A Beaver County 911 Dispatcher has been suspended without pay after officials say he failed to notify the county that he had been arrested.

According to court dockets, William Craig Anderson, 31 of New Brighton, was arrested back on May 24th by the Pennsylvania State Police on misdemeanor charges of possessing a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia along with summary motor vehicle violations. County records show Anderson was hired as a Beaver County 911 Dispatcher in January of 2015 and was promoted to full-time status in May of that same year after successfully completing a county training program.

County officials tell the Beaver Countian that Anderson failed to report his arrest to Beaver County Emergency Services and continued working as a dispatcher until just last week, when EMS Director Eric Brewer independently learned that charges had been filed against the man. Anderson was on vacation at the time and was informed on the day he returned that the county had now become aware of his arrest from nearly two months ago.

Sources familiar with the matter told the Beaver Countian that Anderson’s access to the Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network (CLEAN) remained active despite his arrest due to an erroneous date of birth that had been entered into the system under his credentials by the state. CLEAN is a system administered by the Pennsylvania State Police that allows dispatchers and others in the criminal justice system to access driver license and motor vehicle information, state criminal history record information, stolen vehicle hot-sheets, and registries for Protection From Abuse Orders. The system also acts as a conduit to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

County officials say Anderson’s access to CLEAN was suspended this week for up to 90 days leaving him unable to work as a dispatcher. His suspension from the county is indefinite until Anderson’s access to CLEAN is restored by the Pennsylvania State Police and the charges against him are settled.

William Anderson has entered into a diversionary program newly instituted under District Attorney David Lozier that will see the criminal charges pending against him dismissed and expunged if he completes a set of requirements that include counseling and random drug testing.

Officials say provisions within union contracts regulate the disciplinary actions that can be taken against dispatchers.

County officials and law enforcement sources spoke to the Beaver Countian for this report on condition they not be quoted by name while discussing personnel matters.

County 911 Center Plagued By Drug And Alcohol Issues

William Anderson is the latest in a string of Beaver County 911 Dispatchers to be arrested on charges involving drugs or alcohol.

In December of last year, dispatcher Daniel Mraovich was arrested by the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department on his 2nd charge of DUI and Wanton Endagerment Involving a Firearm after police alleged he pulled out a gun and fired off a shot outside of a bar in West Virginia. Like Anderson, officials said at the time that Mraovich also returned to work without notifying the county he had been arrested.

In September of last year, dispatcher Brittany Renee Trainer was arrested on two first-degree misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child after police say she overdosed on heroin and had to be revived with Narcan. Police had alleged that drug paraphernalia was left in reach of her young children.

In an incident from December of 2015, two women were granted a temporary Protection From Abuse Order against another county dispatcher after alleging he had prevented them from calling 911 during an alcohol related domestic altercation.

Back in 2012, a county dispatcher was arrested on DUI charges after totaling her vehicle. Police said at the time that her blood alcohol level was .31 — nearly 4 times the legal limit to drive.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. If Beaver County would actually use an honest hiring system, and not hire everyone through political or police connections, maybe they could get honest, law-abiding, drug-free, competent employees.

    • My husband was hired there years ago without any political pull or police connections. He was not an alcoholic nor drug addict. Also anyone law abiding person can become a drug addict. Even maybe your relative. We all have them.

  2. There’s your unions for you…putting all of our lives in danger with unreliable people for the sake of union dues and power. I’m not in a union and if I was busted with weed and arrested, I would lose my job. And my job doesn’t involve the safety and well-being of others. Just wrong.

    • Yeah, wouldn’t that be something…a 911 dispatcher on the phone giving instructions in a life and death situation while under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

    • Did the unions save all their jobs? I don’t think so. In retrospect their job is like an air traffice controller on the ground. There is also of stress involved and possible this is one of those occupations that does have a high rate of possible alcohol and drug abuse caused by stress.

  3. If he wasn’t in a union he’d be fired. Maybe you should publish who the union reps are that are saving jobs?

  4. One thing county employees can be assured of is, no matter what the violation or deplorable act, there is always a way to be cleared or not charged at all. They just keep on returning to the county and collecting paychecks and pensions.

  5. They’re not permitted to do random drug tests…. union won’t allow it. This is in most union shops unless it is in the contract.

