JP and my personal thanks for all your efforts. Keep us informed! Eagerly awaiting hearing dates, etc.

    • I fully agree, equalizer13. One way to help that process is to enter a sample of his best work into the annual Pulitzer Prize competition. Anyone can do it. Select his “best” work and send it in. They will research it and decide. Go to the site and follow the directions.

      • Every year, the Beaver County Times enters ITSELF into newspaper competitions (“Best in the —-“) and wins because of the limited field of homespun entrants. Then, they crow about it for the next twelve months like it’s some great big fucking deal. It’s not. It’s just selective entering against weak, sparse, local competition.

      • And all of the winners are the same establishments that spend the most money advertising in the BCT. Another rigged game.

  26. It might be possible to enter Marsha Keefer of the Beaver County Times into the Pulitzer competition. Two of her articles this year were indeed over-the-top. One Beaver guy “mimicked” the Garden of Eden in his backyard garden, or at least what he thinks it might have looked like. His allegation that he was indeed a reincarnation of Adam never came, though. And, he produced no snake. Darn. Loudspeakers for the voice of God were an apparent oversight.

    An Edgeworth woman created an “Eden-like paradise” on her property. These Biblical references were not lost of the Times readership, who believe in the literal existence of these things. One garden had a “…feng shui look of having curves…” (people in Sewickley talk that way). The other, “Life began in a garden” and “… plant gardens, and eat the fruit of them” from Jeremiah” gave Biblical authenticity to the lowly plants. Marsha gets around, and into, a lot of backyards and makes locals feel important. LIkely, these people have cutout copies of the articles on their refrigerators.

    Two drawbacks, though, might render her ineligible for a win. Neither subject was about a veteran, a must-have inclusion for a Times article. And the lead-in sentences were rather weak, as they tried to pique public interest by naming the people upfront for grabbers (who cares?).

    Otherwise, if she shows up in your backyard, scouting out the Japanese beetles as they ravage your petunias, make her feel welcome to write about you. Maybe even tell her that you are Adam himself, and that you like feng shui curves, just like Marilyn had. Angles are so, you know, uncool.

  27. Raven, easy on our brother vets. Many don’t ask for the Times exposure for such a miniscule audience. Remember, our freedom to bitch and moan is predicated on the military protecting us against the government. (I HOPE!)

    • I have no quarrel against vets. I do believe though that the Times goes too far in their coverage, though, often to the point that it is almost “filler” material to the exclusion of other content.

  28. JP, just read the requirements for the Pulitzer Prize for 2018. I wish to submit your name and this site for awards in at least two categories. One, foremost is “Public Service”. This news site which you provide is the only thing between the people of Beaver County and complete ignorance of reality at the court house and throughout the county. The second and definitely germane is “Journalism” despite doors being closed to you preventing access. It states “dogged determination” and performing platforms for public debate and information sources. The entries are opened December 2017 & end January 2018. This will require a possible confab of our more distinguished writers to nominate you but some may be scared off by revealing their true identities. It is also incumbent that you provide a background bio which they can investigate. The really great thing is that this bullshit with Friendship/Comp & County may be resolved by then. No matter the outcome you have made a great expose of corruption, incompetence, financial mismanagement and possibly outright RICO operations. We have time to work on this. Please let me know your thoughts. Anyone else that would like to chime in will be greatly welcomed. All opinions matter! Raven, John Q, Mungo all you other wordsmiths, I am throwing down the gauntlet for recognizing great journalistic/investigative talent. County employees, we welcome your rebuttals. Please use good grammar and factual info. He He!

    • I believe that the article(s) submitted for consideration do not have to be current, just within a time period.

  29. This is very unsettling news for a certain individual…one wonders if she will be called as a witness, resulting in more loss of her hair.

    • Don’t forget that certain people appealed to Chuck Betters for help in getting job(s). This deal was as political as it was financial.

      • Pretty fucking sad when an elected county official has to turn to a local business tycoon to convince other county officials to rehire her daughter back to the county position that she couldn’t show up for work to perform her duties.

  30. Tom Leydig and Gerald Benyo and Wayne Kress, if they decide to run for office in a couple of years, are likely sharpening their pencils to take notes as this investigation unfolds. This uncovered and revealed information will give them stump speech fodder far better than anything we have heard before. And, it will be undeniable. No more damning allegations to deny or lie about. Just verifiable facts. A lot of people are going to look a lot bad, and the names, dates, actions and relationships will be common knowledge to the public by the next election. This time, they won’t just walk away from this train wreck. My guess is that this will reach wider and further up in the Courthouse, and into local business persons and politicians, than anyone imagines. Done right, it will be a real game changer.

  31. Let’s add that two faced double dealer Joe Askar to this shit pot and don’t forget Bernie Rabik. Add there asses to the list of conspirators when the subpoenas come down. Will Stonewall have people present during depositions to charge those admitting to corruption and fiduciary mismanagement? Can he not be forced to convene a countywide grand jury? A civil suit is the outcome these thieving bastards want so they can testify in private and not face the taxpayers who they defrauded. This has got such far reaching implications in past BC County Outhouse practices that a federal grand jury needs to be empaneled immediately before the statute of limitations expires. I want that gallows operating around the clock. If they get a federal grand jury the court house will damn near be emptied. THEN we could talk about a tax cut for all. Put all the deadwood and political whores on a pyre and light a match. CLEAN UP THE BC SHITHOUSE!!!!!

  32. I urge all citizens who are NOT political whores to discuss these issues with friends and keep the heat on all these bastards. Keep their names bubbling in the cauldrons of hell that await them come judgement day. Let them become a mockery by every honest taxpayer. Speak their names and mock them in public. Humiliate them for the plundering conspirators that they are while pretending to be upstanding citizens for public persona. Laugh when you see them at church and public functions and let them know that we now know who you scumbags are. No where left too hide. Take them all down JP!



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