Beaver Council tabled a resolution proposed last week by a man who acts as both Borough Manager and Police Chief that would effectively gag all employees and officials of the municipality from speaking about the town.

Beaver Police Chief Dan Madgar sought ratification by Council of a “social media policy” at their last meeting. Although Madgar originally told members that the policy was primarily designed for part-time summer help, a reading of the directive shows it would bind all Borough employees — apparently even members of Borough Council themselves — from speaking publicly about the town anywhere online.

“To achieve and maintain the public’s highest level of respect, we must place reasonable restrictions on our conduct and appearance, and hold these standards of conduct whether on or off duty. An employee or borough personnel’s actions must never bring the Borough of Beaver into disrepute or be detrimental to its efficient operation,” began the proposed policy. “The purpose of this directive is to establish policy concerning personal web pages or internet sites when referencing the Borough of Beaver, to ensure employees and personnel use appropriate discretion in the use of references to the Borough of Beaver so as not to discredit or disrespect the Borough, to ensure that the release, either directly or indirectly, of information relating to the Borough is not disseminated.”

The policy provides sweeping limits on how individuals affiliated with the Borough could express themselves, even when communicating in a private capacity.

“Therefore, it shall be the policy of the Borough of Beaver that employees and personnel are prohibited from posting, transmitting and/or disseminating any photographs, video or audio recordings, likenesses or images of the Borough that specifically identifies the Borough of Beaver on any personal or social networking website or webpage, without the express written consent of the Borough or its designee,” the policy continues.

“If you would not be comfortable with your supervisor, co-workers, or the management team reading your words, do not write them,” states the directive. “Recognize that you are legally liable for anything you write or present online.”

The proposed directive goes on to establish that, “all full-time employees, administrative staff, support personnel, student interns, board members and volunteer staff will become familiar with and adhere to the provisions of the policy.”

The policy proposed by Dan Madgar comes at a time when his role as Borough Manager is facing scrutiny due to rumored budgetary shortfalls, and his performance as Police Chief is facing criticism due in part to controversies surrounding his department’s K-9 program.

Although directives that prohibit the “discrediting” or “disrespecting” of government are common in countries ruled by dictatorships, including North Korea and China, such policies are generally difficult to enforce in the United States due to cultural traditions and legal protections for speech provided by the First Amendment to the country’s Constitution.

The proposed Beaver Borough “Social Media Policy” can be read in full here. It is unclear if Beaver Council will consider ratifying the proposal at their next meeting.


  1. LOL What? Does the truth hurt. Lets see here now maybe the chief might start by cleaning up his own act. Like getting radical power mungering cops off the force. That would be a plus… Trust me its not the employees of the borough that are giving the beautiful town a bad name. Its the leadership. Get real…Im not a borough employee and trust me Id never work there… Id be embarrassed. Its time for a change!!! Not letting employees spill the beans isnt the solution…Shit rolls up…

  2. “Although Madgar originally told members that the policy was primarily for part-time summer help…”

    A LIE? An intentional lie?

    I don’t know the exact law here, but I believe that is a justification for dismissal. Any lawyers here?

  3. “Although directives that prohibit the discrediting or disrespecting of government are common in countries ruled by dictatorships, including North Korea and China…”

    Very subtle, JP.

    Many corporations have policies regarding social media use as it relates to the company, so in that sense, Madgar’s proposal isn’t all that far-fetched. The only real difference that I can see is if the employee is also a resident of the borough. In that case, it would be difficult to make a distinction between the employee and the resident posting on social media, so enforcement would be problematic. Otherwise, so called gag orders exist outside of North Korea and China. If you work for a company that has more than 50 employees, there’s a good chance that you have a so called gag order on you as well. Welcome to your civil liberties being stripped from you one inch at a time.

    • you’re talking about apples and oranges don’t get confused

      working for a company is VERY different than working for the government

      talking about a company you work for is VERY different than talking about the government

      any attorney reading this will agree with me

      • John Paul is correct this policy is overbroad and unconstitutional as written. It is clearly intended to chill protected speech.

      • Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending the proposal. All I’m saying is that if you believe that you live in an unfettered world of liberty, you’re mistaken, and if you’re going to be outraged over this incident, you should probably be outraged at every going concern that has a similar policy.

      • If you work for an entity, if you agree to give your time in return for payment, then you have a different relationship with that entity than a citizen does with his government. Like I said before, one could argue that posts are coming from the citizen and not the employee, but I think your assumption that this issue is a no brainer is a bit naive.