  6. What a shame! Just a few states over and having a lil bit of pot and a pipe on you is for the most part completely legal?!?
    But please Pennsylvania let’s stay in the stone ages here and continue to incarcerate, terminate employment and basically ruin lives and careers for a little bit of mother nature and something to smoke it out of….hahaha….But get a Dr to prescribe it and tax it and it’s all good…….Total joke if it was at all funny!

  7. And to think that some internet company would have had access to these records and conduct business with these “union protected law breaking” bufoons. Typical beaver county..that’s why it’s economy is going NOWHERE!

      • WORD is he also works harder than anyone I know…and especially then probably 99% of the trolls on this site. Hell he sometimes goes from job to job to job working 48 hrs in a row. There is def more to the entire story here that is for sure. I know Bill personally, and I can guarantee that this is more of a disgruntled employee who thought it would be “cute” to try and ruin the mans life. In reality it’s just an unfortunate circumstance on his behalf. Beaver Co 911 center will continue to have these issues when they employee every “badge bunny” & “holster sniffer” that comes through the door.

      • most people get busted for pot as a result of a vehicle problem , like missing lights, turn signals, etc. he was stupid for carrying pot in his vehicle. if he smoked at home, none of this would have happened, and no one would be the wiser..

  8. I find it funny that everyone “knows” so much personal information about this individual. I think that maybe the REAL story here is exactly where the leaked information was obtained from, and better yet the relationship between the 911 center employee and law enforcement personnel. I was always told KARMA will always come back and bite ya…….

  9. What about the “laughing incident” when the Psycho Beaver cop was relating the mauling his dear pooch gave to a supposed criminal. Plenty of laughs.

  10. Everyone knew it was only a matter of time for him to ruin a good job… I believe he went to police academy and couldn’t get a job. But he did have a hot nurse girlfriend.

  11. Sounds like a bit of jealousy MAYBE…eh?? What does his previous relationship have anything to do with the current situation? NOTHING AT ALL!!!! Also, the whole police academy talk, again…..he said SHE said!! The article does not state he is losing his job, only that he is under suspension until the issue is resolved, which it CLEARLY states he is seeking treatment/assistance under the new program offered by the DA.
    Anyhow, I bet if the dude was “under the influence” while on duty he still was able to perform his job better than most of the dispatchers employed there.

  12. “County officials”
    “Sources familiar”
    “Law enforcement sources”

    …sounds like there might be a rat in the 911 center!!! Wonder how he or SHE would feel if someone decided to dig up dirt from his or HER past!!

    “People shouldn’t throw rocks at glass houses”

  13. It’s just a little weed, wtf is the big deal! You would not believe all the kids and adults that smoke it, if it was heroin I’d understand, weed come on man, must of got a powercop who needed some publicity, I’m sure many of people low or high on the totem pole do it, who are you gonna replace him with now, good luck

  14. I deal with Bill daily while working EMS, and I can say hands down his work ethic and dispatching skills are far above most. Some of the dispatchers in there seem to be half asleep most of the time, especially during the daylight shifts. There have been multiple times that EMS units have attempted to contact dispatch via radio and receive no acknowledgement. Also, I agree…it’s just a “plant.” Was he even under the influence during the incident? What were the results of his first drug screening? Like stated in previous comments….sounds like someone may be a rat!!

  15. It is ridiculous for someone to be fired for off the job activities that have no bearing on ability to perform your duties. Marijuana is legal in a number of states both medicinal and recreational. When are the people of this state going to wake up and get into the 21st century? The drug was made illegal by Harry Anslinger (Western PA guy!) under the guise of protecting our citizenry from blacks (blues) & Hispanics who were going to “go crazy and start raping our women”. Big government at its finest. Lies to actually make a substance illegal so that only the criminal gangs controlled the product. They then kicked back the cash to the feds and all were happy. Until the day that intelligent people found out the truth about marijuana and ABSOLUTELY NO LINK to gateway drug status. Just more government bs to keep the old folks fat, dumb and happy watching their favorite sports on TV for 24/7. One problem is if it’s true he was discharged from military for same issue is that he cannot understand that the career you choose has implications for employment. You know that you cannot use drugs while employed in this job! Just like a pro athlete, do your job, scoop up the cash and then retire and smoke your ass off. I don’t know if he is any worse than a number of the other workers in that 911 rat nest. rather have him at work not stoned than the cackling psychopath with the dog biting debacle. I suggest that the major problem here is that the people they are hiring are wannabe cops and as stated above (badge sniffers). Why is there not a list of vacant positions throughout the county for EVERYONE to peruse and apply fairly and equally? The reason in a nutshell is POLITICAL PATRONAGE AND FAMILY & FRIENDS CORPORATION. AKA the Beaver County Court House cesspool. It is very similar to the “Land of Misfit Toys” from Rudolph.

