Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s Office has agreed to investigate the now defunct Bipartisan Committee For A Better Economy Borough. The announcement by the Attorney General’s Office comes just days after the case was referred to them by District Attorney Anthony Berosh.

The Economy Borough Democratic Committee and the Beaver County Democratic Committee filed a joint complaint with the Board of Elections last month, alleging the Bipartisan Committee grossly under reported both their campaign expenditures and donations. George E. Fitzgerald, who campaigned for Mayor of Economy Borough, and Mary Jo Sivy, who campaigned for Tax Collector, were also listed in the complaint.

Bipartisan Committee Treasurer Richard Lapinski, who is the husband of Councilwoman Michelle Sovich-Lapinski, has denied any wrong doing, as have Fitzgerald and Sivy.

District Attorney Anthony Berosh told the Beaver Countian that Senior Deputy Attorney General Anthony J. Krastek has been assigned to the case. Krastek is a member of the Attorney General’s Public Corruption Unit, and is known for gaining a conviction against six-term incumbent State Representative Habay for violating the State Ethics Act.

Berosh said county officials will be talking to Krastek about the investigation in the next day or two.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. They can investigate this little political group. But leave a sheriff who breaks laws and court orders almost daily in office? Something is wrong with this system.

  2. Hey, who’s the babe running for mayor in economy? Got her pink card today. It’s tellin me ta think :think: pink. I’m thinkin pink pink pink….. Bet she’s hot lookin like Sarah Palin. :heart:

  3. I can not wait till the election mailer comes out for Googins Lapinski and Sivy. By the way before the primary election we had already received many of these mailers . Could it be that now someone is looking into where the money is coming from to pay for these.The info in this mailer is going to say what a great job these people have done for the tax payers of Economy .When in reality they have caused more controversy than ever in the history of the boro. Wasted money on law suits and hiring special consultants.Covered up any issue that concerned anyone with ties to their group. Mr. Googins is the master of telling people what they want to hear.They pray on the uninformed voter. The AG needs to dig deep into any financial issue that were in control and lets not forget any form of nepotism.They have set up a kingdom in which they control everything.I have always been told if you want to know something follow the money.Vote and bring down the king and his court . The AG will do the rest.


  5. The people of Pennsylvania need to follow this like a hawk and keep the AG informed. This political group seems to have ways to make things go away. People want to see justice in government and held accountable for there actions.

  6. Let me try to understand this. Googins Sivy and Lapinski among others are under investigation from the AG. So they are out campaigning and telling the people how bad the mayor is.The mayor is not under investigation you lairs are. I guess this is a stupid attempt to cover up your own actions.

  7. Hey”whats up”- you should go back to school and learn how to use grammar and punctuation correctly. Maybe you could then graduate from the third grade and someone could take you seriously. As it is, you sound like an ignorant buffoon. Go look that word up in the dictionary dear. That would spare us all from reading your tiresome drivel! Spend some time with your children and grandchildren. On second thought, they probably don’t want to listen to you either.

  8. this googy guy is a snake, lipinski is a buffet best friend but to be blunt terrible council person
    sivy.. couldn’t put together a sentence to save his life

    borato is a duck, trouble maker with a mouth ti go along with her ass compounded with her goofball Rudy zetz wannabe husband no business being mayor.

    fetckovich don’t know that much, but if he taking lead from these jamokes makes me wonder

    Okay other side

    Skoniewski nice lady no experience should be honest, nice family

    marone. Okay guy dad is funny,

    butch thompson, straight laced guy no bull shit and goes to the meetings and pays attention

    Audrey mutchsler. been around pretty decent, but didn’t see her working it much over all good

    MAYOR Poling, cares about economy, comes off little odd at times over all good guy doing right and is honest. the other half thinks and speaks way to much, for real get rid of carrying dog at community events and pretending that your attending the derby with attire.

  9. Morrone is an honest hard working person. Mayor Poling has brought big business to this community and we need to make sure that these are the type of people on council to represent our community.