    • This isn’t even a close call. They can go ahead and pass this policy and get another federal civil rights lawsuit filed against them by an employee whose rights they’re violating.

  4. What an Idiot , First he tries in Collaborate with the D.A to withhold a Freedom of Information Act Request , public’s right to know, then he takes a hissy fit like a 4 year old because that didn’t work, so now he’s trying to suspend the First Amendment.
    Rule of law , NO City , Borough, Municipality may make a rule or law that Supersedes the State Constitution , and No State shall make a rule/law that Supersedes the U.S Constitution .

    He got his Ass handed to him by a F.O.I.A Request as did the D.A in the releasing of the K-9 Tape , showing what was an is a cover up . so now he’s trying to make up Policy rules to keep him an the Borough from any further Embarrassment .

  5. Fuck you Beaver.
    I’ll never spend another minute or dime in your quaint little town.
    Ever since your residents bitched profusely on social media that the holiday light up festival SHOULD NOT be attended by “out of towners”, I could give two shits what happens to you.
    How about this…….you can have your cute little shit town, we will all stay out. But YOU RESIDENTS ALONE keep those retailers and independent business owners afloat yourselves. Lets see how long it takes for businesses to shut down, property values to drop, and the town to turn into another Aliquippa.
    Idiots. You deserve everything you get, acting like a poor kids Sewickley.
    My money spends just as well (actually even better), elsewhere.

    • Rage much?

      You took a proposal by the town’s police chief that will not pass and turned it into a bitch about an entire town.

      As a newbie to the area, I always get a giggle about assumptions that beaver county lifers make about the town of Beaver. People think it’s a rich place? Uhh, you need to get out into the world a little more. That’s just laughable. By the way, in terms of average income and net worth the Borough of Beaver is fourth in the county (I saw that in an article on Pittsburgh Business Times).

      If you come into town with an attitude that is like your post, you will get it right back. Whether you come to Beaver or not really doesn’t matter to many people (just like those in Ambridge don’t care whether I go there or not), especially with your attitude. What I think you fail to realize is that people can indeed sense your hostility even when you think it is hidden and you get treated accordingly.

      …see and I didn’t even have to call you an idiot to illustrate who you are.

      • Yes, there is a cloistered pedestrianism in Beaver, as in most small towns. And if you get out more, the problems seem quaint in comparison. The town is not rich, the people are not worldly, intellectuals do not spend their summers there, and the place is not an island of opportunity. The smugness is totally unjustified. Even in Sewickley, though, you have to go up on the hill to the old money before the roads turn to gold coins. This issue is apparently about a Chief/Manager allegedly lying to the public. That is serious, even in a small town. If Peduto were caught doing it. he would be turned out very quickly.

        The issues around the Beaver Police Department and town council are about protectionist absolute power on the one hand versus cowardly subservience on the other. That is upsetting things, because there is no balance for it. And with the recent reelection of Hamilton, nothing to change it.

        Worse, that leads to lack of accountability or discipline in the staff, and the town, like Trump’s America, is slowly going down the shitter because of it.

      • i think you are missing the point, and proving mine.
        That’s not a rage.
        keep drinkin the cool aid.

      • I think you need to understand the small town mentality. Beaver is not alone in this, because I know of several towns who think they are better than other towns. I moved around when I was younger and noticed the following: Beaver Falls School District,the teachers, the children were welcoming and well mannered. South Side School District, Again teachers, children were well mannered and welcoming. Mohawk School District, children were mannered and likeable, some teachers were standoffish. Monaca, same as South Side and Beaver Falls. BEAVER SCHOOL DISTRICT were standoffish, children appeared happy, but checked out who my children were related to. The principal actually told me my children would not amount to much since they came from a single parent household. My family was accepted in all of those schools except Beaver. If you didn’t grow up there you were not accepted easily, if at all.
        As far as Madgar is concerned, he was an idiot when he worked at the Beaver County Jail. Remember Danny don’t lie to the cops when you are pulled over for speeding, they do check out your excuse. Beaver hired him and continues to keep him on their payroll. Beaver will continue to employ Officer Hyphenated. Nothing will change.

    • I think the first three words are a perfect start to your point. Everything else supports it and exactly none of it relates to the topic at hand. You should be embarrassed to make such an irrelevant post to this article but you aren’t. Your consistent attitude speaks for itself. If people in other towns treat you poorly, you might want to consider your role in it and stop pretending you are as easy to deal with as Mr. Rogers.