    • Hear Hear Mr equalizer!
      Hemp/pot has been under constant assault by all the big boys now for something like a century!
      Alcohol….pharmaceuticals…..big tobacco….oil….. and quite honestly over the hemp issue even the giant paper manufacturers.
      All have been out to destroy any and every attempt at decriminalization or medicinal/recreational uses.
      Can anyone think of any other example of one thing being under such extreme assault from such giant foes as Marijuana has?

    • What about the county employees & dispatchers/police officers who have family members with arrest warrants? Yet, don’t these workers still have access to this CLEAN program? Why is it ok for certain people to have a blind eye turned? I myself have been out to a local bar in Ambridge and witnessed 2 female 911 dispatchers enter the bar with numerous local police officers while in a county uniform, well what I assume is issued. (black polo with BC Emergency Services)

      Must be another one of them infamous badge bunnies maybe?!? Wonder why I never got one of them in my easter basket growing up….of course I’ve never wore a badge or carried a firearm, DARN 🙂

  16. Wonder if the new director is an alcoholic like the previous one.
    Doesn’t he own a bar?

  17. The problem with it is that it’s the law. Regardless of our opinion whether it should be legalized, which I think it should be, it’s still the law. I don’t care that the speed limit is 55mph in some places and sometime I exceed 55. But if I get caught I know I’m wrong. That’s the same situation we have here.

    • Exactly. The charges would not be dropped for any other citizen. He’s supposed to be saving lives and setting a good example. It infuriates me that he failed to report the arrest and he will still have his job and no charges.

      • Umm I think the article states he entered a new treatment diversion program offered by the da office. But also a lot of the comments seem to come from either individuals that know this guy personally or work with him. Sounds like there is more to the entire story. If so he must of really pissed off the wrong person. Who cares really? I’m 34 now but when I was 22 I was pulled over and had a few joints in my ashtray and the officer just stomped on them. There are much bigger issues the boys in blue need to worry about truthfully. Weed is a damn flower…c’mon

  18. ill ask the question everyone wants to know….What is with the new political hire deputy director. Hes there since January and He’s never met half the staff and doesn’t know what they do let alone what he does. Everyone knew it wasn’t a good hire but Monaca just wanted him out of there. but, it’s another political hire from Center Twp. Commissioners should get a mulligan on this one.

  19. How are we to get people “out of the system and cycle” if we don’t afford second chances? I’d rather see someone being a hard-working, tax paying member of society who is TRYING to turn his/her life around rather than punishing them for the REST of his or her life, all the while forced live off of the system. I’m not saying all criminals deserve the chance to work in certain professions, but we’ve got to encourage change rather than hinder it when possible.

  20. Are you people serious? Crucifying someone because they got caught OFF DUTY with a little bit of weed? STFU I am sure half of you trolls on here don’t even have a fucking job and are sucking off of the governments tit. You have a cop that almost ripped someone’s lung out with mishandling a police dog. You get raped up the ass over Connie Javens! Your a joke. This offends you when have the fucking county is overdosing on heroin and I blind eye is turned. STFU

  21. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. For everyone who says “it’s just a little weed” you have to be reminded that we are a nation of laws and we don’t pick and chose which ones to follow. If we did, there would be anarchy. Should it be legalized? I would agree that it should. Until then, it’s against the law and someone in a position such as his, should know better. Get rid of him and hire another politically connected hack.

  22. So we are making a huge deal about something that happened while not on the clock? No one here ever drank ONE beer and got behind the wheel? No one ever smoked a little pot recreationally? Was he given a blood test during the incident? Vehicle violations, If that’s the case why wasn’t he transported for lab results?

  23. Educate yourselves please….

    ARRESTED: seize (someone) by legal authority and take into custody.

    SUMMONED: authoritatively or urgently call on (someone) to be present, especially as a defendant or witness in a law court.



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