Beaver Borough has voted to continue an unpaid suspension of one of the town’s police officers, and has directed their Solicitor to begin preparing a list of charges against him.

Sergeant Kenneth McCoy, 40 of Brighton Township, was suspended without pay at the end of October by Mayor Thomas Hamiliton after Christine Cilli, a woman he was allegedly having an extramarital affair with, filed for a Protection From Abuse Order (PFA) against the officer. A temporary PFA was granted against McCoy, who later agreed to a 30 day extension which was approved by Judge Knafelc.

Council returned at 10:30pm tonight from an hour long executive session to unanimously approve two motions by Councilwoman Shirley Sayers. The motions extended the unpaid suspension of Sergeant McCoy for another 20 days, directed Borough Solicitor John Petrush to prepare a list of charges against the officer, and set an informal hearing to be held at 6:15pm on November 28th for Council to consider those charges (Councilman Lauson Cashdollar abstained on both votes, Councilman Jarrod Thomas was not present).

It will be Officer McCoy’s discretion as to whether or not that hearing is open to the public.

The “charges” are not criminal charges, but rather alleged violations of Borough policies which could see Sergeant McCoy further suspended or his employment terminated. Such hearings are commonly referred to as “Loudermill Hearings.”

When asked by an individual in attendance to explain their actions, Councilman Luke Berardelli responded simply, “The investigation continues.”

Attorney Myron Sainovich, who is representing Officer McCoy, objected to council’s actions. “It is my understanding under the Civil Service Rules that he is required to receive those charges, and he is permitted to have a hearing before the Civil Service Commission within 10 days. It’s not for the Borough Council to do that, and we should be receiving those charges within 5 days.”

“I’ll do what’s required” responded Solicitor Petrush. “What needs done will be done.”

Council made no further comment about the matter before adjourning.

The Beaver Countian published an in-depth investigative report last month detailing the alleged on-duty antics of Officer Kenneth McCoy.


  1. This sounds like it could be a sticky mess. Personal lives do have an affect on professional lives, not matter what the job. McCoy’s decisions were not proper while performing his duties as a police officer and fortunately this came to attention before a tragedy occurred. In my opinon, any suicidal comments or inclinations that the officer displayed are signs of mental instability which may be considered a disability. The officer should be offered the opportunity for time off to get straightened out. How long can he get by without pay? This has got to be a sticky situation for employers of anyone who carries a gun for a living. Was he a decent person and officer before he complicated his life to the point of harming himself? Did anyone in the PD notice anything wrong with his professional composure….other than the girlfriend and observant nearby residents. Would there even be this dilema for Beaver had the citizens not stepped forward?

    • Yes, Gwen’s Down, I agree. There should be compassion and help for the officer’s alleged personal problems. The problem for me is the “on duty” part. Two nights ago, fire, police and EMT personnel were dispatched to a house fire scene, and, to an unresponsive drug overdose victim at the same time, as per the scanner. Fortunately, the first responders were available and not engaged in personal business or ignoring their calls. Lives could have been jeopardized if they weren’t available.

  2. Hope it was worth the destruction it has caused you, your family, and your department Sgt. McCoy. I understand there are some issues that the “Thin Blue Line” stands for. This is not one of them. Shame on you Beaver Police Chief for allowing this mess to spiral as out of control as it did.

  3. The longer civil waits the more mess it will cause, why did the times put the girl address in, but not Sgt.McCoy home address, I think that is wrong, clear cut the should have moved for automatic dismissal which is with in the protocol of insubordInation.. But What is clear how much of s scum is sainovich, caught stealing things from county but this dumb ass choo has his represent

  4. Sorry, McCoy has this nut defend his career? Fop?? What sign is that to the public he is worse than the criminals only in beaver for Christ sakes they elected and adulterer drunk to bench seat to

  5. Officer McCoy must have forgot this from the academy- “Your badge can get you many women, but it only takes one woman to get your badge.”

  6. Sounds like the solicitor and crew are trying to blow this so nothing happens…. Smells like the cover up is continuing.

    Time to hold all parties accountable- they keep wasting our money and time. It’s getting old. Fire McCoy and maybe the rest of the police department will get the hint. Do your job, not the neighborhood.

  7. Well Rubric I find it interesting that you use the word alleged when you comment on Sgt. McCoy’s personal problems, but when it comes to anything McCoy is accused of doing as it relates to his job you comment as if it is fact. I have read many of your comments, and you seem to be very intelligent. Which leads me to believe that based on your comments as it pertains to McCoy you either have a personal dislike for the man for whatever reason, or you just believe that neither McCoy nor any other Police Officer has the same rights of due process that the rest of the public enjoys. So I guess if an officer is accused of wrong doing the powers that be should take any and all accusations at face value and fire him or her.

  8. Nope. Don’t know the guy and never met him. And until he says he did those things on the job under oath in a hearing, they are alleged. If his on-duty misbehavior is being lied about, then someone is facing some serious libel, slander and possible perjury charges if it is maintained under oath. Cops take a sworn oath of duty. If they violate it, then they have compromised their “rights”. They are held to a different standard as a result. If the woman whom JP interviewed lied over the course of hours, and the neighbors were lying about being bothered by him, and on-duty phone records were fabricated, then some serious s–t is going to hit the fan at the hearing(s). Petraus lost his job for much less, but for similar reasons — possibly compromising (national) security over an affair. He was held to an extremely high standard. He resigned to maintain the integrity of the office. Cops have a right to due process, but it comes with heavy obligations to the society they serve. When on duty, they are not equal to civilians. I don’t think I did, but if I came off as treating allegations as facts, I misspoke, and for that I apologize. It was not intentional, and I have no personal grievance against McCoy. I hope the truth comes out and that he can in some way put this behind him.

  9. Judge for yourself:
    Actions unbecoming of an officer, or has this woman provided accounts, texts, and neighbor complaints in an attempt to smear McCoy?

    I guess I’m just a simple guy with a simple mind. If it looks like BS, smells like BS, is pretty simple- it’s BS!

    Did anyone stand up at the council meeting to defend McCoy?



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