      I think that is exactly the point and why I even bothered to reply. Usually I just ignore the haters but this one was just too easy to call it for what it is.

      • Again. Missing the point. Sorry to point out, that you make no sense at all. Easy to call out, when you are apparently missing the entire point. And regardless what you think is relevant, i have an opinion, and I voiced it. Who cares?
        My attitude is based on the ignorance and stupidity of the residents there, who don’t actually realize WHY they have a nice little town like they do. Think before you open your mouth via social media, where you are going to offend a huge number of people.

        Get rid of the outsiders that shop and work and frequent there…….what do you have? Go on…..I’ll wait. One of my all time favorite business owners and stores to shop in resided in Beaver. I enjoyed the place, spent lots of money there. Attended the holiday light up nite, and spent money then too. I wasn’t rude to anyone. I didn’t RAGE through the town spouting profanities.
        I seen dumb folks opening up their mouths about “outsiders” and had something to say here. Period. I then chose to stop going there based on that stupidity and arrogance.

        If you feel the need to stick up for em……be my guest. But if you can’t tell by the likes and dislikes of our little back and forth here……..I’m winning.

        excuse me ma’am, your narcissism is showing.

    • very classy. my mom always told me people who use that word don’t have anything intelligent to say. How true.

    • signedepsteinsmother, yes you are spot on – I am missing your point altogether. Looks like an emotional rant completely irrelevant to Chief Madgar’s resolution.

      Maybe you can explain this segment of your post. Read it to yourself out loud and see if you can make sense of it?
      “One of my all time favorite business owners and stores to shop in resided in Beaver. ”

      Also you say:
      “I seen dumb folks opening up their mouths about “outsiders” and had something to say here.”

      Hmm, “I seen dumb folk”. Nice. You are calling other people dumb with *that* sentence. The irony is too great to pass up.

      I can keep beating you over the head with your own words, but I don’t think you have the capacity to grasp why your head hurts.

      As the old saying goes, “Don’t wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it”. I will leave you to continue to dirty yourself on your own. Rant away.

    • @signedepsteinsmother- your quote :Ever since your residents bitched profusely on social media that the holiday light up festival SHOULD NOT be attended by “out of towners”
      Please tell me where you read, and try to be specific.

  6. If anyone is bringing the Borough of Beaver into disrepute or be detrimental to its efficient operation, it’s Madgar, JR-R and the Beaver Council. This is nothing short of an attempted cover-up. Besides I’m pretty sure that only a Judge can issue and enforce a gag order. Is this another Civil Rights violation???

    This is a result of Madgar being allowed to misuse unlimited power along with him and others being out of their fucking mind, in my opinion.

  7. Isn’t it interesting that the District Attorney wanted to suppress evidence and now the police chief wants to gag people.

  8. freedom democracy freedom of thought the truth. These things are meaningless to the people running Beaver County. Hearts and minds. these people believe Hearts and minds will go where an empty belly tells them to. To threaten employees to basically get in line or lose your jobs in a totally job starved area is no different than law enforcement giving select homeless people section 8 housing on condition they become informants or worse. Since when do you have to become a slave to be employed by Beaver Borrough?

  9. From BBPD

    The mission of the Beaver Borough Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in Beaver Borough, Vanport and Industry borough by working in partnership with our communities to enforce the law, preserve peace, reduce fear, and maintain order. The Department is committed to accomplishing its mission to protect the lives and property of all citizens by treating every citizen with courtesy, professionalism, and respect, and to enforce the laws impartially, fighting crime both through deterrence and the relentless pursuit of criminals.

    • With an information blackout from the Beaver County Times, about any of this, even the W-R story, many people don’t know they are even happening. So, they can’t talk about them, even if they wanted to. That makes Madgar and his council golden to do as they wish.

  10. Look, we, the citizens of Beaver have every right to be informed about our town, good or bad. Some people in charge sound like they have a dictator problem. I do know some residents are targeted for high grass, parking on street sweeping night and parking the wrong way on a street, while others have been able to get away with it. Makes me wonder. These are very small complaints, but if we don’t address all the issues publicly, we’re gonna look like some of the towns on our border. What’s the big secret?

    • “What’s the big secret?”

