Mitchell Shahen
Attorney Mitchell Shahen / submitted photo

Note: Beaver County Attorney Mitchell Shahen has submitted the following biography to the Beaver Countian in connection with the announcement of his candidacy for Common Pleas Judge.  Attorney Shahen is a registered Democrat who will be cross-filing as a Republican, as is standard practice in judicial races.  The Pennsylvania judicial primary elections will take place on Tuesday, May 16th.  The bio is being published here as provided by the candidate.

Attorney Mitchell Shahen is a Center Township resident where he resides with his wife, Cheryl Pollack Shahen. Cheryl has been a Registered Nurse at Heritage Valley Sewickley for 38 years. They have two children. His daughter, Alaina, is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University and is a Cardiovascular Intensive Care Nurse in Miami. His son, Christopher, is a graduate of John Carroll University and is currently employed at the Cleveland Clinic, Lerner Research Institute for Molecular Biology in Cleveland, Ohio.

Attorney Mitchell Shahen
Attorney Mitchell Shahen / submitted photo

Attorney Shahen is a graduate of Aliquippa High School. While at Aliquippa High School, he played football under the auspices of Coach Don Yannessa. He also was involved in the re-establishment of a wrestling program at Aliquippa High School where he was named as a captain of that squad. Attorney Shahen has returned numerous times to Aliquippa High School as a speaker for the Beaver County Bar Association as part of the “Stepping Out” program.

He received a B.A. at the Pennsylvania State University in 1979 and a Juris Doctor degree from the Western New England University School of Law in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1983. Shortly after he received his degree, he passed the Pennsylvania Bar Exam. While at Western New England University School of Law, Attorney Shahen was awarded a Diversity Merit Scholarship for his second and third years of law school.

Attorney Shahen is an active member of Our Lady of Fatima Church in Hopewell where he has served as a Lector since 2000 and he also serves as an usher at the Church. Over the years, he has coached youth basketball for the Our Lady of Fatima School boys’ basketball program and he also coached youth soccer and baseball in Center Township. For five years, Attorney Shahen and his wife, Cheryl, co-chaired a major fundraiser, the 200 Club Dinner and Dance, for the Our Lady of Fatima School PTA. Attorney Shahen currently serves as the legal advisor to the Saint Vincent De Paul Society at Our Lady of Fatima Parish. He also volunteered at other Church and School events.

In 2014, Attorney Shahen took up running and hiking. Since that time, he has competed in 5k and 10k races, and, in October of 2016, he competed in and completed a half marathon (13.1 miles). The organizations which he has supported by participating in the various races include the Beaver County Women’s Center, Habitat for Humanity, Beaver Falls Education Foundation, Central Valley Education Foundation, Margaret Ross Elementary School PTG, Beaver Volunteer Fire Department, Ohio River Trail Council, the Adoption Connection and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Beaver County.

Mitchell Shahen has practiced law in Beaver County for 33 years, with 21 years serving as Conflicts Counsel to the Court of Common Pleas of Beaver County in addition to maintaining a private law practice. Attorney Shahen’s private legal practice includes a variety of civil matters. As Conflicts Counsel, Attorney Shahen has handled thousands of criminal cases while successfully managing a private practice. Attorney Shahen also served as a member of the Beaver County Public Defender’s Office and on the Beaver County Board of Assessment Appeals. Mitchell also serves as solicitor for Georgetown Borough, Hookstown Borough, East Rochester Zoning Hearing Board, Hopewell Township Zoning Building Code Appeals Board and Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School.

In 2006, Attorney Shahen was appointed to serve on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Juvenile Rules Committee, charged with the task of developing an implementation plan for the new Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure for juvenile cases.

Mitchell Shahen was awarded the honor of the Best Attorney in Beaver County by the Beaver County Times for four years, receiving the Gold honor in 2013 and 2014 and the Silver honor in 2015 and 2016.

More information about attorney Mitchell Shahen is available on his website,


  1. Mitch would make an excellent jurist. He is one of the few people Aliquippa can be proud about. A genuinely decent man.

    • Mitch might be a good person and may be well qualified but why the disparaging remark towards Aliquippians?

    • he was at first but Mitch divorced Tony when he found out what a asshat he is now he got a attorney who shared a office with Lozier before he got DA

      • Well, he was representing the Sheriff’s office in 2016, wasn’t he? When did he resign, a couple of months ago? I’m not sure how much he’s really “distanced himself” from Guy and friends.

  2. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. I think he is the top candidate so far. I’ve had pleasant dealings with him in the past and don’t recall anything negative about him.

    • This guy looks like he has his shit together I’ll give him that much hard to believe he’s from Beaver County
      professional pics
      good bio
      website up
      campaign handouts printed
      events scheduled

      • Western New England University School of Law in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1983- copy and pasted from the article above. Pretty good law school, from what I can gather on Google. It is ABA accredited and requires a 148 median LSAT score and an undergraduate GPA of 3.13. (ex. Pitt requires a 156 with a 3.42 GPA). Just doing my fact checking 🙂

    • Charles Krauthammer is Jewish, and Mr. Shahen is Catholic. Granted they both have the good looks of middle eastern men but I don’t think they are related

      • They both have interesting physiognomies. Distinctive. In a Marcelo Mastroiani kind of way. So sue me. It’s kind of refreshing to have a person highlighted on this site who doesn’t have any baggage for us to bitch about.

    • It is standard practice in judicial races for Democrats to cross-file as Republicans and vice versa so their name can be on both primary ballots.

    • What I was getting at is how are the voters to know what party they affiliate their views with. I don’t want to vote for a turncoat just because it is a common practice………we have a right to know period!

