Beaver County attorney James Ross has told the Beaver Countian he intends to run for Common Pleas Judge. Ross hopes to fill the seat being vacated at the end of this year by the Honorable Judge John P. Dohanich, who is not seeking retention.

“This is something that I have always aspired to, and now the opportunity is presenting itself,” said Ross. “I am honored by that opportunity.”

James Ross is a partner in the Ambridge lawfirm of Bowers, Ross & Fawcett where he handles personal injury claims and criminal defense cases. He previously served as a federal prosecutor, and Chief of the Erie Division of the Office of United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania.


  1. In order to be elected, you have to know where he stands on the Sheriff situation and the mess out in Ohioville.

  2. I don’t care who he represents, he is an attorney, it is his job. He is an HONORABLE MAN and very very SMART and TRUSTWORTHY.

  3. He is a defense attorney retained to represent…….

    Bottom line he knows the law through out. From a prosecution stand point to defense, and civil experience, municipal also.

    the county hasn’t seen a complete package of legal prowess ever quest for the bench like him.

    And he will have people in and out of political circles working for him.

  4. I think Jim Ross is a honorable Man. Plus his wife supports animal rescue. People who care about the welfare of animals earn my vote as elected officials. If they care about the concern of our four paw residents- they care about people. Good Luck Jim! You will make a great judge in our county.

  5. I think Mr. Ross would make a great Judge. He has experience in both criminal and injury law…he’s also a fair minded person…he would an excellent Judge…..period….



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