      Very few people go to the Council meetings. Even fewer complain. They are not involved. The council members are brand names protecting their trademarks. And, they vote straight ticket to reelect.

      So, my friend, you don’t matter. And they have no reason to make that change.


  11. As oft stated, “The cover-up is worse than the crimes”. The house of cards in Beaver is about to tumble into the abyss. They need new blood and remove the bad apples immediately. Mad Dog Magdar, Psycho Cop & the useless Mayor. Clean house and let the sunshine in!

  12. Paging Tom Hamilton. Paging Tom Hamilton. Paging Tom Hamilton.
    Tom Hamilton calls waiting on lines 1-5.
    Has anyone seen Tom Hamilton?
    Tom, you there?

    Hey Tom, why not just let Madgar appoint himself mayor?

    Dear Council members, what exactly do you do?
    Alexander Andres – Ward 2
    Daniel Deceder – Ward 3
    Michael Deelo – Ward 3
    Ronald Embaugh – Ward 3
    Walt McDermott – Ward 1
    James Perini – Ward 1
    Alex Sebastian – Ward 2
    Patrick Sims – Ward 1
    Sean Snowden – Ward 2

  13. That’s why I always use a trucker navigation because they record absolutely everything I don’t need police recording I have my own audio and my own video if need be

  14. I never heard of one person serving as Police Chief and Boro Manager at the same time. Is he collecting to big paychecks for both jobs? That’s the most wackiest fucking thing I ever heard of. That alone is an outrage!

    • @ John Q…Can you say “Conflict of Interest” maybe???? That’s BS him serving as Boro Manager and Police Chief. Why hasn’t a Boro Manager been elected/appointed? You’re either one or the other, Madgar!!!

  15. This and manipulation of the DA shows all the tell tale signs that Madgar has been very successful at planning a coup’ to control local government.

  16. Aldo if you ever attended a council meeting you would see that I disagree with the rest of them all the time. I voted against giving Madgar the manager’s job and I was the one who opposed his social media policy. The problem is that we have 8 members of council who agree with everything he says.

    • Give us a rare inside view, Ron Embaugh. WHY do they agree with Madgar? What are the dynamics, so that someone can speak to them at meetings? Or is this guy such a riveting public speaker and Pied Piper that he is irresistible? Or do those people lead such empty lives that he fulfills their needs? Here is a guy who lives in New Brighton leading the Cake Eaters around by the noses. Why?

      • Sorry Raven I just saw this. I am baffled as to why they all fall in line. I have heard people taking educated guesses as to why. Some think it is his personality type that gets people to side with him. As far as dynamics to speak to them anyone can come to a council or committee meeting and say their piece. There is a public comment portion to each meeting. Anyone is free to approach any council member to speak with them before or after meetings. A former council member resigned and said that Madgar will try to build an empire. His words ring true and nobody else is trying to stop him. Maybe I should sit down and talk with John Paul.

    • As my Aussie friend would say, Good on ya mate. I seriously mean that. I am a resident and will be attending them. I only know one member personally, and he’s the reason I don’t attend, hopefully there are not many like the one I know. You know the type, expert on everything, talks nonstop just to prove it. Meanwhile you’re left wondering who ties his shoes while he meanders through a meaningless, pointless, irrelevant set of facts and figures. Think Hank Johnson and Guam on a local level.

      One question I have, the Madgar as chief report and answer to Madgar as Manager? Who does Madgar the manager report to? Hamilton? If so does Hamilton keep a hands off approach to Madgar’s direct reports? i.e. Madgar the Chief.
      Bottom line, why is Wiznen-Riems still in a uniform?
      Cheers Ron and thank you

      • Madgar the chief answers to Tom Hamilton. Madgar the manager is supposed to report to council, but they allow him to dictate what he wants to do. I have had many heated discussions because I don’t agree with him and the rest of council. It is supposed to be the manager carrying out the will of council.

  17. And these are the very same people who scream at the top of their lungs that Trump is a fascist! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Nothing must taint the reputation of Beaver, everything must be done to keep up the Mayberry scenario (farce). I firmly believe even the Times refuses to print anything negative about the town, they are fooling nobody.

  19. Be sure to read the fine print…
    “Any borough employee who does not adhere to this directive will be put in a room alone with Jeff Riems and Czar and the security cameras will be facing the corners of said room.”