  10. Did the bipartisan committee for a better economy borough really dissolve? Why did Mailers today from candidates Googins, Lapinski, Sivy and new candidate to group Fetkovich use the same printer they’ve used since 2009. Permit no 5703 Pittsburgh, PA Allied Printing trades union label council Pittsburgh PA 39. This is Print and copy center Verona PA and their political union sales rep.Terry Matuszak. Interesting observation, it appears Mike Veon also used Terry Matuszak and Print and Copy Center in Verona quite often. This is probaly just a coincidence of course.
    TERRY MATUSZAK ….. 04/10/2006 $1,000.00 MICHAEL VEON, STATE HOUSE 14TH PA
    11/08/2006 $437.50 Printing of fliers for election day. Recipient …… POLL BAGS Recipient Name: PRINT AND COPY CENTER … POLL BAGS Recipient Name: TERRY MATUSZAK …… Recipient Name: COMMITTEE TO ELECT MIKE VEON
    Recipient Name: COMMITTEE TO ELECT MIKE VEON P.O. BOX 327 …… Recipient Name: PRINT AND COExpenses Recipient Name: Print and Copy Center … Slate Cards Recipient Name: Terence Matuszak …… MATUSZAKExpenses Recipient Name: Print and Copy Center … Recipient Name: Terence Matuszak …… Recipient Name: THE COMMITTEE TO ELECT MIKE VEON Expenses Recipient Name: Print and Copy Center … Recipient Name: Terence Matuszak ….. Recipient Name: THE COMMITTEE TO ELECT MIKE VEON‎
    2006159,2006,26,”PRINT & COPY CENTER”,”731 ALLEGHENY RIVER …… PA” 7900442,2006,26,”THE COMMITTEE TO ELECT MIKE VEON”,”P.O.BOX 327″ …

  11. Noticed above someone thought there was nepotism. Let me tell you about Poling and his slate of characters and nepotism. Butch Thompson sister is the tax collector Dotty Gnarra. Skoniecney her son is a police officer, and husband works at the sewer plant. Bucuren brother works on the road department. So if there is nepotism Poling needs look no further than the people he wants on council. Remember when you point a finger there are 3 pointing back at you. If Poling is so good in business how did he manage to run his straight down into the ground? Poling is a wanna be and never had an original thought ever !

  12. Wasn’t Towsamak chair of Veon’s committee? Is this why Towsamak dropped $ 250.00 to the bipartisan committee? Is this why Towsamak’s yard looks like the island of misfit candidates? Is this why the Bucuren sign was being held hostage with spikes and wires to make the group appear clean? Were records requested from Print and Copy, to see who delivered the brown bag? How many people are truly involved dating back to 2009? What about the two new candidates that joined the club? I always felt that there was more to this story

  13. Another observation, what were Borato, for economy borough mayor, Sivy and Lapinski, for economy borough council political yard signs doing in Sean Ramaley’s yard who lives in Marshall township? That makes no sense what so ever.

  14. whaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaaa mummy, daddy, and my bipartisan 3 friends, call the bad man’s office, you know that vogel and read my script I prepared for you. Then I’m gonna call and rip his chief of staff a new asshole. Whoa, seems somebody needs to look a little more deeper at “who’s who” in Harrisburg. ya’all don’t come back now hear?. Just in case nobody noticed, who’s the republican nominated candidate for mayor in Economy? Think Pink or Poling? Elder’s a great senator, and Poling a great mayor. Great leadership comes together for the common good of a community. Go bang on your high chair some more.

  15. Better let think pink know her mailers are illegal. No return address. But hey just one more thing for the AG to take a peak at while their in economy.

  16. @ just truth… spot on your observations….

    RUDY ZETZ WANNA BE BORATO that’s great, the think pink is a play on cancer awareness month and I find it offensive. more so than her phony militia looking husband or her fat ass. what her and lipinski need to do instead of trouble ids a wellness program, no wonder Rick is always spending time somewhere else( yikes) wouldn’t want to see that either.

    These bi partisans are loony, I will admit I voted with out knowing Dr.trecha and Courtney bsrthelmy when they ran before mistake, my error figured a doctor would be good for board and a lawyer also, the doctor was aloon that fit in with GOOGINS verdict still out on barthlrmy

    Fitzgerald shouldn’t have ran for mayor, I like Dave Poling and he does good job(I like him repeat I like him he hard working guy) .. but should command order at dog wood circle.

    fitzgerald should of ran for council.

    bucaren got my vote

    so does butch

    and Audrey

    that’s it…

  17. These elections are not about DavePoling, you idiots..
    there was and always will be council battles.

    this is about Mrs. mayor sorry that’s the facts some think you get Dave out it takes care of her,I hear it all the time he’ll they came to my door preaching it’s all lies I said you running against him or her

    either way cha.ching they spending cash to be what?????

    everyone wants in on wally world BOOM…

  18. howaboutme, if that’s the case, The B B L gals are brilliant. Even if anyone bought into the cancer awareness ploy, it’s now November. Borato’s November illegal mailer was bright pink. Think Pink really?. The mayor oversees the police department of Economy Borough. Hey Economy pd, bet you guys all can’t wait for pink police cars and uniforms. Seems the B B L gals put their marketing genius at work.



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