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Attorney David Neely has officially announced his candidacy for Beaver County Common Pleas Judge.

Neely, who has been practicing law for over 30 years, is a New Brighton resident and a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Duquesne Law School.  He currently works as an attorney with Lawrence D. Brudy & Associates — prior to that he operated a private practice in Beaver.

“I have been in the courtrooms of at least 100 judges in PA and WV on the state as well as the federal level. I think that makes me a unique candidate in this race,” said Neely in a statement to the Beaver Countian. “Why? Well, if you wanted to learn about folks living in other countries would you want to talk to someone who is well-traveled, or would you rather talk to someone who has never been outside of Pennsylvania? It’s the same when electing a judge. You want to vote for a candidate who has been in front of many judges in many counties instead of a candidate who has really only been exposed to judges in one county.”

Attorney Neely is kicking off his candidacy with a subtle swipe at current controversies involving the Beaver County judiciary, vowing to not staff his office with friends and family if elected.

“I pledge to serve the citizens of Beaver County with a fair and unbiased approach and with a strict no nepotism policy when hiring staff. I know how a courtroom should be run so that the law is administered justly,” Neely concluded.

Attorney David Neely is a registered Democrat who will be cross-filing as a Republican, as is standard practice in judicial races.

Beaver County voters will be filling two seats on the Court of Common Pleas this year that are being made vacant by the retirements of Judge John McBride and Judge Harry Knafelc.

The Pennsylvania judicial primary elections will take place on Tuesday, May 16th.

Correction: This article originally reported David Neely as being a registered Republican who will be cross-filing as a Democrat.  Attorney Neely is in fact a registered Democrat who will be cross-filing as a Republican.  The Beaver Countian strives for accuracy in all that it reports and regrets this error which has since been corrected.


  1. I’d rather vote for him rather than someone like Dipshit DeCostro. Can’t even manage her house, let alone be trusted to impart sentences upon others.

    • I never heard of this guy so that’s why I’ll probably vote for him get rid of the establishment assholes we need new blood!!!

  2. This article has been updated to correct an error in my reporting. I regret this error and have included a full statement of correction at the bottom of the piece.

    • Way to be a man about admitting your errors. It’s called being an adult. Unfortunately, no one wants to ever admit their wrong. Props to JP!

  3. That all sounds well and good but our current sheriff and DA made a bunch of pledges that went right out the window the minute they were sworn in. I’d like a candidate to pledge that they will resign if they break any of their other major pledges. Since there is no recall in PA, at least they could be taken to task at public meetings and the public could ask them to resign per their pledge to do so. I’m still waiting for someone to question the sheriff at a public meeting why he’s broken every pledge that he made and see how he explains it. I’d also like someone to publicly question whether he knows what the official duties of his department are and why our dollars are being spent on other duties. I’d very much like to hear his explanation.

    • I pledge that if I violate my no-nepotism rule that I will resign immediately and only stay on the bench until another judge is appointed to take my place. All I ask in return is that you vote in the primary in May and that you ask your friends and relatives to also vote. You don’t even have to vote for me — just vote. It is your most fundamental right as a citizen of the United States. Pick the candidate who you believe is most qualified and venture out to the polls and vote for him or her. I don’t think I’ve missed voting in an election since I first voted at age 18. Even when I lived in D.C. and Milwaukee I got absentee ballots. I made a promise that I will not hire as a member of my staff anyone who is a family member, friend, friend of a friend, nor will I help any of the same to get a job in state, county or municipal government based on my position — if elected — and that’s a long way off. I will treat every citizen and every attorney who appears in my courtroom with respect and fairness.

      • Well it looks like you saw an issue to seize ion in the hopes getting elected and are playing to your audience. I guess that is good politics. However, your experience across court lines, state and federal does not make you a better candidate for judge, your success in those cases may be a better indication of your abilities . Not sure how that speaks to your judicial temperament or knowledge of the law and the how you would treat those who come before you , time will tell.

      • Mr. Neely if you buck the nepotism tradition, you won’t be getting any invites to golf outings. I like your platform but you can only enforce it in your courtroom and the rest of the county goes on with business as usual.

      • I have voted in every election and primary since the day that I was eligible to vote…. which was decades ago. So, I am in 100% agreement with you. I don’t feel that one has the right to complain if one couldn’t be bothered to take the time to vote.

        I will give you props, my friend, I asked you for a specific pledge and you made it without hesitation. You’ve earned my vote in the primary and hopefully you’ll be on the ballot for the general election where you will also get my vote. I appreciate your willingness to do the right thing; it’s a rarity in Beaver County politics these days. I am an old school believer in the “old” canon of ethics for attorneys and I am confident in your ability to judge fairly and impartially.

  4. Mr. Neely was always a stand up guy, and I firmly believe every word he said because I’ve never known of him to screw anyone over. We can’t let De Castro( yes, I know I misspelled her name) slither in as a Judge !

    • Raven, based on what you say, I will consider voting for him. Please expand upon your reasons why we should vote for him. I think the readers would value your input.

  5. This might be the worse field of fucking candidates I’ve ever seen running for judge.

    And that says a lot.

    Really Lord help our judicial system this election will put 2 of them on the bench for a minimum of 10 years.

    Just when getting rid of President JUDGE McBride who had the honor of being the worse PJ in the history.

    I’m dying to see how the BAR association scores this crowd.

  6. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. Just remember, Attorney Decastro’s fundraiser is being held in a phone booth and tickets are still available………………..Friggin Amateurs.

    • Wouldn’t go to that shit if someone put a gun to my head. I’m probably going to write in two names i pick off a wheel i spin on election day.

  7. What is truly shocking, in today’s BV Times report on “The State of the County” Commissioner Camp stated there were 849 employee’s on the county payroll. Unbelievable compared to Butler, Washington counties. Of course we all know the county rolls will increase and the excuse for the increases…Shell ( the real reason graduating nephews, nieces need a job.)



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