    • Ron… hope they don’t come after you for publicly commenting… Maybe a sit down with John Paul is in order…
      Should be a no-brainer that Madgar is either manager police chief… Not both… Conflict of interest.
      Should be a no-brainer that policeman and dog in question should not be on any sort of active-duty.
      Should be a no-brainer that the shenanigans in all corners of the courthouse need to be cleaned out.
      I grew up in this town, I love this town, that’s why I moved back to this town… sadly when I retire I don’t see myself staying in this town just because of all of the nonsense.
      And yep I would love to go to council meetings… It’s just too bad that they’re not in the evening when more of the working public can attend.

  20. This what a command and control, law and order society looks like. Don’t baspheme, diparage, or slander the (police) state. You will be punished. Well now, I wonder what advice our Founding Fathers would have for us . . .

  21. Hmmm.. I hear JP was not at the council meeting.. where did he get the misinformation printed?? there is a witch hunt for chief madgar.. very similar to the witch hunt that took place against an officer rose years ago..

      • This isn’t a police state website. If you are as disgusted with the content as you claim to be then you are free to stop reading at any time.

        And to set the record straight, companies have policies that dictate that employees may not speak to others (whether it be to media representatives or making comments online) that infer that they are speaking on behalf of the organization. This permits a symbiotic balance between the company controlling their public relations and the first amendment rights of their employees.

        So, please… head on over to the BCT for your news; I’m sure it will be more to your liking.

    • Don’t be so damn stupid Christopher. The companies can have some right of control over employees. The administrators of Beaver are not employers, they are public servants….they are the citizens’ employees. They haven’t the right to prohibit the public’s right to know.

  22. No different than the company I work for. The police can’t protect with us knowing their every move. We live in an era that they seen to be the target. Pretty scary. Get off your high horses people of beaver and let the law enforcers do their jobs.

    • Do their Job ” WITHIN THE LAW ” We the people must abide by the Written Law, A tin badge an a weapon does not grant extra rights, there comes responsibility, respect, training among other things …..

      The Era we live in is where the people are being abused by law enforcement , killed by a legal execution squad , Investigated by Internal Affairs which are the same people that trained these abusive cops, why the Hell would they find fault in what cops do , an what repercussions are made, Cover Ups, lost Video/Auto Lies . Paid Administrative leave ,( which amounts to a paid vacation ) What would happen to you if you cost the Company you work for hundreds of thousands of dollars over an over again , because of you performance an abusive tactics , an the newest Lawsuit hasn’t been reached yet, how long before you’re fired ?

      Police that get disrespected have earned the hate an ridicule , by way of their conduct an actions, ever wonder why you don’t see ” Protect an Serve ” on the patrol cars any more, its simple, they had to remove that phase because it was a conflict of Interest of what most Police of this Era actually do.

      Protect their jobs by Serving abuse an Citations to the Citizens to curate revenue to keep the wheels turning.
      I respect Police, Actually get along with some of them just fine, an the ones i do talk to tell me they hate having to wear a black eye because of the corrupt an abusive cops . there’s the Blue wall of Silence , cross it an it fallows you worse than your Dossier with a few Departmental Complaints .

  23. Apparently Beaver doesn’t need a full time police chief or a full time borough manager, why is King Beaver being paid for both jobs?

  24. Worried about borough employees’ image and appearance but won’t fire their rogue cop after numerous lawsuits.
    Besides, isn’t it a conflict of interest for someone to be both the borough manager AND police chief?

  25. Witch hunt for whom? The Chief or the Borough Manager? Don’t disparage “Dano” he only does what the council President and their “chosen quorum” allow him to do. Rather look at the positive changes he’s made in town since he became the Borough Manager. He’s purchased property for umpty thousands to use for what, is not relevant. He’s increased hiring by requiring a grant writer/knowledgeable managerial type to do his job, as well as other personal assistants. He’s helped raise parking, water and sewage rates to finance a Budget he drained spending like a child in a toy store with his parents credit card. He’s rid the Borough of anyone who disagreed with or contested his decisions, paying out severance packages for complacency. Its kind of funny, the Borough was run not only efficiently but fiscally responsible prior to his sticking his hands in the “cake saver.” And he’s not even a tax paying Borough resident. He’s unaffected by his own hypocrisy.

    • There are no parking meters in Beaver… There is now a Municipal Authority who handles water and sewage… Are you sure DM was not the one in the grassy knoll?

  26. Hey chief,your Rambo wannabe and his wolfdog have already sullied the reputation of Beaver. And your refusal to discipline him after numerous incidents, have just added to the dirt in your office.

