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The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office has closed its investigation into the Bipartisan Committee For A Better Economy Borough, finding no evidence to substantiate criminal charges against the group.

Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh confirmed to the Beaver Countian that he received a letter from the Attorney General’s Office formally closing the case. As we were first to report back in March, investigators with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office found discrepancies in a complaint filed by the Democratic Committee against the group.

Mayor David Poling, Chairman of the Economy Borough Democratic Committee, and Dr. Michael “Doc” Sisk, Beaver County Democratic Committee Chairman, filed a formal complaint against the Bipartisan Committee for a Better Economy Borough last September, alleging the group grossly underreported its donations and expenditures in campaign finance reports filed with the county.

After the Bipartisan Committee subsequently declined to provide copies of receipts requested by the Beaver County Bureau of Elections, the complaint was forwarded to District Attorney Anthony Berosh who then referred the case to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office.

The Democratic Committees alleged that on two occasions the Bipartisan Committee sent political mailers to 5,602 residents of Economy Borough at a cost of $2,128.76 in one instance and $1,848.66 in another. But sources say AG Investigators found that the group only sent out 1,600 mailers at less than half the costs alleged in the complaint.

Bipartisan Committee Treasurer Richard Lapinski, along with George E. Fitzgerald, who campaigned for Mayor of Economy Borough, and Mary Jo Sivy, who campaigned for Tax collector, were also cleared of criminal wrongdoing.


  1. “Mayor David Poling, Chairman of the Economy Borough Democratic Committee, and Dr. Michael “Doc” Sisk, Beaver County Democratic Committee Chairman, sent two letters this month to Bureau of Elections Director Doreen Mandity, Beaver County Commissioners Amadio, Spanik, and Nichols, and Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh”    
    Guess the problem lies with who dares to runs against whom??  Yeah–yeah, I know, the Mayor and his cronies are the best thing since color TV.  Keep crying wolf when people call you on your bullshit Dave.  Keep on pointing that finger, while three more point right back at you.  You’ve already caused enough damage to people’s reputations, and cost the borough how much?   Shame on you.

  2. Attorney General Kathleen Kane spent money and resources investigating this crap, but she refuses to prosecute 4 state reps that she has on tape accepting bribes.  Amazing.

  3. Cleared of any wrong doing????

    Think the attorney General office locally in Pittsburgh doing a favor not for these podunk council races but maybe for old friends that are sitting on the bench that have to election for support.. hmmmm got to wonder.

    Seems pretty clear that they didn’t accurately claim what was spent, so it wasn’t the far fetched amount it was still inaccurate spending.

    Truly I say who cares you start finger pointing this shit and it could go on and on of accurate campaign financing and donations honestly I don’t want tax dollars going to this little petty shit, investigate Christiana campaign collection on and off and in kind not claimed contributions. Or the big guns that donate to higher up elections and why they are? I’m still laughing at how much was spent on the property where the new 911 center is at or how much it’s really costing to educate children online in cyber schools

  4. Hey Dave, are you humble enough to pass out an apology like you do reports of Bullshit? It’s the “Christian” thing to do you know? Bearing false witness and all … Shall we hold our breath? Or should we just wait for another tax increase to follow yet another of your bully tactics? You remember those don’t you? You were famous for them in high school. Oh, my bad, I forgot … you’re a christian NOW. That’s what you said going door to door …. 25 k and counting in tax money so far

    • WTF notalib, Earl use to sniff glue and write his name with his boogies, in shop class. Who gives a F, people change after high school except for your sorry ass!



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