      • The article says he is a registered democrat. As I posted below, I don’t think he is permitted to express his views on social issues as per the judicial rules of conduct. Neither can any of the other candidates, unfortunately.

  3. The Midget connection and Aliquippa native doesn’t inspire confidence in me. I am willing to bet that he distanced himself from Guy for strictly political purposes. No one even a fellow Syrian and wants to be associated with the corrupt Sheriff in a public forum. As usual, print bullshit and hang with your cronies in private behind closed doors. Local churches are always great cover for that. Remember in the Godfather during the baptism? What’s his ties to CJB the kingpin? Lots of information needs investigation before any ringing endorsements. Remember, once a corrupt Quip always a brother in da hood. Why is everyone so interested in the judges all of a sudden? Kingpin probably has most of them in h is pocket already but this guy could be great insurance just in case. I would not vote for anyone from Aliquippa cesspool in my lifetime. D or phony R. The corruption and lack of ethics is bred into them from day one and is also genetically inherited from past thugs and ethnic gangs.

    • You act as if nepotism is something new to run on. They always do and then suddenly develop amnesia about it.

  4. Now there’s your next judge people. He already been anointed by the Bar Association. Just wait until they start handing out endorsements. The guy that practiced in a front of 100 judges doesn’t have a prayer. The BAR doesn’t give two shits what people have to say on the beavercountian. Me included.

  5. Move the county seat to Aliquippa. Then we will have a definitive reason why Beaver County sucks.


  6. Did da hood have free computer day today in Aliquippa? Must have hit a nerve. I love when the first thing from a liberals mouth is racism. You losers in Aliquippa get what you deserve. You’ve personally polluted a once decent neighborhood. And sent your fellow thugs to destroy the county. You won’t be happy until the whole county is under state receivership. Dwan for Governor. If any of you had any scruples you’d be fired up about corruption and criminal wrongdoing but because you have your party blinders on you can’t see it. As I stated, it’s your way of life. You don’t understand ethics or morality. It is moral relativism that you understand. If you weren’t raised with ethics or a moral compass then you’ll never understand. Keep on crying racism assholes, it’s the last bastion that liberals have. Otherwise you can follow the rest of the Quips down the sewer.

    • Racism might apply to your post. Dwan Walker is well down the list of problem children in Aliquippa making trouble for this county.

  7. Have known this man for decades. Went to school with him. This man is “Stand Up”. Period. Best choice for Judge this county has seen in decades. Mitch-You definitely will have my vote! Good Luck and God Speed!

  8. I’d vote for him as long as he has no connections with Satan tony guy!! I know alot of people. Already campaigning against guy and have an excellent start. He’s done!!

  9. Ok. Let’s pick this apart:

    (1) He is the solicitor for several municipalities and other local government entities. Therefore, he MUST be politically well-connected unless I’m wrong and these entities actually advertise those positions.

    (2) According to the article, he has been Conflicts Counsel for over 21 years. How is a conflicts counsel appointed? Is such a position appointed by the court itself? If so, which judge appointed him and why?

    This guy is part of the system. Why should we vote for him?

    • Not sure about Shahen specifically, but the solicitor positions are not advertised. Also, in Beaver County, there are 4 conflicts counsel positions. Each attorney is a private attorney that takes on criminal cases when there is a conflict of interest in the PDs office (ex. if there are 2 indigent co-defendants in a case, the PDs office cannot represent both because it would be a conflict of interest, so one of the 4 conflicts counsel represents 1 and the other is represented by the PDs). Shahen became conflicts counsel over 21 years ago, so he was probably appointed by a past judge.

    • Kane Road. You are only one that actually has an idea about what I was saying in my earlier post. Connected isn’t the word. Being part of the entire fabric is more like it. So all of you beavercountian conspiracy theorists can thumbs down me all you want. The truth is the truth whether you like it or not. No John Q. This is also not a RICO case.

  10. Can you do an article of where he stands on interpretation of the law and major social issues so I can make an informed vote. Neither your article or his website gives this information. Thanks

    • I believe that the judicial rules of candidacy for judge do not allow a candidate to express their personal opinions on the issues you are requesting.

  11. I don’t usually think much of attorneys but Mitch is one of the good ones. He is a ethical man. Please, those of you that are on the fence, Mitch is the best candidate and can defeat Myron Sainovich. And I know no one wants Myron!

  12. Mitchell Shaaaaheeeeen. Former short lived solicitor to sheriff Tony Guy. Long time conflicts attorney. Long time attorney to Ralph Unis and Lincoln Park school solicitor.

    That makes him pretty well rounded. COMPARED TO OTHERS.

    Either way like it or not Myron Sainovich is winning one of the seats. Buckle up boys on the bench cause it’s going to bee a bumpy ride.

    Keep fucking Debbie Decastrato the Fuck away, she has no experience other than family court and doesn’t know that law either.

    The others come on.







    MITCH , BILLY ( can’t find my ass), baby snatcher, Lyin myron and some guy nobody knows. Quick somebody get a law license it’s getting bad around county.

  14. He is from the same midget pool as tony guy. George David, and aliquippa politics
    Meaning shahen. Betters, David, Are all from the same tent. And when they fill then tent up with shit.. They move somewhere else

    This guy will lie with a smile on his face. Staring down from his camel. I like his narcissistic reference to his kids eduction. As if that is relevant to the position? Or is that the Arab coming out in him? If he is elected he’ll fit in with the rest of the greaseballs in the courthouse. Dig a little deeper and speak with the people he ripped off in the lawyers game room of orphans court. You will see a few cases of him ripping people off. To furnish his tent



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