  27. Until now, I have not posted to this blog under any name, but the time has come for me to do so. I want to relate what happened at the last Beaver Boro Council meeting when Manager-Chief Madgar had his “social media policy” presented for action. I and another Beaver citizen heard that this gag order policy would be presented and we agreed that such a policy would not be in the interests of good government or the people of Beaver Boro. We saw it and continue to see it as a power grab by Madgar.

    We looked online for an agenda announcing the policy and its presentation. By late in the day the Monday before the Tuesday meeting there was no such item on the published agenda. Finally it was posted late on Tuesday with the innocuous and innocent title “Social Media Policy.” When the two of us arrived at the meeting we looked to pick up a copy of the agenda and the a copy of the proposed policy so we could see what it contained. Agendas were available to the public, but no copy of proposed policy was available. My Citizen companion spoke first in the period reserved for public comment. She asked Madgar what the policy was about. He went on at length that this was a policy created to deal with the teenagers hired for summer work and to control them and their use of iPhones and blogs. My companion persisted and asked if the policy was intended to apply to anyone else in the Boro and Madgar replied somewhat evasively that the blog was “geared” to the “summer help.” She persisted further and asked so it does not apply to anybody other than the “summer help.” Madgar said yes to that.

    However, later in the evening when it was time to consider the motion to approve the policy, some council members began to speak up. Ron Embaugh pointed out that the policy was not limited to the “summer help” and was applicable to everyone. Alex Andres pointed out that a provision in the proposed policy mentioned that the “Board” was bound by it. And he pointedly told Madgar that he hoped that this provision did not mean to apply to the Council. Madgar went to great lengths to say no that is not what the policy meant. (Actually that provision was meant to control the governing body of the entity approving and adopting it, but in this case the person who rewrote the policy forgot to change “Board” to “Council” so the policy was intended to bind council but was carelessly rewritten.) a

    At that point, I interrupted and asked Madgar, “Dan, didn’t you just tell us that this policy did not apply to anyone other than the summer help?” He answered, “Yes it is geared to the summer help,” or words very close to that. Hearing the the weasel words “geared to summer help,” I pushed back and said, “Dan that is not what I asked you. I asked you if you did not just tell us that the policy applied only to the summer help?” At that point, he hesitated for a moment and then turned to the Council’s secretary seated to his immediate left, hunched up his shoulders, raised both hands palms upward and addressed her saying, “What does it say?”

    Please note that he did not say he was misunderstood, nor did he deny that he had represented the policy as applying only to summer help.

    Despite this astonishing performance, no one on Council called him on this and no one even raised the question. I asked a few people in the audience if they realized that he was misleading council and they agreed. The motion on the policy has been tabled and should be brought forward at the June meeting. If and I say If, Council wants to do what is right, they should either hold him to his assertions that it was only for summer help or more properly, they should deep six it.

    In closing, I want people to understand just how astonishing this event was. In his chief’s uniform, Madgar misled Council as the the scope of a questionable policy that he championed and brought before them. That is exceedingly bold to say the least. In one fell swoop he gave them cause to terminate him a manager and as Chief of Police under the conduct unbecoming an officer statutory provision for disciplining police officers. That is a big risk to take and demonstrates just how comfortable he is in his current situation. A person of Madgar’s personality can show no greater contempt for people who have the power to fire him that lying to them secure in the knowledge that he will get away with it.

    • Thank you for your input Mr. Cashdollar. In my opinion this policy should have been drawn up by an attorney and should have been worded ” summer help” I don’t know if it was done in that manner or not, but in any case it sounds like a first amendment freedom of speech issue.

    • From your description, I take it to prohibit anyone in Beaver’s employ from speaking, reporting an infraction and testifying against anything negative concerning the Boro of Beaver. They can’t just make up their own laws and policies that override the Constitution or the Bill Of Rights.

  28. I hope that Mr. Cashdollar will repost his comment here in any future article that is relevant to it. It is a very important comment and the public should be aware of what is happening in the borough building. As with the dashcam video, the public can help if they are aware of the events.

  29. One thing that has to change is Madgar’s wearing his uniform to Beaver Council meetings, where he acts as Borough manager. And Sergeant Ken McCoy has to stop acting as the bouncer in full uniform — especially as he tried to shut Mr. Cashdollar up as he was talking about the dashcam video. This is not a police state, and they should not behave as though it is.



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